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Transfer in Schulentwicklungsprojekten
Schulentwicklungsprogramme entwickeln und erproben Innovationen im Bildungssystem unter erheblichem Ressourcenaufwand. In der Arbeit wird aus psychologischer und soziologischer Sicht ein Modell fr Transfer von Erkenntnissen aus Entwicklungsprogrammen konstruiert und anhand empirischer Daten eines Modellversuchsprogrammes berprft.
Category: Family & Relationships. ISBN: 9783531144214

Essentials of Heat Transfer
This is a modern, example-driven introductory textbook on heat transfer, with modern applications, written by a renowned scholar.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9781107012400

Heat Transfer Physics
This graduate textbook describes atomic-level kinetics and modern applications.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780521898973

Transfer Pricing Methods
Advanced praise for Transfer Pricing Methods "Feinschreiber and a team of renowned executives have provided the definitive transfer-pricing guide to this challenging area. At a time when many companies are reviewing documents, policies, and procedures, it's wonderful to have a concise, clearly written reference focused on what may be the most critical corporate tax issue." -Charles R. Goulding, Managing Director, Tax Cooper Industries, Inc. "It is refreshing to find a treatise on transfer pricing that combines practical business considerations, economic theory, and a discussion of technical tax rules in a way that is meaningful not only for large corporate enterprises but also small and medium-sized businesses." -Vikram A. Gosain, JD, CPA, Director of Transfer Pricing General Electric Capital Corporation "This well-written book will be useful both to attorneys new to the practice area and to older hands. It includes very helpful discussions on valuation issues that will be particularly useful for in-house counsel and accountants." -Joseph C. Mandarino, Partner Troutman Sanders, LLP "Feinschreiber and his contributors have cogently explained hundreds of useful facets in the transfer pricing field that have taken others volumes to articulate. The busy professional should consider this book in his or her quest for knowledge in the scintillating tax specialty." -Charles L. Crowley, Partner ITS/Customs and International Trade Practice, Ernst & Young, LLP "Transfer Pricing Methods . . . should become a standard tool for every owner-managed and mid-cap multinational." -Enrique MacGregor, Principal-in-Charge, Transfer Pricing Services Grant Thornton LLP "Bob's vast experience in transfer pricing matters has again been captured between the covers of a book. Thank you, Bob, and your contributing colleagues, for producing another valuable helpmate." -Alan Getz, Vice President and General Manager, Tax Mitsui & Co., Inc. (U.S.A.) "Feinschreiber's current publication is a practical handbook that presents transfer pricing tools that can assist tax professionals of mid-sized companies to optimize profits, manage cash flows, and moderate taxes in a defensible manner." -Per H. Hasenwinkle, National Practice Leader, Transfer Pricing BDO Seidman, LLP
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780471573609

Transfer of Learning Pocketbook
Transfer of learning is the application, back at work, of knowledge, skills and attitudes obtained in learning situations. The amount of learning that is transferred back to the workplace after a training event is the key measure of the success of that training. There is, after all, no point carrying out the training if nothing changes as a result of it. But the transfer doesn't only depend on how good the training is. A number of key factors have to be in place. In the Transfer of Learning Pocketbook, authors Dr Paul Donovan and John Townsend identify 17 factors that determine whether or not new learning will be transferred and used to improve job performance. After extensive research within the HR community, the factors were identified and then prioritised according to their impact on return on training investment. The book sets out each of the 17 factors in turn before giving the reader 70 specific action tips, grouped into five sections that follow the five stages of the training process. Donovan and Townsend have collaborated on several other Pocketbooks, including the highly-regarded Training Evaluation and Training Needs Analysis.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781906610326

Teach for Transfer
This study of 'transfer' addresses the perplexing question: How can students possess knowledge and skills in one set of circumstances and yet not be able to apply those same skills to other situations that require them? Madeline Hunter introduces four factors designed to aid the process of transfer and promote creativity and problem-solving techniques among students: similarity, association, degree of original learning, and critical attributes.
Category: Education. ISBN: 9780803963221

Build, Operate and Transfer
Fonde sur une mthode pragmatique, cette tude propose pour la premire fois une analyse systmatique du Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) qu'elle claire par une dmarche interdisciplinaire, ancre principalement autour de l'approche Law and Economics. Considr comme un impratif conomique et mme moral, l'investissement dans les infrastructures et les services collectifs participe, dans une large mesure, la croissance conomique ainsi qu' l'amlioration des conditions de vie humaine dans toute nation. Toutefois de nos jours, les tats ou les collectivits publiques n'ont plus les moyens de financer la totalit des programmes d'investissement en besoins collectifs par le budget et l'emprunt publics, d'o l'ide des partenariats public-priv (PPP), lesquels s'imposent comme une alternative presqu'incontournable pour le financement des besoins collectifs. Le concept de Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) constitue une des modalits de ces PPP. Il est un procd de financement et de gestion privs permettant aux personnes publiques de garder la haute main tant sur l'orientation stratgique de projets d'intrt collectif que sur la proprit des biens qui en sont issus. Il s'agit alors d'allier utilit socio-conomique et rentabilit ou, plus gnralement, de concilier la logique d'tat et la logique de march. Sa mise en oeuvre soulve de nombreuses questions au rang desquelles : la conciliation de l'intrt gnral et des intrts privs dans le cadre d'oprations de longue dure ; le traitement des risques inhrents ce type d'oprations ou encore l'affirmation de l'interdpendance entre les obligations des partenaires. D'intrt aussi bien thorique que pratique, cette tude dmontre que la dimension juridique de la mise en oeuvre du BOT est cruciale pour en assurer le succs. Elle vise contribuer in fine dgager un statut du BOT et, partant, permet d'apprcier l'interchangeabilit entre le public et le priv et de dfinir en consquence des rgles et des mcanismes de coopration et d'change entre ces deux sphres. En outre, l'tude souhaite offrir aux tats et leurs gouvernements, aux praticiens, promoteurs, investisseurs ainsi qu'aux juristes, une vue originale, globale et cohrente du concept de BOT. De mme, en clairant les faiblesses, les limites et les risques d'abus tout en prsentant les avantages et les potentialits de cette technique, l'ouvrage se donne galement pour ambition d'encourager le dveloppement de cette dernire et, au-del, des PPP en gnral.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9782804453558

Mass Transfer and Absorbers
Mass Transfer and Absorbers deals with absorption and mass transfer processes and the factors to consider in designing absorbers. Calculations are supported by a uniform, generalized process driving force, complying with Maxwell's equation, and the coefficients are made as independent as possible in terms of the kind of diffusion and of the values of the concentrations. This volume is comprised of seven chapters and begins with an overview of the general principles of diffusional mass transfer, absorption and stripping, and equilibrium between gas and liquid phases. Steady-state mass transfer by diffusion is then discussed, along with mass transfer in a single phase (forced flow and unforced flow). Subsequent chapters explore design considerations for mass transfer equipment and related problems; adsorption accompanied by a chemical reaction; and problems relating to hydrodynamics. The final chapter is devoted to some practical issues, including economic flow velocity and mechanical features of packed, plate, and spray tower designs. This book is intended for practicing designers and engineers.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780080110028

Radiative Energy Transfer
Radiative Energy Transfer presents the proceedings of the symposium on interdisciplinary aspects of radiative energy transfer held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 24-26, 1966. The book includes topics on the two main classical directions of radiative transfer: diagnostic techniques and energy exchanges. The text also covers topics on molecular band models, inversion techniques, scattering problems, and shock-wave structure. Topics on high-speed shocks, stellar atmospheres, and meteorology are also encompassed.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780080039480

Combustion and Mass Transfer
Combustion and Mass Transfer: A Textbook with Multiple-Choice Exercises for Engineering Students is a 20-chapter lecture text that covers various aspects of combustion and mass transfer. Each of the 20 chapters is provided with a set partly analytical and multiple-choice tutorial exercises, designed to assist the student to understand the material of the lectures. The opening chapters deal with the importance of combustion and mass transfer processes. The succeeding chapters survey the concepts and principles of droplet vaporization, droplet combustion, liquid-propellant rocket, and laminar and turbulent jet. These topics are followed by discussions of laminar and turbulent diffusion flame, kinetically-influenced phenomena, chemical kinetics, and spontaneous ignition. The remaining chapters consider the basic concepts of stirred reactor, flame stabilization, laminar flame propagation, spark ignition, and coal-particle combustion. This book is intended for undergraduate mechanical engineering students.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780080221069
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