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Mitchls Coloring Book
Mitchls Coloring Book features twenty-five Full Color and Grayscale Images of items for your guidance and coloring.

Kids Color Book
Kids art book. Kids can learn drawing and colour sense thorough this easy to learn art e-book.

The Comfort Coloring Book
The Comfort Coloring Book

Afro Bets: Book of Colors
Afro Bets: Book of Colors

Pattern and Design Coloring Book
You'll love this adult coloring book designed This book includes 23 original coloring pages featuring patterns, florals, and abstract prints. Artwork

Wally's Identity Crisis Coloring Book
Everyone knows someone who is a wishful, hopeful thinker, and Wally is no different. But will he listen to his friend Peppercorn's suggestion to solve his problem or let nature take its course!

The Best Mandala Coloring Book
There are 33 mandalas in this coloring book, created with the intention that in 33 days you will feel increased levels of health and happiness. The number 33 symbolizes self-expression, peacefulness, financial success, inspiration, and communication. The Best Mandala Coloring Book includes: 3 guided meditations to support and cultivate your creative imagination Easy and fun mandalas to colorOne sided paper for coloring Made in the U.S.A.

Cities Building Adult Coloring Book
The adult coloring book's distinctive large square format offers absorbingly complex vistas to color, the crisp white pages are conducive to a range of artistic applications, and a middle margin keeps all.

Girls Are Not Chicks Coloring Book
Truly fun for all ages, this unique coloring book subversively and playfully examines the female gender stereotypes that pervade daily life. A diverse group of pictures reinforce positive gender roles throughout the book and show that girls are thinkers, creators, fighters, and healers. Some of the characters who show the new face of the feminine include Rapunzel, who now has power tools and Miss Muffet, who tells the spider off and considers a career as an arachnologist. Deconstructing the homogeneity of gender expression has never been so colorful.

Funny: Coloring Book
Appealing to all ages, "Funny" is the original book by Suzanna Giamusso. This beautiful coloring book features delicate and highly detailed pen-and-ink illustrations and they all waiting to be brought to life with color. The Illustrations are complex and intricately detailed, some with tiny details, most with small details and a couple with medium details, so Colored Pencils, Gel Pens, or Ultra Fine markers work well in this coloring book.

Gianna, the Little Gymnast, Coloring Book
Gianna, the Little Gymnast Coloring Book is the start of a series of children's books. Gianna starts in preschool gymnastic classes, moves on to the training team, and progresses to being a member of the competitive team. Gianna shares her love for the sport of gymnastics.

Really RELAXING Coloring Book 1
You'll love this adult coloring book designed This book includes 23 original coloring pages featuring patterns, florals, and abstract prints. Artwork

Adult Coloring Book
Volume 1 of this coloring book for grown-ups features 50 mandalas of varying complexities, from beginner to advanced. This adult coloring book can provide you with a few minutes or even several hours to relieve your stress. Not only that, coloring these mandalas may be considered a form of art therapy. What's more, you can even share your masterpieces on various social media including Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Show the world how vivid your imagination can be, and be an inspiration to others! And last, but not least, you have the opportunity to use your creativity to design something that is beautiful.

Vintage Cars Coloring Book
I'm really enjoying the all the shaded areas. It makes things it easier to color. Presents a new style of adult coloring book that features 38 classic cars and trucks in a way that makes creating a work of art simple. Each design features pre-shaded areas which make the concept of shading very easy.

The Z Family Coloring Book
Hi! We are the Z Family from a far away place called Plantet Z. We have traveled space for a long time and found your planet Earth. We've come to share who we are and learn about you here on Earth. We are so glad to be here. In the meantime here is a coloring book for your enjoyment in starting to come to know us. Your friends from Planet Z

Coloring In Colors Coloring Book
Coloring In Colors was birthed to let children know that African Americans have continued to achieve greatness and have made many contributions to our heritage. Coloring In Colors is a must-have for every classroom, household, and learning environment. Our coloring book consists of treasures of knowledge, love, pride, freedom, peace, joy, strength, and creativity. Coloring In Colors will acquaint you with groundbreaking distinctive individuals who will continue to give hope to our future generations.

The Coloring Book of Tangle Patterns
Create and Color Your Own Coloring Pages With Tangle Patterns! If you love to color, you will love to tangle and color! Celebrity YouTube artist Tiffany Lovering offers her best collection of tangle patterns yet in this supercharged volume-part how-to book, part adult coloring book. Follow along to learn how to draw 100 different tangle patterns. Before you know it, you'll be flowing and building magically simple or beautifully complex works of art by mixing and matching simple geometric, organic and gridline-style patterns and motifs. You will unwind, relax your mind and fill the whole page with abstract strings of soft waves and chipper chevrons or flourishing lotus blossoms and tapestries of colorful shapes. You can create your own pages to color-or work within the provided coloring-book-style pages and templates. Find your zen and unleash your inspiration with this easy and addictive art form! Inside you'll find:A quick-start lesson in tangle patterns, plus fun, inspirational prompts for drawing your own100 different step-by-step exercises to build tangle patterns from scratch, ranging in complexity from basic to intermediate to advancedTips for drawing and coloring freeform doodles in any medium-colored pencil, paint, marker, crayon and more 75 coloring pages, plus additional digital design downloads to complete creative illustrations

Rabbiting on Nowingi - a coloring book
This story is about recalling those sensory moments when, as a child, you see, hear, taste, feel, smell, and experience everything around you as a rich orchestral tapestry. These days in the dry, dusty bush left Heather with memories of pleasure around a loving family, wide open spaces, and the joy of life. This story is set on a special part of the Mallee, on a station called Nowingi, where Heather's maternal grandfather, Hugh Johns, worked, including taming wild horses ready for riding, and her grandmother, Winifred Foreman, cooked the biggest tastiest apple pies for the shearers and her family.

Adult Coloring Books: Valentine Hearts
Unleash your creativity and relieve stress with Adult Coloring Books: Valentine Hearts. You will be drawn into a relaxing world of heart shapes, patterns, mandalas, doodles, and zentangles. 50 designs of different detail and complexity will keep you entertained for hours. This coloring book for grown ups is great for crayons, markers, colored pencils, and fine tip pens. The beautiful pen and ink illustrations are waiting for imagination and color! Valentine Hearts can be appreciated by all ages. Relax and enjoy! Includes link to download and print a high-quality PDF version.

Adult Coloring Books: Flora & Fauna
Sit back and relax with Adult Coloring Books: Flora & Fauna. You will be surrounded by a calming world of flowers, floral patterns, leaves, trees, plants, and more. 50 designs of different detail and complexity will keep you entertained for hours. This coloring book for grown ups is great for crayons, markers, colored pencils, and fine tip pens. The beautiful pen and ink illustrations are waiting for imagination and color! Adult Coloring Books: Flora & Fauna can be appreciated by all ages. Relax and enjoy! *Note: This ebook is intended to be printed out and colored. A link to download a printable PDF is included*
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