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Henry James: The Complete Collection

This volume collects the complete writings of Henry James: 23 novels, 112 stories and novellas, 12 plays, 6 books with travelogues, 10 with critical essays and 3 autobiographies.Contents:THE NOVELSWatch and Ward, Roderick Hudson, The American, The Europeans, Confidence, Washington Square, The Portrait of a Lady, The Bostonians, The Princess Casamassima, The Reverberator, The Tragic Muse, The Other House, The Spoils of Poynton, What Maisie Knew, The Awkward Age, The Sacred Fount, The Wings of the Dove, The Ambassadors, The Golden Bowl, The Outcry, The Whole Family, The Ivory Tower, The Sense of the PastTHE TALESA Tragedy of Error, The Story of a Year, A Landscape-Painter, A Day of Days, My Friend Bingham, Poor Richard, The Story of a Masterpiece, The Romance of Certain Old Clothes, A Most Extraordinary Case, A Problem, etc.THE PLAYSPyramus And Thisbe, Still Waters, A Change of Heart, Daisy Miller, Tenants, Disengaged, The Album, The Reprobate, Guy Domville, Summersoft, The High Bid, The OutcryTHE TRAVEL WRITINGTransatlantic Sketches, Portraits of Places, A Little Tour in France, English Hours, The American Scene, Italian HoursTHE CRITICISMFrench Novelists and Poets, Hawthorne, Partial Portraits, Essays in London and Elsewhere, Picture and Text, Views and Reviews, Notes on Novelists, Within the Rim and Other Essays, Notes and Reviews, The Art of the NovelTHE AUTOBIOGRAPHIESA Small Boy and Others, Notes of a Son and Brother, The Middle Years
Author: Henry James
Published by: Big Cheese Books | Publication date: 11/01/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 13583 pages

All Shall Be Well (Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Novels Book 2)

Perhaps it is a blessing when Jasmine Dent dies in her sleep. At long last an end has come to the suffering of a body horribly ravaged by disease. It may well have been suicide; she had certainly expressed her willingness to speed the inevitable. But small inconsistencies lead her neighbor, Superintendent Duncan Kincaid of Scotland Yard, to a startling conclusion: Jasmine Dent was murdered. But if not for mercy, why would someone destroy a life already so fragile and doomed? As Kincaid and his capable and appealing assistant Sergeant Gemma James sift through the dead woman's strange history, a troubling puzzle begins to take shape -- a bizarre amalgam of good and evil, of charity and crime . . . and of the blinding passions that can drive the human animal to perform cruel and inhuman acts.
Published by: Pan | Publication date: 12/03/2010
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 308 pages

Passion, Power & Sin - Book 1: The Victim of a Global Internet Scam Plots Her Revenge

This is Book 1 of the 5 book series - series description below.One spectacular financial scheme. One woman alone against the world. Young, beautiful, and yearning for love, Heather Bancroft meets the "perfect" man...and is lured into a game in which she begins to make more money than she ever imagined. Betrayed by her own innocence, she loses all that is dear to her and discovers that she has been mercilessly used. Defeated and broken, but surviving with sheer persistence and ingenuity, Heather emerges from her trying ordeal, determined to punish the ruthless man who destroyed her life. Her thirst for revenge takes her halfway around the globe, to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, where her nemesis secludes himself in obscene wealth that he's gained from the financial ruin of others. Heather is playing for the highest stakes in a lethal game. Only one man loves her - he's handsome, confident, and just as determined as she is. Only one man can stop her - a criminal mastermind who is intent on her destruction.
Author: Mike Wells
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 159 pages

How Computers Work: The Basic Principles of Computers For Everyone

Want to learn the secrets of how computers work in details and quickly?Then this brand new book is for YOU. Some people believe that computers are magical, and it is very hard and complicated to understand the working principles of it. But that is full nonsense. Computers are not magical. They are working on the simple principles that you will learn in this book step by step. Every year computer architect is changing and also their working principles, and this book is entirely new (written in 2017). At the end of the book will be surprised by the beauty of How Computers Work.Here are the topics you will learn about: -Need of computers -Early Computing -Electronic Computing -Boolean Logic & Logic Gates -Representing Numbers and Letters with Binary -How Computers Calculate - the ALU -Registers and RAM -The Central Processing Unit - the CPU -Instructions & Programs -Advanced CPU DesignsSo, the book How Computers Work: The Basic Principles of Computers For Everyone will guide you through the beautiful world of computers and explain modern computer systems architect very easily.
Author: James Wells
Publication date: 10/15/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 79 pages

Star Rebels: Stories of Space Exploration, Alien Races, and Adventure

There are rebels among the stars...Meet eleven protagonists battling to save themselves and the ones they love. Human, cyborg, clone, or alien, they'll find themselves pitted against intergalactic crime bosses, interstellar mercenaries, a quantum-wave-riding collective mind, and the universe itself. Along the way, there’s plenty of action, adventure, humor, and even some romance.Written by the freshest voices in science fiction, these stories are short, but they’ll light your imagination like a solar flare. Strap yourself in and join the rebellion! Download this collection today.About the Star Rebels Stories:A Tale of Two Ships by Audrey FayeA KarmaCorp StoryTwo ships crash into an unimportant digger rock. The first carries a newborn baby. The second will rewrite her destiny.Carl Sagan’s Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe by C. GockelAn Archangel Project StorySometimes intelligent life is right in front of your whiskers.Blood Ties by Christine PopeA Gaian Consortium StoryOn the outlaw world of Iradia, Miala Fels and her computer hacker father discover that taking the wrong commission can have unexpected consequences.Passage Out by Anthea SharpA Victoria Eternal StoryStreet rat Diana Smythe has long since given up her hopes of escaping Earth, but that doesn’t mean she can’t watch the ships fly in and out of the spaceport and dream…Arcturus 5 by D.L. DunbarA Twenty Sectors StoryXella went to Arcturus 5 to mediate a simple trade dispute between the Mol and the Dark, but now she’s not sure she’ll get out alive.Treason’s Course by L.J. CohenA Halcyone Space StoryIn the midst of Earth's first off-planet war, a soldier is given a covert assignment and must decide if treason lies in carrying out her orders or disobeying them.Falling by Pippa DaCostaA Girl From Above StoryTrapped in a scrappers rig with a woman he’s been hired to kill, Caleb Shepperd is beginning to wonder if this job could be his last.Starfall Station by Lindsay BurokerA Fallen Empire StoryAfter the empire falls, cyborg soldier Leonidas Adler must avoid the Alliance operatives who want him for secrets only he knows, but that’s easier said than done. Worse, his past threatens those he’s traveling with, including Alisa, the freighter captain he has come to care about.Luminescence by Patty JansenAn ISF-Allion World StoryHadie learns the price of being an artificial human when her partner has an accident and becomes unresponsive.Glome by James WellsA Great Symmetry StoryHumanity’s first interstellar colony ship has arrived at its destination, only to find an inhospitable death trap of a planet. Crew member Amanda Bowen wishes that was the biggest problem she faced.Unfinished by Kendra C. HighleyAn Unstrung StoryIn a world where genetically-engineered humans serve as slave labor to “real humans,” two prototype children, designed to be the most superior models ever created, look to each other to find a way to escape their fate. They may discover that being “artificial” doesn't mean they can't love.
Publication date: 06/16/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 552 pages

How to Eat Better: How to Shop, Store & Cook to Make Any Food a Superfood

'James Wong brings some welcome sanity to the world of healthy eating...its genius is his advice on how to get more nutrition from fruit and veg. It's fascinating, and better than cutting out food groups or paying for so-called superfoods' - delicious. magazineSELECT a Braeburn apple over a Fuji and get almost double the antioxidants from a fruit that tastes just as sweet.STORE strawberries on the counter, instead of in the fridge, and in just four days they will quadruple their heart-healthy compounds.COOK broccoli with a teaspoon of mustard and send its levels of cancer-fighting potential skyrocketing ten-fold.Between the rush to keep up with the latest miracle ingredient, anxiety about E-numbers and demonization of gluten/dairy/sugar (or the next foodie villain du jour) many of us are left in a virtual panic in the supermarket aisle. Tabloid headlines, 'free-from' labels and judgemental Instagram hashtags hardly help matters - so what should we be buying?How to Eat Better strips away the fad diets, superfood fixations and Instagram hashtags to give you a straight-talking scientist's guide to making everyday foods far healthier (and tastier) simply by changing the way you select, store and cook them. No diets, no obscure ingredients, no damn spiralizer, just real food made better, based on the latest scientific evidence from around the world. With over 80 foolproof recipes to put the theory into practice, James Wong shows you how to make any food a superfood, every time you cook.
Author: James Wong
Published by: Mitchell Beazley | Publication date: 04/06/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 224 pages

The Complete Novels of Henry James

Here you will find the complete novels of Henry James in the chronological order of their original publication.- Watch and Ward- Roderick Hudson- The American- The Europeans- Confidence- Washington Square- The Portrait of a Lady- The Bostonians- The Princess Casamassima- The Reverberator- The Tragic Muse- The Other House- The Spoils of Poynton- What Maisie Knew- The Awkward Age- The Sacred Fount- The Wings of the Dove- The Ambassadors- The Golden Bowl- The Outcry- The Ivory Tower- The Sense of the Past
Author: Henry James
Published by: Henry James | Publication date: 11/01/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 179 pages

It Is Well: A Novel

Jonathan Beecher, a middle-aged widower and small-town store owner, has never asked for much. But lately, all too much is being asked of him. The bombing of Pearl Harbor plunges America into World War II and deeply fractures Jonathan’s own family. His eldest son, a civilian contractor, is trapped on a Japanese-occupied island in the Pacific. Jonathan’s feckless younger son ignores his father’s pleas to stay home and joins the army. And his bright, devoted daughter, who Jonathan hoped would go to college, elopes with a brutally abusive man instead.Jonathan has always met adversity with quiet faith, but as his emotional and financial losses accumulate, so do his doubts. In the midst of his pain, Sarah, a widow herself, emerges as a kind, compelling friend. Powerfully drawn to Sarah, Jonathan struggles to remain true to his late wife. James D. Shipman’s tender, wise novel examines the paradox of human suffering: how irrevocable loss, if we are willing to let it, begets spiritual gain.
Published by: Lake Union Publishing | Publication date: 11/01/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 322 pages

The Greatest Ghost and Horror Stories Ever Written: volume 7 (30 short stories)

If you were looking for the Holy Bible of the horror anthologies, consider yourself lucky, because you just found it!Cosmic horror, supernatural events, ghost stories, weird fiction, mystical fantasies, occult narratives, this book plunges you into dark domains and brings you face to face with surreal monstrosities.This seventh volume of “The Greatest Ghost and Horror Stories Ever Written” features 30 stories by an all-star cast, including Sheridan Le Fanu, M. R. James, Wilkie Collins, Ambrose Bierce, Richard Connell, Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle and Arthur Machen, among many others!

The Great Symmetry

Exoarchaeologist Evan McElroy has made a discovery about a long-extinct alien race. But his sponsors realize they can make huge gains if the new findings are kept completely secret. Step one of their plan is to kill the entire research team - starting with Evan.As Evan flees for his life, his trajectory awakens a long-buried struggle. The Infoterrorists, who believe all ideas are screaming to be free, have waited years for the right moment to take on the seven great families that control all of civilization. This could be their opportunity. Or, it could be time for millions to die.The Great Symmetry is classic science fiction from the great-grandson of H. G. Wells.
Published by: Travertine Books | Publication date: 07/05/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 284 pages
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