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In Vietnam, a loner meets a strange man with a knack for murder in this Edgar Awardwinning thriller. Mac finds Johnny Griffith nearly comatose with shell shock, on the edge of a massacre. When the Vietnamese fighters attack, he just stands there waiting to die, until Mac tells him to run. Together they survive the warMac risking his life time and again for this strange, sweet kid who barely knows his own name. By the time they return stateside, they're inseparable, joined by a bond that no outsider could understandand which can only end in tragedy. When Mac's gambling habit lands him in debt with the mob, he offers them Johnny, whose obedience makes him a perfect contract assassin. Mac plans the hits, and Johnny pulls the trigger, feeling nothing afterward besides an intense craving for strawberry ice cream. But when Mac loses control of his killing machine, Johnny's repressed fury will be unleashed on the world.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781497670815

7 mai 1977 : un article paru dans le Daily Telegraph souponne Isral de s'tre empar d'un navire charg de 200 tonnes d'uranium S'inspirant de cette information authentique, Ken Follett a imagin un scnario haletant : en 1968, les services secrets israliens apprennent que l'Egypte est sur le point de possder la bombe atomique, ce qui serait coup sr la fin d'Isral. Il faut donc se procurer de l'uranium. L'agent Nathaniel Dickstein va concevoir seul le plan extraordinaire qui lui permettra de s'emparer en haute mer de cet uranium sans laisser aucune trace qui puisse incriminer sa patrie. Et pourtant Il a contre lui les redoutables agents du KGB, les Egyptiens, les fedayins et, pour seule allie, une ravissante jeune femme anglo-arabe dont la loyaut n'est pas certaine.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9782253174684

Esther Gottesfeld is the last living survivor of the notorious 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist fire and has told her story countless times in the span of her lifetime. Even so, her death at the age of 106 leaves unanswered many questions about what happened that fateful day. How did she manage to survive the fire when at least 146 workers, most of them women, her sister and fianc among them, burned or jumped to their deaths from the sweatshop inferno? Are the discrepancies in her various accounts over the years just ordinary human fallacy, or is there a hidden story in Esther's recollections of that terrible day? Esther's granddaughter Rebecca Gottesfeld, with her partner George Botkin, an ingenious composer, seek to unravel the facts of the matter while Ruth Zion, a zealous feminist historian of the fire, bores in on them with her own mole-like agenda. A brilliant, haunting novel about one of the most terrible tragedies in early-twentieth-century America, Triangle forces us to consider how we tell our stories, how we hear them, and how history is forged from unverifiable truths.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780312426149

Kirk's soul...Spock's life A dark plan has been unleashed in the galaxy, a design so vast, only a collective -- and ruthless -- mindlike the Totality could have conceived it. Now Captain Kirk must battle the seductive force of the Totality's will. It was reasonable that Captian Kirk and Federation Free Agent Sola Than would fall in love. But no reasoning the the universe could have foreseen the tragedy of Spock's own passion for the same woman. Now this unimaginable conflict could cost Captain Kirk his very soul, and bring death to the proud Vulcan. But in the unimaginable lies their only chance, and the freedom of the galaxy depends on the outcome of the... Triangle .
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780671492984

The Devil's Triangle: Eye of the Storm
Sam and Callum are still stranded in the parallel world, having been pulled across by the dangerous energy of the Bermuda Triangle. Now they've found Sam's mum they are desperate to find a way home... at any cost. Meanwhile Niamh is convinced that her brother is alive and not dead as the authorities suspect, but she needs to find out what really happened to the boys before her father is convicted of their murder.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781847389800

Two from the Triangle (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
[Menage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, time travel, witches, HEA] With her spell-casting abilities failing her and her fertility cycle beginning, Helena Macska tries one last time to incant herself to her true mates. The unfortunate use of the word triangle sends her to a plane in the Bermuda Triangle. Or is it unfortunate? With a controlled crash landing, hunky pilots Heath Ulrich and Owen Vance save their own lives and that of their castaway. Stranded on a tiny deserted island, their chances of survival are slim. Will they spend their final days in sexual heaven when Helena informs them of her desire for both men? When a sudden storm threatens their lives on the island, Helena tries to send Heath and Owen to safety, but her spell propels them all to her own time—eighty-four years into the future. Now she must follow her destiny and save her family and her lovers from an evil shifter. ** A Siren Erotic Romance
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 1619269007

Love Triangle
Long before two of its members became the most publicized leaders of the Free World, they were part of an amorous, "winner-take-all" love triangle that rocked Hollywood. Published after decades of research, this triple biography focuses on the one of the strangest three-sided love affairs in presidential history. Read about the bizarre entanglements of Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, and a failed, B-List starletNancy Daviswho eventually evolved into one of the most controversial (and demanding) First Ladies in American history.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781936003419

Triangle Choke
No Description Available
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781467706308

The Triangle
The Linden Triangle:Linden Avenue and Linden Place, Hempstead, Long Island. At this blighted intersection, seemingly forgotten by the middle and upper class communities that surround it, the dream of suburban comfort and safety has devolved into a nightmare of flying bullets and bloodshed. Here, a war between the Bloods and Crips has torn a once-peaceful neighborhood apart. The book tells the true story of one year in the life of a suburban village-turned-war-zone. Written by Kevin Deutsch, award-winning criminal justice reporter for Newsday , it follows two warring gangs and the anti-violence activists and police desperate to stop them. As the body count climbs and conflict spreads to New York City, young men wielding military grade weaponry wage a prolonged battle over pride, respect, revenge and their legacies. Based on immersive reporting and more than 250 interviews with gang members, their families, drug addicts, police and others,The Triangleis the first insider account of a New York Bloods/Crips gang war from the only journalist ever given access to the crews' secretive realm.Triangleis a chilling investigation of a world in which teenagers shoot their childhood friends over drug debts; where gang rape is used as a form of retaliation; and once-promising students are molded into cold-blooded assassins. With gang and drug-related violence responsible for as many as half of all non-domestic homicides in the United States,The Trianglewill make a significant contribution to the national conversation about gangs, chronicling the effects of armed gang conflicts not just on Long Island and New York City but throughout America.
Category: True Crime. ISBN: 9781493007608

Pink Triangle
The enfants terribles of America at mid-20th Century challenged the sexual censors of their day while indulging in "bitchfests" for love, glory, and boyfriends. For the first time along comes a book that exposes their literary slugfests and offers an intimate look at their relationships with the glitteratieveryone from Marilyn Monroe to Jacqueline Kennedy and Marlon Brando. In this one-of-a-kind overview of literary show-biz during the peak of America's imperial power, celebrity biographer Darwin Porter takes Myra Breckinridge on a rocky, Cold-Blooded ride on a Streetcar Named Desire. WINNER of a distinguished literary award from the NEW ENGLAND BOOK FESTIVAL (2014), this book generated huge enthusiasm and frissons of excitement among survivors of the publishing, show-biz, and entertainment scene of "The American Century."
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781936003372
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