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Mad Blood (Drone Vampire Book 1)
Ever since being released from the paranormal prison that served as his home for ten years, all Dante wanted to do was pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Once one the most respected vampires, he now is a shell of what he used to be, both emotionally and socially. Taking shelter with a rebel band of Drone Vampires, he has given up any hope of true happiness.Then when he least expects it, he finds himself drawn to another vampire. Young and innocent to his dark desires, it's the last male Dante ever thought he would want. Not wanting to corrupt another, he tries to deny his true feelings. Then after a few stolen taboo touches, Dante can no longer fight the urge to claim his mate.
Published by: MLR Press | Publication date: 09/22/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 141 pages

BLOOD: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 7)
A tale of revenge, loyalty and debts owed.He’s the Enforcer for the New Orleans Chapter of the Evil Dead MC.She’s a nurse, kidnapped and thrust into a situation out of her control.Chained to a bed, his wounds on fire, his mind foggy with fever, Blood is losing all hope of ever making it out of the stifling New Orleans row house. Until the door opens and an angel of mercy is thrust inside.Nurse Catherine ‘Cat’ Randall stared at the man on the bed. He’s dark and dangerous and everything she hates—just another filthy biker. Only he isn’t. He’s nothing like the others. And she’s his only hope of escape. Can she risk helping him? Can she trust a man who wears an MC patch? How can he be her savior when he wears the face of her deepest fear?Blood owes the pretty nurse a debt—one he’s determined to repay, even if it clashes with his duty to his club. He made her a promise. But time is running out. To keep that promise and repay the debt he owes, he may have to sacrifice it all—everything that ever meant a damn to him.Fighting treachery, betrayal, and dirty deals, there are a hundred ways it could all go wrong, but Blood is determined to have Cat for his own. She’s fast becoming his weakness. As the smoldering passion between them flares to life, burning hot and intense, no one is going to stop him. He wants it all, and he’ll settle for nothing less. This is an emotional story filled with twists and turns, tragedy and humor that only the Evil Dead MC can deliver. Hang on for a ride you won’t forget.
Author: Nicole James
Publication date: 04/13/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 378 pages

Blood Rites (The Redwing Saga Book 2)
As Charles and Beth plan their wedding, the newly titled detective must unravel the clues to a riddle that hints at his past, and he is forced to reveal a dark secret to his beloved duchess. But worst of all, wolves that walk like men have been seen at St. Katherine’s Docks and Victoria Park. Is all of this connected to a cedar crate shipped to England in 1870? Might an ancient stone marker be the source of the evil now stalking women in London? Redwing’s members have redoubled their efforts, but a schism has arisen within their ranks, and two powerful spiritual entities begin a battle that rages not only in the infernal realm but in the world of men. Can the faithful men and women of the ‘inner circle’ solve the riddle in time? And why is Charles Sinclair’s blood so very special to the infernal realm? Sir William Trent knows the answer to that question, but his plans do not include Sinclair. He wants Elizabeth all to himself, which means both Paul Stuart and Charles Sinclair must die.
Publication date: 09/15/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 355 pages

Cold Blood: A gripping serial killer thriller that will take your breath away (Detective Erika Foster Book 5)
She fell in love with a killer, now she’s one too.The suitcase was badly rusted, and took Erika several attempts, but it yielded and sagged open as she unzipped it. Nothing could prepare her for what she would find inside…When a battered suitcase containing the dismembered body of a young man washes up on the shore of the river Thames, Detective Erika Foster is shocked. She’s worked on some terrifying cases but never seen anything like this before. As Erika and her team set to work, she makes the link with another victim – the body of a young woman dumped in an identical suitcase two weeks ago. Erika quickly realises she’s on the trail of a serial killer who’s already made their next move. Yet just as Erika starts to make headway with the investigation, she is the victim of a brutal attack. But nothing will stop Erika. As the body count rises, the twin daughters of her colleague Commander Marsh are abducted, and the stakes are higher than ever before. Can Erika save the lives of two innocent children before it’s too late? She’s running out of time and about to make a disturbing discovery…there’s more than one killer. Brilliantly gripping, Cold Blood will have you hooked from the first page and holding your breath to the heart-stopping and shocking ending. Read what everyone is saying about Cold Blood:‘Robert Bryndza never fails to amaze me, he is such a gifted writer and I love the fact that he is able to maintain such a high standard of writing whilst keeping the series highly original in content. Would I recommend Cold Blood? It's a "thousand" hell yeses and if you haven't read this series yet you really need to.' The Book Review Café ‘I absolutely LOVE Robert Bryndza’s writing and the Erika Foster series is probably one of the best female detective series I’ve read… wait, not just female, but the best detective series ever! …Wow, wow, wow!! Erika is back with a bang.’ Stardust Book Reviews‘This is a heart racing, hold your breath, drama packed instalment of one of the best crime thriller series available! Robert Bryndza is a genius and raises the bar for the genre!’ The Quiet Knitter‘OMG what a story…. you seriously need to read this one. I devoured this in one sitting. It is certainly one pulse-racing, nail-biting, gritty read… There is nothing not to like about this book or series it is full of twists and turns and OMG moments and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.’ Chelle’s Book Reviews ‘As always the author had me from the gripping and intriguing start and didn't let me go until the emotional ending… Cold Blood is without a doubt my new favourite book in the Erika Foster series. Dark, gritty, hard hitting and emotional, this is a crime read that would be truly criminal to miss.’ By The Letter Book Reviews ‘Wowza. Another fantastic gripping book from Robert. It is so good to have this detective back in my life. She brings a sense of calmness, cleverness, and female power to a book...such a great character.’ Trisha’s Blog
Published by: Bookouture | Publication date: 09/20/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 356 pages

Bloodline Heiress: A Vampire Royalty Romance
Sawyer was taken against her will to a secret fortress where her life is in danger. With an unexpected connection to the vampire king, Sawyer doesn’t know if she’s being protected or if she needs to escape to survive. Sawyer was kidnapped from her lonely life and brought to a secret fortress where the elite vampires reside. When she meets the vampire king, her world is turned upside down and she can’t deny her feelings for him. After testing her blood, King Atticus finds out Sawyer is the heiress to a family of original vampires. If Sawyer is turned into a vampire, she could either destroy or save Atticus’s world. Sawyer doesn’t know whether the king is trying to protect her or destroy her. Can Sawyer trust Atticus or should she take her chances and try to escape the secret fortress?If you love harrowing tales of vampire royalty, romance, and steamy encounters, you’ll love Bloodline Heiress. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone novella, so no cliff-hangers. This story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.
Author: Alexis Davie
Publication date: 09/16/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 71 pages

Blood of the Infinity War (Afterlife saga Book 8)
As Keira still finds Persian sands beneath her feet, she is yet to discover the true meaning of what it is to be The Chosen One to the King of Kings. For now that Arsaces has her, he simply plans on keeping her…No matter what the cost. Even if that means fighting the prophecy and stealing her from the only world she has ever known… A world that is about to end.
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 553 pages

Blood Stained The Wedding Gown (Jessica Carter Mysteries Book 3)
It has been over a year since the snowstorm incident which left Jessica and her group of friends reeling from yet another brush with death. Time has begun to heal their emotional wounds, and everyone has grown up significantly since Corinne’s death brought them all together. They can see that their extended adolescence is ending and, tonight of all nights, that change is most apparent.Because tomorrow, Kristina and Andrew are finally getting married.But during the rehearsal dinner, another death threatens to once again throw the traumatized friends into a deadly mystery. Everyone is reluctant to get involved until the death becomes more personal and the danger grows closer. As the night progresses, Jessica and her friends are forced to reveal their own secrets and consider the possibility that there may be a killer among them. Do the attacks have something to do with the crate of money found in the storage room, the illicit smuggling operation taking place under their noses, or the return of a much older foe?One particular question lingers on Jessica’s mind: could the murderer at the wedding actually be her mother’s nemesis, the serial killer known only as ‘Samael,’ who recently kicked off a new campaign of vigilante homicides targeting the villains Jessica has unmasked?
Author: J. Moriarty
Published by: Jessica Carter Mysteries | Publication date: 09/16/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 313 pages

Blood of my Blood (Awakening of the Spirit Book 1)
FBI Agent Alexander Rubidoux is a kidnapping specialist. One night he's asked to look into the disappearance of wealthy DC financier Paul Kirsch, and to do so off the books. Aided by Paul's wife Kathryn, Alexander is led into a world he can't believe exists, woven deep into the very fabric of the nation's capital. He's working against the clock to save Paul and the entire Kirsch family from a vendetta nearly a century old threatening to destroy them all.
Publication date: 09/16/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 132 pages

Blood Slave (Ruled by Blood Book 2)
Death is a sweet release this blood mage will never be given.Nina Rodriguez would rather die than submit, but that choice isn’t hers. Because whoever kills her will take her death curse, a fate worse than death, and no one is willing to risk that. When she saved the lives of the vampire king and his mother, she didn’t do it for glory, but she’d be a liar if she didn’t think it would mean freedom. Instead, all it did was reveal her for who she is—a blood mage, the most feared creature in the world. Now, the vampires who rule the world have taken her as a slave, to use her as a weapon. With her under their thumb, there’s nothing they can’t do.But it isn’t the pain they threaten, the dungeons they’ll throw her back into, that keeps her in line. It’s the vampire king who stands to change everything she’s ever believed in that is the key to her captivity.She knows she can’t have him, they’re enemies to the core, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting him.Death doesn’t scare her. It’s a cage she fears. But some cages are made out of more than just iron.
Author: Izzy Shows
Publication date: 09/26/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 205 pages

Blood and Revenge: Under the Skin Serial Part 4
***This is part four to a four part reverse-harem serial. Recommended for 18+ and is about 17,000+ words. There will be no cliffhanger***"Lovers, vampires, and shifters, oh my!"Lucy Bryant has finally been reunited with her men Hollis and Sloan, but now, she has another heart to add to the mix. Her maker Vex. His BloodLust induced haze has subsided and the guys seem to be open to having him added into the little love nest they've got going on.Unfortunately, celebrating that will have to take a back seat. Bellamy has released his drugged minion vampires loose in the city. Buildings are burning. Humans are dying. And that precarious balance of peace between humans and vampires is toppling on its axis.Can Lucy and her three men stop Bellamy from destroying the city? Or will she fail to get the revenge she desires for what he's done to them all?
Author: K.B. Ladnier
Publication date: 10/13/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 56 pages
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