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LIFE Lincoln
One hundred fifty years ago, the United States lost its greatest leader. In this commemorative volume, LIFE recounts the life. Our narrative was written by the award-winning Allen C. Guelzo, author of Gettysburg, and Henry Louis Gates Jr. leads us into this stirring story with his moving foreword. Then there are the pictures: photographs, many of them rarely seen, of Lincoln, the Civil War-his life and times. History come alive, as only LIFE presents it.
Category: Unassigned. ISBN: 9781618932303

Life Uploaded
This heartwarming, coming-of-age tale from top YouTube lifestyle vlogger Sierra Furtado explores what it means to redefine happiness on your own terms, and to stay true to who you are even in the face of Internet insta-fame. All sixteen-year-old Harper Ambrose has ever wanted is to be recognized: for her zany sense of humor, her on-fleek fashion sense, and her love of all things makeup, flirty, and fun. After an awkward childhood where she fell out with her BFF Gwen and thought she'd never find her one true love, at last Harper feels as though she's finally discovered her voice in a space she never expected: on YouTube, making videos about her day-to-day life and broadcasting them to the masses. Now an insanely popular vlogger with millions of followers, Harper balances the stresses of everyday high school lifeSAT prep, boring teachers, and the mean girl clique staring her down in the hallwaywith the glam, fast-paced world of online celebrity. But when one hater on Twitter starts targeting Harper in 140 characters or less, and a young British actor who's captured Harper's heart might not be everything he seems, Harper feels like her pitch-perfect life is suddenly going to pieces around her. Who better to help her pick them up and find herself again than her best friend Ellie and a certain tall, dark, and handsome someone she might not have realized was waiting in the wings for her all along?
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781501143953

Taking Life
When is it right to kill? Three ethical theories are examined, deontology, a moral rights theory, and utilitarianism. The implications of each theory are worked out for different kinds of killing. In the final analysis, utilitarianism can best account for our considered intuitions about these kinds of killing.
Category: Philosophy. ISBN: 9780190225599

Knight Life
More than 1,500 years after his disappearance into the mists of Avalon, King Arthur has returned. This time, he's prepared to rule the Camelot of a new millennium: New York City. Handsome, charismatic Arthur Penn is running for mayor on a platform of common sense, humor, and knightly virtues. His advisors include a gifted ten-year-old named Merlin; Percival, an immortal accountant; and Gwen, a lovely young woman with no end of problems. Their grassroots campaign steadily gains strength until scandal looms with the sudden emergence of Morgan Le Fay, Arthur's sorceress half-sister, and her son Mordred, the aspiring mayor's ambitious heir. Acclaimed by Kirkus Reviews as "steady fun" by "a darkly amusing fantasist," this imaginative romp is the revised and expanded version of Peter David's first novel, Sir Apropos of Nothing, originally published in 1987 and now out of print. David is the author of more thanfifty novels, many of which have appeared on The New York Times bestsellers list. His sparkling update of Arthurian myth abounds in wit, irony, and astute reflections on human nature.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780486804682

Unconditional Life
Looking at how international law regulates, and is itself influenced by, technology and risk, this book illustrates how and why international law has been unable to properly deal with large-scale technological risk. Through delving into its nature, international law is shown itself to be a technology.
Category: Law. ISBN: 9780198733812

Life Sentence
Jon Soliday is a legal counsel to a powerful politicianhis childhood best friendwho is running for governor. The two have shared political success and undying loyalty. But an anonymous letter hinting at black and a colleague's mysterious death remind them of something else they have in common. A dark secret from the summer of 1979... Ellis sets a new standard with this superb legal thriller . . . . [a] stunning ending. Library Journal
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780425194805

Shelf Life
What ghost was being appeased? What wrong was being righted or sin atoned for? I didn't know. It was all, this writing business and had been since it first began when I was still at school mysterious, possibly even neurotic. I knew only that for a moment the world which out there' seemed so imperfect, so fallen', so much less than the heart desired, in here' had been called to order.Every morning for the last thirty years, C. K. Stead has written fiction and poetry. Shelf Life collects the best of his afternoon work: reviews and essays, letters and diaries, lectures and opinion pieces. In this latest collection, a sequel to the successful Answering to the Language, The Writer at Work, and Book Self, Stead takes the reader through nine essays in the Mansfield file', collects works of criticism and review in book talk', writes in the first person' about everything from David Bain to Parnell, and finally offers some recent reflections on poetic laurels from his time as New Zealand poet laureate. Throughout, Stead is vintage Stead: clear, direct, intelligent, decisive, personal.
Category: Literary Criticism. ISBN: 9781869408497

Life Lessons
Life Lessons is a treasury of insightful conversations with 25 Irish people who have enriched the lives of many. The conversations will reveal glimpses into the essence of the contributors by touching on topics close to their hearts. As individuals we are all unique, but we are also very much the same. Our life circumstances and paths differ wildly, but behind the superficiality of class, status and wealth, most of us at one time or another ponder the same questions: what matters most, who are we at our very core and what has life taught us? In this collection, which is composed of snippets of one-to-one conversations Rita de Brun had with twenty-one Irish women and men, the sameness and interconnectedness of us all becomes apparent, as does the inherent goodness, ordinariness, humbleness and spirituality that is central to the sheer extraordinariness of some of those that we admire the most.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781848403802

Field Life
Field Life examines the practice of science in the field in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains of the American West between the 1860s and the 1910s, when the railroad was the dominant form of long-distance transportation. Grounded in approaches from environmental history and the history of technology, it emphasizes the material basis of scientific fieldwork, joining together the human labor that produced knowledge with the natural world in which those practices were embedded.             Four distinct modes of field practice, which were shared by different field science disciplines, proliferated during this periodsurveys, lay networks, quarries, and stationsand this book explores the dynamics that underpinned each of them. Using two diverse case studies to animate each mode of practice, as well as the making of the field as a place for science, Field Life combines textured analysis of specific examples of field science on the ground with wider discussion of the commonalities in the practices of a diverse array of field sciences, including the earth and physical sciences, the life and agricultural sciences, and the human sciences.             By situating science in its regional environmental context, Field Life   analyzes the intersection between the cosmopolitan knowledge of science and the experiential knowledge of people living in the field. Examples of field science in the Plains and Rockies range widely: geological surveys and weather observing networks,  quarries to uncover dinosaur fossils and archaeological remains, and branch agricultural experiment stations and mountain biological field stations.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780822944539

Life Force
A novel about pleasure how we pursue it, how it fits into our lives, how we judge it.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781781858738
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