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For who is this book ? This book is for all those wishing to protect their data stored in the RDBMS ORACLE. It assumes that the reader already knows the architecture of the Oracle database (9i Versions at minimum) Contents of the book The book comprises 11 chapters divided into two parts: I. - The first part dealing with the backup consists of four chapters The first chapter is devoted to the logical backup The second chapter deals with the physical backup The third chapter discusses the various flashback technologies The fourth chapter describes the duplication of a database and Tablespace Point in Time Recovery II - The second part dealing with DATA GUARD consists of seven chapters Begins with an overview of Data Guard in Chapter 5. It continues with chapters 6 and 7 which respectively describe how to create a physical standby database and a logical standby database. Chapter 8 discusses the data protection methods and redo log transfer services . Chapter 9 describes the permutations of roles and base change. Chapter 10 describes Fast Start Failover & Transparent Application Fail Over functionalities . Chapter 11, which closes the last part of the book, presents other accounts related to Data Guard . Form of the book The book is designed as a course. It outlines in a phased manner different fundamentals of Backup / Recovery and protection against disasters . The pedagogical approach used in this book will satisfy both the needs of : 1) Beginners readers with a minimal experience in running an Oracle database which will be guided throughout this book from a database creation to Data Guard implementation through the different backups / recoveries setups procedures . 2) Students, Engineers, Project Managers who already have a first experience in administering Oracle databases and want to broaden the concepts in order to : - Implementing advanced backup strategies - Effectively protecting their data against all types of failures. Many examples present in this book and the scripts which can be downloaded on the site will enable readers to implement effective strategies for Backup /Recovery and DATA GUARD management . The content is based on 11g version while highlighting the changes from the earlier versions 10g and 9i.
Published by AuthorHouse on 05/02/2012
Book details: 316 pages.

Oracle for Professionals - Covers Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g W CD
Designed for new and experienced developers, this book provides all of the basics you would expect to find in an introductory text and at the same time serves those who want to harness the unexploited, overlooked power of SQL and PL/SQL with examples based on most commonly used business database models. It delves deeply into new features found in Oracle Database 11g, along with existing features found in Oracle Database 9i and 10g.
Published by Shroff Publishers on 05/26/2018
Book details: 1343 pages.

Oracle in a Nutshell
Oracle Languages - Syntax summary for SQL language statements, SQL function calls PL/SQL language statements and characteristics, PL/SQL built-in package headers, and Java (JDBC and SQLJ) interfaces to the Oracle database.
Published by "O'Reilly Media, Inc." on 12/18/2002
Book details: 906 pages.

"I don’t want to merely offer you a book. Rather, I want to present you a special companion,” writes Peter Müller, the renowned Hungarian author whose spiritual books have helped shape the lives of hundreds of thousands of dedicated readers in Hungary. The Oracle has become a Bible of sorts for millions of people, and one of the greatest bestsellers in the book market for many years. According to experts, this writing remains one of the most meaningful examples of the modern I Ching literature. The author studied the Chinese I Ching for twenty years. This is the only book in the world with which you can converse: you can ask questions of it, and it will reply to you as a living sage. According to ancient I Ching tradition, invisible Holy Spirits stand behind the book and help those turning to them with problems of their fate. Peter Müller himself has a constant relationship with such a spiritual guide who helped him write this book and translate the old symbols to our contemporary, everyday life. The I Ching has been an advisor in the East for thousands of years. Its popularity increased in the West due to the influence of C. G. Jung who used the text for fate analysis and therapy. There is hardly a bookshelf in the country that does not include this vital work, and more and more people are turning to it for advice. This book does not predict the future, but it divines. It tells us how we can shape our own fate and helps us deal with all problems, big and small, which occur in our lives. It helps us to simply live
Published by Rivaldafény Kiadó via PublishDrive on 09/27/2016
Book details: 390 pages.

Mastering Oracle SQL
The vast majority of Oracle SQL books discuss some syntax, provide the barest rudiments of using Oracle SQL, and perhaps include a few simple examples. It might be enough to pass a survey course, or give you some buzz words to drop in conversation with real Oracle DBAs. But if you use Oracle SQL on a regular basis, you want much more. You want to access the full power of SQL to write queries in an Oracle environment. You want a solid understanding of what's possible with Oracle SQL, creative techniques for writing effective and accurate queries, and the practical, hands-on information that leads to true mastery of the language. Simply put, you want useful, expert best practices that can be put to work immediately, not just non-vendor specific overview or theory.Updated to cover the latest version of Oracle, Oracle 10g, this edition of the highly regarded Mastering Oracle SQL has a stronger focus on technique and on Oracle's implementation of SQL than any other book on the market. It covers Oracle s vast library of built-in functions, the full range of Oracle SQL query-writing features, regular expression support, new aggregate and analytic functions, subqueries in the SELECT and WITH clauses, multiset union operators, enhanced support for hierarchical queries: leaf and loop detection, and the CONNECT_BY_ROOT operator, new partitioning methods (some introduced in Oracle9i Release 2), and the native XML datatype, XMLType.Mastering Oracle SQL, 2nd Edition fills the gap between the sometimes spotty vendor documentation, and other books on SQL that just don't explore the full depth of what is possible with Oracle-specific SQL. For those who want to harness the untapped (and often overlooked) power of Oracle SQL, this essential guide for putting Oracle SQL to work will prove invaluable.
Published by "O'Reilly Media, Inc." on 06/22/2004
Book details: 496 pages.

Oracle Essentials
Written by Oracle insiders, this indispensable guide distills an enormous amount of information about the Oracle Database into one compact volume. Ideal for novice and experienced DBAs, developers, managers, and users, Oracle Essentials walks you through technologies and features in Oracle’s product line, including its architecture, data structures, networking, concurrency, and tuning. Complete with illustrations and helpful hints, this fifth edition provides a valuable one-stop overview of Oracle Database 12c, including an introduction to Oracle and cloud computing. Oracle Essentials provides the conceptual background you need to understand how Oracle truly works. Topics include: A complete overview of Oracle databases and data stores, and Fusion Middleware products and features Core concepts and structures in Oracle’s architecture, including pluggable databases Oracle objects and the various datatypes Oracle supports System and database management, including Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Security options, basic auditing capabilities, and options for meeting compliance needs Performance characteristics of disk, memory, and CPU tuning Basic principles of multiuser concurrency Oracle’s online transaction processing (OLTP) Data warehouses, Big Data, and Oracle’s business intelligence tools Backup and recovery, and high availability and failover solutions
Published by "O'Reilly Media, Inc." on 09/06/2013
Book details: 432 pages.

Oracle Database Performance and Scalability
A data-driven, fact-based, quantitative text on Oracleperformance and scalability With database concepts and theories clearly explained inOracle's context, readers quickly learn how to fully leverageOracle's performance and scalability capabilities at every stage ofdesigning and developing an Oracle-based enterprise application.The book is based on the author's more than ten years of experienceworking with Oracle, and is filled with dependable, tested, andproven performance optimization techniques. Oracle Database Performance and Scalability is dividedinto four parts that enable readers to progressively learn andapply new skills: Part 1, Getting Started with Oracle, describes how to set up aworking Oracle environment, offering a quick tour to illustratemajor database concepts Part 2, Oracle Architecture from Performance and ScalabilityPerspectives, explains all the major database concepts andarchitectural features that readers need to know to optimize Oracleperformance and scalability Part 3, Optimizing Oracle Performance and Scalability, offershands-on instructions to optimize and fine-tune performance andscalability for all database applications Part 4, Case Studies: Oracle Meeting Real-World Performance andScalability Challenges, sets forth quantitative case studies basedon the author's first-hand experience that demonstrate how readerscan apply proven techniques to dramatically improve the performanceand scalability of actual database products In addition to case studies, this book offers a detailed secureonline banking application as an example, making it possible forreaders to fully explore Oracle's performance and scalabilityfeatures on their own. Oracle Database Performance andScalability is an ideal text for pre-conditioning collegestudents and training software developers.
Author: Henry H. Liu
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 11/22/2011
Book details: 694 pages.

The Oracle and the Curse
Caleb Smith explores the confessions, trial reports, maledictions, and martyr narratives that juxtaposed law and conscience in antebellum America’s court of public opinion and shows how writers portrayed struggles for justice as clashes between human law and higher authority, giving voice to a moral protest that transformed American literature.
Author: Caleb Smith
Published by Harvard University Press on 04/01/2013
Book details: 282 pages.

Oracle Web Application Programming for PL/SQL Developers
Learn to use Oracle 9i to build dynamic, data-driven Web sites. Get step-by-step details on creating and deploying Web applications using PL/SQL, HTML, Java, XML, WML, Peri and PHP. This book covers everything users need to know to master Web application development in an Oracle environment - using PL/SQL.
Published by Prentice Hall Professional on 05/26/2018
Book details: 745 pages.

Oracle on IBM z Systems
Oracle Database 12c Release 1 running on Linux is available for deployment on IBM® z Systems®. The enterprise-grade Linux on IBM z Systems solution is designed to add value to Oracle Database solutions, including the new functions that are introduced in Oracle Database 12c. In this IBM Redbooks® publication, we explore the IBM and Oracle Alliance and describe how Oracle Database benefits from IBM z Systems®. We then explain how to set up Linux guests to install Oracle Database 12c. We also describe how to use the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Agent to manage Oracle Database 12c Release 1. We also describe a successful consolidation project from sizing to migration, performance management topics, and high availability. Finally, we end with a chapter about surrounding Oracle with Open Source software. The audience for this publication includes database consultants, installers, administrators, and system programmers. This publication is not meant to replace Oracle documentation, but to supplement it with our experiences while installing and using Oracle products.
Published by IBM Redbooks on 05/22/2017
Book details: 130 pages.
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