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Firefox Basics for the Computer Illiterate: With tips on installation, setting up your homepage, customization and more. (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)
Firefox ranks as the third most-used browser in the world — and fans of it remain fiercely loyal. So what makes this free option so enticing, and how can you make sense of its maze of many menus, buttons and options? Technology writer James Vautravers walks you through the basics of how to get started, providing practical tips for installation, setting up your home page, customizing and using themes and even adding a few extras — such as a dictionary, ad blocker or social media extension — to enhance your experience and pack more power with a click of the mouse. “Firefox Basics for the Computer Illiterate” explains the ins and outs of privacy and security, so you can adjust how and whether your activity tracks while online. From start to finish, Vautravers’ step-by-step guidance sets you on your way to browse like a Firefox pro. Excerpt from the Book:“Firefox is the third most-used browser in the world. But it is different from its competitors in that Firefox is a not-for-profit venture. Mozilla, the corporation and foundation that created and distributes Firefox, is motivated not by a drive to make as much money as possible, but by a drive to make the Internet a better place. Firefox looks simple enough, but the more you poke around and click its various buttons, the more complicated it becomes. It can even seem rather daunting. But fear not, this book will cover all the basic features of Firefox, as well as a few not-so-basic ones, in a plain and easy-to-follow approach.” Highlights:Easy instructions for getting started with FirefoxCustomizing your browserEnsuring browsing and search securityAnd much more!Includes:1.Introduction to Firefox and Mozilla 2.Downloading the Browser3.Customizing Firefox4.Privacy and Security5.Next Steps with FirefoxAbout the Author:James Vautravers lives in Portland, Oregon. He has been writing and editing software training manuals since the sunset of the last century, from PowerPoint and Lotus 1-2-3 to various Microsoft Dynamics enterprise software products (AX, NAV, GP). He has been a Firefox user since version 1.0 in 2004.When not writing or editing technical documents, he is writing college football articles for his website,
Published by: 101 Publishing | Publication date: 10/15/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 29 pages

Firefox: Sequel to Shadowfox
Jack Saunders former CIA agent turned free lance assassin, survived the encounter with Italian mafia along with his lover Sandy only to get drawn into further missions, travel with them around the world as they try desperately to evade bad guys and their love for each other deepens
Published by: Rory Tillitson Author/Publisher | Publication date: 09/19/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 121 pages

Social-Ops Firefox Tutorial: How to Multiple Firefox Profiles
The following instructions will teach you how to create multiple browser profiles in Firefox which will allow you to easily manage multiple profiles and client accounts.
Author: Tyler Carty
Publication date: 08/17/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 9 pages

Free Mass Web Traffic With FireFox Browser
Firefox is not just a browser like many know. It can be turned into some great web traffic boosting tool when you Tweak it well, and which might see you boost your earnings from your affiliate products, website or Blogs.And unless you get access to this eBook, you might not be able to know what you have been missing for the past time. I have tried this and tested it myself and from the results, yeah, the Tweaking works great for you are determined.Inside this eBook you will find things like;1. What you need to do.2. How to do it.3. The tweaking process.4. And some additional bonus towards achieving the above.Good luck and happy Exploring.
Author: K Adams
Publication date: 01/12/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 5 pages

How To Protect Your Privacy and Security Online When Using Firefox
This guide, and the ones that will follow in this series, educates web users on how to protect their personal and financial information while online, using the tools and settings in the Firefox web browser.
Published by: P.A.O. Unlimited | Publication date: 11/26/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 32 pages

Firefox de luxe: Plugins und Extras (German Edition)
Firefox erfreut sich zunehmender Popularität. Der kostenlose Browser ist schlank, schnell, sicher und arbeitet zuverlässig. Besonders praktisch: Es lassen sich jederzeit Plugins laden und installieren, um den Funktionsumfang des Browsers zu erweitern. Es gibt jede Menge praktischer Erweiterungen für Firefox - und versteckte Funktionen, die den Umgang und das Surfen mit Firefox angenehmer und komfortabler machen. Dieses eBooklet zeigt, welche Möglichkeiten in Firefox stecken - und wo es besonders interessante Plugins gibt.
Author: Jörg Schieb
Published by: eload24 gmbh | Publication date: 01/01/2006
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 40 pages

Passer à Firefox et oublier Internet Explorer: 2e édition (Technique & Pratique) (French Edition)
Redécouvrez le web avec le navigateur Firefox ! Son interface simple et précise recèle des trésors d'inventivité.Plus pratique, plus rapide, il est aussi très sûr : vous pouvez dire adieu aux failles de sécurité d'Internet Explorer. Ce livre très progressif vous apprendra à : installer Firefox sur votre ordinateur (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) ; récupérer les données que vous aviez confiées à Internet Explorer ; utiliser les fonctions innovantes de Firefox ; personnaliser l'apparence et le comportement de Firefox.100 captures d'écran, un lexique détaillé de 40 termes et un tableau de raccourcis clavier vous permettront d'apprendre à votre rythme et d'exploiter toute la puissance de Firefox. Aucune connaissance préalable n'est requise.
Published by: H & K | Publication date: 08/01/2005
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 125 pages

Learning Firefox OS Application Development
Learn to design, build, and deploy your Firefox OS applications, built with web technologies, to the Firefox MarketplaceAbout This Book
  • Create beautiful and interactive Firefox OS applications by applying your knowledge of web development
  • Cater your applications to a huge number of users by porting them to the Firefox OS
  • A step-by-step learning workflow with real-life applications to demonstrate the concepts
Who This Book Is ForThis is a practical guide that uses hands-on examples to teach you how to create applications for Firefox OS and also how to port applications to Firefox Marketplace. This book is intended for developers who want to build applications for Firefox OS. An understanding of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS is required.What You Will Learn
  • Install, use, and access the Firefox OS simulator with the help of WebIDE
  • Get to know about application manifest files and the essential difference between web applications and Firefox OS applications
  • Create an application that measures the tapping speed of the user
  • Create an application that allows a user to check in at a place with geolocation tagging
  • Access device-specific features with WebAPIs and implement these by building a photo editing and sharing application
  • Submit your own applications to the Firefox Marketplace and share them with others
  • Professionally maintain the code of your application with the help of Github and deploy your hosted applications to OpenShift
In DetailWith broad compatibility, the latest in web technologies, and powerful development tools, Firefox is a great choice for both web developers and end users. Firefox OS's promotion of HTML5 as a first class citizen opens up the walled gardens of mobile application development for web developers. It is because of this initiative that no special SDKs are required to develop for Firefox OS.This book will help you excel in the art of developing applications for Firefox OS. It sequentially covers knowledge building, skills acquisition, and practical applications.Starting with an introduction to Firefox OS, usage of WebIDE, and then the application structure, this book introduces applications of increasing complexity with each chapter. An application that measures your tapping speed, a geolocation tagging application, and a photo editing and sharing application are the three applications that will be built from scratch. You will learn about topics such as the difference between various types of Firefox OS applications, application manifest files, offline apps, and designing principles for applications. You will also learn to test and submit the applications to the marketplace and finally maintain the repository of the Firefox OS application.By the end, you will be able to develop beautifully designed, fully-fledged, and rigorously tested Firefox OS applications and also share them at the Firefox OS Marketplace.Style and approachThis book is an easy-to-grasp workflow with practical examples of real-world applications such as Clickr, Check In!, and FotoFox. Each chapter explains the concepts, which are then reinforced as they are demonstrated in an application or a flowchart.
Author: Tanay Pant
Published by: Packt Publishing | Publication date: 10/09/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 168 pages

Mit Firefox ins Internet: Firefox für Einsteiger (German Edition)
Die Begeisterung für Firefox ist groß. Das Programm macht das Surfen im Internet einfach zum Vergnügen. Firefox ist sicherer als viele andere Browser. Aber vor allem ist Firefox schnell und unglaublich komfortabel. Viele wirklich nützliche Funktionen sind gar nicht so offensichtlich. Dieses Buch zeigt Ihnen viele kleine Tricks. Es richtet sich vor allem an Internetneulinge, die gerne mit Firefox arbeiten möchten. Wobei auch sicherlich fortgeschrittene Anwender in diesem Buch noch neue Tipps finden können.
Published by: Books on Demand | Publication date: 03/09/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 134 pages

Programming Firefox: Building Rich Internet Applications with XUL
This is your guide to building Internet applications and user interfaces with the Mozilla component framework, which is best known for the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client. Programming Firefox demonstrates how to use the XML User Interface Language (XUL) with open source tools in the framework's Cross-Platform Component (XPCOM) library to develop a variety of projects, such as commercial web applications and Firefox extensions.This book serves as both a programmer's reference and an in-depth tutorial, so not only do you get a comprehensive look at XUL's capabilities--from simple interface design to complex, multitier applications with real-time operations--but you also learn how to build a complete working application with XUL. If you're coming from a Java or .NET environment, you'll be amazed at how quickly large-scale applications can be constructed with XPCOM and XUL.Topics in Programming Firefox include:
  • An overview of Firefox technology
  • An introduction to the graphical elements that compose a XUL application
  • Firefox development tools and the process used to design and build applications
  • Managing an application with multiple content areas
  • Introduction to Resource Description Files, and how the Firefox interface renders RDF
  • Manipulating XHTML with JavaScript
  • Displaying documents using the Scalable Vector Graphics standard and HTML Canvas
  • The XML Binding Language and interface overlays to extend Firefox
  • Implementing the next-generation forms interface through XForms
Programming Firefox is ideal for the designer or developer charged with delivering innovative standards-based Internet applications, whether they're web server applications or Internet-enabled desktop applications. It's not just a how-to book, but a what-if exploration that encourages you to push the envelope of the Internet experience.
Published by: O'Reilly Media | Publication date: 04/25/2007
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 513 pages
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