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500+ Dirty Memes and Jokes: WTF IS BERMUDA TRIANGLE?
How about checking out some dirty adult memes? If you love dirty and crazy stuff, you won't be disappointed!This book is THE THIRD in the series of meme books called “DIRTY MEMES AND JOKES”.As you might have noticed, the book #1 is called “COFFEE & COCK”.The book #2 is called “PUSSY & NIPPLES”.This book #3 is called “WTF IS BERMUDA TRIANGLE?”Are you wondering why? - Well, for now, it's a secret but you will find out as soon as you finish this book!This hilarious bundle of funny memes will definitely make your day! Pay attention: this book is not for kids! These hilarious jokes are EXTREMELY DIRTY and RUDE, but many adults love this kind of humor!I really hope you will love it as well!Please get this book as soon as possible by clicking BUY NOW at the top of this page.You may also download this memes book for FREE using Kindle Unlimited.
Author: Lena Shaw
Publication date: 06/29/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 521 pages

Mysteries Of The Sea Collection Set 2 Box: The Bermuda Triangle And The Titanic
This collection 2 Box Set includes my individual books, The Bermuda Triangle Unexplained Disappearances Beneath The Waves, and Titanic The Mysterious Legends And Myths. These being two of the most famous historical maritime tragedies ever documented. In The Bermuda Triangle Unexplained Disappearances Beneath The Waves, it is an overview of the background of the Triangle, the proposed theories of the disappearances, the Crystal Pyramids discovery, and the most popular unsolved incidents in its history. The book Titanic The Mysterious Legends And Myths, provides a summary of the infamous ship, amenities, and profiles of the captain, crew, and passengers. It details the time line of the sinking of the ship, and is a tribute to those that survived and the loved ones lost.
Publication date: 09/09/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 112 pages

The Bitter End (Em Ridge Mystery Series Book 2)
What can possibly go wrong in the Bermuda Triangle? For the past two weeks, boat delivery Captain Em Ridge has been ferrying a well-known TV conspiracy-theorist around the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. She is tired of his tales of reptilian governments, middle-earth civilizations and of course, all his theories about the Bermuda Triangle. Em just wants to finish up this assignment, get paid, and head back to her home in Maine. But a chance sighting finds them aboard a "ghost sailboat". The salon is set neatly for supper, wine in the glasses, pots on the stove, bread on the table and not a soul aboard. Worse, she knows this boat. When a black cat slinks noiselessly around her feet, Em’s alarm hikes up to horror. Has someone purposely set this boat out here? Is it a warning? To her? Finding this boat plunges Em into a decades old mystery that threatens not only her, but her entire family. The Bitter End, is the second book in the highly acclaimed Em Ridge Mystery Series which began with Night Watch. The adventure continues for widowed boat captain, Em Ridge. "The combination of fast-paced mystery and well-crafted sailing adventure is irresistible" Cruising World MagazineLinda Hall is the award winning author of twenty-one mystery novels and numerous short stories. Most of her novels have something to do with the sea. When she’s not writing, Linda and husband Rik and Captain Hook, their much beloved black cat, enjoy sailing aboard their 34’ sailboat, aptly named Mystery.
Author: Linda Hall
Published by: Linda Hall | Publication date: 11/08/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 268 pages

The Mote in Andrea's Eye
A young girl, Andrea Jamieson, loses her father who is trying to rescue a neighbor during a hurricane. She grows up to become a hurricane “hunter” and through her own efforts and those of her husband and colleagues accidentally creates the largest hurricane in history. Then it disappears in the Devil’s Triangle. So does her husband, flying over the storm to drop Silver Iodide crystals into the eye. Then, 30 years later, the storm – and the plane, are back. Andrea has a new weapon, a series of pumps, that might stop or divert the storm, but there’s little time, and all she really wants to do is track that plane that’s been gone so long and reunite with her long-lost husband.
Published by: Crossroad Press | Publication date: 09/28/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 443 pages

Nightmare on the Solitude: A True Story of Strange Events From the Bermuda Triangle
Nightmare on the SolitudeA True Story of Strange Events From The Bermuda Triangle Nightmare on the Solitude is the true story of a voyage into the realm of the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle. It was there in the middle of that body of water that the author, Kip Boland, found herself amidst events that didn’t, and still don’t, add up.Her journeys traversed the intracoastal waters off Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, going as far as the Bimini Islands. Her pleasure craft, The Solitude, found itself in the midst of stormy seas where ocean storms could spring up in an instant. Everything that the Devil's Triangle could throw at a person, seemed to be aimed at Kip and her crew. From unexplainable malfunctions of equipment, to a horrific shark attack, to bizarre paranormal activity, her battered crew struggled against the onslaught on winds and waves that threatened their voyages through those waters.Brace Yourself.Kip's true story will lure you into the midst of hell on water,as dictated by the unforgiving Devil's Triangle. It slowly reels you into her crisis of of being completely helpless and at the mercy of the foaming waters around her and her crew. Why did these things happen to her? Was the Triangle, or something within it, trying to tell her something? How could she ever explain what she saw to someone without them thinking she was crazy! How could she ever trust her gut instincts on those waters again? Would she and her crew survive the journey or would they become another unexplained statistic chalked up to the Bermuda Triangle?This book will slowly grab you with its tentacles of fear and horror until you are on The Solitude yourself! It keeps you eagerly reading and trying to tell Kip, "No! Don't go there! No! Don't do that!" This is one of the most subtle horror stories you will ever read. She survived it where others didn't. She came back to tell the story, where others couldn't. These paranormal activities were all but forgotten by the media and others who had heard of the happenings on The Solitude. Kip journaled these experiences after it was over and kept that journal locked up for over forty years and just recently accessed the writings that described those fateful trips between Florida and Bimini Islands.
Author: Kip Boland
Published by: Kip Boland | Publication date: 07/01/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 259 pages

Beneath the Deep
J.T. Cross, acclaimed author of the LOST VALLEY, returns with BENEATH THE DEEP, an epic underwater science thriller. When Megan O’Brien, an archaeologist on a quest for a lost underwater civilization, and her treasure hunting partner, Matt Turner, rescue a disgraced physics professor, they stumble upon a man with a stunning scientific discovery—a location under the ocean where quantum physics fails. Joining forces with Sam DeCourcy, a wealthy undersea salvage expert, they form a crack exploration team to dive and drill beneath the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle.Danger arises when a rival team aims to get there first and they’re armed with explosives and a plan that could kill them all. Now, racing against their competition, the explorers discover remnants of a mysterious lost civilization, and then, the game changer unfurls: evidence of an ancient intelligent species—and they are not happy to have company.J.T. Cross weaves science fact with science fiction to create a believable, riveting epic adventure that will appeal to readers of Michael Crichton and fans of James Cameron's THE ABYSS.**Acclaim for J.T. Cross**“Pulse-pounding action, brilliant speculation, and the introduction of a lost world filled with horrors and wonders. J.T. Cross is a lot of writer.” ―J.R. Rain, #1 bestselling author of MOON DANCE and THE LOST ARK.
Author: J.T. Cross
Publication date: 01/18/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 312 pages

Triangle: Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
1942, World War II, the German Kriegsmarine, merchant raider, Dreieck, is en-route to the Straits of Florida to attack any ships coming out of the Gulf of Mexico. When they pass through the Bermuda Triangle, they suddenly find themselves trapped in a fog that will not let them go. Shadowy monstrosities attack from their own ship, men go missing, creatures come from the deep to feed on the hapless prisoners. Their mission had been death and destruction, now they only want to survive.
Author: Chris James
Publication date: 05/16/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 218 pages

The Bermuda Triangle Diet
Have you ever joined a gym, purchased a piece of home exercise equipment, or gone on a diet, only to feel frustrated and depressed that you never attained the shape or lost the weight the product claimed that you would? The health and fitness market in the U.S. is a $ 40-billion-plus industry, and for the most part, it's a Ponzi scheme. A successful infomercial product can generate more than $ 40 million in sales in just three months! Eager exercisers and dieters never achieve the results they are looking for because of one common reason: They are being deceived and lied to by the best marketing companies in the game! The marketing companies for food manufacturers, diet drugs, and fitness infomercials are two steps ahead of the gullible public. People so desperately want to believe what they're being told: that losing weight and getting in shape are quick and easy, and such products work like magic!The Bermuda Triangle Diet reveals all the tricks of the fitness industry and warns the public using fitness comedy with a new literary style. Through the use of comical pop-culture stories, this book teaches how the deceptive health and fitness industry employs psychology to prey on the emotions of the general public! The Bermuda Triangle Diet shows busy readers how to exercise in minimum time for maximum efficiency, and how to incorporate supportive nutrition into a healthy lifestyle. Readers will never have to diet again— and eating pizza and cookies is a must every week! Ultimately, the Bermuda Triangle Diet teaches readers how to take control of their metabolism and increase it naturally!
Author: Derek Alessi
Published by: Alessi Fitness Inc | Publication date: 05/06/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 384 pages

50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True
Maybe you know someone who swears by the reliability of psychics or who is in regular contact with angels. Or perhaps you're trying to find a nice way of dissuading someone from wasting money on a homeopathy cure. Or you met someone at a party who insisted the Holocaust never happened or that no one ever walked on the moon. How do you find a gently persuasive way of steering people away from unfounded beliefs, bogus cures, conspiracy theories, and the like? This down-to-earth, entertaining exploration of commonly held extraordinary claims will help you set the record straight. The author, a veteran journalist, has not only surveyed a vast body of literature, but has also interviewed leading scientists, explored "the most haunted house in America," frolicked in the inviting waters of the Bermuda Triangle, and even talked to a "contrite Roswell alien." He is not out simply to debunk unfounded beliefs. Wherever possible, he presents alternative scientific explanations, which in most cases are even more fascinating than the wildest speculation. For example, stories about UFOs and alien abductions lack good evidence, but science gives us plenty of reasons to keep exploring outer space for evidence that life exists elsewhere in the vast universe. The proof for Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster may be nonexistent, but scientists are regularly discovering new species, some of which are truly stranger than fiction.Stressing the excitement of scientific discovery and the legitimate mysteries and wonder inherent in reality, this book invites readers to share the joys of rational thinking and the skeptical approach to evaluating our extraordinary world.From the Trade Paperback edition.
Published by: Prometheus Books | Publication date: 01/03/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 461 pages

Thirty Florida Shipwrecks
Sunken treasure, cannibalism, prison ships, Nazi submarines, the Bermuda triangle—all are tied into the lore of shipwrecks along Florida's coasts. There are as many shipwreck stories as there are thousands of Florida shipwrecks. This book offers thirty of the most interesting of them—from the tale of young Fontaneda, who wrecked in 1545 and was held captive by Indians for 17 years, to the story of the Coast Guard cutter Bibb, which was sunk off Key Largo in 1987 to provide an artificial reef and diving site. In between there is the Atocha, flagship of a Spanish treasure fleet, which sank in a hurricane in September 1622 and was found, along with its $100 million worth of gold and silver, by Mel Fisher in July of 1985.Each shipwreck story has a map pinpointing its location and a full-color illustration by renowned artist William L. Trotter. There is an extensive bibliography and a foreword by Florida state underwater archaeologist Roger Smith.
Published by: Pineapple Press | Publication date: 12/01/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 461 pages
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