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How To Be F*cking Awesome

If you've been looking for a kick up the backside to finally launch that business, start a new project you've been putting off or just become all round awesome, this book is for you. Why do some people have an awesome life, plenty of money, amazing friends and a business to love while others struggle at every step, are constantly broke and can never get out of the daily grind? What enables some people to work hard, play harder and make a difference every day, yet still have time to take care of their body, eat good food and be there for the people who matter? How do some people connect and persuade with ease, make good decisions and get sh*t done, while others make little impact, doubt themselves and get stuck in the rut of procrastination? Is it really possible to be f*cking awesome, live life on your own terms, make a difference and be truly fulfilled, all while having bucket loads of fun? The answer is Yes! This book shares 11 devastatingly powerful principles you can apply immediately to start getting more of what you want and less of what you don't want. So, if you are ready to take action, sick of the usual guru bullsh*t advice, and want to finally make your life truly awesome, then pick up this book, read it from cover to cover, and do every single thing Dan says.
Author: Dan Meredith
Published by: Rethink Press | Publication date: 04/26/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 190 pages

Entrepreneurship: Do you want to escape your desk job today, fire your boss and become the boss

☆★☆ Entrepreneurship - Do you want the financial freedom to quit your 9-2-5 job to follow your passions? ☆★☆☆★☆ Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now! ☆★☆ How long will you put up with work politics? How long will you commute a soul destroying journey to work each day? How long will you put up with bare having enough to pay the bills? How long will you tolerate someone else determining what your monetary value is or how many days in a year you can have a vacation? ARE YOU TIRED OF NOT LIVING YOUR DREAMS? Many think entrepreneurship is about money, but the truth is most entrepreneurs are simply free-spirits who want to spend the limited time they have hear on earth in the most fulfilling possible ways. What does it take to be an entrepreneur? How do they think? What habits do they have? Can what they do be taught to others aspiring to be entrepreneurs? If you are dreaming of being the next Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Steve Jobs or you are just tired of working for the man, then this book is for you. As kids we are told to go to school, study hard and get good grades. We are told that if we get A’s and B’s we will get good jobs and have successful lives. The only problem is when we grow up we find ourselves unhappy in the very jobs that were supposed to bring us fulfilment in lives. We wake up to the reality that the kids that didn’t pay attention in school, the ones who dropped out of college, are the very people that own the companies we now work for. We wake up to the cruel reality that the A’s and B’s work for the C’s and D’s. How many bosses have you had, that you have been more qualified and experienced than? Bosses and entrepreneurs have a mindset that allows them to become business owners and leaders much faster than the academically inclined valedictorians amongst us. Whether you are extremely smart or not, you can become your own boss and live life on your own terms. This book will set you unto the path of doing just that.This book is for everyone. It will take a look at the quintessential mind of an entrepreneur and will help you on your journey of becoming your own boss. How do they think? how do they behave? What qualities do they possess (other than poor academics in most cases) that can be emulated? Take a journey with me in this book and become an entrepreneur.What are the benefits of this book?
  • Learn how entrepreneurs set themselves free from the rat race.with investments are small business
  • Learn how to execute business ideas more ruthlessly
  • Discover how they overcome their fears and take the risks others wont
  • Learn how they add value to others and make $10k, $20k, $1m, $100m or even billions each year, by following your passions
  • Work the hours that suit you and travel when you want to
  • Learn how entrepreneurs take control back of their destiny
  • Set your self free from modern economic slavery and become the boss
  • Dont sit back and hate your life, do something about it instead.Nothing will change in your life until you start taking massive action and start making things happen like an entrepreneur. Start today by getting a copy of this book
    Published by: http://www.digital-book-publishing.com/ | Publication date: 08/21/2016
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 76 pages

    How To Build Your Successful Online Teaching Business (Online Entrepreneurship Book 1)

    Free video training for would-be online teaching business owners – get the secret online teaching strategies I used to generate over $50k teaching what I love without spending money on ads. => yourfirst1kstudents.com (copy and paste that into your browser)(The Content Is Updated For 2017)Do you want to monetize your knowledge? Chances are, you have knowledge in your head that’s worth tens of thousands of dollars.Do you want to turn your passion into passive income streams?Do you want to build an online teaching business with little to no investment up front?Do you want to become an entrepreneur?Do you want to work from home?If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions then reading this eBook may turn out to be the best decision you’ve made this year!The ultimate purpose of this training (eBook, PDF files, 3 in-depth video sessions) is to teach you how to start your online teaching business!Howdy,My name is Vladimir Raykov.I’m a best-selling online instructor teaching over 34000 students and 40 online courses. I’m also the creator of STEP-BY-STEP TO YOUR FIRST 1000 STUDENTS program.During the last year, I’ve been gathering the best techniques for creating an online course and I’ve put them into this free training that is intended especially for beginners.I will completely reveal the exact 3-Step System for producing high-quality courses that I used to reach 5 figures for my online teaching business, doing it part-time and without spending money on advertising.HERE IS JUST A FRACTION OF WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM MY EBOOK AND FREE VIDEO TRAINING• Top 7 reasons why you should create an online course that generates income.• Top 7 (costly) mistakes beginner online instructors make and how to avoid them.• The 3-Step System for producing online courses with the velocity of light.• The top 4 mega-niches which are responsible for over 80% of the revenue generated by online instructors.• How to structure and organize your course. More specifically, how to make an outline for your course and the most effective internal structure of ALL your lectures.• All the tools (software) you will need to create products for your online teaching business of an utmost quality.• 6 Steps of a lecture creation.• The exact technical specifications for your video lectures.• The microphone I use to record crystal clear audio files.• How to get a professionally designed thumbnail for your course for free.• How to write a winning title for your course – basic copywriting skills part 1.• How to write a winning description for your course – basic copywriting skills part 2.• The best platforms to launch your course as a self-published instructor and their business models.• And much, much more!THE BEST PART• You don’t need to have a website.• You don’t have to pay for advertising.• You don’t have to FILM yourself.• You don’t have to be a technical savvy.• You don’t have to worry about video hosting.• You don’t have to have a higher academic degree.ENOUGH TALKING, LET’S TAKE ACTION NOWIf you want to build an online teaching business, pass on your expertise to thousands of students and making thousands of dollars online in an absolutely legit and honest way, then click the orange “Buy now with 1-Click” button and get started today!-Vladimir RaykovStay Purposeful
    Publication date: 02/25/2016
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 49 pages

    Passive Income: Passive Income Tutorial with 7 Online Ideas to Generate Passive Income Streams for Beginners (Wealth Book, Money, Financial, Entrepreneurship)

    You're About To Discover The #1 Secret To Make Passive IncomeWith 7 Online IdeasPassive income refers to making money while you sleep. You can put your money to work and add an extra sum to your monthly income. Having a passive income is extremely important, as you cannot depend on your salary all your life. There will come a time when you will have to retire and require money to lead a normal life. Once you get your passive income going, it can serve as your retirement money.The money can also be saved for long-term and short-term expenses. You can use the money to fulfill your wishes such as funding your child’s education, taking vacations, buying big ticket items, etc. There are many choices to pick from when it comes to passive income, and you can choose one that gives you a consistent stream of income.This book will guide you through the different options that are available and how you can put them to work at the earliest! You will find one topic discussed per chapter making it easy to navigate through them and make the most of your investments.Here's Just A Small Preview Of What You'll Learn...
    • Stock Market Investments
    • Stocks
    • Forex
    • Precious metals
    • Commodities Futures
    • Options
    • Mutual funds
    • Writing
    • eBooks
    • Blogs and content
    • Publishing
    • YouTube
    • Set up a channel
    • Making videos
    • Build an audience
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Rewards and giveaways
    • Monetization
    • Paid viewership
    • Real Estate
    • Buy/sell/rent houses
    • Training Programs/ Art/ Dance/ Crafts
    • Dancing/ singing/ aerobics/ yoga
    • Software/ apps
    • Translating
    • Logos and artwork
    • Crafts
    • Etsy
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • And much, much more!
    When you purchase the „Passive Income” today, you’ll save $3 off the regular price and get it for a limited time discount of only $2.99! This discount is only available for a limited time!That’s not all... we’re also throwing in a Free Enhange Your Business e-book guide that will help you to increase your business as well as your profits.No questions asked, 7 day money back guarantee!Go to the top of the page and click the orange „Buy now with 1-Click” button on the right to order now!
    Author: Lela Gibson
    Publication date: 10/25/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 58 pages

    The Idea in You: How to Find It, Build It, and Change Your Life

    Take your passion and make it happen with The Idea In You by Martin Amor and Alex PellewDo you have an idea in you? A hobby, a project, a product ... something that could change your life?The Idea in You is a bulletproof system for finding the right idea and shaping it in to a success - on your own terms.With advice from the people behind the likes of Pizza Pilgrims, Parkrun and Decoded, The Idea in You will show you what to expect, how to think and what to do when launching your own venture.Making your idea happen is possible - and it will be one of the most inspiring and energizing experiences of your life.What are you waiting for?'A wonderfully inspirational book that will help unleash your ideas on the world' Michael Acton Smith, creator of Moshi Monsters'Every great business starts with an idea . . . this book will help you find yours' Richard Reed, co-founder Innocent Drinks'It seems to me that many could-be creators simply lack support in their lives, someone genuine who listens to their ideas and pushes boundaries to make it all seem possible. Alex and Martin must recognize this, too, because their book is a generous offer of encouragement and spirit, a drum beat that stirred my creative confidence' Zach Klein, co-founder of Vimeo
    Published by: Penguin | Publication date: 09/03/2015
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 242 pages

    Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future

    WHAT VALUABLE COMPANY IS NOBODY BUILDING?The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. If you are copying these guys, you aren’t learning from them. It’s easier to copy a model than to make something new: doing what we already know how to do takes the world from 1 to n, adding more of something familiar. Every new creation goes from 0 to 1. This book is about how to get there.‘Peter Thiel has built multiple breakthrough companies, and Zero to One shows how.’ELON MUSK, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla‘This book delivers completely new and refreshing ideas on how to create value in the world.’MARK ZUCKERBERG, CEO of Facebook‘When a risk taker writes a book, read it. In the case of Peter Thiel, read it twice. Or, to be safe, three times. This is a classic.’NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB, author of The Black Swan
    Published by: Virgin Digital | Publication date: 09/18/2014
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 224 pages

    Entrepreneurship: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

    There has been an explosion of interest in entrepreneurs in the popular media, as well as in business, policy, and education. But what do entrepreneurs do? What is entrepreneurship and why is it important? What is distinctive about entrepreneurs? And where do they come from?In this Very Short Introduction Paul Westhead and Mike Wright weave a pathway through the debates about entrepreneurship, providing a guide to the entrepreneurial process. They look at how the actions of entrepreneurs are shaped by the external environment and availability of resources, consider the types of organizations in which entrepreneurs can be found, and look at the diversity in their backgrounds, experience, and how they think and learn. Lastly, they consider the impact thatentrepreneurs have on modern market economies and look at the future of entrepreneurship in our increasingly globalized world.ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.
    Published by: OUP Oxford | Publication date: 11/28/2013
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 144 pages

    UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship

    Build A Business That Goes Beyond Paying Bills—It Changes Your Life.Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship.It is waking up in the morning and pinching yourself black-and-blue that OMG, this is my life, and it is freaking awesome. You live in your dream house, but there's no mortgage. No alarm clock, no boss, no bills. No claims on the day's time other than what you choose. It is making more money before breakfast than you made for an entire week at your last job. It is a crazy expensive car parked in your garage, a victorious symbol that your dreams no longer sleep in fantasies, but are awake with reality.Make no mistake, this life exists. I know, because it has been mine for nearly 20 years. And in a few short years, it can be yours as well. Better, you won't need 5 tedious decades of soul-suffocating frugality, thankless jobs, and patient investing with our trusted friends on Wall Street.Unfortunately, you have been SCRIPTED to believe that such a life is out of your reach, or only possible for a certain type of person; someone with a certain college degree, a certain amount of VC funding, or a certain LinkedIn network of connected friends from Stanford. I am here to tell you, that none of it is true.While I have been entrepreneur most of my life, I am no one special. You won't read about me over at Tech Crunch or in some Silicon Valley newsletter. While I have been an internet entrepreneur since the old "you've got mail" AOL days, I have never been funded by venture capitalists, I have never had a payroll with more than 5 people on it, and I have never studied computer science at school.Despite this, I am able to create profitable businesses that create the type of UNSCRIPTED life described above. We are talking five- and six-figure monthly profits with valuations in the millions. Although I have had two successful exits, do not let that scare you; it is just a welcome side effect of the process.Make no mistake, UNSCRIPTED is not about some trendy new marketing tactic that becomes ineffectively overused within months. It's not about stock-market fairy tales and depriving yourself of life's luxuries; Amazon already has a gazillion books on such trash. UNSCRIPTED was written to change your life.It was written for you if life has become hopeless and dissatisfying. It is for you if your weekday is held hostage by the bribery of its paycheck. It is for you if you are sick of the suck and tired of the tiresome: the breakroom gossip, the office politics, the managerial butt-kissing, and whatever else boils when multiple human beings are tossed in a box and tasked with corporate minutia. It is for you if you yearn for the creative autonomy to pursue work that matters. It is for you if you have X-ray vision and can see what your parents cannot; that life's formulaic, scripted template has become dated and flawed.But most importantly, UNSCRIPTED is for you if you have been an aspiring entrepreneur far too long, someone who cannot turn a corner, turn a break, or turn a profit. Someone who might already own a business, but like a job, it just steals time and barely keeps the bill-paying treadmill moving until next month.So, if you are ready for the challenge, get ready for a sh*t-your-pants revelation that everything you have been taught is bullsh*t. Legendary bullsh*t. Paradigm shift? Heck no. The problem is the paradigm itself. You have allowed the paradigm to set the rules, call the shots, and dictate the decisions. The problem is, you have allowed ordinary thinking preached by ordinary people to produce exactly that; an ordinary life. The paradigm shift is realizing the paradigm is sh*t.Start leading life, instead of life leading you.
    Author: MJ DeMarco
    Published by: Viperion Publishing Corporation | Publication date: 05/23/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 433 pages

    Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup

    24 Steps to Success!Disciplined Entrepreneurship will change the way you think about starting a company. Many believe that entrepreneurship cannot be taught, but great entrepreneurs aren’t born with something special – they simply make great products. This book will show you how to create a successful startup through developing an innovative product. It breaks down the necessary processes into an integrated, comprehensive, and proven 24-step framework that any industrious person can learn and apply. You will learn:
    • Why the “F” word – focus – is crucial to a startup’s success
    • Common obstacles that entrepreneurs face – and how to overcome them
    • How to use innovation to stand out in the crowd – it’s not just about technology
    Whether you’re a first-time or repeat entrepreneur, Disciplined Entrepreneurship gives you the tools you need to improve your odds of making a product people want.Author Bill Aulet is the managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship as well as a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
    Author: Bill Aulet
    Published by: Wiley | Publication date: 07/31/2013
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 288 pages

    I can start your business: Everything you need to know to run your limited company or self employment – for locums, contractors, freelancers and small business

    Thinking of starting a business but don't know anything about business finances, tax or accounts? This book will tell you everything you need to know in an easy to understand way by an accountant who grew his practice from no clients when he started to over 400 clients all over the UK. Covering such topics as: Whether you should be a limited company or self employed? What part of business finances do you really need to understand and which parts can you ignore. Whether you become VAT registered. When your tax is due and how much it will be. Setting up bank accounts. Getting paid by your customers. Managing your cash flow. Getting your pricing right. Russell Smith has worked with over 400 clients all across the UK and is a national expert on small business tax and accounts. His clients include doctors, dentists, psychologists, web-designers, musicians, marketing agencies, IT contractors, artists, graphic designers and many more. Russell Smith is the only chartered accountant in the world to blog every day - you can find it at www.rsaccountancy.co.uk/daily-blog.Russell also has a YouTube channel where he releases weekly 2 minute finance basics: www.youtube.com/RussellSmithtips. There is also a free tax, accounts and profit review with customised action plan worth £200 for readers of this book.
    Published by: Russell Smith Chartered Accountants | Publication date: 11/19/2015
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 106 pages
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