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Infernal Triangle
An award-winning journalist's writing on recent events in the Middle East, including the devastating Gaza Flotilla incidentIt's been10 years since Al-Qaeda demolished the World Trade Center, and Paul McGeough was in the streets of Manhattan on that fateful day. No journalist has monitored more closely the fallout from those destructive minutesfor Afghanistan, for Iraq, and for the never-ending conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in The Levant. Together, these three locations are the Infernal Triangle, from which America has been unable to extricate itself. McGeough has enjoyed access to all the main players in these unfolding events. But, more than that, he has been prepared to observe at close quarters both the fighters and the citizens involved, recording their hopes and fears, their triumphs and tragedies. He has been present at the death of colleagues and he joined the historic "Peace Flotilla" that attempted to bring supplies to Gaza. His vivid and eloquent journalismoffers new insights into some of the most critical events of the last decade.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781742375632

Triangle Ray
Triangle Ray is a collection of short stories linked by the character of Ray Fielding, introduced first as a young black man coming of age in the 1980s and infatuated with his schoolmate, Marie. Against the wishes of their families, the two marry just out of high school, but the marriage falls apart within a few years as time makes them strangers to each other. Twenty years later, Ray is unmarried and still searching for a lasting romance, especially with Alma, whom he meets at the hotel where he works. Through his interactions with Marie, Alma, and others, Ray explores the motives behind the ways we retell our stories, and how we ignore or embrace the future that is already taking shape in the present. A keen observer of social factors and class disparity, John Holman writes with sharp prose and startling insight, and employs diverse form and point of view to examine issues of race and class within the context of Ray's romantic aspirations.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781938103377

Whipping Triangle
Rhonda, Paul and Muriel form a love triangle with a difference. They are drawn together by their love of sex with bondage, and live a curiously intertwined life-in and out of one another's beds, now dominant and now submissive as the urge strikes them. Rhonda is the true dominant, relishing her control over the men and women she meets and takes into her circle. Paul finds himself attracted to her as a mistress, and at the same time he is drawn to Muriel, the submissive bank manager who loves to be restrained and ravished. They all meet at Rhonda's country house in order to fulfil their mutual desires for domination, submission, pain and pleasure
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780352340863

Infernal Triangle
Writing on recent events in the Middle East from Australia's best known foreign correspondent - including the devastating Gaza Flotilla incident.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9781742375632

Deadly Triangle
The future looks bright for 23-year-oldIvrin Bolden Jr. The promising premed student at Northeast Louisiana University is engaged to classmate Joel Tillis, a member of the NLU women's basketball team. Bolden, though, is an unwitting member of a love triangle: Tillis is also involved with teammate Brenda Spicer. When Spicer's mutilated body is found in a dumpster, Bolden is arrested and brought to trial. Tillis supports her fianc with an alibi, a decision she quickly comes to regret. When Bolden is found innocent his murderous rage is once again unleashed and this time Tillis is the victim. Bolden flees Louisiana for a new state and a new love interest, unaware that one reporter has been following the trail of bodies. Fran Parker's dogged investigation has uncovered the horrifying truth behind the murders, but can she stop the killer before he strikes again?
Category: True Crime. ISBN: 9780882823409

Fateful Triangle
A comprehensive indictment of what Noam Chomsky calls the "disgraceful and extremely dangerous" policy the US has enacted towards Israel.
Category: Political Science. ISBN: 9781608463992

Triangle Trade
In 1804, Liverpool was the largest slave trading port in Great Britain, yet her influential traders felt threatened by the success, in Parliament, of the anti-slavery movement. Few in Liverpool condemned the ‘Trade’. William King, son of a Liverpool slave trader, sickened by what he experienced aboard a Spanish slaver, was one of the few who did speak out. Triangle Trade, set during the dying days of this despicable business, has generational change, moral wickedness, greed, romance, and the fortunes of war woven through the lives of a father and son caught up in the turmoil that preceded the implementation of the British Trade Act of 1807, which would end Britain’s involvement in the slave trade. Nineteenth century Liverpool is revived; a city of political conflict and dynamic change, mirrored in its inhabitants. As seen on
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781781591741

Eternal Triangle
Manuel González meets an intriguing divorcée when his vehicle collides with a moose. Invited to take shelter from a blizzard by Alison Haldane, a self-reliant ranchwoman, Manuel performs a service that his hostess regards as the saving of her life. Impressed by this personable, courageous ranchwoman, Manuel frankly admits that he is a member of the Order of the Black Lily, and explains the special nature of his tastes in sensual pleasure. The two mature sensualists enter a sexual relationship that soon grows deeply satisfying to both. Having accepted her lover’s invitation to live with him while he and his partner, Hector MacFarlane, sell their business, Alison grows ever more fascinated by Hector’s personality, even as Manuel conducts an abbreviated initiation of a most promising probationer into the erotic arts practiced by members of the Order. Will the desire that flares between Hector and Alison fatally complicate Manuel’s relationship with his friend and fellow master, and with the woman he regards as a treasure bestowed on him by capricious Fate?
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 155404457X

Kingdom Triangle
Here is penetrating analysis and critique of Western society's dominant worldviews, naturalism and postmodernism, which have also influenced the church. Moreland issues a bold call to reclaim powerful kingdom living and influence through recovery of the Christian mind, renovation of Christian spirituality, and restoration of the Holy Spirit's power. Go to for more information.
Category: Religion. ISBN: 0310853761

Destiny's Triangle
Romance, Reincarnation, and Adventure on a Colony World! In the spellbinding second volume of Sally Swanson's Soul Survior Trilogy, Xinia, powerful and confident commander of the starship Naiad, rests frozen in stasis during the long voyage ferrying colonists to distant Sirius Seven. Conflict has already taken form around her even before leaving Earth. She is deeply attracted to both John Larson and Henri Fricol, and each is madly in love with Xinia and is determined to win her from the other. Meanwhile, unexpected disaster and difficult decisions lie ahead. Does the key to Xinia's future rest in her past? For, as she lies in stasis, she dreams of three very different lives far in the past, which yet have strange parallels to her present situation. In all three she loved, and was loved, by a pair of strong, determined men, each pair strangely resembling John and Henri. The decisions she made in those lives sometimes turned out well, sometimes terribly. If she learned any useful lessons in those lives, she will need them soon. For the claxons are about to awaken her and the rest of the ship's crew to face a disaster of unimaginable proportions that could leave them drifting helplessly among the stars forever or send them crashing out of control into the nearest world.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 1588736776
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