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Out of Operating Room Anesthesia

This book covers all aspects of out of operating room anesthesia and deep sedation practice. The practical aspects of anesthesia are emphasized, with particular stress on management of un-anticipated adverse events. A concise, yet comprehensive description of relevant basic sciences is also included. Although the contributors are predominantly North American, essential elements of out of OR practice in countries other than the USA are incorporated. Situations like those that contributed to the death of Joan Rivers are addressed with particular emphasis on their recognition, prevention and management. The importance of safety as the key element in providing anesthesia in remote or unfamiliar areas is highlighted and discussed. A lack of accurate documentation is a major drawback in out of OR anesthesia practice and the reader is drawn to the importance of documentation, both from a practical and medico legal standpoint. A separate chapter deals with research and future directions in out of OR anesthesia. Out of Operating Room Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Review , is primarily aimed at all anesthesia providers: anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and residents. Specific chapters such as dental anesthesia, anesthesia for ER procedures and sedation for cosmetic procedures will be useful as a reference guide to physicians exposed to brief training in anesthesia during their non-anesthesia residency program.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9783319391489

Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice

It clarifies the underlying principles needed for an understanding of anaesthetic and surgical practice.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9780521682862

Foundations For Operating Department Practice

This is an essential ‘theory’ textbook for the ODP degree and diploma and is the first to bring together the ‘non practical’ issues taught on the course.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9780335244973

Operating Hours and Working Times

This book presents findings and results from the recent European Union Company survey of Operating hours, Working times and Employment (EUCOWE) in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. The EUCOWE-project is the first standardised company survey covering all sizes of firms and all sectors of the economy. It is the most comprehensive analysis yet published on Operating Hours, Capacity Utilisation, Working Times and Employment in the EU.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783790817591

Operating Department Practice A-Z

An alphabetical presentation of the key topics of interest to ODPs in training and in practice.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9781841101934

High-Operating-Temperature Infrared Photodetectors

This book presents approaches, materials, and devices that eliminate the cooling requirements of IR photodetectors operating in the middle- and long-wavelength ranges of the IR spectrum. It is based mainly on the authors' experiences in developing and fabricating near room temperature HgCdTe detectors at Vigo Systems Ltd. and at the Institute of Applied Physics Military University of Technology (both in Warsaw, Poland). The text also discusses solutions to other specific problems of high-temperature detection, such as poor collection efficiency due to a short diffusion length, the Johnson-Nyquist noise of parasitic impedances, and interfacing of very low resistance devices to electronics. Suitable for graduate students in physics and engineering who have received a basic preparation in modern solid state physics and electronic circuits, this book will also be of interest to individuals who work with aerospace sensors and systems, remote sensing, thermal imaging, military imaging, optical telecommunications, IR spectroscopy, and lidar.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780819465351

Introduction to the Operating Room

A unique survival manual for clinicians new to the operating room This one-of-a-kind resource answers all the questions that newbie clinicians , nurses, and allied health workers have about the Operating Room but are afraid to ask. It is a complete and candid explanation of the sights, sounds, technologies, personalities, and culture that readers will experience when they enter that complex, stress-inducing world. Introduction to the Operating Room delivers the practical, real-world guidance newcomers need to ensure patient safety and their own career success. The book is logically divided into two sections: Part 1 discusses the people of the Operating Room and includes companion video interviews that clarify roles and expectations. This section also delves into the politics and culture of the Operating Room. Part 2 is devoted to the equipment of the Operating Room. The first book to combine a description of OR people/culture/rules with discussion of equipment/technology Includes a valuable glossary of Operating Speak that translates the language of the Operating Room to everyday language A great resource to help readers impress the attendings and staff of the Operating Room
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9781259587283

Operating Room Leadership and Management

Practical resource for all healthcare professionals involved in day-to-day management of operating rooms of all sizes and complexity.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9781107017535

Operating Department Practice A-Z

Provides descriptions of a broad range of surgical and medical procedures for operating department practitioners.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9780521710213

Renewable Energy System Design

The limitation of fossil fuels has challenged scientists and engineers to search for alternative energy resources that can meet future energy demand. Renewable Energy System Design is a valuable reference focusing on engineering, design, and operating principles that engineers can follow in order to successfully design more robust and efficient renewable energy systems. Written by Dr. Ziyad Salameh, an expert with over thirty years of teaching, research, and design experience, Renewable Energy System Design provides readers with the "nuts and bolts" of photovoltaic, wind energy, and hybrid wind/PV systems. It explores renewable energy storage devices with an emphasis on batteries and fuel cells and emerging sustainable technologies like biomass, geothermal power, ocean thermal energy conversion, solar thermal, and satellite power. Renewable Energy System Design is a must-have resource that provides engineers and students with a comprehensive yet practical guide to the characteristics, principles of operation, and power potential of the most prevalent renewable energy systems. Explains and demonstrates design and operating principles for solar, wind, hybrid and emerging systems with diagrams and examples Utilizes case studies to help engineers anticipate and overcome common design challenges Explores renewable energy storage methods particularly batteries and fuel cells and emerging renewable technologies
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780123749918
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