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Fifteen Dogs
A beautiful allegory for humanity and a devastating insight into the canine mind. You'll never see Fido the same way.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781552453056

Haute Dogs
Haute Dogs gives the classic cookout staple a fresh and tasty twist, with recipes inspired by everything from south-of-the-border BBQ to Japanese fusion to modern food-cart cuisine. Handcraft your own top-notch dogs, buns, and condiments with step-by-step from-scratch instructions, and brush up on your hot dog history with an in-depth look at tasty traditions from the U.S. and beyond. Just in time for summer, this indispensable guide will make your grilling extraordinary.
Category: Food and Wine. ISBN: 9781594746758

Devil Dogs
In telling the story of the extraordinary contributions of the U.S. Marines in World War I, this now-classic history examines the Corps' entire experience in France. Now available in paperback, the book is a valuable resource for data, especially details about each unit and how they functioned. Bolstered with information from official documents as well as published and unpublished memoirs, readers follow the Marines from their recruitment, through training and shipment overseas, to the horrors of trench warfare. The famous battle at Belleau Wood is fully examined, along with the lesser known campaigns at Blanc Mont and Meuse River, and the critical engagements at Verdun, Marbache, and St. Mihiel. Readers learn how the 4th Marine Brigade earned the nickname Devil Dogs and why their experiences helped forge the Corps' identity. It is a new addition to the Leatherneck Classics series.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781612512150

Mystical Dogs
Jean Houston tells us how her animals are not only companions in life but spiritual teachers to enlightenment.
Category: Body Mind & Spirit. ISBN: 9781930722323

Lost Dogs
At last there is peace in the city. A shipment of vicious creatures will be exported faraway. Their containers rattle, howl and smell of death. But not everyone is keen to see them leave. Shouldn't the place that makesthemonsters keep them?Ewan has returned to the city for his father's trial. May has joined a school for special talents. Andrew wants only to keep out of trouble. But trouble is sure to find them. It has their scent.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781847385994

Grouse Dogs
Richard Weaver is a hunter's professional. In the past thirty-plus years, he has trained more than a thousand gun dogs and has presented seminars on hunting dog obedience, field work, nutrition, and behavioral problems. In Grouse Dogs, he not only offers invaluable training tips but shares his hunting experiences, for he believes the best way to train a grouse dogparticularly one of his setters is to hunt him or her on wild birds. Grouse Dogs represents a rare opportunity for the serious upland hunter to go afield with one of the nation's top trainers and to experience the thrill of walking up behind such extraordinary grouse dogs as the ones Richard Weaver has owned and trained.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9780892726523

Senior Dogs
Whether teaching a dog the basics, turning Fido from frumpy to fabulous, or traveling with man's best friend, Dog Fancy magazine's Simple Solutions books are best bets for dog owners. Filled with helpful tips and fun illustrations, these handy guides serve as easy-to-use foundations for success.
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9781931993722

Difficult Dogs
When your dog's behaviour becomes problematic no matter how understanding and patient you may be it can leave you feeling distressed, unhappy and unsure of what to do. Your dog's behaviour can have significant implications for everybody concerned, both in and out of the home and in severe cases you may even be contemplating parting with your dog as everyday life becomes seemingly impossible.This invaluable book aims to help you understand your dog's negative behavioural traits, displays and actions; whilst explaining why they are likely to have occurred and how you can put into practice effective methods to solve unwanted behaviour.Topics covered include:Stressed owner; stressed dog; Second hand dog, first hand problems; How to deal with problem behaviour both in the home and outside; Understanding aggression; Effective training for obedience. An invaluable book that covers the common problems dog owners experience, from separation anxiety to disobedience to fear and aggression.Gives the reader a theoretical understanding of why dogs behave in certain ways and instruction on how you can re-train your dog successfully and ensure that their behaviour is desirable.Superbly illustrated with 609 colour photographs.Vanessa Stead is a canine behaviourist with extensive experience in helping dogs to overcome behavioural problems.
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9781847972545

Dead Dogs
Where I am now doesn't really matter. What matters is how I got here. How we, how me and Sen, saw that girl getting killed and all the stuff that happened after. And all the stuff that happened before. I saw her getting killed - I know I saw. Sen and me grew up in a town the rest of the world has closed its eyes to. The town we grew up in is a cartoon. A cartoon where we're the butt of every joke, the cloud of dust at the end of every falling anvil. Sen wasn't like the rest of us. Sen isn't like anyone. Sen does stuff to things, things like cats and dogs and guinea pigs. Bad stuff; he can't help it. Dead dogs and a murder. This is how I got here. I saw it happen. I really, really saw it. Dead Dogs is a novel like no other - odd, witty and darkly hilarious, full of pathos and suspense from the beginning to its taut and throttling crescendo. This is a genre-bending achievement by one of Ireland's most talented and original voices.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781907593451

Ordinary Dogs
Eileen Battersby is the chief literature critic of The Irish Times and is, in the words of John Banville, 'the finest fiction critic we have'. But her first full-length book is not about international literature or the state of the novel. It is about dogs. Two dogs in particular, with the unlikely names of Bilbo and Frodo. She adopted the first from a horrible dog pound, and the second decided he liked her and moved in to join the family. She was in her very early twenties, an intensely serious student and runner who had just moved to Ireland from California. The dogs became her most loyal companions for over twenty years, witnesses to an often difficult human life and more important to her than most other humans. This book is about two animals with personalities, emotions and prejudices. It is unlike any other book ever written about dogs. It is not sentimental or twee. Battersby became intimately involved in the lives of these intelligent, shrewd creatures, and brings them to life with rare passion and insight. She writes honestly and movingly about the reasons why, for certain people - especially women - there is more integrity in the mysterious relationship with a mammal who cannot speak than there is in most of the relationships that human society has to offer.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9780571277841
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