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C Programming Language
This ebook is the first authorized digital version of Kernighan and Ritchie’s 1988 classic, The C Programming Language (2nd Ed.). One of the best-selling programming books published in the last fifty years, "K&R" has been called everything from the "bible" to "a landmark in computer science" and it has influenced generations of programmers. Available now for all leading ebook platforms, this concise and beautifully written text is a "must-have" reference for every serious programmer’s digital library.   As modestly described by the authors in the Preface to the First Edition, this "is not an introductory programming manual; it assumes some familiarity with basic programming concepts like variables, assignment statements, loops, and functions. Nonetheless, a novice programmer should be able to read along and pick up the language, although access to a more knowledgeable colleague will help."  
Published by: Prentice Hall | Publication date: 03/22/1988
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 296 pages

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software (Developer Best Practices)
What do flashlights, the British invasion, black cats, and seesaws have to do with computers? In CODE, they show us the ingenious ways we manipulate language and invent new means of communicating with each other. And through CODE, we see how this ingenuity and our very human compulsion to communicate have driven the technological innovations of the past two centuries. Using everyday objects and familiar language systems such as Braille and Morse code, author Charles Petzold weaves an illuminating narrative for anyone who’s ever wondered about the secret inner life of computers and other smart machines. It’s a cleverly illustrated and eminently comprehensible story—and along the way, you’ll discover you’ve gained a real context for understanding today’s world of PCs, digital media, and the Internet. No matter what your level of technical savvy, CODE will charm you—and perhaps even awaken the technophile within.
Published by: Microsoft Press | Publication date: 10/11/2000
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 400 pages

C Programming: Language: The ULtimate Beginner's Guide
Try making programs of your own and see where it leads you!!In this book, we are going to give you an overview of the concepts that you have to understand before you actually start programming in the C language. We will explain to you the different elements that you ought to know about before you go and delve into developing more complex programs for different operating systems. The C programming language has many benefits. However, it also has numerous little aspects that can leave you perplexed. Not being able to understand these aspects can definitely cause you problems in the future.In this book, we're going to talk about what those elements are. We are also going to talk about what C is, where it came from, and all of the fundamental concepts that you have to understand before you actually start programming. In addition, we'll also teach you how to setup and use the Code Blocks IDE, which will help you greatly when programming in the C language.In this book you'll learn:
  • Introduction to C Programming Language
  • Staring Your First C Project
  • The Old I/O
  • The C Language Variables
  • Character I/O Functions in C
  • C Language Comparisons
  • Anatomy of a Function
  • Working with Strings
  • C Language Constants
  • C language Arrays
  • C Language Structures
  • C Language Time Functions
  • C Language Variables
  • C Language Pointers
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    Published by: EasyProgramming | Publication date: 11/11/2016
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 248 pages

    Python Programming For All: An Easy And Comprehensive Guide To Learn Python Programming Language
    Python Programming Made Simple and Easy for All.Do You Want To Learn And Understand Python Programming Language Fast? Then This Book Is For You... 'Python Programming For All: An Easy And Comprehensive Guide To Learn Python Programming Language' is the perfect resource to assist you to learn Python Programming from the basics, every step of the way.Python is a powerful and flexible language used by 4.3 million developers, making it the most favorite and fun programming language to start with if you are new to Computer Programming. Python uses simple and easy-to-learn syntax, enabling programmers to write codes for complex solutions in shorter period of time. Learn the Most Easiest Computer Programming Language in the World Today...A Preview Of What You Will Learn:
      The Development Features of Python
      Introduction to keywords, identifiers and operators
      Python Functions and Strings
      Study of Global and Local Variables
      Concept Different Dаtа Tуреѕ
      Inрut, Outрut аnd Import operations
      Using Lоор Stаtеmеntѕ in Python
      Python Funсtiоnѕ
      Math Basics with Python
      Study of Modules, Tuples, List, Dictionary
      File Handling Operations- Reading and Writing
      List Manipulation
      And much, much more !
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    Publication date: 04/15/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 106 pages

    SQL: Become A Master In SQL (SQL Programming Language, Databases, Computer Programming, Structured Query Language, Scripting, JavaScript)
    SQL: Become A Master In SQLSQL is a program that is going to make it to where you can get the career of your dreams or even unlock doors that were previously closed. In learning SQL, you are going to realize that it is pretty simple, although, for a newcomer, it is going to seem like an entirely different language. And that is because it is! However, discovering the basics of SQL is going to be simple and get easier the more that you practice because there is not much for you to have to remember, unlike some other programming languages.With SQL you are going to be doing things in a timelier manner thanks to how fast you are going to be able to do commands with simple codes that you are going to learn in this book! All you are going to have to do is plug your code in along with what you are wanting to be done to that table or column, and boom, it is done!Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn:
    • What Is SQL?
    • SQL Basics
    • SQL Syntax
    • Statements in SQL
    • The Creation of Data Bases in SQL
    • SQL Data Types
    • Query Types
    • Constraints in SQL
    • SQL and Math
    • Transactions That You Can Use in SQL
    • SQL Subqueries
    • Much, much more!
    You’re about to discover how simple steps will boost your programming skills.Scroll Up and Click the “BUY” ButtonTags: SQL, JavaScript, Databases, Structured Query Language, Computer Programming, Scripting, SQL Syntax
    Publication date: 06/18/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 67 pages

    Language Implementation Patterns: Create Your Own Domain-Specific and General Programming Languages (Pragmatic Programmers)
    Learn to build configuration file readers, data readers, model-driven code generators, source-to-source translators, source analyzers, and interpreters. You don't need a background in computer science--ANTLR creator Terence Parr demystifies language implementation by breaking it down into the most common design patterns. Pattern by pattern, you'll learn the key skills you need to implement your own computer languages.Knowing how to create domain-specific languages (DSLs) can give you a huge productivity boost. Instead of writing code in a general-purpose programming language, you can first build a custom language tailored to make you efficient in a particular domain.The key is understanding the common patterns found across language implementations. Language Design Patterns identifies and condenses the most common design patterns, providing sample implementations of each.The pattern implementations use Java, but the patterns themselves are completely general. Some of the implementations use the well-known ANTLR parser generator, so readers will find this book an excellent source of ANTLR examples as well. But this book will benefit anyone interested in implementing languages, regardless of their tool of choice. Other language implementation books focus on compilers, which you rarely need in your daily life. Instead, Language Design Patterns shows you patterns you can use for all kinds of language applications.You'll learn to create configuration file readers, data readers, model-driven code generators, source-to-source translators, source analyzers, and interpreters. Each chapter groups related design patterns and, in each pattern, you'll get hands-on experience by building a complete sample implementation. By the time you finish the book, you'll know how to solve most common language implementation problems.
    Author: Terence Parr
    Published by: Pragmatic Bookshelf | Publication date: 12/31/2009
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 401 pages

    Learn "Structures" in C Programming Language: - learn the stuctures in simplest and practical way
    This book gives very simple explanation of stuctures. Its extremely simple and even beginners can understand it.
    Author: Beerus Sama
    Publication date: 06/21/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 25 pages

    Types and Programming Languages (MIT Press)
    A type system is a syntactic method for automatically checking the absence of certain erroneous behaviors by classifying program phrases according to the kinds of values they compute. The study of type systems -- and of programming languages from a type-theoretic perspective -- has important applications in software engineering, language design, high-performance compilers, and security.This text provides a comprehensive introduction both to type systems in computer science and to the basic theory of programming languages. The approach is pragmatic and operational; each new concept is motivated by programming examples and the more theoretical sections are driven by the needs of implementations. Each chapter is accompanied by numerous exercises and solutions, as well as a running implementation, available via the Web. Dependencies between chapters are explicitly identified, allowing readers to choose a variety of paths through the material.The core topics include the untyped lambda-calculus, simple type systems, type reconstruction, universal and existential polymorphism, subtyping, bounded quantification, recursive types, kinds, and type operators. Extended case studies develop a variety of approaches to modeling the features of object-oriented languages.
    Published by: The MIT Press | Publication date: 01/04/2002
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 645 pages

    HACKING & COMPUTER PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: 2 Books in 1: THE BLUEPRINT: Everything You Need To Know for Computer Hacking (CyberPunk Blueprint Series)
    2 BOOKS IN 1Ever wonder how easy it is to hack into someone’s bank account info while surfing the net at your local Starbucks?Become A Programming Master By Learning These Fundamentals LanguagesWe have taken our 2 bestselling books and created the ULTIMATE blueprint for you!The Cyberpunk Architects, believe that we have the ability to teach computer programming and the like to anybody by providing them with the blueprint, the basics in order to build the strongest foundation on. We know how tricky it is to learn and become a master of any area of computer programming. Our team is comprised of professionals who have been in the industry of information technology for decades and our experience made us able to create information products such as this step-by-step guide. We give you the blueprint and show you what to do, and more important, HOW TO DO IT!HACKING
  • How to setup your new hacking environment
  • How to use the Linux Terminal and master it's functions
  • How to be completely Anonymous online like the Pro's
  • How to setup NMAP
  • Which tools the REAL hackers use to crack passwords
  • How you can use multiple tools to gather information with Wireless Hacking
  • How TOR and the DarkNet actually work
  • How to keep yourself SAFE from bring hacked
  • Learn about C#
  • Learn about C++
  • Learn how to program with Python
  • Which tools are the best to use when working with the C Coding language
  • How to program with JavaScript
  • The correct way of working with the Java Coding Langauge Buy This Book NOW To Learn How To Become Hacking Expert and Computer Programming Master, today!!Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!
  • Published by: Cyberpunk Books | Publication date: 06/08/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 113 pages

    Programming Language: 3 Books in 1: Beginner's Guide + Best Practices + Advanced Guide to Programming Code with Python (Python, JavaScript, Java, Code, ... Programming, Computer Programming)
    Programming Language: Python Best Seller: 3 Books In 1!Save time and money and start learning Python Programming now with this massive, best-selling Python Computer Programming bundle covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. This 3 book volume contains: Python: Beginner's Guide to Programming Code with PythonPython: Best Practices to Programming Code with PythonPython: Advanced Guide to Programming Code with PythonLIMITED TIME OFFER! Get to own this Amazon top seller for just $4.99! Regularly priced at $19.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.BOOK 1 : Python: Beginner's Guide to Programming Code with Python In this Definitive Python Beginner's Guide, you’re about to discover...
    • Essentials of Python programming. Quickly pick up the language and start applying the concepts to any code that you write
    • Major facets of Python programming - including concepts you can apply to *any* language
    • Various mechanics of Python programming: control flow, variables, lists/dictionaries, and classes – and why learning these core principles are important to Python programming success
    • Object-oriented programming, its influence to today’s popular computer languages, and why it matters
    • ... And much, much more!
    BOOK 2 : Python: Best Practices to Programming Code with Python Are you tired of your Python code turning out wrong? Are you forever finding it difficult to read your code, to spot where the problems are because it is, quite frankly, a mess? Are you fed up with reading so-called Best Practice guides that leave you more confused than you were when you started? This book “Python: Best Practices to Programming Code with Python”, will give you a straightforward guide on how to write better Python code. With this book, you will learn :
    • General Concepts of Python Coding
    • Python Coding Recommendations
    • The best way to layout Python Code
    • How to write comments
    • Writing Conventions to follow
    • How to write Function and Method Arguments
    • ... And much, much more!
    BOOK 3 : Python: Advanced Guide to Programming Code with Python Have you learned the basics of Python and want to go further? Not sure what to do, where to go or what topics you should be studying? In this Definitive Python Advanced Level Guide, you’re about to discover...
    • Comprehensions – learn how to use constructs to build a sequence from another sequence
    • Iterators and Generators – Learn how to use generator functions and iterator objects to make your code more efficient
    • Decorators – Learn how to simplify the syntax for calling higher-order functions
    • Context Managers – Learn how to write more effective Python code by managing your resources properly
    • Descriptors – Learn how to add managed attributes to objects
    • ... And much, much more!
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    Publication date: 05/13/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 248 pages
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