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Photography: Arts
Learn about the development of Photography with iMindsJNR learning series for younger minds. Before the photograph was invented the best way to capture an image was by painting it. You can imagine how long that would take! In 1990 Kodak unveiled the first widely available digital camera. These days through many advances in technology we can store hundreds of images on a single camera ready to print or upload onto a computer whenever we like. But how did we get from paintings to digital photography? Perfect to engage entertain and broaden young thinkers. iMindsJNR brings targeted knowledge to your eReading device with short information segments to whet your mental appetite and broaden young minds. iMindsJNR offers 6 main categories for ages 7-14years including General Knowledge Geography & Nature Famous People Science & Maths The Arts and History. Clear concise and engaging open young minds to a love of learning.

Providing a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the study of photography, this second edition of Photography: The Key Concepts has been expanded and updated to cover more fully contemporary changes to photography. Photography is a part of everyday life; from news and advertisements, to data collection and surveillance, to the shaping of personal and social identity, we are constantly surrounded by the photographic image. Outlining an overview of photographic genres, David Bate explores how these varied practices can be coded and interpreted using key theoretical models. Building upon the genres included in the first edition - documentary, portraiture, landscape, still life, art and global photography - this second edition includes two new chapters on snapshots and the act of looking. The revised and expanded chapters are supported by over three times as many photographs as in the first edition, examining contemporary practices in more detail and equipping students with the analytical skills they need, both in their academic studies and in their own practical work. An indispensable guide to the field, Photography: The Key Concepts is core reading for all courses that consider the place of photography in society, within photographic practice, visual culture, art, media and cultural studies.

Howard's Photography
An older housekeeper poses as a model for a young photographer, and things get out of hand. Erotica for adults only.

Nature Photography
Explore nature, and know some fun facts accompanied with beautiful photos.

Graveyard & Gothic Photography
Graveyard & Gothic Photography ist ein Spaziergang durch die Welt unserer Toten. Begleiten Sie den Fotografen auf seinem Weg durch eine Welt, die voller Inspiration, Schönheit und Lebensfreude ist und sehen Sie diese Welt aus einem besonderen Blickwinkel.

La Photographie
La Photographie

Street Photography
Perché un altro libro sulla Street Photography? Perché l'arte ha bisogno di tanti punti di vista per essere raccontata. In questo ebook si approfondiscono temi teorici e tecnici di un genere fotografico ritenuto semplice ma dotato di alcune complessità. L'autrice ci spiega come realizzare buoni scatti di fotografia di strada, capaci di raccontare una storia nell'attimo irripetibile in cui si manifesta davanti ai vostri occhi.

Bondage & Photography
When her new boyfriend tells her he can't find a model to help him with his idea for a series of Japanese ornamental rope bondage photographs, a young woman offers to help. It's only when she is tied up that she finds it is a set up though. Excited by what he sees the man blindfolds his girlfriend and proceeds to use her body to satisfy his growing fetish for BDSM play.

Android Photography
This invaluable guide on how to better use the camera on your Android phone will make all the difference in the world as you capture and share the world around you with others. With Android Photography: Take Better Pictures with Your Android Phone by photographer Colby Brown, you'll learn: How to take a photo, including different grips for holding your phone How to use all the controls and modes of the Android camera Which third-party apps to use Different photography styles and techniques for shooting portraits, travel, low-light, and wildlife How to edit your photos with the stock Android app and third-party apps, including Snapseed. How to share your images Some of the fun accessories available Grab your Android phone, and start documenting your life today!

Sports Photography
Seasoned sports photographer Peter Skinner uses 211 stunning examples from the work of Walter Ioss, Ben Chen, Bob Gomel, Duane Hart, Mark Johnson, and six other renowned photographers-as well as his personal archives-to show exactly how to take great action photos. Whether the subject is baseball or basketball, rock climbing or golf, kayaking or soccer or stickball or swimming, Sports Photography offers comprehensive, detailed, easy-to-understand information on how to get crisp, clear shots that capture the movement, grace, and mood of the moment. Special projects and self-assignments, plus detailed information on equipment, film and digital techniques, showing emotion, and more, make this the essential primer for sports fans, parents, beginners, or aspiring professionals. Get into the game with Sports Photography.

Social Photography
Hot photo apps come and go, but the practice of shooting and sharing is universal and is now a fundamental part of the way that we communicate with each other. Photos aren?t printed on paper anymore? they are displayed on screens; and everywhere they are shown, the viewer is invited to like or share. Social Photography will show you how to create photos that will be clicked on, liked, shared, and? if you want? go viral. A must-read for anyone who takes their online presence seriously, this book will show you how to give your photos a fresh look, give you hundreds of posing and shooting ideas, and let you share your life?s most exciting moments wider than ever before.

Wedding Photography
Weddings are beautiful and exciting occasions, but they are a tense challenge for the photographer. This practical book explains how to take romantic signature shots, as well as how to capture the spontaneous moments of the day. Written by an experienced professional and teacher, it gives essential tips to managing the day and covers the small details that will ensure your photography is cherished for a lifetime. It introduces different styles of wedding photography and advises on building a business, as well as explaining photographic techniques. It runs through the day's timeline and suggests how to prepare the final photographs. This practical book will teach you how to take stunning photographs of the bride and groom, their wedding and the story of the day. Beautifully illustrated with 172 colour photographs.

Linda's Erotic Photography
Girls - (volume 116) - 裸の女の子 - Linda's nude photographs. This is an Adult picture book with 166 classy nude Hi Res Photographs by a professional Photographer. Linda a hot 21 Year old blonde beauty is showing us her yummie body, she has long legs, Big natural Breasts, well trimmed Pussy and great Ass, showing a lot of Pink. She has a shiny vibrator/dildo to please herself. These High Res pictures will show you every detail of her delicious body. Photo-book with 166 pictures. ADULTS ONLY Another Sexy photo-book from Erotica Encore Publishing. Copyright 2014, Angel Delight セクシーな女の子のヌード写真。 (Nude Pictures of sexy girls)

Photography explores the photograph in the twenty-first century and its importance as a media form. Stephen Bull considers our media-saturated society and the place of photography in everyday life, introducing the theories used to analyse photographs and exploring the impact of digital technology. The text is split into short, accessible chapters on the broad themes central to the study and analysis of photography, and key issues are explained and applied to visual examples in each chapter. Topics covered include: the identity of photography the meanings of photographs photography for sale snapshots the photograph as document photography as art photographs in fashion photography and celebrity. Photography is an up-to-date, clear and comprehensive introduction to debates about photography now and is particularly useful to media, photography and visual culture students.

Erotic Photography: Temporis
Erotic photo art has lost much of its exquisite soul since Playboy and other girlie monthlies repackaged the human body for mass-market consumption. Like much painting, sculpture and engraving, since its beginning photography has also been at the service of eroticism. This collection presents erotic photographs from the beginning of photography until the years just before World War II. It explores the evolution of the genre and its origins in France, and its journey from public distrust to the large audience it enjoys today.

Insect Photography
Insect photography is a challenging and stimulating art. Well-shot images give stunning results, which can aid study and enhance enjoyment of the natural world. This practical book explains how to reliably take those photographs. Through introducing insects and their behaviour, it advises on when and how to see nature at work and, by instructing on techniques, it shows how to capture the moment to dramatic effect. Advises on buying and using equipment for both compact camera and SLR users. Describes how to find and understand insects, and encourages responsible photography and good fieldcraft. Instructs on composition, exposure, lighting and advanced techniques. Suggests ways of sharing images, cataloguing and caring for them, and backing them up. Aimed at amateur and professional naturalists and photographers, as well as artists. Insect photography is a challenging and stimulating branch of the photographic art. This practical book introduces you to the world of insects, teaching you to take reliably stunning photographs through good fieldcraft, honed technical skill and an understanding of the subject. Aimed at amateur naturalists who would like to be able to use basic equipment; professional entomologists and naturalists and serious amateur and professional photographers. Beautifully illustrated with 292 colour photographs. John Bebbington is a teacher of photography, fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and chairman of the RPS Nature Group.

Portrait Photography
This practical book explains the basic rules of portraiture, as well as covering more complex ideas of image making. Set out in chronological order as a photographer would approach a shoot, it explains each step of the process, including post-production and printing. Explains how to make the most of your camera and lenses, and the fundamentals of photography. Advises on how to approach shoots, whether for a baby or for a larger family grouping, and suggests poses for successful portraits. Explores the more creative aspects of photographic portraiture and includes master classes on more in-depth areas of portraiture. This practical book will help you learn about portrait photography and how to work creatively to take great photographs. Aimed at all professional and amateur photographers including the full range - portrait, glamour, hair, beauty and fashion. Superbly illustrated with 106 colour photographs. Saraya Cortaville is one of the most respected UK portrait photographers and regularly teaches workshops.

Katherine's nude photography
Girls - (volume 102) - 裸の女の子 Katherine's nude photographs. Katherine's Nude Photographs, Uncensored Adult picture book. This is an Adult picture book with 132 Hi Res Photographs of a beautiful model, by a professional Photographer. Just look at the pictures of the 21 year old beauty Katherine, and you know you want more. Keywords: Long brown Hair, Long Legs, Slim Figure, small perky boobies, a very nice ass and well trimmed below, showing pink. Photo-book with 132 all revealing pictures of a beautiful girl, ADULTS ONLY! Another Sexy photo-book from Erotica Encore Publishing. Copyright © 2014, Angel Delight セクシーな女の子のヌード写真 (nude photos of sexy girls)

Photography Session
When Jesse receives a job offer from a handsome older man, he thinks it'll be easy money. At his apartment the man, Ethan, whips out a camera and tells him to strip and pose for him. When things spiral out of control, the two end up not getting any work done, but Jesse leaves satisfied and looking forward to the next session. This story contains explicit anal and oral sex between two men.

Exhibiting Photography
You have the camera, you have the skills, and you have the pictures. Now what? Author Shirley Read expertly leads you through the world of exhibiting your photography one minute detail at a time. From finding a space and designing the exhibition to actually constructing a show and publicizing yourself, every aspect of exhibiting your photography is touched upon and clarified with ample detail, anecdotes, and real life case studies. In this new and expanded second edition, Shirley Read further illuminates the world of social networking, exhibiting, and selling photography online so your work is always shown in the best light. Packed with photos of internationally successful exhibitions, check lists, and invaluable advice, this essential reference guide will help amateur and professional photographers alike successfully showcase their bodies of work with confidence and finesse.
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