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Exit Life
"Hello Earth! Hello London!" But no reply was forthcoming to the message sent out by the spaceship in which the four pioneers had been exploring all the planets en route to Pluto, and which was now on its way back to London after two long years. Even the silence failed to dismay the voyagers; it could well be explained by a major fault of the airport's wireless transmitter. It was only when they touched down that they realised some terrible catastrophe had hit Earth in their absence...
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781473209855

Media Life
Research consistently shows how through the years more of our time gets spent using media, how multitasking our media has become a regular feature of everyday life, and that consuming media for most people increasingly takes place alongside producing media. Media Life is a primer on how we may think of our lives as lived in rather than with media. The book uses the way media function today as a prism to understand key issues in contemporary society, where reality is open source, identities are - like websites - always under construction, and where private life is lived in public forever more. Ultimately, media are to us as water is to fish. The question is: how can we live a good life in media like fish in water? Media Life offers a compass for the way ahead.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780745649993

Life Sentence
Jon Soliday is a legal counsel to a powerful politicianhis childhood best friendwho is running for governor. The two have shared political success and undying loyalty. But an anonymous letter hinting at black and a colleague's mysterious death remind them of something else they have in common. A dark secret from the summer of 1979... Ellis sets a new standard with this superb legal thriller . . . . [a] stunning ending. Library Journal
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780425194805

Shelf Life
What ghost was being appeased? What wrong was being righted or sin atoned for? I didn't know. It was all, this writing business and had been since it first began when I was still at school mysterious, possibly even neurotic. I knew only that for a moment the world which out there' seemed so imperfect, so fallen', so much less than the heart desired, in here' had been called to order.Every morning for the last thirty years, C. K. Stead has written fiction and poetry. Shelf Life collects the best of his afternoon work: reviews and essays, letters and diaries, lectures and opinion pieces. In this latest collection, a sequel to the successful Answering to the Language, The Writer at Work, and Book Self, Stead takes the reader through nine essays in the Mansfield file', collects works of criticism and review in book talk', writes in the first person' about everything from David Bain to Parnell, and finally offers some recent reflections on poetic laurels from his time as New Zealand poet laureate. Throughout, Stead is vintage Stead: clear, direct, intelligent, decisive, personal.
Category: Literary Criticism. ISBN: 9781869408497

Life Lessons
Life Lessons is a treasury of insightful conversations with 25 Irish people who have enriched the lives of many. The conversations will reveal glimpses into the essence of the contributors by touching on topics close to their hearts. As individuals we are all unique, but we are also very much the same. Our life circumstances and paths differ wildly, but behind the superficiality of class, status and wealth, most of us at one time or another ponder the same questions: what matters most, who are we at our very core and what has life taught us? In this collection, which is composed of snippets of one-to-one conversations Rita de Brun had with twenty-one Irish women and men, the sameness and interconnectedness of us all becomes apparent, as does the inherent goodness, ordinariness, humbleness and spirituality that is central to the sheer extraordinariness of some of those that we admire the most.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781848403802

Field Life
Field Life examines the practice of science in the field in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains of the American West between the 1860s and the 1910s, when the railroad was the dominant form of long-distance transportation. Grounded in approaches from environmental history and the history of technology, it emphasizes the material basis of scientific fieldwork, joining together the human labor that produced knowledge with the natural world in which those practices were embedded.             Four distinct modes of field practice, which were shared by different field science disciplines, proliferated during this periodsurveys, lay networks, quarries, and stationsand this book explores the dynamics that underpinned each of them. Using two diverse case studies to animate each mode of practice, as well as the making of the field as a place for science, Field Life combines textured analysis of specific examples of field science on the ground with wider discussion of the commonalities in the practices of a diverse array of field sciences, including the earth and physical sciences, the life and agricultural sciences, and the human sciences.             By situating science in its regional environmental context, Field Life   analyzes the intersection between the cosmopolitan knowledge of science and the experiential knowledge of people living in the field. Examples of field science in the Plains and Rockies range widely: geological surveys and weather observing networks,  quarries to uncover dinosaur fossils and archaeological remains, and branch agricultural experiment stations and mountain biological field stations.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780822944539

Life Coaching
The way we think profoundly influences the way we feel, so learning to think differently can enable us to feel and act differently. The first edition of Life Coaching successfully showed how to tackle self-defeating thinking and replace it with a problem-solving outlook, providing clear and helpful advice on: Dealing with troublesome emotions Overcoming procrastination Becoming assertive Tackling poor time management Persisting at problem solving Handling criticism constructively Taking risks and making better decisions. The new edition retains the key features, while offering a brand new chapter on the emerging topic of resilience as well updates throughout. It will continue to be invaluable to all those who are interested in becoming more personally effective in their everyday lives, and also to counsellors in practice and training.
Category: Psychology & Psychiatry. ISBN: 9780415661829

Life Mask
The bestselling author of Slammerkin vividly brings to life the Beau Monde of late eighteenth-century England, turning the private drama of three celebrated Londoners into a robust, full-bodied portrait of a world on the brink of revolution. In a time of looming war, of glittering spectacle and financial disasters, the wealthy liberals of the Whig Party work to topple a tyrannical prime minister and a lunatic king. Marriages and friendships stretch or break; political liaisons prove as dangerous as erotic ones; and everyone wears a mask. This is a remakable novel in the tradition of the very best historical fiction.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780156032643

Life Everlasting
Bernd Heinrich receives a letter from a severely ill friend asking if he might have a "green burial" at Heinrich's hunting camp, andthe acclaimed biologist/author sets out to explore exactly how the animal world deals with the death-to-life cycle and what we can learn from the process, both ecologically and spiritually.
Category: Nature. ISBN: 9780544002265

Life Atomic
After World War II, the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) began mass-producing radioisotopes, sending out nearly 64,000 shipments of radioactive materials to scientists and physicians by 1955. Even as the atomic bomb became the focus of Cold War anxiety, radioisotopes represented the government's efforts to harness the power of the atom for peaceadvancing medicine, domestic energy, and foreign relations.             In Life Atomic , Angela N. H. Creager tells the story of how these radioisotopes, which were simultaneously scientific tools and political icons, transformed biomedicine and ecology. Government-produced radioisotopes provided physicians with new tools for diagnosis and therapy, specifically cancer therapy, and enabled biologists to trace molecular transformations. Yet the government's attempt to present radioisotopes as marvelous dividends of the atomic age was undercut in the 1950s by the fallout debates, as scientists and citizens recognized the hazards of low-level radiation. Creager reveals that growing consciousness of the danger of radioactivity did not reduce the demand for radioisotopes at hospitals and laboratories, but it did change their popular representation from a therapeutic agent to an environmental poison. She then demonstrates how, by the late twentieth century, public fear of radioactivity overshadowed any appreciation of the positive consequences of the AEC's provision of radioisotopes for research and medicine.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780226017808
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