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Applied Data Structures with C++
Data Structures & Theory of Computation
Author: Peter Smith
Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning on 03/19/2018
Book details: 692 pages.

C++ Plus Data Structures
Nell Dale’s C++ Plus Data Structures, Sixth Edition explores the specifications, applications, and implementations of abstract data types. Topics covered include modularization, data encapsulation, information hiding, object-oriented decomposition, algorithm analysis, and more.
Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning on 08/24/2016
Book details: 838 pages.

Data Structure Using C++
Published by Firewall Media on 01/01/2007
Book details: 126 pages.

Data Structures In C
Published by PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. on 03/19/2018
Book details: 281 pages.

Data Structures and Algorithms Using C+
Published by Pearson Education India on 03/19/2018
Book details: 576 pages.

Data Structures
Published by Technical Publications on 01/01/2010
Book details: 840 pages.

Algorithms and Data Structures for External Memory
Algorithms and Data Structures for External Memory describes several useful paradigms for the design and implementation of efficient external memory (EM) algorithms and data structures. The problem domains considered include sorting, permuting, FFT, scientific computing, computational geometry, graphs, databases, geographic information systems, and text and string processing.
Published by Now Publishers Inc on 03/19/2018
Book details: 174 pages.

Intended for a course on Data Structures at the UG level, this title details concepts, techniques, and applications pertaining to the subject in a lucid style. Independent of any programming language, the text discusses several illustrative problems to reinforce the understanding of the theory. It offers a plethora of programming assignments and problems to aid implementation of Data Structures. Features Lucid Language: Language used is easy to comprehend and the text steers clear of complicated formalisms, case in point being the coverage of Trees. Exhaustive coverage: Separate chapters for Binary Search Trees and AVL Trees, B-Trees and Tries, and Red Black Trees and Splay Trees. Example driven approach: After a brief introduction to the topic, the text applies these concepts using solved examples and algorithms. Eg. Infix, Prefix, and PostFix Expressions. Use of Pseudocodes: Will provide students with flexibility in terms of language of implementation. Unique Feature: ADT for each Data Structure has been discussed in a separate section at the end of every chapter. Breakup of Examples and Problems Solved Examples: 124 Review Questions: 215 Illustrative Problems: 133 Programming Assignments: 74 Illustrations: 369
Author: PAI
Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Book details: 174 pages.

Data Structures: A Pseudocode Approach with C
This second edition expands upon the solid, practical foundation established in the first edition of the text. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Published by Cengage Learning on 10/11/2004
Book details: 672 pages.

Data Structures Using C
Author: Balagurusamy
Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education on 03/19/2018
Book details: 315 pages.
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