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Life: Keith Richards
Once-in-a-generation memoir of a rock legend - the No. 1 SUNDAY TIMES bestseller.With the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards created the riffs, the lyrics and the songs that roused the world, and over four decades he lived the original rock and roll life: taking the chances he wanted, speaking his mind, and making it all work in a way that no one before him had ever done.Now, at last, the man himself tells us the story of life in the crossfire hurricane. And what a life. Listening obsessively to Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters records as a child in post-war Kent. Learning guitar and forming a band with Mick Jagger and Brian Jones. The Rolling Stones' first fame and success as a bad-boy band. The notorious Redlands drug bust and subsequent series of confrontations with a nervous establishment that led to his enduring image as outlaw and folk hero. Creating immortal riffs such as the ones in 'Jumping Jack Flash' and 'Street Fighting Man' and 'Honky Tonk Women'. Falling in love with Anita Pallenberg and the death of Brian Jones. Tax exile in France, wildfire tours of the US, 'Exile on Main Street' and 'Some Girls'. Ever increasing fame, isolation and addiction. Falling in love with Patti Hansen. Estrangement from Mick Jagger and subsequent reconciliation. Solo albums and performances with his band the Xpensive Winos. Marriage, family and the road that goes on for ever. In a voice that is uniquely and intimately his own, with the disarming honesty that has always been his trademark, Keith Richards brings us the essential life story of our times.
Published by: Weidenfeld & Nicolson | Publication date: 10/26/2010
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 558 pages

Your Life, Your Way: A Practical Guide To Getting Your S**t Together
Ever felt your life would be so much better if you could just get your s**t together???Even if we know where we’d like to be in life, and what we’d like to be doing, getting there can still be a challenge. Often we lack the emotional tools or even the bravery to make the right decisions for us.So how do we find our way out of this malaise?This book explains why your brain gets so filled up with “stuff”, and provides clear strategies to de-clutter your thinking. Paula Meir shares the necessary tools for change, and equips readers with the strength and mental resilience to help you get your s**t together in order to live your life your way.This is not an academic book … it’s both pragmatic and practical. Make a decision. Start living the life you deserve.
Author: Paula Meir
Publication date: 02/28/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 254 pages

The Life and Dreams of Effie Farraday
This book is the first instalment of the Effie Farraday trilogy- and will guarantee to keep you absorbed right up until the very last page. Not only is it a fantasy novel but a compelling love story too, with elements of murder, mystery and horror. Follow Effie as she journeys along the path of life, and become part of the drama and intrigue that follows alongside her. Effie Farraday is an ordinary young woman who has extraordinary dreams. Up until now she's lived with her elderly Aunt in a rambling old house known as Rawlings, content to spend her days in her happy existence, believing she can never meet the man she grew up with, as he's merely part of her recurring dreams. However, when something inexplicable occurs, Effie's safe little world is sent into complete and utter turmoil, and she is left wondering if the impossible can actually happen. Fearing for her life and desperate to find out the truth about the man she loves, Effie is forced to leave her home and embark on a journey that will transport her to another world, that is both mysterious and perilous. After reaching the sleepy village of Briarwood, she is soon immersed in the unique way of life there, and all her worries seem to melt away. However, her blissful existence soon comes to an abrupt end when she has a disturbing encounter in the village church, forcing her to question her future and with whom it lies. With a heavy heart Effie returns to her home of Rawlings, expecting everything to be exactly the same as when she left, but on her arrival it soon becomes apparent something is wrong. Distressed by the trouble she finds herself in and dumfounded by what she soon learns, Effie suddenly knows what she must do, but is it too late? As events in her past inexplicably become a mere shadow of a memory, she finally moves on with her life.There is, however, a small niggling doubt festering at the back of her mind, and when fate intervenes at a most inopportune moment her entire world is once again thrown into total pandemonium. Find out what happens to Effie next in "The Continuing Saga of Effie Farraday" - available now on Kindle. "An enjoyable read which kept myself focused throughout. Loved the author's imagination using great examples and ways of thinking. Looking forward to the next instalment. Highly recommended as it caters all classes of readers"M Jordan"I loved the style of the authors writing! It had a genteel feel to it and brought to mind a countryside way of living in a bygone era. The concept of the book was modern/fantasy and is not normally the kind of book I would read, but, once started, was hard to put down. I enjoyed it immensely and would definitely recommend it" B Crick
Published by: PublishNation | Publication date: 05/17/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 248 pages

Life after Life
REVIEWAll in all, this book is very down-to-earth, and yet quite profound, thought-provoking and captivating your mind. It is easy to read, but exciting, and you will not be able to put it down. You may even want to reread it again and again, as you will find something new every time around.Enjoy this read with a pinch of subtle sense of humor and self-irony!QUOTEPeople acquire knowledge all their lives. Knowledge and wisdom are regarded as real treasures that shall be retained for future generations. Therefore, "live and let live" in harmony and love, wisely and considerately. FOREWORD AND DEDICATION This book is a guide to and through life or at least it could be, if you like. It is intended for all who love life and dare to live or aspire to a better existence! For some people the brain is only an organ of minor importance, as an ancient philosopher once said. Therefore, I would like to dedicate the following narrative or short story to all who acknowledge the importance of the human mind, together with its positive and beneficial demonstrations in people's actions, senses and emotions.
Publication date: 12/11/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 44 pages

Stolen Lives (A Danny Sanchez Thriller Book 2)
Almería, Spain. A missing girl is found in a landfill, dead… The right-wing press has an obvious spin: a drug user with prior convictions and a history of running off pays for the hazards of her lifestyle. Journalist Danny Sanchez doesn’t buy it. Teresa del Hoyo had been clean for over a year. More importantly, she’d been looking into murky events dating back to the Spanish Civil War, and of her two partners in crime, one is missing and the other is dead. A simple article about the murder of a young woman for the tabloids leads Danny to the morbid, heart-breaking stories of the niños robados por el franquismo, children reported dead to their Republican parents to be given to “approved” families during Franco’s reign. Danny knows he’s struck something big as he tries to connect Teresa’s political activism and the Church’s interest in the case with her research into the history of Almería. With every step bringing him closer to the truth, it becomes clearer that these 50-year-old secrets still hang over the town… and that someone would kill to keep them. Stolen Lives is an intriguing thriller filled with mystery and suspense that will keep you gripped until the very end. Praise for Matthew Pritchard ‘A well-paced whodunnit set against a vividly drawn Andalusian backdrop’ – James Smart, The Guardian‘Piercingly accurate’ – Peter Thornton, The Sun‘What Matthew Pritchard has done is almost impossible. He has written a novel of epic proportions’ - Michael Wood, Crime Squad Matthew Pritchard was born and raised in Hampshire, England. He worked as a journalist in Spain for ten years, writing mainly for the ex-pat press and UK nationals. Together with his father and uncle, he has amassed a sizeable collection of WW2 memoirs and memorabilia contemporary to the period. Writing crime fiction allows him to explore society and human interaction that interest him in a recognisable world.
Published by: Endeavour Press | Publication date: 03/06/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 262 pages

Life: A brush with love
At twenty-eight years old, the only men in lawyer Cate Jenkins’ life are her two cats, Thor and Loki, unless you count her not-so-secret love affair with Ben & Jerry. Escape comes in the form of art classes, where life drawing model Joe provides a welcome distraction from the monotony of her job. Each Thursday for five weeks, she gets to lose herself in a world of twinkling blue eyes and chiselled abs.Meanwhile, next-door neighbour Dane is determined to win Cate's heart. Can his gifts of coffee and kitty treats win out against muscled perfection?And more importantly, what secrets are both men hiding?Life is a standalone romantic comedy novel.
Author: Elise Noble
Published by: Undercover Publishing Limited | Publication date: 04/30/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 281 pages

Life Game
Tanya Smith, a beautiful East End stripper bouncing her way through life, finds herself gaining an impromptu flatmate one night after a chance meeting with a lost, haunted looking young woman at a petrol station. Anna Davis, on the run from a dangerous and stormy past starts up a new life, keeping one eye over her shoulder and her secrets close to her chest. Freddie Tyler, a hard, respected East End baron, seeks to find and punish the culprit of the shocking murder of one of the oldest faces in London. One evil links them all. Who will be the cat and who the mouse, in this life game? A gripping East End crime thriller, this is the perfect addition to your digital library. Colourful characters, twisting plot lines, murder, romance, grit and the underworld of London - there is something in this novel for everyone.
Author: Emma Tallon
Publication date: 03/18/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 277 pages

How to Transform Your Life: A Blissful Journey
UK Edition: A practical manual for daily life that shows how we can develop and maintain inner peace, how we can reduce and stop our experience of problems, and how we can bring about positive changes in our lives that will enable us to experience deep and lasting happiness. This is a significantly revised edition of one of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's most popular and accessible books.How to Transform Your Life forms the basis of hundreds of popular drop-in meditation classes and courses around the world. If you want the opportunity to study or find out more about the practices presented in this book, visit your nearest Kadampa Meditation Centre or branch."When things go wrong in our life and we encounter difficult situations, we tend to regard the situation itself as our problem, but in reality whatever problems we experience come from the mind. If we were to respond to difficult situations with a positive or peaceful mind they would not be problems for us; indeed, we may even come to regard them as challenges or opportunities for growth and development. Problems arise only if we respond to difficulties with a negative state of mind. Therefore, if we want to be happy all the time and to be free from problems, we must develop and maintain a peaceful mind."Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Published by: Tharpa Publications | Publication date: 12/11/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 261 pages

A Life Without You: An emotional page-turner to make you laugh and cry
Touching, funny, and bittersweet, this is a story that will make you laugh, cry, and call your best friend to tell her you love her. 30-year-old Dee Harper and her husband, Joe, are blissfully happy. Everyday she's makes her loyal parents Val and Don incredibly proud. Jen has been her best friend and 'adopted sister' since their days of teenage crushes, bad 90's make-up and huge hair. They are just like any other group of family and friends, living life, getting by with equal measures of love and laughter. Until one day everything changes. Dee is gone, killed by a reckless driver, leaving the people she loved to deal with their grief in different ways. A marriage is rocked as a parent becomes consumed with seeking justice. A husband struggles to accept the loss of his wife and their future. And a friend discovers that there were shocking secrets that went unshared. But all of them have to learn that the only way forward is to let go of the past. What readers are saying about A LIFE WITHOUT YOU: 'Another great story from Shari Low; again showing her in understanding of human emotions, and human frailty. I definitely recommend it!' 'Such superb writing that you are completely drawn in and captivated by each character ... you will not be able to stop reading from the moment you start' 'Brilliant from start to finish'
Author: Shari Low
Published by: Aria | Publication date: 04/01/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 378 pages

Reboot Your Life: A 12-day Program for Ending Stress, Realizing Your Goals, and Being More Productive
"In Reboot Your Life, I want to offer the very best and latest material on 'life-design', goal-setting, gratitude, and personal productivity in a workbook/ toolkit format for practical people, without much time. The book has the best of David Allen and Steven Covey in concise, daily exercises." (Paul Gibbons)Reboot Your Life is a 12-day process for reflecting on where you are in life, on clearing out aspects that don't work, on designing your mission and vision, creating goals, and learning strategies for realizing those goals with the latest productivity strategies. Each day has a few minutes reading, but then practical exercises and tools to get you quickly into action. "Reboot" is the same process used by life-coaches who charge thousands of dollars, but after completing the process, you will be your own greatest coach.What have people said about the Reboot process “I do Reboot religiously every year. I spring into January on fire and reconnected to my passion and dreams.” (Management Consultant, London)“I used to have big inspiring dreams in my twenties, but as I became more successful, I lost track of the big picture and felt as if I were going through the motions. After Reboot , life feels exactly as it did in my twenties.” (Senior partner, KPMG)“Since working through that process, my life has never been the same, and I’ve never looked back.” (Senior IT Director)“Just the vision- and goal-setting process was worth its weight in gold.” (Entrepreneur, Madison, Wisconsin)“The transitions of the last two years were really hard, especially coming one after another. I needed a fresh start, and working through the process gave me much more value than I expected.” (Director, Public Relations)“I had a lot of great things in my life, but I still woke up some days thinking ‘What’s the point?’ I needed to reconnect with the big picture: why I was on the planet, what I cared about, and what I was doing to do about that.” (CEO, Leadership Consultancy)Reboot Your Life's author, Paul Gibbons, was named 'CEO super coach' by CEO magazine for his work with dozens of CEOs. He has been an entrepreneur, management consultant, investment banker and university lecturer over his 30 year career.
Author: Paul Gibbons
Publication date: 11/28/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 116 pages
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