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Firefox: The Comprehensive Guide for Everybody
Update 8/2015: Firefox versions after 29 have a different look than earlier versions. To restore the earlier "classic" look of FF, which is very highly recommended, users can install an Add-on called "Classic Theme Restorer". All images in this book will then match perfectly. This book discusses Add-ons in detail.Access to the internet, while in the past considered a luxury, has become a necessity in today's world. Whether for business, staying in touch, news, entertainment, or relaxation, most of us turn to the internet to meet our daily needs. Yesterday's methods of doing things have been replaced by the internet, and the entire world is literally at your fingertips.The important gateway to all of this information is your web browser. If you are not competent and comfortable at using your web browser efficiently, it will impact you in lost time, productivity and opportunity. Taking the time to truly understand how your web browser works is a necessity for every computer user. Otherwise, your internet experience will be frustrating, slow, and unproductive. This comprehensive Kindle book is designed to teach average computer users to be totally comfortable in using the Firefox web browser to explore the internet. Learning to customize and use a browser efficiently is much different than simply understanding what each button or menu item in the browser does. This book contains over 150 large screenshots that clearly demonstrate the important elements of Firefox. Moreover, after explaining each concept, the book clearly demonstrates how to apply the concepts in realistic everyday situations. This approach is quite different than wading through difficult technical manuals, which lack any cohesive overview regarding how to make efficient and productive use of your browser. The 150 large screenshots give step-by-step pictures of these realistic examples. It is this emphasis on the realistic, everyday, and practical use of Firefox, by average people, that sets this book apart from all others.This e-book is current as of October 2013, and covers Firefox through version 24, which is the latest release at this time. Given the rapid major releases of Firefox every 6 weeks, this book explains in detail how to customize the look and feel of Firefox to your own personal preference. While Firefox is available for all 3 major operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), the screenshots taken for this book were done on a Windows computer. (Readers who find this e-book helpful, and who wish to learn much more about computers, can view the paperback book "Timeless, Essential Computer Tools and Concepts", which can also be found on Amazon: small sample of the topics covered includes:"Visible" Components Of Firefox: Address BarSearch BarMenu BarNavigation Toolbar"Customize" Menu"Under The Hood" Tools....Options menu (everything) Designating a Home PageDesignating a Location for DownloadsAdd-Ons--Explanation and Management ofAdblock Plus to prevent Pop-Up AdsPrivacy & Private BrowsingHistorySecurity Saving PasswordsMaster PasswordNetwork SettingsUpdate Settings"File" Menu"A Day In The Life" :Importing Bookmarks Making and Saving New Bookmarks5 Methods of Accessing your BookmarksBookmarks Toolbar (quite important !)Using TagsUsing the Library Window to Organize BookmarksFinding Bookmarks with the Bookmarks SidebarTabbed BrowsingMaking practical use of Tabs combined with the Bookmarks ToolbarCreating New Bookmarks with Drag-and-DropUsing Drag-and-Drop with Tabbed BrowsingCreating "Internet Shortcuts" with Drag-and-DropCreating New Bookmarks from your Stored "History" with Drag-and-DropUsing Drag-and-Drop with Toolbar IconsRSS Feeds and Live BookmarksBrowser WorkflowSecurity Features:Location Bar Logo-Security FeaturesEncryption within FirefoxSecurity P
Author: Al Nathan
Published by: 2ThePoint Honestly, Al Nathan | Publication date: 10/03/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 200 pages

Firefox: a Fox Demon's Claim
Chloe Greyson thinks her days are numbered when her psycho ex-husband is paroled early from prison. Driven by a dark obsession, Norman Greyson has made her life a living hell. Norman continues terrorizing her even though he was incarcerated behind bars. And now, they let the monster out…Distraught, thinking it’s only a matter of time before Norman gets her, Chloe seeks refuge in liquor. While she drowns her sorrow in bourbon, a tall, mysterious and handsome stranger approaches her and announces that she’s the new Gaia and he has been chosen as her consort. The rest of the night goes kind of blurry. But the next morning Chloe wakes up only to find him in her bed in his glorious birthday suit.Ugh. Chloe doesn’t need this headache. After all, she has a bigger problem to face. After she finishes freaking out, Chloe learns that 1) she’s a living goddess. 2) his name’s Sparrow and 3) he’s a fox demon. Like seriously? Why are cute guys always one fruit loop short of a full bowl? Chloe hasn’t anticipated that Sparrow could be overzealously possessive when he learns Norman has unfinished business to settle with her. She doesn’t want Sparrow to fight her battle, but then her deranged ex has his own terrifying secret to unfold. Having been independent her entire life, is it really okay for her to let down her guard and depend on someone who swears to protect her?But Sparrow is a powerful demon and hell hath no fury as a very pissed fox shifter...
Publication date: 05/03/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 109 pages

Firefox: Sequel to Shadowfox
Jack Saunders former CIA agent turned free lance assassin, survived the encounter with Italian mafia along with his lover Sandy only to get drawn into further missions, travel with them around the world as they try desperately to evade bad guys and their love for each other deepens
Published by: Rory Tillitson Author/Publisher | Publication date: 09/19/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 121 pages

Tackling Firefox: The Unofficial Manual
Are you a little overwhelmed by the browser choices available to you? Have you been sticking to your old favourite because you never had time to really see what the other browsers had to offer? Does your current browser have advanced security options? Does it sync your settings across devices? Can you manage your tabs easily? These are all things Firefox can do for you. We think Firefox is one browser you should really consider carefully. It's packed full of useful features to make it secure, easy to use and convenient. Many of us at MakeUseOf love it and we think you will to. Take Firefox for a spin and check out all the most important features with the help of this awesome manual by Mohammed Al-Marhoon, who you can find out more about at his Facebook page here: "Tackling Firefox: The Unofficial Manual" and get started learning about this fantastic browser. You'll learn all sorts of details about: - Add-ons- Core features- Security tools- Bookmarks- Advanced tab management- Web developer tools- Syncing across devices- Automatic form filling- Search tools - And much more.
Publication date: 09/22/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 47 pages

Firefox OS for Activists
Smartphones and tablets are increasingly the way people access the net. But are trade unions and other civil society groups ready for the change?In this short book, Eric Lee and Jeremy Green look at the Apple/Google "duopoly", the problem of privacy and the costs of app development - and what this all means for social change activists.They explore not only Firefox OS, the new open source mobile operating system, but also the emerging alternatives - Ubuntu Touch, Tizen, and Sailfish. They even get a look a the world's first"ethical" mobile device - the Fairphone.
Publication date: 10/23/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 79 pages

Firefox For Dummies
  • Firefox For Dummies gives you the inside scoop on the exciting new browser from the Web wizard that got it started. The book's author, Blake Ross, began developing Firefox as a teenager. Once available to the world, the simple and powerful tool was an instant hit claiming a sizable share of the Web browser market with over 140 million downloads.
  • In this book Blake not only gives you the lowdown on how to use Firefox for safe Web searching, but he also shares his insight into how the product came to life. It's a combination of practical tech insight and a good story that is rare in computer books.
  • Topics covered include downloading and installing Firefox, creating a home page, searching with Google, creating customized themes and toolbars, using tabbed browsing, downloading and saving files, maintaining security and privacy, eliminating annoying popups, and adding Firefox extensions.
Author: Blake Ross
Published by: For Dummies | Publication date: 05/09/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 388 pages

The Firefox of Anyëa (The Soulfire Saga of Tabitha Moon Book 1)
It seemed like such a small difference.So harmless. . .Tabitha Moon possesses an astonishing, though inhuman, feature that sets her far apart from everyone else. Yet, whilst truly remarkable to look upon, she feels that her appearance is also the wellspring of her loneliness; a burden that only ever seems to attract stares, cruel words, intimidation and even harm...So Tabitha hides and dreams of release from her torment, completely unaware that she has an ancient ancestry founded far from the unhappy place she grudgingly calls “home”. Nor is she aware that the mysterious lineage is not only responsible for how she looks but also for an incredibly powerful gift she has unknowingly inherited from them.Then, one night, without warning, everything changes...Ignited by a particularly violent and cowardly attack upon her, Tabitha’s latent, arcane power erupts into life from deep within -and with it a bizarre, yet wondrous, entity also awakens...
Published by: Warp Star | Publication date: 09/22/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 496 pages

Deep Web: The 99% Of The Internet You Can't See (Tech For Everybody Book 4)
As much as 40 percent of the world's population uses the Internet for just about anything and everything you used to need an outside world for. But for as extensive as the Internet’s reach has become, only about 0.03% of it is visible to the average person. Like an iceberg, Google and Bing will only show you the very tip protruding above the water line, and not the huge slab submerged from view. But what about the other 99.97% that search engines won’t show you? What does the so-called Deep Web contain, and why can’t the search engines penetrate in to see what’s there?This book looks at what's hidden in the Deep Web and the reasons most people will never see it. It also takes you into the mysterious reaches of the Dark Web: the seedy underbelly of the Internet where anonymity provides unmatched freedom to say and do whatever you want, legal or not.
Publication date: 04/17/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 12 pages

Firefox Basics for the Computer Illiterate: With tips on installation, setting up your homepage, customization and more. (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)
Firefox ranks as the third most-used browser in the world — and fans of it remain fiercely loyal. So what makes this free option so enticing, and how can you make sense of its maze of many menus, buttons and options? Technology writer James Vautravers walks you through the basics of how to get started, providing practical tips for installation, setting up your home page, customizing and using themes and even adding a few extras — such as a dictionary, ad blocker or social media extension — to enhance your experience and pack more power with a click of the mouse. “Firefox Basics for the Computer Illiterate” explains the ins and outs of privacy and security, so you can adjust how and whether your activity tracks while online. From start to finish, Vautravers’ step-by-step guidance sets you on your way to browse like a Firefox pro. Excerpt from the Book:“Firefox is the third most-used browser in the world. But it is different from its competitors in that Firefox is a not-for-profit venture. Mozilla, the corporation and foundation that created and distributes Firefox, is motivated not by a drive to make as much money as possible, but by a drive to make the Internet a better place. Firefox looks simple enough, but the more you poke around and click its various buttons, the more complicated it becomes. It can even seem rather daunting. But fear not, this book will cover all the basic features of Firefox, as well as a few not-so-basic ones, in a plain and easy-to-follow approach.” Highlights:Easy instructions for getting started with FirefoxCustomizing your browserEnsuring browsing and search securityAnd much more!Includes:1.Introduction to Firefox and Mozilla 2.Downloading the Browser3.Customizing Firefox4.Privacy and Security5.Next Steps with FirefoxAbout the Author:James Vautravers lives in Portland, Oregon. He has been writing and editing software training manuals since the sunset of the last century, from PowerPoint and Lotus 1-2-3 to various Microsoft Dynamics enterprise software products (AX, NAV, GP). He has been a Firefox user since version 1.0 in 2004.When not writing or editing technical documents, he is writing college football articles for his website,
Published by: 101 Publishing | Publication date: 10/15/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 29 pages

Firefox Hacks: Tips & Tools for Next-Generation Web Browsing
Firefox Hacks is ideal for power users who want to take full advantage of Firefox from Mozilla, the next-generation web browser that is rapidly subverting Internet Explorer's once-dominant audience. It's also the first book that specifically dedicates itself to this technology.Firefox is winning such widespread approval for a number of reasons, including the fact that it lets users browse faster and more efficiently. Perhaps its most appealing strength, though, is its increased security something that is covered in great detail in Firefox Hacks.Clearly the web browser of the future, Firefox includes most of the features that browser users are familiar with, along with several new features, such as a bookmarks toolbar and tabbed pages that allow users to quickly switch among several web sites.Firefox Hacks offers all the valuable tips and tools you need to maximize the effectiveness of this hot web application. It's all covered, including how to customize its deployment, appearance, features, and functionality. You'll even learn how to install, use, and alter extensions and plug-ins. Aimed at clever people who may or may not be capable of basic programming tasks, this convenient resource describes 100 techniques for 100 strategies that effectively exploit Firefox.Or, put another way, readers of every stripe will find all the user-friendly tips, tools, and tricks they need to make a productive switch to Firefox. With Firefox Hacks, a superior and safer browsing experience is truly only pages away.The latest in O'Reilly's celebrated Hacks series, Firefox Hacks smartly complements other web-application titles such as Google Hacks and PayPal Hacks.
Published by: O'Reilly Media | Publication date: 03/11/2005
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 400 pages
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