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Internet Governance
The expansion of the Internet has been called the most revolutionary development in the history of human communications. It is ubiquitous and is changing politics, economics and social relations. Its borderless nature affects the roles of individuals, the magic of the marketplace and the problems of government regulation. As its development has increased apace, contradictions have arisen between existing regulatory regimes, private interests, government concerns, international norms and national interests. Unlike most areas where there are global institutions, and the role of governments is predominant, the Internet is a field where the private sector and civil society each have a role as important or sometimes more important than governments. Based on international regime theory, this book analyses how the multi-stakeholder institutions have grown along with the Internet itself. Starting with an examination of how communications were regulated under the Westphalian system, John Mathiason shows how governance of the Internet started as a technical issue but became increasingly political as the management of critical resources began to conflict with other international regimes.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9780415774024

Internet Girls
This book is Tom's true account of all his major personal experiences since 1997, including twelve trips abroad to Ukraine, Russia, & Belarus, meetings with 100's of women via internet, introduction socials, media photo ads, extended relationships, two short-term marriages, one girl-friend murdered by a jealous ex-boy friend, all documented in detail. Learn about correspondences, life abroad, contacts with other foreigners, scams by agencies & women, all described extensively, providing an eye-opener on one of today's biggest personals industries. Great assistance to 100,000's of clients searching internet girl websites, giving them a different, unique, candid view of the business, with realistic presentations of problems encountered overseas when searching for an internet girl.All potential clients in this business are customers for the book. Websites all advertise "happy foreign-bride couples", but how many are still together today? Very, very few! This book also provides information for people curious about the phenomenon, who aren't clients of the product. Available in soft-cover for bulk orders of 100 copies or more. Foreign translation rights available.
Category: Reference. ISBN: 9781618972903

Internet Riches
Discover the Secrets of the $1.4 Trillion Dollar Internet Industry. The author, international Internet marketing expert John Mu shares his breakthrough Internet marketing secrets that have transformed his life and many others. This book will take you by the hand and show you how easy it is to make a killing online even if you are novice to the Internet. Take control of your financial destiny, and let this book help you live the life you have always wanted. You'll discover:- Where to find the hottest products on the planet- Rock solid foundations for online success- The psychology of accurately assessing your competition in minutes- 12crucial drivers to give your website maximum results- Breakthrough strategies to convert visitors to raving fans- 10 powerful ways to drive traffic to your wwebsite- How to get page #1 Google rankings for any keyword
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781921630576

Mobile Internet
Consumers want it, businesses are demanding it. The migration of Internet services to a mobile environment is inevitable. But while the ability to be on the go and connected to the Internet sets the stage for increased efficiency and productivity, many technical challenges associated with user mobility and wireless connectivity remain. Mobile Internet: Enabling Technologies and Services addresses these challenges and thoroughly examines the cutting-edge technologies designed to meet them. Eminent academic and industry professionals explain the mobile and wireless network technologies that make mobile connectivity possible, including their respective characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Much of the book focuses on the mobility management techniques so necessary when the point of network attachment can change constantly. Macro-mobility and micro-mobility management protocols receive extensive attention, as do security concerns. Other key topics include interworking between WLAN and cellular networks, Internet access over WLANs, over GPRS and over satellites, multicasting, quality-of-service provisions, header compression schemes, and the problems inherent in video streaming over wireless IP networks. Little on our technological horizon is as certain or holds as much promise as the mobile Internet. This book offers a unique opportunity to become thoroughly acquainted with its context, services, and technologies.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780849316319

Internet Privacy
Das Internet ist eine der bedeutendsten technologischen Errungenschaften der Geschichte. Es erlaubt Menschen in aller Welt Zugang zu umfassenden Informationen, untersttzt die weltweite Kommunikation und Vernetzung und fungiert als globaler Marktplatz. Dabei bieten die vielfltigen Angebote im Internet jedoch nicht nur Chancen; sie werfen auch Fragen des Datenschutzes, der Persnlichkeitsentfaltung und der Privatsphre auf. Dieses Phnomen wird gemeinhin als das Privatheitsparadoxon bezeichnet. Aufgrund der groen Bedeutung von Privatheit im Internet hat acatech 2011 ein Projekt initiiert, das sich mit dem Privatheitsparadoxon wissenschaftlich auseinandersetzt. Dieser Band ist der erste Teil einer acatech STUDIE zum Projekt Internet Privacy Eine Kultur der Privatsphre und des Vertrauens im Internet. Die Autoren leisten eine Bestandsaufnahme der existierenden individuellen und gesellschaftlichen Vorstellungen von Privatsphre im Internet sowie der entsprechenden rechtlichen, technischen, konomischen und ethischen Rahmenbedingungen.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783642319426

Internet Addiction
This book combines a scholarly introduction with state-of-the-art research in the characterization of Internet addiction. It is intended for a broad audience including scientists, students and practitioners. The first part of the book contains an introduction to Internet addiction and their pathogenesis. The second part of the book is dedicated to an in-depth review of neuroscientific findings which cover studies using a variety of biological techniques including brain imaging and molecular genetics. The last part of the book will focus on therapeutic interventions for Internet addiction.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9783319072418

Internet Addiction
The second edition of this successful book provides further and in-depth insight into theoretical models dealing with Internet addiction, as well as includes new therapeutical approaches. The editors also broach the emerging topic of smartphone addiction. This book combines a scholarly introduction with state-of-the-art research in the characterization of Internet addiction. It is intended for a broad audience including scientists, students and practitioners. The first part of the book contains an introduction to Internet addiction and their pathogenesis. The second part of the book is dedicated to an in-depth review of neuroscientific findings which cover studies using a variety of biological techniques including brain imaging and molecular genetics. The third part of the book focuses on therapeutic interventions for Internet addiction.The fourth part of the present book is an extension to the first edition and deals with a new emerging potential disorder related to Internet addiction smartphone addiction. Moreover, in this second edition of the book new content has been added. Among others, the reader will find an overview of theoretical models dealing with Internet addiction, results from twin studies in the context of Internet addiction and additional insights into therapeutic approaches to Internet addiction.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9783319462752

Internet Today!
First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781579581947

Internet Television
Internet TV is the quintessential digital convergence medium, linking television, telecommunications, the Internet, computer applications, games, and more. Soon, venturing beyond the convenience of viewer choice and control, Internet TV will enable and encourage new types of entertainment, education, and games that take advantage of the Internet's interactive capabilities. What Internet TV is today and can be in the future forms the context for this book. Arising from collaboration between the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) and the European Institute for the Media (EIM), this volume investigates the advent of widely available individual broadband Internet communications and their impact on the development of Internet TV. Editors Eli Noam, Jo Groebel, and Darcy Gerbarg have collected seminal papers by leaders from the U.S. and European media and technology industries that offer a critical look at the impact of interactivity on television content, and address the need for media organizations to create interactive programming in this untapped realm with unclear consumer interest and desires. Each section of the volume fleshes out key issues and concepts of television and the Internet: *Part I, Infrastructure Implications of Internet TV, discusses questions about the required network capacity for various quality grades to deliver individualized broadband to homes. *Part II, Network Business Models and Strategies, addresses the business challenges of making Internet TV a financial success. *Part III, Policy, examines policy issues, including copyright and regulation. *Part IV, Content and Culture, reviews available content, those creating it, and how consumers view Internet TV content. *Part V, Future Impacts, considers future global prospects for Internet TV content creation and distribution. Internet Television is an essential resource for professionals and scholars in new technology and media studies, media policy, telecommunication, broadcasting, and related areas. It is also appropriate for graduate seminars in telecommunications, media and new technologies, and broadcasting and the Internet.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780805843057

Internet Forensics
Because it's so large and unregulated, the Internet is a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of scams and schemes. Usually it's your credit card number they're after, and they won't stop there. Not just mere annoyances, these scams are real crimes, with real victims. Now, thanks to Internet Forensics from O'Reilly, there's something you can do about it. This practical guide to defending against Internet fraud gives you the skills you need to uncover the origins of the spammers, con artists, and identity thieves that plague the Internet. Targeted primarily at the developer community, Internet Forensics shows you how to extract the information that lies hidden in every email message, web page, and web server on the Internet. It describes the lengths the bad guys will go to cover their tracks, and offers tricks that you can use to see through their disguises. You'll also gain an understanding for how the Internet functions, and how spammers use these protocols to their devious advantage. The book is organized around the core technologies of the Internet-email, web sites, servers, and browsers. Chapters describe how these are used and abused and show you how information hidden in each of them can be revealed. Short examples illustrate all the major techniques that are discussed. The ethical and legal issues that arise in the uncovering of Internet abuse are also addressed. Not surprisingly, the audience for Internet Forensics is boundless. For developers, it's a serious foray into the world of Internet security; for weekend surfers fed up with spam, it's an entertaining and fun guide that lets them play amateur detective from the safe confines of their home or office.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9780596100063
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