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Making Cars More Fuel Efficient
Studies show that cars use significantly more fuel per kilometre than suggested by official certification test ratings. While the exact size of this gap is poorly understood there is speculation that the gap is growing as a percentage of the tested value.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9789282103432

Police Cars on the Go
Carefully leveled text and fresh, vibrant photos engage young readers in learning about how police cars work and what they do. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions and a photo glossary help build nonfiction learning skills.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction. ISBN: 9781512414493

The Cars of American Motors
Though American Motors never approached the size of Detroit's Big Three, it produced a long series of successful cars that were distinctive, often innovative and in many cases influential. This history examines AMC's cars from the company's formation in 1954 through its absorption by Chrysler in 1987. The Gremlin, Pacer and Eagle vehicles are examined in detail, as are the AMC custom cars of George Barris and Carl Green. The text details AMC's 1980s involvement with the French firm Renault and the design legacy of that joint venture, which includes the Hummer. The evolution of Jeep is covered from the 1960s through the 2000s. Features include some 225 photographs; a listing of AMC / Rambler clubs, organizations and business entities, with contact details; tables of detailed specifications and performance data; data on technical devices, trim packages and all model variations; a comprehensive account of AMC / Rambler appearances in film, television and cartoons.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780786446728

Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs
In this collection of beautifully crafted autobiographical vignettes that encompasses everything from the people Jay Farrar has met and the places he's journeyed over 20 years as a traveling musician, to his formative childhood experiences, to his parents' cultural identity as Missouri Ozarks. As a child, he marveled at the eccentric habits and mannerisms of his father, though it has taken over 40 years to fully appreciate his guidance. Recollections of Farrar's father are prominent throughout the stories. Ultimately, it is music and musicians that are given the most space and the final word since music has been the creative impetus and driving force for the past 35 years of his life. In writing these stories, he found a natural inclination to focus on very specific experiences; a method analogous to the songwriting process. The highlights and pivotal experiences from that musical journey are all represented as the binding thread in these storiesif life is a movie, then these stories are the still frames.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781593765125

In the Company of Cars
It has long been accepted that the social and cultural meanings of the car far exceed the practical need for mobility. This book marks the first attempt to contribute to road safety, considering, in depth, these meanings and the cultures of driving that are shaped by them. In the Company of Cars examines the perspectives that young people have on cars, and explores the broader social and cultural meanings of the car, the potential it is supposed to fulfil, and the anticipated benefits it offers to young drivers. From focus-group research conducted in Australia, the book takes up the views of young people on a range of topics, from media to car use to gender performance. The author looks at the ways in which driving has been defined by articulations of the car that emphasize valued features of the car-driver, such as gender, youthfulness, status, age, power, raciness, sexiness, ruggedness and competitiveness. The book takes a global perspective on mobility, considering the impact of cars and road safety policy on quality of life, and the value and significance of other modes of travel, in a range of countries.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780754671985

Police Cars on the Go
Audisee eBooks with Audio combine professional narration and text highlighting to engage reluctant readers! Carefully leveled text and fresh, vibrant photos engage young readers in learning about how police cars work and what they do. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions and a photo glossary help build nonfiction learning skills.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction. ISBN: 9781512414493

Aiming Big with Small Cars
This book focuses on the small car segment of India's automotive industry to explain the emergence of lead markets. It questions the conventional wisdom and updates the theory of lead markets to better reflect the changing realities on ground.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783319020655

Guy des Cars 3 L'Impure
Trs belle et adule, Chantal est un ancien mannequin ayant brusquement renonc sa carrire pour une raison inconnue. En quittant Paris pour l'archipel des Iles Fidji, dans le Pacifique Sud, o sont soigns des lpreux, elle attire d'emble tous les regards de ses compagnons de voyage. Subjugu, Robert Nicot entreprend de faire sa connaissance, mais ne parvient pas percer son mystre. Pour Chantal, il est encore trop tt pour confesser son terrible secret. Mes frres, je comprends votre peine.Je connais cette femme pour l'avoir reue ici comme j'ai accueilli chacun de vous lorsque vous aviez besoin de mes conseils. La seule ici qui ait le droit de tuer est la lpre... Chantal veut gurir et surtout poursuivre son ascension sociale. Mais son arrive sur l'le de Makogai, o elle est surnomme La desse blanche , son sjour parmi les malades et ses rencontres font natre en elle des sentiments jusque-l trangers...
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9782847146356

Riding in Cars with Boys
Denied college, Beverly Donofrio lost interest in everything but riding around town in cars, drinking and smoking, and rebelling against authority. She got married and divorced and finally ended up in an elite New England university, books in one arm, child in the other. A book about the compromise between being your own person and fitting into society.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9780140156294

Sleeper Cars and Flannel Uniforms
Kick back and take a trip in time to meet some of baseball's all-time great personalities, with one of them as your own personal guide. Sleeper Cars and Flannel Uniforms brings baseball legends to life through the eyes of Elden Auker, a submarine-style pitcher in the American League from 1933 through 1942. Auker, one of the last living pitchers to have faced Babe Ruth, teamed with baseball greats Ted Williams, Hank Greenberg, Jimmie Foxx, Charlier Gehringer, and Mickey Cochrane, played against the likes of Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Dizzy Dean, and Bob Feller, and struck up off-the-field friendships with many of them. He takes readers behind the scenes and into the clubhouse for stories like the time Babe Ruth pummeled a sticky-fingered roommate who later went on to have a Hall of Fame career of his own.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9781572438248
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