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Cost Accounting: Theory & Practice

A managerial emphasis reflects this new movement in cost accounting and expands on it by including the different costs for different purposes theme throughout the text. This comprehensive textbook covers the syllabus of B.Com, BA, BCS, BCA, M.Com, MBA, MCS, MCA, PGDBM, PGDFM, PGDM, and professional courses like CA, ICWA and ACS at intermediate levels. Studying cost accounting is one of the best business decisions a student can make. Why? Because success in any business, from the smallest corner store to the largest multinational corporation, requires the use of cost accounting principles and practices. Cost accounting provides key data to managers for planning and controlling, as well as for costing products, services, and customers.The book through 'Cost accounting' defines the cost accounting market and continues to innovate today by consistently integrating the current practices and theories
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 06/26/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 1124 pages

Theory of Computation

The book is meant for a wide range of students doing their undergraduation and postgraduation courses related to Computer Science. All the concepts are elaborated with illustrations. Algorithmic procedures are provided at the necessary locations. Numerous examples are given for similar but different kinds of problems. Problems similar to the examples are given as Exercises. Objective questions with solutions are given at the end of each chapter.The basic concepts of automata theory, various types of automata and their limitations are given with examples. Turing machines are also dealt with in this book and the execution of Turing machines is traced for better understanding. Classification of decidable and undecidable problems is dealt with in detail.
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 04/08/2009
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 520 pages

Culinary Economics

The market for culinary businesses is burgeoning in geometric progressions each year. Failure of some of the world's best culinary businesses happens due to the poor knowledge and application of culinary economics. Given its all-embracing content, ';Culinary Economics' is a classic textbook for students and practitioners alike with cost management as the essence of this book. The book deals with the systematic examination of various factors of food production economics. It is panoramically sweeping in its content, integrating the critical dimensions of F&B controls, procurement, inventory management and revenue strategy. It highlights the imperative of using audit and internal controls as effective instruments for not only plugging value leaks, but also as a means of enhancing quality and customer satisfaction.
Author: Y B Mathur
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 10/27/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 320 pages

Statistical Methods for Engineering and Sciences

The text, divided in Chapters 1-12, has been designed for a course on statistical methods for students in engineering, mathematics, statistics, economics and natural sciences. Topics have been introduced and developed in a manner to help the readers for a hassle free study. Each chapter includes a vast collection of examples, review exercises, and a problem set along with the answers. The book can be adopted for either a one- or two- semester course on statistical methods and applications.
Author: H C Taneja
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 08/01/2009
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 368 pages

Foundation Engineering

Foundation Engineering is the second book in the series on Geotechnical Engineering published in 2014 to meet the requirements of undergraduate students. This book covers various aspects of foundation engineering bringing together all the relevant theories. The concepts have been developed systematically. A large number of illustrative examples and solutions are included. References are made to the relevant Indian standard codes at appropriate Places.
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 09/30/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 601 pages

Textbook of Bryophyta

Textbook of Bryophyta is an effort to make available authentic and standard study material related to this remarkable group of plants. This book has been compiled exclusively to accomplish the need of undergraduate and postgraduate students in accordance with the latest universal core course adopted by them. Aspirants for the Civil Services and other competitive examinations will surely find this book highly useful.The book aims to provide comprehensive account of bryophyta in a simple language a profusely illustrated manner for better understanding. The book is divided into twelve chapters which deal with life forms, life cycle, cytogenetics, classification, hepaticopsida, anthocerotopsida, bryopsida, uses of bryophytes, conservation of bryophytes and molecular bryology. The description of plants is well supplemented by suitable photographs and line drawings which will give a complete view with added advantage to the readers in identifying the plants in their natural habitats.The prime objective of this book is to provide all relevant information regarding bryophytes in one set.
Author: Alam Afroz
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 09/11/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 447 pages

A Textbook of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering

This text book on Reliability and Maintenance Engineering has been prepared considering the syllabuses of all technical universities for their BE and ME courses. This book also fulfill the requirement of the University and College Teachers; Engineers, Technical Supervisors and Staff who are directly engaged in the industry.
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 09/12/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 420 pages

Modern Software Engineering

Modern Software Engineering weaves in some crucial, engaging and challenging aspects. These aspects are of interest to the software developer who is at the helm of many vital developments being made in the arena of software engineering. It is the art of software engineering that matters.Due to exponential rise in the number of the Internet users, the present-day web applications, their deployment, their functionality and their complexity have also multiplied. The contents of this book have interwoven their designs. The book includes several examples, case studies including the following salient features:Last but not the least the book will address the intellectual curiosity of a software engineer who wants to comprehend practical knowledge.
Author: Rajiv Chopra
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 12/16/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 640 pages

Advanced Guide to MATLAB: Practical Examples in Science and Engineering

A sequel to Understanding MATLAB: a Textbook for Beginners, which has been published earlier, this book is an advanced-level guide to MATLAB with a number of applications in science and engineering. There are a number of solved problems from all important areas of science and engineering to give enough practice to the reader. MATLAB integrates computation, visualization and programming in a very user-friendly and easy-to use environment.This book is mainly aimed at those who already know the basics of the language and would like to use MATLAB to solve advanced engineering problems. Here, in this book, the authors have tried to illustrate the advanced features of MATLAB.
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 06/30/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 420 pages

Mechanical Engineering Data Handbook

Mechanical Engineering - Data Handbook is meant for the students of B.E./B.TECH, and for the candidates preparing for IES, GATE and other competitive examination and research. It consists of 18 chapters in all, covering the various topics systematically.
Published by: I K International Publishing House | Publication date: 12/13/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 1136 pages
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