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Photography: Professional Photography Explained - Techniques, Development and Application (Photography, DSLR, Digital, Guide, Tips, Equipment, Business)
Photography : Professional Photography ExplainedA Review of Techniques, Development and ApplicationMost lay people see the results of photography but are not quite conversant with the process through which the images are created. It is important to note from the outset that photography is a multidisciplinary endeavor that could be qualified as both an art and a science.The technical definition is that of the practice of creating, developing and presenting durable images through the recording of electromagnetic radiation as well as light. Photography can be done using electronic means by way of an image sensor. Alternatively it can be achieved through chemical means by way of a light-sensitive material. This material is known as photograph film in industry parlance.The photographer may use a pair of lens in order to focus the light that is naturally emitted by objectives. These are then placed onto a real image which sits on the light-sensitive material. That surface typically sits within a camera. Photography requires a fixed time exposure under controlled conditions. There is an alternative of using electronic image sensors. These will produce an electrical charge which is hosted on each pixel. Using modern equipment, it is possible to process and store that information on a digital image file.What You Are Going To Learn
  • Capturing and Presenting Imagery
  • The Invention of Photography
  • Different Types of Photography
  • Evolution of the Camera
  • Technical Aspects of Photography
  • Modes of Photographic Production
  • Photography as a Practical Technology
  • And Much More!
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Author: David Miller
Published by: David Miller | Publication date: 02/29/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 106 pages

Collins Complete Photography Course
A practical, affordable and accessible home photography tutor. This inspiring project-based course book covers everything from basic composition to the latest digital darkroom techniques.Learn at your own pace as this practical, comprehensive course helps you develop your key photographic techniques. Contents include: step-by-step projects on exposure, aperture, lenses, light, filters, colour, black and white and image enhancement; plus professional secrets and stunning shots from around the world.The fully interactive and project-based approach of Collins Complete Photography Course will help you to raise both your camera confidence and your level of photography.
Published by: Collins | Publication date: 07/08/2010
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 192 pages

Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography
Amazon's #1 rated and best-selling digital photography book, and the first ever Gold Honoree of the Benjamin Franklin Digital Award, gives you five innovations no other book offers:1. FREE VIDEO TRAINING. 100 videos totaling 12+ HOURS of video training integrated into the book’s content (requires Internet access). Travel around the world with Tony and Chelsea as they teach you hands-on. Appendix A lists the videos so you can use the book like an inexpensive video course.2. TEACHER AND PEER SUPPORT. After buying the book, you get access to the private Stunning Digital Photography Readers group on Facebook where you can ask the questions and post pictures for feedback from Tony, Chelsea, and other readers. It’s like being able to raise your hand in class and ask a question! Instructions are in the introduction.3. FREE LIFETIME UPDATES. This book is regularly updated with new content (including additional videos) that existing owners receive for free. Updates are added based on reader feedback and questions, as well as changing photography trends and new camera equipment. This is the last photography book you'll ever need.4. HANDS-ON PRACTICES. Complete the practices at the end of every chapter to get the real world experience you need.5. 100+ PRACTICE QUESTIONS. Ungraded tests teach you to apply what you've learned.6. 500+ ORIGINAL PICTURES. Detailed example pictures taken by the author and his wife in 15 countries demonstrate both good and bad technique. NO STOCK PHOTOS. Many pictures include links to the full-size image so you can zoom in to see every pixel. In this book, Tony Northrup (award-winning author of more than 30 how-to books and a professional portrait, wildlife, and landscape photographer) teaches the art and science of creating stunning pictures. First, beginner photographers will master:* Composition* Exposure* Shutter speed* Aperture* Depth-of-field (blurring the background)* ISO* Natural light* Flash* Troubleshooting blurry, dark, and bad pictures* Pet photography* Wildlife photography (mammals, birds, insects, fish, and more)* Sunrises and sunsets* Landscapes* Cityscapes* Flowers* Forests, waterfalls, and rivers* Night photography* Fireworks* Raw files* HDR* Macro/close-up photographyAdvanced photographers can skip forward to learn the pro’s secrets for:* Posing men and women. including corrective posing (checklists provided)* Portraits (candid, casual, formal, and underwater)* Group photos* Remotely triggering flashes* Using bounce flash and flash modifiers* Using studio lighting on any budget* Building a temporary or permanent studio at home* Shooting your first wedding* High speed photography* Location scouting/finding the best spots and times* Planning shoots around the sun and moon* Star trails (via long exposure and image stacking)* Light painting* Eliminating noise* Focus stacking for infinite depth-of-field* Underwater photography* Getting close to wildlife* Using electronic shutter triggersMAJOR UPDATE 7/6/2013:We added about 40 pages of new content based on reader requests and questions, and we now have 6 hours of video! We also added a detailed Table of Contents and Video Index (Appendix A) to allow you to quickly find the content you need to reference when you're shooting. Existing readers: Amazon will contact you directly to download the update, or you can e-mail Tony your receipt.
Published by: Mason Press | Publication date: 12/11/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 241 pages

Photography: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide!
Ready to Start Taking Photos Like a PRO?This book will teach you how to handle your DSLR. But mostly, it will be focused on how you can and must control the light in your photo using your camera. In photography, lighting is everything. Even if you master the functions of your camera, getting a high quality photo will be difficult if you don't even understand the importance of manipulating and taking advantage of the light sources around the scene you want to take. Although, if you have a “good eye” for aesthetics, you can. But the question is, do you have that “good eye”?It will be assumed that you do not have one. However, if you do and you just want to learn using your camera, this book can still be a useful guide for you. Anyway, enough chitchat, and get a move on the first chapter. Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn...
  • Photography Basics — Light and Exposure
  • Introduction to the Golden Triad — Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
  • When Should You Take Photos?
  • Landscape and Nature Photography
  • Personalizing Your Photographs
  • Much, much more!
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Publication date: 04/17/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 156 pages

Digital Photography Complete Course
Build your photography skills week-by-weekThe Digital Photography Complete Course is the perfect one-on-one learning programme for any aspiring photographer. This modular 20-week course guides you through every aspect of digital photography, using a combination of tutorials, step-by-step photo shoots, practical assignments and fun Q&As. Demystify digital photography and build your photography skills with comprehensive guides on everything you need to know, from conveying movement and using natural light, to understanding exposure and mastering composition.
Author: DK
Published by: DK | Publication date: 09/01/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 360 pages

Digital Landscape Photography: A guide to better landscape photos
Landscape photography is a popular genre in photography. As a landscape photographer you will find great subjects everywhere. Despite this, taking great landscape photos is more of a challenge. In fact landscape photography is one of the most difficult genres in photography to get right.This book discuss the basics and what you can do to improve as a landscape photographer. This is a beginners guide but intermediate landscape photographers will also find useful information in the book.Correct exposure and sharp images are the two biggest struggles for landscape photographers. The book covers both topics. Topics covered in the book:What to look for when buying a camera for landscape photographyLearn basic camera settings and understand exposureDifferent lenses and how focal length impact on your landscape imagesThe importance of light and time in landscape photographyHow to compose striking landscape photosHow to choose you image editing softwareImplement the tactics discussed in the book and you will immediately improve your landscape photography. Get started now!
Author: Kim Rormark
Publication date: 01/30/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 52 pages

Landscape Photography On Location: Travel, Learn, Explore, Shoot
This book is designed to inspire the modern day landscape photographer and to help your photography flourish. It is packed with stories and anecdotes from behind the image. There are tips on using social media to get your images seen by millions. The book offers advice on hiking, travel and the great outdoors as well as useful information on technical subjects such as where to focus and shooting RAW. After reading this book, not only will your photography start to improve, but you will be inspired to get up and out at dawn and stay out until dark. This book is for the beginner as well as the seasoned professional. Travel, Learn, Explore, Shoot.
Published by: Thomas Heaton | Publication date: 08/04/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 96 pages

Photography: The Beginners Photography Guide Book For Taking Stunning Digial Photos, Understanding Photoshop & DSLR (Photography For Beginners, Photography ... Photography Guide, DSLR, Photoshop)
The Beginners Photography Guide Book For Taking Stunning Digial Photos, Understanding Photoshop & DSLRCreate Stunning Images Like a Professional and Astonish Your Friends and Family With Your Own Quality Photography!These days, no one could deny the fact that photography is so big and powerful. Almost everyone wants to be called a photographer because taking photos is an art form that really speaks to a lot of people. After all, when you take photos, you get to capture a moment before it gets to be gone for good—and when that moment is preserved, people could look back on it in the future, and it could evoke a lot of memories, tooHowever, not everyone’s skilled at Photography. But, that doesn’t mean that you’d no longer have the chance to learn.With the help of this book, you’d learn everything you can about Photography, and how you can take the best photos without any hassle!This book was designed to take you through the hobby of photography and managing your DSLR camera the right way. In order to create stunning pictures, you will need a great understanding on to make the best out of your equipment.What You're Going to Learn:
  • How to Best Use Your Camera
  • Turning Your Photos into Masterpieces Using Photoshop and Instagram
  • Stunning Nature Photography Tips
  • Best Time to Photoshoot
  • Things Remember When Taking Photos
  • Common Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • BONUS: Secret Techniques and Strategies Revealed
Are You Ready to Become a Professional in Photography?!* * * Limited Offer (Ends Soon) - Get this book for just $2.99 (Regularly pricedat $4.99). Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. * * *
Author: John Scout
Published by: John Scout | Publication date: 06/23/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 94 pages

PHOTOGRAPHY: James Carren's Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Digital Photography Box Set!!! (Photography, Photoshop, Dslr Photography, Digital Photography, Photoshop cc, Photography Books)
☆★☆Kindle Unlimited Readers Read For FREE!☆★☆Secret FREE Photography BONUS Book Included!!!This Digital Photography Boxset Includes The Following Books:
  • Beauty Photography - 8 Practical Beauty Photography Tips For Your Models to Shine
  • Black and White Photography - 12 Secrets to Master The Art of Black and White Photography
  • Photography Composition: 12 Photography Composition Rules For Your Photos to Shine
  • Photography Exposure - 9 Secrets to Master The Art of Photography Exposure In 24h or Less
  • Photoshop: Master The Basics of Photoshop - 12 Best Photoshop Tips and Tricks for Beginners
  • Photography For Beginners - From Beginner To Expert Photographer In Less Than a Day!
  • Photography Lighting - The Complete Photography Lighting Guide to Shoot Like a Pro in Your Home Studio
  • Photography Business - 20 Crucial Tips to Kickstart a Successful Photography Business
  • Darkroom Photography - The Complete Guide to Mastering The Basics of Darkroom Photography
  • Digital Photography Mastery - 9 Tips to Master Technical Aspects Including ISO, Exposure, Metering & Shutter Speed
  • Landscape Photography - 10 Essential Tips to Take Your Landscape Photography to The Next Level
  • Fashion Photography - 8 Practical Fashion Photography Tips For Your Models to Shine
  • Landscape Photography - The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography At Night
  • PHOTOSHOP: Master The Basics of Photoshop 2 - 9 Secret Techniques to Take Your Photoshop Skills to The Next Level
  • Portrait Photography - 9 Tips Your Camera Manual Never Told You About Portrait Photography
Scroll to the top and select the "BUY" button for instant download. Time to get CREATIVE!-----------------Tags: photography, photoshop, photoshop cc, photoshop cc 2015, photoshop cs6, photoshop elements 14, photoshop for dummies, photography magazines, photography business, digital painting, photography composition, photography books, photoshop elements 13, photoshop lightroom, photography books, photography for beginners, digital photography, photography, photoshop, photography for beginners, photography lighting, digital photography for beginners, digital photography, dslr photography for beginners, portrait photography, dslr photography
Author: James Carren
Published by: Sender Publishing | Publication date: 03/22/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 406 pages

Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs
Photography is now more popular than ever thanks to the rapid development of digital cameras. Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs is ideal for this new wave of snapshooters using DSLR, compact system and bridge cameras. It contains no graphs, no techie diagrams and no camera-club jargon. Instead, it inspires readers through iconic images and playful copy, packed with hands-on tips. Split into five sections, the book covers composition, exposure, light, lenses and the art of seeing. Masterpieces by acclaimed photographers – including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Fay Godwin, Nadav Kander, Daido Moriyama and Martin Parr – serve to illustrate points and encourage readers to try out new ideas. Today’s aspiring photographers want immediacy and see photography as an affordable way of expressing themselves quickly and creatively. This handbook meets their needs, teaching them how to take photographs using professional techniques.
Published by: Laurence King Publishing | Publication date: 03/03/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 129 pages
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