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Soul of the Wolves
Vivaciously plump Susan “Sookie” Alkin is blackmailed into marrying a stranger. Her younger brother, Jesse, had been infected with a designer virus that transformed him into a feral, dangerous monster: a manmade werewolf. If she wants Jesse to be cured, she has to play as a mourning widow of a young billionaire alpha who rules the Underworld.Ethan Hunter, Alpha of the only direwolf pack in North America, recently survived an assassination attempt. He fakes amnesia to flush out the traitor within his own family. Imagine his surprise when his cousin, Cain, brings Ethan’s curvy new bride who he said Ethan had married the night before his accident. It’s bogus, of course, and Ethan plans to punish her as Cain’s accomplice once he sorts everything out. But when Ethan sees her, he immediately knows that the curvaceous Sookie is his mate. A bonded mate.Ethan then decides to play along with the charade. He tries to coax Sookie into revealing the truth. But Sookie has too much at stake even though the attraction between them grows into an uncontrollable wildfire. The question is can he gain Sookie’s trust because he’s the only one who can help her? If he can’t, then their bond will perish in the upcoming war that will sweep the Underworld.
Publication date: 01/22/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 125 pages

Single Weretiger DILF
All curvaceous weretigress Juliette Crabtree ever wanted was a family of her own. When her marriage crumbled apart and she discovered that she couldn’t conceive, Juliette’s heart froze forever. She withdrew from her clan and chose a solitary life—away from other shifters, making sweets in her confiserie, hoping that someday the candies she made would chase away the bitterness in her heart.Wilhelm was the alpha of his clan and a successful businessman. There were two things he wanted from the curvaceous she-tiger who rented space in his building: 1) he wanted Juliette to date him. 2) He wanted Juliette to open a confectionary boutique shop in his new shopping mall. But Wilhelm soon finds Juliette lives up to her nickname, “The Subzero Queen.” She isn’t interested in him, romance, or opening a new shop.When tragedy strikes Wilhelm’s brother and his mate, leaving their twin baby cubs in his care, Juliette miraculously opens her heart when she finds out he became a dad overnight. Can Wilhelm convince Juliette that the family she wanted can be a reality?
Publication date: 06/19/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 140 pages

Alien and the Wedding Planner
It was just one of those days...After catering a particularly difficult bridezilla, successful wedding planner Alana Watson can't wait for the wedding season to be over. Or at least, she hopes to get a reasonable client. That is why she's excited when a pair of insanely gorgeous men come to her shop for a consultation. But no, they aren't a couple and they ask weird questions. Things escalate when one of them decides to kidnap her and bring her to his home planet . . .This alien feeling in the alien's heartLord Ice Silverkiller is a renowned scientist on his home planet, Crimea. His planet is dying and it seems his people don't want to procreate. His emperor orders him to find a solution. Ice and his crew then embark on the first expedition to Earth. They want to know the secret behind the humans' explosive population growth. But when he sees Alana, science is the farthest thing in his mind.And the chemical reaction between them is sizzlingLike other Crimeans, Ice is even-tempered and relies on logic rather than his heart. But there's nothing logical about this crazy urge to possess this curvalicious human female named Alana. Suddenly, he is hit by all kind of feelings he's never experienced before. To make love to her. Always worry about her. To protect her and keep her safe. To make her his. Ice wonders if he finally feels what the humans called love? Because this newfound love and Alana might be the keys to save their dying race...
Publication date: 08/21/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 145 pages

Lone Tiger And Cub
Nursing student Millicent (Millie) Swartz catches a weretiger cub who steals her steak dinner and finds out the cub belongs to her new hot and sexy neighbor Kieran. She instantly falls in love with the cub who seems to be malnourished and neglected. The cub even calls her, “Mama.” When the cub’s father comes looking for him, Millie gives him an earful piece of her mind.Weretiger Kieran Dunaidh makes his living as a muscleman for a mob boss who rules Grand Junction’s underworld. He comes from an old shifter clan and was supposes to inherit the title Alpha. However, his stepmother schemes a plan that makes him disowned from his father. One day, he receives news that his sister passed away and she wants Kieran to look after her toddler cub, Fionn. Kieran knows nothing about raising a child, and he’d have been lost if it wasn’t for Millie’s help.Soon, Kieran realizes that the quiet and peaceful family life with Fionn and Millie is all he ever wants. But then the trouble in his old clan drags him into a bloody civil war. Kieran must fight to save his beloved nephew and Millie—the woman he loves. Hell hath no furry like a pissed off lone tiger.
Publication date: 01/16/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 82 pages

Dragon Hunts
FROM POPULAR ROMANCE AUTHOR LIZZIE LYNN LEEA newly edited version!Hot boss turns into a dragon? Jessica thinks she's bitten off more than she can chew…In ancient times, when a dragon needed a mate, he could just swoop down on a village and kidnap a maiden. In modern times, this has proven to be a dilemma. Declan, the eldest of the Cairne brothers, is due to claim a bride. As a Harvard graduate, CEO of a trading company and Versace-clad executive, he can't just shift to his true form and kidnap a woman to claim her as his. A perfect woman is hard to find, since Declan thinks dating is overrated.Plump single mother Jessica Knapp is running away from her past. Between struggling to make ends meet and keeping herself and her son under the radar of her deranged mafia ex, dating is the last thing ever to cross her mind. So when her new boss Declan sets his sights on her, Jessie thinks his attention is nothing but flattery.But Declan is a determined dragon. He swears he will have her even if it means he has to show her his scales, wings, and talons.The hunt is on…
Published by: Totally Bound Publishing | Publication date: 03/19/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 92 pages

Night of the Lions (Lions of Manhattan Book 1)
Book one in the Lions of Manhattan SeriesShape-shifters aren’t real...are they?Enigmatic and introverted, Gabriel Larousse is a billionaire with a secret. He’s actually a lion-shifter, alpha of the pride that left his homeland along with his brothers to avoid the clan wars and to live peacefully among humans.Catherine Kovac is a private investigator who is on the brink of losing her business. A client hires her to unearth Gabe’s dark past. Getting close to Gabe seems like an impossible task. The man is surrounded by his brothers, who are eager to jump at her throat, thinking she’s looking for dirt. So Cat is surprised when Gabe invites her into the circle and into his bed.To discover that Gabe desires her as his mate is one thing. Finding out his dark, furry secret is quite another. But saying no to an alpha like Gabe is like talking to a brick wall. Cat may have to get used to the idea that Gabe isn’t the sort of big cat who’ll be content and purr just for a little petting...
Published by: Totally Bound Publishing | Publication date: 04/23/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 87 pages

Spotilicious: BBW Werejaguar Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance (Jaguartown Book 1)
What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.Kelly Hillock learns it the hard way. What would she do when the hot guy she had a steamy one-night stand with tracks her down to New York and tells her that she’s his mate and she’s pregnant with his baby? Well, she hits him with a shovel, of course.Marc might be super-hot but he’s clearly a grade-A nutjob. True mate? Baby cub? Werejaguar? Right. If she believes him then she’d be a candidate for a straightjacket, too.Only, what he said is true—and more. Marc DaVaca isn’t only an eye-candy hunk and half-human. He’s also the boss of the Las Vegas underworld. Before long, Kelly finds herself swept into her growing feelings, the prospect of motherhood and the undeniable animalistic passion between them. Yup, when his brownie points keep adding up more than the spots on his fur, how could a girl say no?
Publication date: 12/25/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 90 pages

Supernatural Billionaire Mates Vol 1: BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance
They’re young billionaires.Smart and charismatic.Sexy as hell.And they’re…supernatural beasts?Supernatural Billionaire Mates bundle from Lizzie Lynn Lee’s best-selling paranormal erotic romance novellas: Her Dragon Billionaire, Her Tiger Billionaire and Her Lion Billionaire. Her Dragon BillionaireBeing in the wrong place at the wrong time, plump librarian Eva Walkers witnesses a man being murdered by the Russian mafia. Three months later, the Feds put her in the witness protection program. Reborn with new identity as Eva Smith in a new town, she tries to pick up her life where she had left off. Unfortunately, the vory v zakone is able to track her down to finish her. They shoot Eva and dump her body into the river.Dragon shifter and reclusive billionaire Liam Caderyn is having his midnight stroll when he sees a woman’s body wash out in the stream of his property. He saves her and nurses Eva back to life. Wildly attracted to her, Liam claims that Eva is his wife when she wakes up with amnesia. He figures the lies will keep her with him while he investigates her mysterious past. And besides, he really wants to claim her as his mate.However, Eva’s past catches up with her and the ruthless vory v zakone gets wind of her whereabouts. They come to settle the score once and for all. But they don’t know Liam. As a businessman, he’s well-rehearsed in power plays. As a dragon, he’s dangerous and protective over what belongs to him.But what will happen if Eva suddenly remembers her past? Her Tiger BillionaireStuck in a dead-end job and with a little brother who needs expensive medical care, pleasantly plump waitress Annalise Conrad is at the end of her rope. Out of the blue, three men knock on her door and tell her that she has just inherited a great fortune. But the inheritance comes with a catch: Annalise must marry a man named Sven Torvik and stay married for a year, even if it’s just a pro forma.Ambitious, workaholic billionaire Sven Torvik is fulfilling a promise he made to his surrogate father Seymour Dune that he would take care of Dune’s estranged niece. The promise is that Sven will show her how to manage her wealth and Dune Industry. The method is unorthodox: Sven must marry her for a year in order to boost her credibility in front of the board of directors and to teach her everything she must know to run a multinational company.But when Sven sees Annalise—a cheery, innocent young woman with dangerous curves and alluring femininity, he can barely contains the beast within him. Sven immediately changes his mind. He’ll marry her for good, keeping her as his forever. Whether Annalise likes it or not… Her Lion BillionaireAs a Sandman’s daughter, curvaceous Charlotte Winters inherits her father’s power to see into people’s dream and sometimes more. That’s why she always avoided skin-to-skin contact. One day, a man saves her from a traffic accident and Charlotte sees a vision of him and her making love, getting married and having children. Problem is her children aren’t completely human—they are lion cubs, and he is a shapeshifter. Problem number two: the man is the tall, dark and blond billionaire bachelor in town who swoons women off their feet with his good look and charity works. Freaked out of what she saw, she swears she isn’t going to be near him ever again. Ever!Businessman and pride alpha, Daniel Addington is curious with a woman he saved to the point of obsession. When they touched, he felt the sparks, quite literally, and saw his future flashed before his eyes. But Charlotte is playing hard to get that he decides to kidnap her. She knows his family secret and Dani intends to keep it as secret. Plus that voluptuous body of hers and innocent face makes him drowns in lust as the beastly feline part of him wants to mark and claim that woman as his
Publication date: 11/16/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 237 pages

Tiger In Her Bed
It was a simple dare. Walk to her brooding, hot boss, Quinn Alexander, in the middle of the New Year’s office party and kiss the arrogant smirk off the bastard. Fueled by too much alcohol, Vanessa Lyle impetuously takes up the challenge.The next morning after the hangover fades, she’s mortified. To think she’d been drunkenly brazen enough to steal a kiss from her boss. Quinn will fire her for sure.To her surprise, she gets to keep her job because Quinn demands she fix the problem she’s caused. Someone had taken a video of that scandalous kiss and posted it on social media. The video went viral. Quinn’s mom happens see the video and demands to meet his “girlfriend.” Quinn orders Vanessa to pretend to be his woman just to keep his mom off his back.During a weekend at his parents’ house, Quinn takes pretending to a whole different level. He can’t keep his hands off her, in and out of his bed. But then she discovers his furry secret. Hot guy + big cat = trouble, and curvaceous Vanessa learns it the hard way…
Publication date: 12/23/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 89 pages

The Man With The Dragon Wings: (BBW Dragon Shape Shifter Paranormal Romance)
For Emily:She never would’ve imagined her knight in shining armor is a bounty hunter.He’s too bastardly wicked to walk only the right side of the law. Granted, he’s hot and sexy as hell, but when he surrenders to the nature of his beast, he’s more terrifying than a scary monster.Her brain tells her to run. Her body wants her to stay.But why does her heart ache when he’s in danger? For Rovik:He never believed in love at first sight, and yet, the moment he laid eyes on her, he knows he must have her.Save her.She’s a runaway bride and the man she was forced to marry doesn’t deserve her, but will stop at nothing to get her back. Including bringing in the whole clan to take down Rovik.True mates are real, and he plans to convince her that nothing on earth could stop him from making her his.Forever…Author note: This story contains graphic dragon-on-dragon violence, a runaway bride who drives like a homicidal maniac, and a young dragon king who thinks every problem in the world can be solved with an orgasm.
Publication date: 10/21/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 92 pages
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