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The Devil's Triangle
What happens when a stressed-out, workaholic L.A. lawyer and a perky, Texas tornado model, complete opposites, are marooned on an island in the mysterious Devil's Triangle?Sparks start flying like a Texas Fourth of July!!
Publication date: 01/05/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 312 pages

Harmony - A Serial Thriller
We were blind all this time. A vampire alien race has been among us for a long time. Now, they showed their true color. Their ships rained from the sky, chaining and transporting humans between various dimensions. It’s time to unite and fight back, but our number is limited. Will we win? Only time can tell.
Author: C.O. Amal
Published by: C.O. Amal | Publication date: 10/31/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 520 pages

The Bermuda Triangle Diet
Have you ever joined a gym, purchased a piece of home exercise equipment, or gone on a diet, only to feel frustrated and depressed that you never attained the shape or lost the weight the product claimed that you would? The health and fitness market in the U.S. is a $ 40-billion-plus industry, and for the most part, it's a Ponzi scheme. A successful infomercial product can generate more than $ 40 million in sales in just three months! Eager exercisers and dieters never achieve the results they are looking for because of one common reason: They are being deceived and lied to by the best marketing companies in the game! The marketing companies for food manufacturers, diet drugs, and fitness infomercials are two steps ahead of the gullible public. People so desperately want to believe what they're being told: that losing weight and getting in shape are quick and easy, and such products work like magic!The Bermuda Triangle Diet reveals all the tricks of the fitness industry and warns the public using fitness comedy with a new literary style. Through the use of comical pop-culture stories, this book teaches how the deceptive health and fitness industry employs psychology to prey on the emotions of the general public! The Bermuda Triangle Diet shows busy readers how to exercise in minimum time for maximum efficiency, and how to incorporate supportive nutrition into a healthy lifestyle. Readers will never have to diet again— and eating pizza and cookies is a must every week! Ultimately, the Bermuda Triangle Diet teaches readers how to take control of their metabolism and increase it naturally!
Author: Derek Alessi
Published by: Alessi Fitness Inc | Publication date: 05/06/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 384 pages

The Bermuda Triangle
It's impossible to know when something bad will happen. Alexzandria, is the princess of a small island where people can control the elements. Alex has seen humans attack only once, and that was enough for her. But now another ship is here, and it's not going be be taken down as easily. To top it all off, it's run by a crazy scientist. Scientists plus people with unique powers equals trouble. And when he takes the king, it's up to Alex to do something. Because what sixteen year old doesn't want to lead a rescue mission?
Author: Elisa Thomas
Publication date: 08/02/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 45 pages

Monstrum (Bella Monstrum Book 1)
STAY OUT OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGLEFew places on earth engender as much primal fear as the mysterious and forbidding Bermuda Triangle. With good reason.A bizarre plane crash at sea leaves Bria Hunter and her high school classmates trapped in a chilling race for survival.Will Bria and her friends escape from the evil presence before it’s too late?In the mood for a nerve-shredding tale of horror on the high seas that keeps you turning pages with the lights on all night? Then grab Monstrum today!"Addictive. Heartpounding. Fierce. For fans of Kelley Armstrong, Rick Yancey, and James Dasher." —Eve Silver, author of The Game series
Published by: Blue Iris Press | Publication date: 06/29/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 288 pages

Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time
In a far-reaching interdisciplinary exploration, George Ure explores a wide range of unexplained phenomenon including UFO's, astral travel, the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk, plus reports of Tibetan stone levitation and the reported flight of a small aircraft through a time-bending "electronic fog" in 1970 inside the Bermuda Triangle - this book hints these oddities of science may all share a common linkage. Drawing on his diverse personal skillset, George Ure proposes a novel solution: A new class of "cold plasma" with unique characteristics may be awaiting discovery! Citing these events, and more - such as the so-called "Foo Fighters" of World War II, Ure proposes an acoustically pumped cold plasma may even expose the actual operating principles of the Ark of the Covenant... Heavily footnoted, this book will challenge researchers and the general reader alike.
Author: George Ure
Publication date: 11/12/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 227 pages

The Flying Dutchman: Sea Mysteries: Mary Celeste: Bermuda Triangle: Eilean Mor: Buster Crabb: USO
From the Author of the Internationally Bestselling Books - Red Herrings & White Elephants, What Caesar did for My Salad, Shaggy Dogs, Pop Goes the Weasel, They Laughed at Galileo:We all love a good mystery don’t we? And by all, I mean each and every one of us are, or will be, captivated at one time or another by a decent, real-life, scary mystery; either one of the world’s most famous or something on a much smaller scale. But, writing a book on just one of these would have been relatively easy.The challenge came from researching many of them and then condensing them down in a way that I know you, my reader, will enjoy them. And that is in short, sharp informative sections that can be read on the train, bus, queue or whilst you are waiting to pick the kids up from school.In other words, the challenge was to explain each mystery in a way you can enjoy, and absorb, in about ten minutes flat. Therefore, inevitably, some information will be missing, for which I apologise in advance. But the missing detail isn’t critical to the basic story; the core details of the mystery in question should all be in there. And this brings me to an important point. Given that I am a fan of the unknown and unexplained, I have not set out to be a mystery buster in this series.Instead I just wanted to tell the story, reveal some little-known detail and offer a rational explanation wherever I could. I wanted to provoke a bit of thought and conversation wherever I could, but leave you to decide the answer for yourselves; does the story remain a mystery, in your view, or have you managed to piece together a theory of your own that you can share with friends. Although, to be fair, I must admit there are some cases where I just couldn’t resist presenting some of my own ideas and giving full rein to my scepticism. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourselves. Here then are six of the world's most famous mysteries of the sea.Contents1. The Flying Dutchman2. The Mary Celeste3. The Bermuda Triangle4. The Eilean Mor Lighthouse5. Buster Crabb6. Unidentified Submerged Objects (USO)
Author: Albert Jack
Published by: Albert Jack Publishing | Publication date: 12/14/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 62 pages

Bermuda Triangle Legacy: Exploring Electronic Fog, Space/Time Warps & More
Whatever happened to Flight 19? Five Navy bombers that vanished on a routine training mission? And the untold numbers of others who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? What can we learn from intrepid adventurers like Christopher Columbus, Charles Lindbergh, and Bruce Gernon, the co-author of this book who survived frightening encounters in the Triangle and lived to tell the tale?Bermuda Triangle Legacy presents pilot Bruce Gernon’s groundbreaking new theory of the Bermuda Triangle, based upon his own firsthand experiences, eyewitness reports from other close-call Triangle survivors, and leading scientific research. Gernon believes that a rare natural phenomenon may be behind many of the seemingly paranormal happenings in the Triangle, causing time distortions, pilot disorientation, and equipment malfunctions.But the notorious Bermuda Triangle hasn’t given up all its secrets. Bermuda Triangle Legacy also explores the Triangle’s connection to UFOs, a secret navy base, and a possible link to a vanished ancient civilization.
Published by: Crossroad Press | Publication date: 10/08/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 172 pages

Beneath the Deep
J.T. Cross, acclaimed author of the LOST VALLEY, returns with BENEATH THE DEEP, an epic underwater science thriller. When Megan O’Brien, an archaeologist on a quest for a lost underwater civilization, and her treasure hunting partner, Matt Turner, rescue a disgraced physics professor, they stumble upon a man with a stunning scientific discovery—a location under the ocean where quantum physics fails. Joining forces with Sam DeCourcy, a wealthy undersea salvage expert, they form a crack exploration team to dive and drill beneath the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle.Danger arises when a rival team aims to get there first and they’re armed with explosives and a plan that could kill them all. Now, racing against their competition, the explorers discover remnants of a mysterious lost civilization, and then, the game changer unfurls: evidence of an ancient intelligent species—and they are not happy to have company.J.T. Cross weaves science fact with science fiction to create a believable, riveting epic adventure that will appeal to readers of Michael Crichton and fans of James Cameron's THE ABYSS.**Acclaim for J.T. Cross**“Pulse-pounding action, brilliant speculation, and the introduction of a lost world filled with horrors and wonders. J.T. Cross is a lot of writer.” ―J.R. Rain, #1 bestselling author of MOON DANCE and THE LOST ARK.
Author: J.T. Cross
Publication date: 01/18/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 312 pages

Bermuda Triangle
"Captain, man overboard!" This alarming information from the officer of the deck makes no sense. USS Maryland, a Virginia-class submarine has been submerged for two months while executing a standard reconnaissance mission. So how could there be a man overboard? Miles from land, Captain Hanlon of the USS Maryland surfaces within the coordinates of the Bermuda triangle in order to pick up this presumably dead man, lost at sea. Only the man isn't dead. Maryland is at the precise coordinates where the submarine USS Scorpion sank in 1968, with the loss of all her crew. At the time there were accusations of conspiracy and Soviet involvement. More recent evidence supported a "cataclysmic event" and possible torpedo malfunction. Naval investigation was inconclusive. Captain Hanlon has no idea that he is going to discover the answer to the mystery of Scorpion's demise as well as the hidden truth about the Bermuda triangle.
Publication date: 04/15/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 27 pages
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