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Sensory Marketing
Sensory Marketing offers a global view of the use of senses in marketing strategy based on consumers' perception and behaviour. Integrating the company constraints and classical approaches of branding and communication, the author presents sensory marketing as an emergent marketing paradigm in theory and practice. This book will be an important contribution that will provide useful reading for marketing scholars and consumer psychologists across the world.

Marketing Management
Marketing management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. Rapidly emerging forces of globalization have led firms to market beyond the borders of their home countries, making international marketing highly significant and an integral part of a firm's marketing strategy. Marketing managers are often responsible for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand accepted definition of the term. In part, this is because the role of a marketing manager can vary significantly based on a business's size, corporate culture, and industry context.

M- marketing
Con la aparición de la telefonía móvil, la comunicación, tanto personal como profesional, ha dado un gran salto porque ha hecho posible que las personas puedan estar conectadas en cualquier parte y en cualquier momento. La posibilidad de una comunicación interpersonal ininterrumpida ha variado la forma de actuación y comportamiento del usuario. Gracias a los terminales de tipo smartphone, y mediante la conexión a Internet, que nos ofrece acceso continuo a cualquier tipo de información en cualquier momento o lugar, podemos comercializar, comprar, gestionar o comentar en tiempo real nuestra aplicación web, plataforma, blog o red social. En este curso analizaremos todos aquellos aspectos que necesitas saber sobre el marketing móvil (mobile marketing).

Brilliant Marketing
Marketing has never been so important because business has never been so competitive. Brilliant Marketing shows anyone how they can devise and execute winning marketing strategies. With practical advice from start to finish, this updated new edition gives you the lowdown on what works and how you can succeed with your campaigns. Brilliant outcomes: Understand the ideas, actions, campaigns that make a real difference. Get a complete marketing skill-set to seduce and inspire. Be a master of strategy - from thinking to planning to execution.

Marketing With No Money
Marketing With No Money

Internet Marketing Pitfalls
Internet Marketing Pitfalls

Internet Marketing Mechanics
Internet Marketing Mechanics

Eine moderne Version von Rabattmarken, die sich in der Vergangenheit in Deutschland noch nie so richtig durchsetzen konnten, ist hierzulande nun groB in Mode. Moderne Couponing-Kampagnen begeistern die deutschen Verbraucher.

Smart Marketing Stories
A Collection of Little-Known Smart Marketing Stories and Examples

Marketing Basics
A quick introduction to the basics of marketing, aimed at people starting a business for the first time.

Suchmaschinen-Marketing spielt nicht nur eine zentrale Rolle beim Einkauf über das Internet, sondern kommt auch immer mehr beim Offline-Kauf zum Tragen. (1) Vor allem für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen ist das Suchmaschinen-Marketing eine gute und kostengünstigere Alternative zur klassischen Werbung. (2) Die Zukunft für dieses Marketing-Instrument sieht rosig aus, denn immer mehr Wettbewerber springen auf diesen Zug auf. Allerdings werden die Suchbegriffe auf mitbewerberintensiven Märkten immer teurer werden. (2) , (3)

Branchenreport Marketing & Werbung
Noch mal gut gegangen ist es mit dem deutschen Werbemarkt im Konjunkturkrisenjahr 2012. Der groBe Verlierer war erwartungsgemäB die Printwerbung, der Gewinner Online. Die Werbeagenturen waren zufrieden und sind auch für das laufende Jahr optimistisch.

Ethno-Marketing beschreibt den Grundgedanken, Immigranten als Zielgruppe, unter Berücksichtigung ihres kulturellen und traditionellen Hintergrundes, spezifisch zu umwerben. (1) , (2) In einem Zuwanderungsland, wie Deutschland, ist Ethno-Marketing mittlerweile unumgänglich. Bis jetzt wurde das relativ groBe Kundensegment der Zuwanderer von den meisten deutschen Unternehmen ignoriert. (1) , (2) , (3) , (4)

Branchenreport Marketing & Werbung
Die Werbebranche ging in der zweiten Jahreshälfte auf Talfahrt. Die Eurokrise schlägt auf die Werbekonjunktur durch. Die Kunden geben Werbeetats nur zögerlich frei. Die führenden Werbeholdings senken ihre Wachstumsprognosen. Der Online-Werbemarkt allerdings wächst unbeirrt weiter.

Forum Marketing 101
This is an EBook teaching the reader about the basics and advanced of Online Forum Marketing. It will help you learn the ins and outs of online forum marketing, so that you can successfully promote your business, products or services.

Sport Marketing
This is a highly accessible text that provides detailed coverage of the key concepts, ideas, principles and techniques of sport marketing. It combines clear and concise explanations with applied case studies, supported by clear objectives, learning activities and points for reflection. UK-based examples are used throughout and the book successfully combines both theory and practice. The field of sport marketing is an exciting and fast-moving part of the sports industry that presents new challenges requiring innovative and effective solutions. Engagement with sport marketing therefore equips students with valuable transferable skills necessary for all sport managers of the future.

Food Marketing
Il food è diventata la nuova religione di consumo, la cultura dei giovani, l'argomento mediatico vincente, Expo incluso, ma ancora esiste un grande divario tra il successo del fenomeno e la sua interpretazione. Questo volume analizza le nuove tendenze di consumo dei foodies e contemporaneamente suggerisce alle aziende e agli imprenditori come operare in questi mercati sia per avere successo, sia per evitare dei guai: essere italiani aiuta, ma non è sufficiente! Il settore food è forse il più complesso nel quale operare, quello che richiede maggior equilibrio tra creatività e utilizzo di regole ormai consolidate e scientifiche. L'innovazione, vista come capacità di leggere i nuovi significati di consumo nel mondo alimentare, è la chiave per avere successo insieme al coraggio e alla coerenza imprenditoriale. E questo libro si propone come una risorsa operativa di riferimento nel settore.

Marketing Exec's Widow
Jen gathered her strength and followed Hagan through the house. The easy flow of his long limbs showed incredible grace for a big man. So tempting, yet, she couldn't pursue him. Not now, not with everyone watching her, they expected her to act like a grieving widow. If she didn't, they'd forever brand her as an unloving wife. She hated the farce, but she had no choice. No one knew her marriage had turned into a sham long before Craig died. A few minutes later, she walked outside and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, with the showing done, she could return Hagan to his office. She locked the front door and stored the key in the lockbox. Spinning on her heels, she faced Hagan. At the end of the porch, one foot already positioned on the first step with a hand out to assist her, he waited. "So, Jen, since we're done for today, why don't we meet tomorrow night for dinner?" Jen edged backward and her butt hit the closed door. The urge to run away from his undeniable magnetism, and the problems he'd cause, sent her mind into a tail spin. What in the hell should I do now?

Marketing viral
Gracias a las tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación, la publicidad boca a oreja pasa a ser publicidad viral porque, de clic en clic, se difunden los mensajes comerciales como virus por las redes sociales con un alcance y velocidad extraordinarias. Y tú, crees que estás vacunado contra el marketing viral?

Le langage du marketing
Explique les expressions utilisées lors des relations entretenues avec des professionnels de cette branche. Copyright Electre
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