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The Speed of Light: A Novel (Ballantine Reader's Circle)
Every family has a story. Every story, eventually, must be told. For most of their lives, Julian Perel and his sister, Paula, lived in a house cast in silence, witnesses to a father struggling with a devastating secret too painful to share. Though their father took his demons to the grave, his past refuses to rest. As adults, brother and sister struggle to find their voices. A scientist governed by numbers and logic, Julian now lives an ordered life of routine and seclusion. My father gave up his language and his homeland. But he carried his sadness with him, under his skin. It was mine now. In contrast, Paula has entered the world as eagerly as Julian retracts from it. An aspiring opera singer, she is always moving, buoyant with sound. Singing was the only gift I could offer to my father. I filled the house with music. I tried to give him joy. . . .Yet both their lives begin to change on a Wednesday, miercoles, the day that sounds like miracles. Before embarking on a European opera tour, Paula asks her housekeeper, Sola, to stay at her place--and to look after Julian in the apartment above. Yet Sola, too, has a story. I want to clean myself like the window of a house, make myself clear for things to pass through. Flat and quiet. As Paula uncovers pieces of her father's early life in Budapest and the horrifying truth of his past, Julian bears witness to Sola's story--revelations that help all three learn how to both surrender and revere the shadows that have followed them for so long.The Speed of Light is a powerful debut about three unforgettable souls who overcome the tragedies of the past to reconnect with one another and the world around them. In an extraordinary accomplishment, Elizabeth Rosner has created a novel of love and redemption that proves the pain of the untold story is far greater than even the most difficult truth.From the Hardcover edition.
Published by: Ballantine Books | Publication date: 12/18/2007
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 276 pages

Nice Jewish Girls (Lesbian Light Reads Book 12)
The past can cast a long shadow on a relationship.Susan Hay just wants to find a nice girl. Is that too much to ask? Susan thinks it is until she meets Ali Sams. To no one’s surprise, Susan, a long-haired femme, falls hard and fast for the cute and sexy soft butch who looks strangely familiar.Ali falls just as fast, but Susan realizes that the familiarity she feels is linked to a painful childhood incident that sends her running away. Ali doesn’t remember the incident, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to make things right. All Ali needs to do is get Susan to see her as more than who she was in the past, but Susan is not about to make that easy.Nice Jewish Girls is the twelfth book in the Lesbian Light Reads series, but each book stands alone. This lesbian contemporary love story includes graphic sex involving sex toys and is intended for adults only.
Published by: Tulabella Ruby Press | Publication date: 12/17/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 47 pages

The Jewish Lights Spirituality Handbook: A Guide to Understanding, Exploring & Living a Spiritual Life
What is “Jewish Spirituality”? How do I make it part of my life?Today’s foremost spiritual leaders share their ideas and experience. Whether you are just curious, intently searching for greater personal meaning, or actively seeking ideas, information, practices and inspiration to enrich your spiritual life, The Jewish Lights Spirituality Handbook is the ideal companion for your journey as it explores:
  • Awakening the Possibilities: What Is Jewish Spirituality?
  • The Worlds of Your Life: Where Is Spirituality Found?
  • The Times and Seasons of Your Life: When Does Spirituality Enter?
  • Swords and Plowshares: How to Forge the Tools that Will Make It Happen
  • So What Do You Do With It? Why Spirituality Should Be Part of Your Life
Fifty of our foremost spiritual leaders invite you to explore every aspect of Jewish spirituality—God, community, prayer, liturgy, healing, meditation, mysticism, study, Jewish traditions, rituals, blessings, life passages, special days, the everyday, repairing the world, and more—offering, in one place, everything you need to discover allthe directions that Jewish spirituality can go and can take you. ,b>The royalties from The Jewish Lights Spirituality Handbook are donated by the contributors and publisher to America’s Jewish seminaries.
Published by: Jewish Lights | Publication date: 11/01/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 458 pages

I Am Jewish: Personal Reflections Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl
Being Jewish. What does it mean—today—and for the future? Listen in as Jews of all backgrounds reflect, argue, and imagine. When Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was brutally murdered in Pakistan, many Jews were particularly touched by his last words affirming his Jewish identity. Many were moved to reflect on or analyze their feelings toward their lives as Jews.The saying "two Jews, three opinions" well reflects the Jewish community's broad range of views on any topic. I Am Jewish captures this richness of interpretation and inspires Jewish people of all backgrounds to reflect upon and take pride in their identity.Contributions, ranging from major essays to a paragraph or a sentence, come from adults as well as young people in the form of personal feelings, statements of theology, life stories, and historical reflections. Despite the diversity, common denominators shine through clearly and distinctly.Contributors include:Ehud Barak • Sylvia Boorstein • Edgar M. Bronfman • Alan Colmes • Alan Dershowitz • Kirk Douglas • Richard Dreyfuss • Kitty Dukakis • Dianne Feinstein • Tovah Feldshuh • Debbie Friedman • Milton Friedman • Thomas L. Friedman • Ruth Bader Ginsburg • Nadine Gordimer • David Hartman • Moshe Katsav • Larry King • Francine Klagsbrun • Harold Kushner • Lawrence Kushner • Shia LaBeouf • Norman Lamm • Norman Lear • Julius Lester • Bernard-Henri Lévy • Bernard Lewis • Daniel Libeskind • Joe Lieberman • Deborah E. Lipstadt • Joshua Malina • Michael Medved • Ruth W. Messinger • Amos Oz • Cynthia Ozick • Shimon Peres • Martin Peretz • Dennis Prager • Anne Roiphe • Sandy Eisenberg Sasso • Vidal Sassoon • Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi • Daniel Schorr • Harold M. Schulweis • Lynn Schusterman • Natan Sharansky • Gary Shteyngart • Sarah Silverman • Michael H. Steinhardt • Kerri Strug • Lawrence H. Summers • Mike Wallace • Elie Wiesel • Leon Wieseltier • Sherwin T. Wine • Ruth R. Wisse • Peter Yarrow • A. B. Yehoshua • Eric H. Yoffie
Published by: Jewish Lights | Publication date: 08/01/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 296 pages

By Light of Hidden Candles
In a mud hut in the Jewish Quarter of 16th-century Fez, a dying woman hands her granddaughter a heavy gold ring—and an even heavier secret.Five hundred years later, Alma Ben-Ami journeys to Madrid to fulfill her ancestor’s final wish. She has recruited an unlikely research partner: Manuel Aguilar, a young Catholic Spaniard whose beloved priest always warned him about getting too friendly with Jews. As their quest takes them from Greenwich Village to the windswept mountain fortresses of southern Spain, their friendship deepens and threatens to cross boundaries sacred to them both; and what they finally discover in the Spanish archives will force them to confront the truth about who they are and what their faiths mean to them.At times humorous, at times deeply moving, this beautifully written and meticulously researched book will appeal to anyone interested in the history of Inquisition-era Spain, Sephardic Jews, or falling in love."Engaging characters, a 500-year-old family mystery, and romance — what more could a reader want? I had a hard time putting it down!"— Maggie Anton, award-winning author of the Rashi’s Daughters trilogy“A well-researched and engaging debut — By Light of Hidden Candles is an enchanting read!”— Barbara Stark-Nemon, author of multiple-award-winner Even in Darkness
Published by: Kasva Press LLC | Publication date: 10/16/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 370 pages

Mark Rothko: Toward the Light in the Chapel (Jewish Lives)
Mark Rothko, one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century, was born in the Jewish Pale of Settlement in 1903. He immigrated to the United States at age ten, taking with him his Talmudic education and his memories of pogroms and persecutions in Russia. His integration into American society began with a series of painful experiences, especially as a student at Yale, where he felt marginalized for his origins and ultimately left the school. The decision to become an artist led him to a new phase in his life. Early in his career, Annie Cohen-Solal writes, “he became a major player in the social struggle of American artists, and his own metamorphosis benefited from the unique transformation of the U.S. art world during this time.” Within a few decades, he had forged his definitive artistic signature, and most critics hailed him as a pioneer. The numerous museum shows that followed in major U.S. and European institutions ensured his celebrity. But this was not enough for Rothko, who continued to innovate. Ever faithful to his habit of confronting the establishment, he devoted the last decade of his life to cultivating his new conception of art as an experience, thanks to the commission of a radical project, the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas. Cohen-Solal’s fascinating biography, based on considerable archival research, tells the unlikely story of how a young immigrant from Dvinsk became a crucial transforming agent of the art world—one whose legacy prevails to this day.
Published by: Yale University Press | Publication date: 03/01/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 304 pages

Lights in the Forest: Rabbis Respond to Twelve Essential Jewish Questions
An anthology of essays written by a wide cross-section of rabbis, Lights in the Forest presents a range of Jewish responses to both theological and philosophical questions pertaining to God, humanity, and the Jewish people. Thoughtful and engaging, these responses are meant to strengthen the reader's sense of Jewish identity through expanding his or her knowledge and understanding of Jewish life, practice, and tradition. Perfect for self-study, group study, adult learning, and conversion, the collection strives to encourage further study and ongoing discussion through presenting Judaism's intellectual and spiritual tools as means for leading a life full of purpose and commitment“Rabbi Israel of Rhyszin tells a story of two people entering a forest. One has a lantern while one does not. The two meet, and the one carrying the lantern is able to illuminate their shared path. When the two part, the one without a lantern is left in the dark once more. From this, we learn that we all must carry our own light. My hope is that this book will provide light along the path and, in so doing, will provide a wider horizon of Jewish tradition and ideals to light the way.”- Rabbi Paul Citrin, Editor
Published by: CCAR Press | Publication date: 10/30/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 258 pages

New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus Insights from His Jewish Context
What if we could walk along behind Jesus as one of his first disciples? What did his teachings sound like in their original Jewish context? Here we examine Jesus’ lifestyle as a first-century rabbi and discover how his sayings fit within the context of first-century Judaism. Understanding their original setting is essential to grasping their fullest implications.David Bivin is the founder and editor of Jerusalem Perspective, a journal that explores the Jewish context of the Gospels. He has traveled and lectured internationally for more than 25 years, and is the author of hundreds of articles on that subject."New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus" is a collection of some of his best writing on the Jewishness of Jesus, edited for the general reader. The book examines Jesus’ lifestyle as a first-century Jewish rabbi and looks at how his words would have been understood within the larger framework of first-century Judaism. Many scholarly footnotes make it a valuable help to those who want to study in depth.“In Jerusalem, David Bivin has interacted for decades with some of the best Jewish scholarship in the world. This book displays many of the brilliant Hebraic gems the author has mined that help illuminate the pages of the Gospels. Clearly written and very readable, Bivin shows why Christians need rabbinic sources if they intend to know and understand Jesus in his first-century Jewish setting. New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus is a valuable resource for every serious student of Scripture.” — Marvin Wilson, Author of Our Father Abraham: The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith
Author: David Bivin
Published by: En-Gedi Resource Center, Inc | Publication date: 02/25/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 212 pages

The River of Light: Jewish Mystical Awareness
“Despite the obvious contradictions, complexity, and apparent randomness that assault any human being day after day, everything is somehow nevertheless connected, orchestrated. The universe is filled with meaning…. In Jewish mysticism, the river is a metaphor for the Holy Oneness that unifies all creation. Just imagine it: a sacred stream, luminous and ubiquitous, a river of light.”—from the Preface to the Anniversary Edition This is an invitation to wade into a deeper spiritual consciousness. Taking us step-by-step, Kushner helps us to allow “the river of light”—the deepest currents of consciousness—to rise to the surface and animate our lives.
Published by: Jewish Lights | Publication date: 05/16/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 176 pages

Lights along the Path: Jewish Folklore Through The Grades
A unique graded collection of thirty-eight stories drawn from ancient Jewish Talmudic and Midrash sources, retold for children ages four to twelve. The stories range from the familiar to the obscure, and have been selected and arranged from the standpoint of child development along Waldorf education guidelines. Beautiful illustrations and sidebar "tidbits" containing interesting historical and cultural detail enhance each tale. Setting the collection of stories in a cultural context, the book opens with an introductory chapter on the history of Jewish folklore. The second chapter describes the type of literature appropriate for each grade level from an educational and developmental point of view. The book is enhanced with a glossary, an index, and selected bibliography. The collection of stories is divided into three separate color sections: Kindergarten: for ages four to six, First to Third Grades: for ages six to eight, and Fourth to Six Grades: for ages nine to twelve.
Published by: Chelsey Press | Publication date: 01/21/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 200 pages
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