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An Autobiography: Or the Story of My Experiments with Truth (Penguin Modern Classics)

An Autobiography: Or the Story of My Experiments with Truth (Penguin Modern Classics)

Gandhi's non-violent struggles against racism, violence, and colonialism in South Africa and India had brought him to such a level of notoriety, adulation that when asked to write an autobiography midway through his career, he took it as an opportunity to explain himself. He feared the enthusiasm for his ideas tended to exceed a deeper understanding of his quest for truth rooted in devotion to God. His attempts to get closer to this divine power led him to seek purity through simple living, dietary practices, celibacy, and a life without violence. This is not a straightforward narrative biography, in The Story of My Experiments with Truth, Gandhi offers his life story as a reference for those who would follow in his footsteps.
Author: M.K Gandhi
Published by: Penguin | Publication date: 09/06/2001
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 464 pages
Il destino in fondo al cuore: Ascolta te stesso e trova il tuo sentiero (Italian Edition)

Il destino in fondo al cuore: Ascolta te stesso e trova il tuo sentiero (Italian Edition)

«Il tempo passa e noi invecchiamo: solamente il desiderio rimane giovane per sempre». In questa massima di Gandhi c’è il viaggio di saggezza che il lettore è invitato a intraprendere in questo libro. Solo chi sa scrutare la propria interiorità trova la via, la verità e il segreto di una vita pienamente realizzata – pur attraversando dolori, fatiche e difficoltà.Gandhi non fu solo l’eroe dell’indipendenza dell’India e della filosofia della non-violenza fra i popoli, fu anche una guida spirituale capace di orientare generazioni di uomini e donne in cerca di un posto nel mondo, di una strada significativa per la propria esistenza.Nell’intimo di ogni essere umano abita quella Verità, quella Presenza, che chiede solo di essere cercata per indicare il sentiero giusto a ciascuno. Ecco spiegata l’insistenza sul mistero del rapporto fra vita e destino. Di qui la purezza e la linearità di pensiero che emerge da queste pagine – molte inedite per l’Italia e attinte ai 98 volumi dell’opera omnia raccolti dalla Gandhi Serve Foundation – nelle quali vibra quell’onestà morale e quel coraggio che solo la fede più profonda nel Divino riesce a generare.Sono schegge fulminanti di un gigante dell’umanità che non ha mai smesso di farsi domande e di cercare la costruzione del bene. Parole che ancora oggi hanno molto da dire a chi si sente stanco, disorientato, affamato di senso.
Published by: Edizioni Terra Santa | Publication date: 01/30/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 464 pages
An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth

An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth

This is Gandhi's autobiography covering his life from early childhood to approximately 1921. In Gandhi's own words: "I simply want to tell the story of my numerous experiments with truth, and as my life consists of nothing but those experiments, it is true that the story will take the shape of an autobiography. But I shall not mind, if every page of it speaks only of my experiments . . . I should certainly like to narrate my experiments in the spiritual field which are known only to myself, and from which I have derived such power as I posses for working in the political field . . . If I had only to discuss academic principles. I should clearly not attempt an autobiography. But my purpose being to give an account of various practical applications of these principles, I have given the chapters I propose to write the title of The Story of My Experiments with Truth. These will of course include experiments with non-violence, celibacy and other principles of conduct believed to be distinct from truth."
Published by: Formax Publishing | Publication date: 08/27/2008
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 272 pages
The Quotable Gandhi

The Quotable Gandhi

Mohandas K.Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific Mahatma (Sanskrit: “high-souled”, “venerable")—applied to him first in 1914 in South Africa,—is now used worldwide. He is also called Bapu (Gujarati: endearment for “father”, “papa") in India. In common parlance in India he is often called Gandhiji. He is unofficially called the Father of the Nation.His writings were sublime; his passion, even more so. He sought to better the lives of millions and did so, through his actions and through his words. I highly recommend seeking out the writings of Gandhi for a deeper understanding of who and what this amazing soul stood for.
Published by: Jovian Press | Publication date: 12/08/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 148 pages
Mahatma Gandhi For Kids And Beginners

Mahatma Gandhi For Kids And Beginners

Do you want to know who Mahatma Gandhi was and what he did, who were this brothers and sisters, and mother and father? Do you what to know what he was as a child, and what his weapons were and how be fought against injustice and freedom? Do you want to know why he was called the "Mahatma" and "Bapu"? This book is an introduction on the life, works and biography of the great soul, Mahatma Gandhi. The book, "Mahatma Gandhi For Kids And Beginners" is written for children and adults alike who are curious to learn about the life and works of Gandhiji.The man we know as Mahatma Gandhi, the proponent of peace is amongst one of the most fascinating persons of history of which modern children know little about. We live in an age where violence is the order of the day; it's about time that we taught ourselves and our children ahimsa, satyagraha, concept of truth and ways of peace - the very path Mahatma Gandhi took despite enduring injustices. We can achieve this by getting to know the biography and the works of Mahatma Gandhi and remembering his legacy.Here's what is covered in the book:
  • Who was Mahatma Gandhi?
  • Why was he called the Mahatma?
  • Why was he called Bapu?
  • What is Ahimsa?
  • Where was he from?
  • Who were his parents, brothers and sisters?
  • What was he like as a child?
  • Is it true he stole from his brother?
  • Was he a brilliant student?
  • Who was his wife?
  • Did he have any children?
  • Did Gandhi disown his elder son?
  • How many grand children did Gandhi have?
  • What did he study at university?
  • What did he do in London?
  • Why was Gandhi not successful as a lawyer in India?
  • Why did he go to South Africa?
  • Why was he kicked out of the first class train compartment?
  • What did he do in South Africa?
  • What was he fighting for?
  • When did he come back to India?
  • Why did Gandhi make his own clothes?
  • How did he oppose British rule?
  • What was the Non-cooperation movement?
  • What is the Salt March?
  • What did he do for the untouchables of India?
  • What was the Quit India Movement?
  • When did India become independent?
  • Who was Jinnah and was he Gandhi's friend?
  • Why was he fasting all the time?
  • What is satyagraha?
  • How many times did he go to jail?
  • When did he die and how?
  • How do I pay respect to the Mahatma?
  • Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi
  • References, credits and further reading
  • Message from the author
Author: Shalu Sharma
Publication date: 02/09/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 76 pages
Mystic Wisdom (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Mystic Wisdom (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

Overflowing with inspiration for both the heart and the soul. The joyful reflections this beautiful book contains transcend religion and draw from the teachings of renowned mystics from antiquity to the present.Whether you seek knowledge of the great mysteries or answers to the everyday questions of life, delve into Mystic Wisdom. Contemplate the wisdom it offers. Then look within your own being. The answers you seek will be there.Avicenna, Marcus Aurelius, Black Elk, Christian Bernard, William Blake, Catherine of Siena, Meister Eckhart, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hafiz, John of the Cross, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Carl Jung, G.E. Lessing, H.Spencer Lewis, Ralph M. Lewis, Plotinus, Cecil A. Poole, Pythagoras, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Tukaram, Rumi, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, Thales of Miletus, Validivar
The History of India in 50 Events: (Indian History - Akbar the Great - East India Company - Taj Mahal - Mahatma Gandhi) (Timeline History in 50 Events Book 4)

The History of India in 50 Events: (Indian History - Akbar the Great - East India Company - Taj Mahal - Mahatma Gandhi) (Timeline History in 50 Events Book 4)

Home to the world’s most ancient religions and practices, India is indeed a nation enriched with a fascinating history. The subcontinent has hosted a legion of great empires, monumental battles, religions, cultures, foreign invasions and much besides.Inside you will learn about...✓ The Indus Valley Civilization✓ The Birth of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism✓ The East Indian Companies✓ British India✓ Danish India✓ Akbar the GreatAnd much more!From pre-historic to modern, 50 of the most formative eras of the subcontinent are discussed.Relating the zenith and nadir of India’s past, this eBook provides crisp and riveting accounts of one of the world’s most ancient nations.
Publication date: 11/15/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 84 pages
Gandhi: An Autobiography - The Story of My Experiments With Truth

Gandhi: An Autobiography - The Story of My Experiments With Truth

Mohandas K. Gandhi is one of the most inspiring figures of our time. In his classic autobiography he recounts the story of his life and how he developed his concept of active nonviolent resistance, which propelled the Indian struggle for independence and countless other nonviolent struggles of the twentieth century.
Author: M k Gandhi
Publication date: 02/07/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 628 pages
Killing Mahatma Gandhi

Killing Mahatma Gandhi

This book gives a gripping account of the last eighteen days in Mahatma Gandhi's life, and the conspiracy that led to his killing. It recounts the day, when the saintly old man announced his intention to go on a fast on 12 January 1948 for 'Hindu-Muslim unity', which turned out to be his last fast, and proved to be his fatal mistake. It describes the prevailing mood of the people soon after India's partition, the first failed attempt on his life on Tuesday, 20 January by a group of seven men, and the last fateful day of his life on Friday, 30 January 1948. The Mahatma, accompanied by his two grand-nieces – 'his walking sticks' – was on his way to attend his daily prayer meeting oblivious to what was written in his fate. As it happened, he was shot dead at point blank-range in broad daylight by a lone assassin - a well-respected newspaper editor from Poona - who had travelled 800 miles to New Delhi to accomplish his 'mission of no mercy'. It reveals how the two other joined him, and stood close by his victim to witness their comrade's – what the assassin called his - “holier-than-thou act”.How did the great Mahatma react, when he came face to face with his assassin, and saw him, pointing his revolver at him? Why did the assassin push aside one of the two women, walking with the saintly man before shooting him dead? The book truthfully answers these questions and many other, hitherto unknown to the outside world. It also deals with Gandhi murder trial by revealing, for the first time, the 'real motive' of the assassin, and what he said in the court to justify his gruesome act, and reveals the 'victim's last words', which only the assassin could have heard, as he stood just a few feet away from his victim before he took his last breath and collapsed on the prayer ground.The saintly old man saw him as the defender of all faiths, and the world hailed him as a true messenger of peace. But in the end, this preacher of non-violence met his death by violence. India gained its independence by his non-violent struggle for almost three decades, ending 200 years of British Rule, but at the cost of one-and-a-half million Indians in the communal holocaust that engulfed India during its partition in August 1947. The Kindle Edition of this book on a recent historical event will appeal to readers of all ages, young and grown-ups, to whom internet is accessible in the four corners of the globe.
Author: SK Shravan
Published by: Author | Publication date: 05/30/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 196 pages
Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi

Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.Mahatma Gandhi was a national father of India. His life is message to every individual in the world. This book contains collection of eminent quotes of Gandhi.
Publication date: 01/17/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 27 pages
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