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Blood é uma apresentação dos personagens que surgem nas páginas do livro Revelações, primeiro livro da série Dirty Vampires que ainda não foi lançado. Em Blood você vai ler os principais capítulos sobre os personagens do livro Revelações. Todos os capítulos apresentados em Blood são os mesmos do livro Revelações. A série Dirty Vampires estreia com seu primeiro livro intitulado Revelações, do qual além de apresentar os principais personagens, também mostra a verdadeira história por trás de cada ser da serie que vão desde vampiros clássicos até bruxos atuais criados por vampiros de origem única e amaldiçoados por Magos de sua própria espécie. A principal intenção de Blood é além de apresentar os personagens, também conseguir com a sua venda, uma forma justa para finalização do primeiro livro da série. Todo o processo está sendo feito de forma independente, por isso a revisão ortográfica e gramatical do livro, faz se necessária para que o livro seja finalmente lançado em sua versão completa. Para saber mais sobre a série Dirty Vampires e ficar atualizado sobre a data de lançamento do primeiro livro Revelações, e até mesmo oferecer alguma ajuda para finalizar o trabalho; acesse a Fan Page oficial do livro no Facebook

Blood es una Presentación de los personajes that surgen en las Páginas del libro Revelaciones, primer libro de la serie sujos Vampires that aun no lanzado fue. En Blood usted leerá los principales Capítulos sobre los personajes del libro Revelaciones. Todos los Capítulos presentados en Blood filho los mismos del libro Revelaciones. La serie Dirty Vampires con su primer libro titulado Revelaciones, que también permite enviar los personajes principales, también se muestra la verdadera historia detrás de cada ser la serie que va de vampiros clásicos a los asistentes actual resultante de origen único y maldición de los vampiros para los magos su propia especie. La principais intención de Blood además de presentar los personajes es también Conseguir con su venta, una forma justa para la Finalización del primero libro de la serie.

Captain Blood
Captain Blood

Blood Wine
FBI agent Lili Foxworthy and her new fellow agent, her husband and actor Peter von Rabenhorst, are assigned to a case involving counterfeit and deadly wine. Their travels take them to the edge of death and violent feelings that Peter has never experienced before.

Blood Brothers
Follow along on a journey with Corporal Roger Sanchez United States Marine Corps, a combat infantry Marine during the Vietnam War. A time in American history that divided a nation and a generation. The story is a journey from innocents, to the reality of the dark nature of man. It is written not as a historical account, but from an emotional and personal point of view, of the author.

Blood Bound
Forced to move back to his hometown in the wake of his close cousin's death, Rian Michaels is trying to piece his family back together, he also tries to comfort his cousin's deeply grieving girlfriend, Emily. Instead of putting her grief at ease, he begins to feel something between them. In the mist of unforgivable lies, dark secrets and betrayals, Rian has to decide. What is truly thicker than blood?

Blood Rose
Ever since Rose's mother died, she has planned her escape from her abusive step-father. Now she has finally managed to leave, and head to a cabin in the Montana hills where she and her mother had spent many happy days together. There, Rose begins to understand her own special abilities. As well as uncovering the secrets of her Chippewa legacy left behind for her by her mother. Before Rose was even born her grandmother a great Chippewa seer, enlisted Cole, a beautiful immortal man to look after Rose and protect her from the 'evil ones'. Together Rose and Cole embark on a journey that twists them through family secrets, unforeseen dangers, powerful abilities and unstoppable love.

Blood's Price
Elizabeth Smythe is taken away from her privileged life and everything she knows. Her rescuer, Spirit Walker, treats her with gentle compassion, winning her trust and love. Elizabeth discovers Spirit Walker is so much more than just a strong man devoted to his tribe. Spirit Walker is a multi-faceted man who carries the honour of his people with deep pride. Despite the wrongs committed against him, he knows crucial timing will reward his patience and soon enough fate plays it's hand fulfilling the blood price he so longs for.

Gaia reconsiders the consequences of her fearlessness when a drug dealer she beat up takes revenge by killing her friend. She becomes inconsolable and reclusive, and her depression turns into a death wish. But Ed's got a plan to get Gaia caring again. Will it work?

Blood Ties
The truth will set you free if it doesn't get you killedSavannah Slade is not the person she thought she was. The reading of her "father's" will has led her to a world-shattering revelation: her sisters are not her blood kin-and she may be the heiress to a massive fortune. Her not-quite-fiancé Judd doesn't care where she came from-he only wants her by his side. But the primal need to uncover her past wins out, and Savannah trades the Montana ranges for Miami's moneyed oceanside enclaves. The wealthy and powerful Stoss family is less than overjoyed to find that Gerald Stoss's daughter has emerged from the past. But theirs is a clan seldom troubled by inconveniences. They've always had the means to eradicate any blemish on their perfect lives. One more won't make a difference.

Blood Lust
"I was only three, but could still remember the touch. It was a red, thick substance that covered my once peaceful home. The substance was everywhere. It stained walls and drip off bodies that belonged to my family. My mother and father who cared for me, who loved me, were slaughtered now drowning in blood."Sih Ming, once a lone peasant in Africa has her life altered as assassins slaughter her home village. Orphaned and alone, she meets Kaju who killed her family. He takes her in and helps aid her to become a lethal assassin. Will she live up to the Kumori clan's expectations? Or will she fall into her own pool of blood?

Eli's Blood
What if the blood coursing through your veins could cure diseases and stop aging? What would happen if the wrong people discovered your blood could do these things? What would those people do to take advantage of your remarkable gift? Eli Winter, a prison inmate, finds himself trapped in a nightmare when Johann Vault, the ruthless CEO of a medical conglomerate, discovers that Eli's blood truly is the stuff of miracles. Vault abducts Eli from prison and takes him to a secret facility so company scientists can turn his blood into a new miracle drug. Eli manages to escape with the help of Dr. Rebecca Candler, a Vault scientist. In exchange for her help, Rebecca begs Eli to help her dying younger sister. Together, Eli and Rebecca must make their way across the country to get to her with the authorities and Vault's hired killers on their trail. With the odds against them, Eli and Rebecca must fight for survival as they race to save her dying sister and get him to freedom and safety.

Blood Chance
To save her dying mother, Kia must suppress her loathing of everything vampire to track down the oldest and most deadly bloodsucker of them all. All dhampir Kia Montana has left in the world is her mortal mother, and Kia will do everything in her power to save her mum from dying. She sets off to track down the Ancient One, Sean Maximillus. He is the one and only vampire capable of reversing her mother's condition. Instead she finds Ronan, a gorgeous and mysterious man who promises to take her to the Vampire Lord…after he's taken her to bed. But Ronan seems to know too much about Kia-things she never told him, and she is soon drawn deeper into his world, where he will reveal secrets that will change her life forever.

The War of Mundhovel is winding down, but there is still work to be done. Leon Hayes, the Dark Magician, is mourning his recently deceased when he is called to a quest that he could have never imagined. After discovering the location of his remaining loved ones, he enters Saga Forest-but he doesn't enter alone. His enemies are on the march toward an unknown destination in the same region, and were they to discover him, they would surely take his life. In Mundhovel, Jeff Mund is recovering in his mansion in the hills. He finds himself an unwitting volunteer in helping Chastity Grant restore peace and order to the burning and war-torn town. She was once his fiancé, and he comes to realize that even two decades with sparse communication have not quenched his love for her. He also learns that as long as he is obsessed with magic, she will never be able to reciprocate his feelings. Meanwhile, Gabby Hayes embarks on her own mission to find her husband, who went missing after the Grants' exodus from the Den of Resurgence. Hoping against hope, she pushes through a wind that chills to the bone, an unending expanse of snow and ice, and her own grief while seeking the one she loves. Leon, Jeff, and Gabby, though each on their separate journeys, find that they have a common destination: Sanctum Lake, where it all began. What happens there will determine their futures, as well as the futures of everyone in Mundhovel.

Cold Blood
From childhood to death, innocence to corruption, in a world already tainted by power and disregard for others, Elizabeth Bathory takes to the limit her unquenchable desire to satisfy her need to stay forever young at the expense of others. Elizabeth Bathory's horrifying world of blood lust, torture and flesh eating, exposes the ever-present evil lying coiled in the dark shadows of humanity, and the fathomless depths of depravity we plumb to satisfy our lust for the delectable pleasures of evil. Based on fact, the insane world of murderer Elizabeth Bathory, "Blood Countess" and original vampire, is revealed in blood-curdling detail. The Lady Elizabeth Nadasdy Bathory b. 1560 d. 1614

Black Bloods
Money in 1923 is an object of excess, not restraint or caution. New York City is a metropolis of big business and Wall Street and gritty finance. It's the Gilded Age and Maxwell Engelbert De Wolfe loves being immersed in it. A New York-based financier and owner of De Wolfe & Fitch, he's one of the world's wealthiest men. The fifty-four-year-old De Wolfe is trapped in a loveless marriage to Alexandra Bauer, a marriage arranged between two wealthy German families thirty-one years ago. To satisfy his needs, he maintains Eva Durant as his mistress, hiding her in a building at 10 Ballad Street, a deserted lower Manhattan location. Eva, a gorgeous showgirl, is keeping a secret from De Wolfe that, if exposed, will destroy De Wolfe and his financial empire. Eva's older brother, Dorrell Durant, a con artist who has served seven years in Sing Sing prison, discovers Eva's relationship with De Wolfe. Evil, eloquent, brilliant, cunning, and capable, Dorrell harbors dastardly plans for Eva and De Wolfe. Not only does he blackmail De Wolfe, Dorrell hopes to outsmart him in a game of psychological warfare before bringing De Wolfe to his knees and destroying Eva, a sister he's hated since birth.

Zik, an unassuming bank manager in Nigeria suddenly discovers his Jewish roots, and with that discovery came revelations about his father Jacob Cohen: A rabbinic scholar who upon an accidental discovery about the burial place of the Ark of the Covenant, travels to the heart of Africa to find the Ark. He finds love in Africa and becomes a custodian to the Ark, but the world powers behind the Ark were determined to keep it buried at the Ogba sacred location, and would kill anyone to keep things the way they are. Zik follows his father's footsteps, but will he end like his father?

It's now, or never. There's no one and nowhere left for Lilly to run to. Trapped by Tarantula MC President, Venom, Lilly only has two choices. Betray her love and the Dark Riders MC. Or Die. Lilly is willing to give up for life for Asher. She wants justice. She wants revenge. And she'll do anything to make sure that happens. But will she be able to get what she wants?Lilly's plan goes horribly wrong and bullets fly. Will her story end in happiness? Or will there be nothing but tears?

Devil's Blood
We would embrace the darkness together…Or not at all. Xavier Blood is a man adrift. And a dangerous man without purpose is a lethal cocktail for disaster. Mercy Reid has her revenge, but it's not what her heart desires most. After everything he's been through, X doesn't want to know where he came from, let alone who he was. Mercy has become his life, his anchor, his everything, so why should it matter?Mercy thinks X is delaying the inevitable and pushes him to understand the thing he struggles with the most-his identity-but it might be one push too far in the wrong direction. Who is Xavier Blood? Only one man has the answer and it's the man Mercy wants to meet the least. The more X withdraws into his broken mind, the more desperate she becomes to save him, even if it means coming face to face with the man who tortured and conditioned her love to be a cold hearted killer. The Watchman has the answers, but are they the ones she wants to hear?

Blood Pressure
Aidan has it all - a happy home in leafy suburbia with two cars parked on the drive, and all a boy could ask for in terms of designer labels and gadgets. He's top of the class, captain of the swimming team and has the gorgeous Emily hanging on his every word. So a trip up North with Mum to visit his dying Grandfather doesn't go down well. But it does teach Aidan a thing or two about real life - and friendships, trust, loyalty and survival. He's shattered to discover his real father is a gangland drugs dealer recently released from prison and out to regain his scrap of turf whatever it takes. He's surprised and confused to find he's falling in love with the intriguing Jade even though she's already pregnant after a fling with one of the bad lads who hangs out on the estate. He's humbled by his grandparents, how little they have, but how much wisdom and love they offer him. In a crackingly paced, hard-hitting, real life thriller that deals with drugs and crime, Alan Gibbons also describes the summer of one boy who must grow up super-fast - from hormonal to responsible - in one huge leap of faith.
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