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World War II
Why was the Second World War so devastating, and how had the world become so divided into armed camps? How did the war affect people on both sides of the conflict, and why are its consequences still felt today? This book seeks to relate the overall events and chronology of the war and shows its impact on everyday lives.

World War II
Acclaimed children's author Allan Burnett turns his attention to the Second World War in a book of explosively exciting and emotionally charged tales of bravery and adventure. Featuring the true exploits of soldiers, spies, pilots, sailors and many others, these stories, all based on interviews with these heroes themselves or their descendants, offer a unique, personal insight into the Second World War that no conventional history book can ever hope to match.

World War II
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Second World War, from the highest-rated fighter aces to the most inventive escape equipment used to break out of Colditz; from army pay by rank to the largest battleships; from the most stirring speeches to the biggest tactical errors; from the strangest regimental mottoes to the plays most performed by ENSA; and from the dates each country joined the war to the most unlikely spies. All the major events and dates in the war are covered in detail, but equal emphasis is placed on the human experience of combat. Often poignant and always revealing, World War II: the Book of Lists offers a unique insight into the deadliest conflict in human history.

World War II
Powerful, visceral, and essential to preserving and understanding our past, the work of Associated Press photographers and journalists lives on through the pages of World War II. Never before in history had the day-to-day struggles and victories of war-from the home front to the front lines-been chronicled in such graphic and unflagging detail as during the Second World War. Nearly 200 photographers and reporters of Associated Press volunteered to cover the war across the globe from 1939 through 1945. The heroic achievements of these reporters and photographers-some of whom gave their lives-are remembered through the stunning photographs and moving firsthand reports of World War II: Unforgettable Stories and Photographs by Correspondents of The Associated Press. World War II commemorates the experiences of the individuals who brought the war into the homes of millions of Americans. Originally published in 1945 as Reporting to Remember: Unforgettable Stories and Pictures of the War by Associated Press Correspondents, this updated anniversary edition includes a new interview with former AP World War II correspondent George Bria, as well as a new Foreword by current AP Vice President for International News John Daniszewski.

World War II Memoirs
World War II Memoirs

Railway Guns of World War II
Railway Guns of World War II

World War II Memorial
Learn Detailed Information About The World War Ii Memorial And Basic History About This War.

World War II in Europe
First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Who's Who in World War II
First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Secret Weapons of World War II
"This was a secret war, whose battles were lost or won unknown to the public … No such warfare had ever been waged by mortal men." SIR WINSTON CHURCHILLThe Second World War, Vol. II

Victory in World War II
After D-Day, 6 June 1944, Hitler found his worst nightmare coming true. He was fighting on two fronts, with the Russians advancing from one side and the western powers from the other. This book shows how the Allies built on their successes after the titanic struggle in the east, culminating in the brutal battle of Stalingrad, and emerged victorious from the Second World War.

What Caused World War II?
The major participants of World War II are familiar to most young historians, but less well known are the many causes of this bloody conflict. Among them is the treaty that ended World War I, originally meant to keep Germany from becoming a world power again. This and other surprising facts await readers of this notable volume, which discusses not only the causes of the war, but also the significant battles and eventual conclusion. Carefully selected photographs reflect the terrible toll of this deadly conflict.

Naval Battles of World War II
Captain Bennett discusses the traumatic effects of the Washington and London Naval Treaties on the fleets of the principal powers between the wars, and their astonishing growth and technical progress between 1939 and 1945. He then deals with the war in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The Battle of the River Plate, the struggle for Narvik, the hunt for the Bismarck, the destruction of the Italian Fleet at Taranto and Matapan are all vividly described and authoritatively analysed.

World War II: Air War
The air war over Europe during World War II proved that combat in the sky can be even more devastating than combat on the ground. When the war ended, every major city in Germany was virtually destroyed. A German writer admitted that his own nation, in taking up the sword to conquer the world, had "summoned up those bands of furies which raced across the German skies." Here, from the acclaimed historian Stephen W. Sears, is the story of Europe's air war.

DK findout! World War II
Discover World War II facts and hear from people who lived through the war that shaped the modern world, from the cause of the conflict to the most important battles. From the prewar rise of Nazi Germany to the start of the war with the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the end of the war 1945 and the Nuremburg Trials, all aspects of the deadliest conflict in human history are covered in great detail in DK findout! World War II with content that is accessible and appropriate for children 6-9 years old.

World War II in Photographs
World War II in Photographs is an innovative visual account of the major events of the greatest conflict of the twentieth century, the Second World War. Featuring over 250 original images of warfare in all its forms, the book protrays the signiicant actions and people of the years 1939-1945. From Dunkirk to D-Day, Churchill to Crete, Rommel to Russia, every aspect of the conflict is examined in astongihging visual detail.

The World War II Experience
There is no better way to understand World War II than to put yourself in the middle of the action. This collection of 3 You Choose books takes you from the Attack on Pearl Harbor to the battlefields of Europe, and the struggles and challenges of the homefront. With more than 140 choice and 64 possible endings, The World War II Experience will immerse you in the drama and action of World War II while providing greater understanding of this world changing event.

Connecticut in World War II
With the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan on December 7, 1941, and the United States' entry into World War II, our nation turned to Connecticut-as it did during World War I-for munitions, clothing, and other goods. And Connecticut answered the call: Manchester Mills increased silk production, Waterbury brass producers altered their manufacturing lines, and Bridgeport's Remington Arms-which had produced 50 percent of the US Army's small arms cartridges in World War I-increased its mass production capabilities. By the time Electric Boat, Hamilton Propellers, Pratt & Whitney, and many other Connecticut companies tallied up their production back in 1945, it amounted to over $8 billion in war contracts.

World War II Warriors
World War II Warriors is the remarkable story of a young man who was separated from his family at sixteen and whose World War II odyssey took him from Poland to a Siberian labor camp to the battlefields of the eastern front. That journey brought him face to face with the horrors of the Holocaust-as one of the first allied soldiers to enter a death camp, he witnessed firsthand Hitler's Final Solution, not yet realizing that almost his entire family had fallen victim to that awful fate.

Top Secret Files: World War II
Spy school, poison pens, exploding muffins, and Night Witches were all a part of World War II, but you won't learn that in your history books! Crack open secret files and read about the mysterious Ghost Army, rat bombs, and doodle bugs. Discover famous spies like the White Mouse, super-agent Garbo, and baseball player and spy, Moe Berg. Then build your own secret agent kit and create a spy code. It's all part of the true stories from the Top Secret Files of History. Take a look if you dare, but be careful! Some secrets are meant to stay hidden.
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