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Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs

This title introduces readers to dogs, which are popular family pets. They'll learn about what dogs like to eat and how to properly care for them, all while strengthening reading skills. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Kids is a division of ABDO.

Dog Tags
Claire's life was a wreck, her father passed, she was forced to place her Mother in a nursing home and her boyfriend loved the Rodeo more than her. Just when she was close to giving up a knock came to the door, it was a Marine, a Marine who would change her life forever. He would get her back out with the horses, he would give her purpose, and ultimately he would show her the love she had so desperately been looking for. Her world was about to change, and this would be a Christmas nobody would soon forget.

Gorgeous canines of every shape, size and color are bounding through this irresistible book. Can you choose one dog to love best of all? With playful pencil and watercolor illustrations to delight children and adults alike, everyone will long to bark along with the Chihuahua and tickle the Dalmatian's tummy. This is a wonderfully satisfying book with a twist in the tail.

Dog Tags
When disabled ex-Marine Mark Graham reconnects with his best friend's sister, he finds himself falling in love. But Beth Martindale's presence is a constant reminder of events he'd rather forget. Mark wants to move forward, but the secrets surrounding her brother's death, as well as his own confinement to a wheelchair, threaten to tear them apart. When a psychopath who calls himself The Knight fixates on Beth, Mark is determined to give her the protection he failed to give her brother on the battlefield, yet he discovers that a wheelchair isn't the only impediment he has to keeping Beth safe. Will terror win, or can Mark find the strength of mind and body to rescue Beth and find his own redemption?

Digger's Dogs
Digger's Dogs" is the second installment of the Zamboni Songs Series. Our friend Jamal finds himself in New Orleans on a hunch, a trait of which the Zamboni family is quite proud. Being a bit of a lady's man Jamal finds himself in the arms of Zenith Laveau a waitress at a club Jamal found employment as a busboy. Together with some new friends and family Zenith and Jamal track the whereabouts of the infamous Carson Diggs, kidnapper and killer. We once again find Uncle Cato joining the search and some new Zamboni family members sent to help. From one end of New Orleans to the other the action never stops; that is, until a certain bayou village reveals the truth about the man the call the Digger.

Discover Series Books for Babies & ToddlersIf the children at your house love dogs, this book is sure to become a favorite. Featuring 23 full-color photographs of dogs, children of all ages will enjoy the opportunity to look at different dog breeds. Each image is labeled with the dog breed and is an excellent way to introduce babies and toddlers to dogs. Used as a jumpstart for interaction, Discover Series Picture Books are a great way to introduce dogs, their sounds and colors to kids.

This weekend, in Washington, D.C, a disgraced former Congressman named Gavin Prestaen and three small-businessmen stumble on jihadists bio-militarizing 500 stolen dogs with The Lash of Allah - "Unendurable pain, infinitely prolonged." As the attack clock counts down, paralyzing political correctness costs lives, while an ambitious rogue FBI agent decides Prestaen himself is the terrorist mastermind. So, saving the Nation's Capital is now up to four unprepared citizen vigilantes, and, in Herb Borkland's full-tilt cut-throat madhouse of a novel, Prestaen is reborn as a new kind of hero - the kind who ends up becoming "the most hated American of the 21st century."

Dogs Unleashed
Dogs Unleashed portrays the spirit, sense of wonder, and adventure that tethers humans to their most trusted animal companions. With captivating images from the Orvis Company's collection, this book conveys that there is no journey that can be taken alone that is as satisfying as the same path in the company of a dog. Many dog owners spend much of their time learning how they might teach their dogs. But imagine the possibilities if they were to think at least as often of the ways they can learn from them. Dogs can, if we let them, connect us back to the natural world around us, and to our own intuitive nature to observe and explore and wonder. Dogs Unleashed is an inspiration to all those who value time spent outdoors with their favorite canine companions.

Junkyard Dog
Lyall knows he's the epitome of the bad boy that every good girl, or boy, is warned against. He needs the aggressive appearance, and lives up to it. You don't mess with him, or his pack family. When his wallet is stolen, it starts a chain of events that turns his solitary life upside down. How can he consider a feline mate? How can he consider a mate at all? Yet Niko is everything Lyall could want. When their life is torn apart by another alpha shifter, they will both fight tooth and claw to be reunited.

Gun Dog
Set on one of Britain's tough and often brutal council estates, Gun Dog is a powerful story about the struggle to succeed in a place where the lawless operate without fear and the good are consistently failed by the agencies of law and order. Stevie Davies dreams of escaping from this misery by leaving to go to university. But all that changes when he is forced to hide an automatic pistol by a local teenage thug. Intoxicated by the apparent power the gun gives him in the local community, he is drawn down a perilous path, and his future hangs in the balance. Can the gun give him the freedom he's been dreaming of? Or will it throw away the key for good? Gun Dog is a real page-turner. The fast-moving, character-focused narrative delves right to the heart of a tougher side of life. Gritty, honest, hard-hitting, and often shocking, it is packed with drama and emotion from one page to the next. Gun Dog is a title in the highly contemporary Cutting Edge fiction series for young adults. The series features fast-paced quick reads. Each book focuses on difficult topics and situations that many teenagers will have experienced first-hand or through friends. Cutting Edge is ideal for readers aged 14+ with a reading age of 12+.

From beautiful lyrics to madcap waggery, from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's adored lap-dog Flush to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's terrifying Hound of the Baskervilles, and encompassing odes, fables, stories, songs, nursery rhymes and more, Mark Bryant has compiled a wonderfully evocative collection of writing of all kinds on dogs by those who love them. There are poems from Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift, Sir Walter Scott, Rudyard Kipling, William Cowper, Thomas Hardy, Lord Byron, William Wordsworth, Robert Burns and Rupert Brooke; humorous pieces by Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Ambrose Bierce and Jerome K. Jerome; and other delights from writers such as Charles Dickens, Daniel Defoe, Gilbert White, H.D. Thoreau, Alexandre Dumas, Anton Chekhov, Mark Twain, the Brothers Grimm, Saki, Johann Wolfang von Goethe, D.H. Lawrence, Leigh Hunt, G.K. Chesterton, Louisa M. Alcott, Marco Polo, R.M. Ballantyne, J.M. Barrie, Benjamin Disraeli, Michel de Montaigne, W.M. Thackeray, Robert Louis Stevenson, O. Henry and Jack London, amongst others. Covering every genre, from humour and fantasy to romance and horror, and drawn from every part of the world, these stories, poems and excerpts from essays, letters, diaries and journals provide a collection to delight any dog-lover.

Dog Sports
Art Newman, an army brat born in British Army barracks in India. A wild childhood in 1941 to 1945, blitz etc. Growing up in Britain, as a young teenager he was sent to a farm where he met Border Collies. After the war he spent 25 wild years in Airborne Forces all over the world. On retirement he joined the Police as a dog handler but too much of a "rebel" and quit after two years of petty "BS". He then did the best thing in his life, immigrated to Canada and has been involved 100% with working dogs ever since. Obedience, tracking, agility, schutzund, plus lure coursing, terrier den trials, any working dog sport any where at any time, even sledge dogs and carting dogs. He cannot imagine a world without dogs. PS. He really does like the CKC!

Bad Dog!
What would happen if, instead of bolting your doors against the intrusion of demons you invited them in?Bad Dog! is a vivid testament to the unforeseen love, beauty, and redemption discovered in the most difficult times and places. It reads like a collection of closely linked short stories (think JD Salinger) but is in fact a work of literary nonfiction (think Robert Fulgham, or Augusten Burroughs). Bad Dog! will appeal to anyone who has fallen into dark places and wants to climb back into the light. With quietly crafted poetic language of a quality rarely seen in spiritual books, Lin Jensen tells the stories of his remarkably difficult life: his tumultuous early years on a struggling Midwestern turkey farm, his failed marriage, and the search for meaning that led him eventually to become a Zen teacher. The raw and earthy lessons of Bad Dog! cut to the quick with an understated power, and the reader is left at the end of each chapter subtly transformed, able to reflect more deeply and more fruitfully on the struggles of our own lives. Lin Jensen's writing has rare poetic and literary merit. Lin Jensen received the Best Nonfiction/Spiritual Book award from Today's Librarian for his previous book, Uncovering the Wisdom of the Heartmind. He has taught writing in various colleges and universities for over twenty years, and continues to teach Buddhist ethics and practices at Chico State University. He is the founding teacher and senior teacher emeritus of the Chico Zen Sangha, in Chico, California, where he lives with his wife.

Dog Park
Dog Park" has two love affairs, two mysteries, a political protest and lots of laughs. It is a humorous tale about the small town of Rexville, its wacky, but good-hearted, citizens and its prized you guessed it dog park. Robert Benjamin is a stay-at-home accountant who realizes his life is in shambles because he loves dogs too much. His therapist, Jen Giolito, views Robert as her ticket to psychological stardom. Andy Kershaw has ambitions too. He sees his job as top dog catcher as his last chance to join human law enforcement if he can just catch the person who is not curbing his dog. Gladys Ridgeway runs a dog salon, and she thinks she runs the dog park. Her intrusiveness gets Robert into a lot of trouble with town police chief Neal Zook. Robert turns for help to other dog owners who gumshoe their way through the internet to solve the case. The wackiness all culminates in Rexville's annual dog show. Westminster, it is not. But it does attract media personalties and a big-city TV reporter, who tells her anchor, "All the good stories happen in small towns like Rexville.

Dog fleas
Fleas are unpleasant, nasty things, which are impossible to eradicate. They spread like wildfire and your home can become infested within a matter of days. Whether you have pets or not, the chances are you are going to encounter fleas at some point in your life. The problem can be minimized, and dealt with easily - as long as you are aware that it has to be dealt with on a holistic basis - rather than just relying on one measure. No single type of treatment whether it is chemical or alternative medicine is enough on its own. Cleaning, combing and care of the outside environment are equally important. Be prepared for fleas and take action immediately. The result will be a much more comfortable life for you and your dog. This book is an independent guide to dealing with fleas on dogs. It is based on personal experience of major infestations of fleas. When I researched the subject to find answers, I discovered that much of the advice out there is biased, as it is created by commercial firms eager to sell their product. This is a practical, straightforward guide offering suggestions as to ways of dealing with fleas, both on an emergency and on a long-term basis, whether you prefer chemicals or natural methods. Bear in mind that there are no instant solutions. It takes time and a lot of hard work to deal with the problem. Careful, thorough cleaning of your dog, bedding and the entire house and garden is essential.

Dog Obedience
Discover Proven Ways And Methods You Can Use To Get Them To Change! There have been times when you as a dog owner becomes increasingly frustrated. Your dog doesn't want to obey your commands and do as you say. Even with trying to coax your canine, sometimes it still does not work. All dogs have behavioral problems. It does not matter what breed you own, you can run into a roadblock with trying to get them to stop their bad behavior. There are just some times where you have to put your foot down and roll with the punches. Your dog will either do what you say or you'll ship him out. Of course, if you are a dog lover, you are not looking to do the latter. You need to communicate to your dog what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is off limits. They need to know where you stand in everything. You have to be consistent and make sure that they know you mean business. In this report, you will discover: + The importance of getting rid of your dog's bad behaviors + Why biting should be stopped when your dog is still a puppy + How howling, whining and barking can be nerve wrecking and what you can do about it + What you can do about your dog's chewing problems + Why your dog jumping on other people can pose a problem and what you can do about it + And much much more.

Devil Dog
Marine takes control. orginially part of the USA today bestselling boxset "Hero to Obey".I wasn't looking for romance. Nothing like a sadistic ex husband to make me run into the arms of my two favorite men (Ben and Jerry). I never expected a hottie like Dane Hutchinson to be into me, much less take control and fulfill my every fantasy. Then I run into the guy of my dreams. Literally. (I've gotta stop rushing around in high heels). He's the yummiest thing in the coffee shop, and for some reason he's into ME. Dane looks like he lifts cars for a workout. Me? I can barely get down to the gym. I try to run, but Fate puts us on a blind date and Dane declares he's not going to let me get away again. I've got my second chance at love. whether I want it or not. Fun fact: Devil Dogs are a nickname for members of the United States Marine Corps, so dubbed by the Germans in WWII. Even funner fact: shibari is the Japanese art of bondage, and it turns out getting tied up is my favorite foreplay ever. Enjoy this sinfully sexy story chock full of Marine-loving goodness. Originally part of the USA today bestselling 'Hero to Obey' boxset, Devil Dog is a standalone novella with smoking hot sex scenes, kink and a sassy heroine who finds a hero who will fight for her. With HEAs x 10 (because this Marine goes above and beyond the call of duty.)

Bad Dog
(A true story.) Meet Hola. She's a nightmare, but it's not her fault if she tackles strangers and chews on furniture, or if she runs after buses and fried chicken containers and drug dealers. No one ever told her not to. Worse yet, she scares her family. Hola may be the most beautiful Bernese mountain dog in the world, but she's never been trained. At least not by anyone who knew what he was doing. Hola's supposed master, Marty, is a high-functioning alcoholic. A TV writer turned management consultant, Marty's in debt and out of shape; he's about to lose his job, and one day he emerges from a haze of peach-flavored vodka to find he's on the verge of losing his wife, Gloria, too, if he can't get his life-and his dog-under control. Desperately trying to save his marriage, Marty throws himself headlong into the world of competitive dog training. Unfortunately, he knows even less than Hola, the only dog ever to be expelled from her puppy preschool twice. Somehow, together, they need to get through the American Kennel Club's rigorous Canine Good Citizen test. Of course, Hola first needs to learn how to sit. It won't be easy. It certainly won't be pretty. But maybe, just maybe, there will be cheesecake. From the Hardcover edition.

A Dog of Flanders
A Dog of Flanders
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