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The Treasure of the Bermuda Triangle #6 (Agatha: Girl of Mystery)
The fabulous, jet-setting adventures continue in this ongoing mystery series about a hip and headstrong girl detective who travels the globe and always saves the day in style. A priceless Mayan calendar made of solid gold has gone missing in one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Now Agatha and her cousin Dash have to contend with something bigger than a greedy and dangerous criminal—a daring new mystery that sends them to the heart of the Bermuda Triangle.
Published by: Grosset & Dunlap | Publication date: 07/10/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 145 pages

The Bermuda Triangle: A sailor's perspective
A fresh look at the old Bermuda triangle mystery. Including; myths & legends, hurricanes, storms, waterspouts, & whirlpools, Ley lines, Project Rainbow, pirates, and a detailed list of both ships and aircraft that have vanished into the Bermuda triangle.
Publication date: 12/10/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 77 pages

Atlantis Devil's Sea
In 1937, Amelia Earhart is on the most dangerous leg of her round the world flight, near the Devil’s Sea. A dark Shadow rises in front of her and swallows her and her plane, never to be seen again. Until the present, when Eric Dane leads his team against the Shadow unites with her.Present Day: The Ring of Fire around the planet ignites, threatening the planet. Former Green Beret Eric Dane and the mysterious Sin Fen, a woman with powers he can’t quite understand, must track the mystical crystal skulls that have baffled scientists, to use them as a weapon against the Shadow.In 1628 BC, a volcano erupts, one that would become legend as the eruption that destroyed Minoan Civilization. But a small group of priestesses stand fast against the dark Shadow that precipitated the destruction. In 79 AD the oracle of Delphi must join forces with the most fearsome gladiator from the arena of Pompeii to fight the Shadow, which destroys Vesuvius. And the XV Legion is sent on a quest that causes it to disappear from the Roman Empire and into the fog of history.In 1986, the Shadow appears inside of Chernobyl, sucking power from the reactors and causing disaster.How do all these come together to save our very existence?“Spell-binding! Will keep you on the edge of your seat. Call it techno-thriller, call it science fiction, call it just terrific story-telling.” Terry Brooks, #1 NY Times Bestselling author of the Shannara series and Star Wars Phantom Menace
Author: Bob Mayer
Published by: Cool Gus (Berkley Books) | Publication date: 08/31/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 222 pages

500+ Dirty Memes and Jokes: WTF IS BERMUDA TRIANGLE?
How about checking out some dirty adult memes? If you love dirty and crazy stuff, you won't be disappointed!This book is THE THIRD in the series of meme books called “DIRTY MEMES AND JOKES”.As you might have noticed, the book #1 is called “COFFEE & COCK”.The book #2 is called “PUSSY & NIPPLES”.This book #3 is called “WTF IS BERMUDA TRIANGLE?”Are you wondering why? - Well, for now, it's a secret but you will find out as soon as you finish this book!This hilarious bundle of funny memes will definitely make your day! Pay attention: this book is not for kids! These hilarious jokes are EXTREMELY DIRTY and RUDE, but many adults love this kind of humor!I really hope you will love it as well!Please get this book as soon as possible by clicking BUY NOW at the top of this page.You may also download this memes book for FREE using Kindle Unlimited.
Author: Lena Shaw
Publication date: 06/29/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 521 pages

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle. The Devil’s Triangle. Call it what you will but this area off the coast of the southwestern United States has stirred peoples’ imaginations for hundreds of years. You won’t find it on any official maps, which hasn’t actually stopped would-be cartographers from adding it in anyway. As far as the U. S. Board of Geographic Names is concerned, it doesn’t even exist. They do not recognize it nor do they admit to maintaining any official file on it. However, as fans of the unexplained will insist, the Bermuda Triangle is very real.It is so named because of its proximity to the island of Bermuda, which forms one of its apexes. The others are roughly located in Florida and Puerto Rico, and together they cover an area of approximately 500,000 square miles. That’s a lot of area for craft to get lost in.
Publication date: 05/15/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 38 pages

Once again, the government bungled their latest laboratory experiments and created giant slimy mutated monsters. In an effort to discover the effects of radiation on all plants and animals, large and small, the government scientists created a huge unmitigated mess. Their tests were complete failures and they realized they were going to be held responsible for an imminent world shattering disaster. Because of the enormous size of the creatures, the government was unable to keep them confined, and the creatures escaped into the Florida Everglades where the testing facility was located. A grieving family of six, attempting to forget the loss of their husband and father, whom suffered from a heart attack a few months ago, was cruising in the Atlantic ocean on their yacht. Unbeknownst to them, they were sailing into the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. As they sailed further into the Triangle, the family begins to notice a strange phenomenon. Soon, the family disembarks on an uncharted island, and is facing the very same dangerous mutated lab experiments that escaped from the Florida Everglades. While fleeing from the monstrosities, they encounter a strange, warrior-like race that rescues the family and takes them into their domed city. The family and the warriors must work together to exterminate the monstrosities which lurk in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, or face certain death. But first a new weapon must be invented in order to defeat these very large, new, and unknown life forms. The family wonders if they will ever see their home again.
Published by: GLORIA IMPERATORE | Publication date: 01/01/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 472 pages

Abduction to the 9th Planet: A true report by the Author who was PHYSICALLY ABDUCTED to another planet
Material technology, without spiritual knowledge, is leading us to a global catastrophe on Earth. Technology should ASSIST in the spiritual development and not be used (as it is used now) to confine and enslave people within a monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary anyway. No matter how much we defend our current beliefs, doctrines and traditions, nothing can change the TRUTH and the order established in the Universe. Believing is not enough. You need to KNOW: - The purpose of the Universe and our life on Earth- True dangers in life, surpassing the atomic destruction- Conscious reincarnation, life after death- Big Bang, creation and evolution- Astral travel, telepathy, levitation, development of the mind- Aura and its significance- 1.3 million years of past civilisations on Earth- Knowledge and sciences lost on Earth- Great Pyramid as a cosmic tool- Life on Mars and in our Galaxy- Parallel Universe on Earth, Bermuda Triangle- Space travel by transubstantiation- Universal Law - the Law of the Universe- The future ...READERS SAY: This book saved my life. I was ready to commit suicide... Thank you Michel. Ben W. Brisbane, AustraliaThe most important book on Earth in the last 1000 years. What we think we "know" on Earth is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge. Dr. T.J. Chalko, Lecturer, University of Melbourne, AustraliaOur daily experience tells us that we have taken a destructive path on Earth. Michel is a messenger bringing important information and advice. Will his role be acknowledged?Dr Howard Hencke, author of Involution/Evolution and the Development of Consciousness.
Publication date: 03/11/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 231 pages

The Devil's Triangle
What happens when a stressed-out, workaholic L.A. lawyer and a perky, Texas tornado model, complete opposites, are marooned on an island in the mysterious Devil's Triangle?Sparks start flying like a Texas Fourth of July!!
Publication date: 01/05/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 312 pages

The Robots' Rebellion – The Story of Spiritual Renaissance: David Icke’s History of the New World Order
David Icke’s strongest book to date, The Robots’ Rebellion reveals the alarming extent to which people of all nations are programmed by the ideas fed to them by those in power. We live in a world which is increasingly dominated by technology but, according to Icke, it is we who are the robots. Fearlessly, he tears down the veils of hypocrisy, built up for generations by the corrupt forces of Church, State, science and commerce — and reveals the true pathos of the human condition beneath. He points, too, to the frightening influence wielded throughout the planet by a merciless and manipulative network of secret societies. The existence of long-established links between Earth-bound humanity and beings from other dimensions and planets in the Universe has been suppressed for years, says Icke, by the world’s power-broking hierarchy. When ordinary people learn the real role they have to play within a rich and varied cosmic society, rebellion against those who have kept this extraordinary truth from them will, he predicts, be inevitable. The author is no stranger to controversy. Formerly best-known as a TV sports commentator and leading spokesman for the British Green Party, he is gaining increasing authority as a tireless campaigner for truth. His widely-publicised spiritual transformation has given him the courage to speak out fearlessly against lies deceit. Hidebound politicians, bankers, economists, educationalists, scientists and the leaders of the world’s established religions are not going to welcome Icke’s challenging book. But it is not intended for those who wield and abuse power. This book is for the world’s unwilling robots who, says Icke, in an upbeat conclusion, have it within themselves to rise up — and take control of their own exciting destiny.The Robots’ Rebellion: Table of ContentsIntroductionRemember Who You ArePART ONE: The Darkness
  • The Takeover Bid
  • Collective Amnesia
  • The Brotherhood of Clans
  • Bible Stories
  • Hell on Earth
  • Arabian Knights
  • The Cracks Appear
  • Eagle Tails
  • The Rule of Science
  • The World at War
  • Big is Beautiful
  • The New World Order
  • When Will We Ever Learn?
  • PART TWO: The Light
  • Goodbye to All That
  • The Economics of Enough
  • The Politics of People
  • The Science of Sanity
  • Bricks in the Wall
  • Exploitation of the Spirit
  • The World Needs Rebels
  • Author: David Icke
    Published by: Gill Books | Publication date: 08/26/1999
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 352 pages

    Ghosts of the Air: True Stories of Aerial Hauntings
    Imagine witnessing inexplicable events while piloting a plane thousands of feet in the air. These are real accounts from pilots who have experienced strange phenomena: landing at an airfield that wasn't there; planes guided by dead pilots; Bermuda Triangle accounts; sightings of aircraft from the past; airfields haunted by airmen killed in action; ghost warning prevents plane crash; and more.
    Published by: Galde Press | Publication date: 04/16/2014
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 288 pages
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