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The Street Artist's Coloring Book
A coloring book for the vandal or public artist in you!
Uploaded by eyedraugh on 10/13/2009
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

2010 Holiday Coloring Book
2010 Austin Daily Herald Holiday Coloring Book
Uploaded by austindailyherald on 12/14/2010
Digital publication details: 8 pages.

St.Patricks Day Coloring Activity Book
Belly Bean and Buddy Bean are on a fun journey of games, puzzles, and coloring activities.
Uploaded by bellybeanadventures on 02/28/2009
Digital publication details: 15 pages.

MySwim Coloring Book
Coloring work book for swimmers 8 years old or younger.
Uploaded by coacherin on 06/16/2009
Digital publication details: 8 pages.

My Rosary Coloring Book
Children of all ages can color their way into prayer with this coloring book on the Rosary. The twenty sensitive coloring pages are perfect for the visual learner or the child who loves color, or just needs a different way to enter into this traditional prayer. Along with the mysteries of the Rosary, the coloring book includes how to say the Rosary, coloring pages for Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Fatima, activities, and a craft: Make Your Own Clay Mary Statue. Ages 6–8
Uploaded by paulinebooksandmedia on 01/31/2000
Digital publication details: 7 pages.

Saint Frances of Assisi Comic Coloring Book
This comic book-style coloring and activity book highlights the life of St. Francis of Assisi through kid-friendly text and amusing dialogue. Children will learn from St. Francis the power of gentleness, the courage to follow one's dreams, and the reliability of God who loves us so much as to give us each a mission in life. Once they’ve finished coloring, kids will have a completed comic book to enjoy. This coloring book also features cut-out trading cards, activities, and games! Ages 6–8
Uploaded by paulinebooksandmedia on 04/18/2012
Digital publication details: 7 pages.

Robert Maschke Architects Coloring Book
The Robert Maschke Architects Coloring Book is a uniquely innovative publication that entertains and educates users of all ages. It takes the format of the traditional architectural monograph and throws it out the window in support of an engaged approach. The coloring book offers a glimpse into the evolution of the Cleveland design firm, Robert Maschke Architects. The Robert Maschke Architects Coloring Book is a playful companion and catalog ripe for interaction. Grab a copy, box of crayons, and go to town!
Uploaded by jeremypsmith on 03/31/2013
Digital publication details: 68 pages.

Saint Paul Comic Coloring Book
When kids want more than coloring pages but still love to color Comicolor Saints are the answer! Coloring comic strips on the life of Saint Paul gives children a wonderful window into the Scriptures and the early Church. The life of Paul unfolds from when he was a young boy studying with Gamaliel, to his encounter with Jesus which transformed his life, to the story of all his missionary journeys on which he preached the name of Jesus and his love for us. Children who color this life of St. Paul will be rooted in a stronger love for Jesus and the Church and be drawn to share their faith with others. This coloring book also features cut-out trading cards, activities, and games. Ideal for ages 6—8.
Uploaded by paulinebooksandmedia on 04/30/2008
Digital publication details: 5 pages.

Amazing Animals: Savanna coloring book
A free coloring book, which features all the animal characters from the game, accompanies this popular iPhone game for children. Play and create!
Uploaded by tomikk on 04/17/2010
Digital publication details: 13 pages.

BellyBean Book 3 is a free coloring pages site engaging kids globally to easily print, and enjoy adventures of Belly Bean, and offer new ideas to be drawn.
Uploaded by bellybeanadventures on 02/18/2009
Digital publication details: 12 pages.
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