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Book Jungle provides classic literature in a modern format. Thousands of historical titles are now readily available to the public. Because of the original condition of many of these historical manuscripts, imperfections are possible. The value of these manuscripts lies in their historical significance and vivid accounts of the world from thousands of authors and storytellers. Book Jungle is proud to bring these rare volumes back into public use and to make them available to everyone.

Thaïs is a novel by Anatole France published in 1890. It is based on events in the life of Saint Thaïs of Egypt, a legendary convert to Christianity who is said to have lived in the 4th century. It was the inspiration for the opera of the same name by Jules Massenet. Anatole France (born François-Anatole Thibault, 16 April 1844 - 12 October 1924) was a French poet, journalist, and novelist. He was born in Paris, and died in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire. He was a successful novelist, with several best-sellers. Ironic and skeptical, he was considered in his day the ideal French man of letters. He was a member of the Académie française, and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in recognition of his literary achievements.

Thais ist ein historischer Roman. Es erzählt die im kosmopolitischen Alexandria des 4. Jahrhunderts spielende Geschichte eines asketischen christlichen Mönchs, der die heidnische Kurtisane Thaïs zu bekehren versucht, dabei aber selbst zu der Einsicht bekehrt wird, dass der Verzicht auf jegliche Sinnenfreude nicht gottgewollt sein kann (1894 von Jules Massenet als Oper Thaïs vertont). Anatole France (1844-1924) war ein französischer Schriftsteller. Am berühmtesten wurden die Romane Die Insel der Pinguine und Die Götter dürsten. 1921 erhielt er den Literaturnobelpreis. Von heutigen Lesern wird Anatole France vor allem als Romancier wertgeschätzt.

Moo Thai
Breixo Artur ABreu has just escaped the Facility. Unsure of what they did to him, and uncertain if they will come after him, Breixo prepares for the worst. His body atrophied from captivity, Breixo seeks to learn self defense and strengthen his body along the way. Finding a proper trainer proves difficult when Breixo is attacked. His powers unleashed, Breixo becomes less concerned with his own defense, and more focused on revenge. This story of erotic fiction contains elements of mf, mind control, revenge, breast growth, milking, transformation, and hu-cow themes. It is intended for adult audiences only.

Moo Thai
Breixo Artur ABreu has just escaped the Facility. Unsure of what they did to him, and uncertain if they will come after him, Breixo prepares for the worst. His body atrophied from captivity, Breixo seeks to learn self defense and strengthen his body along the way. Finding a proper trainer proves difficult when Breixo is attacked. His powers unleashed, Breixo becomes less concerned with his own defense, and more focused on revenge. This story of erotic fiction contains elements of mf, mind control, revenge, breast growth, milking, transformation, and hu-cow themes. It is intended for adult audiences only.

In those days there were many hermits living in the desert. On both banks of the Nile numerous huts, built by these solitary dwellers, of branches held together by clay, were scattered at a little distance from each other, so that the inhabitants could live alone, and yet help one another in case of need. Churches, each surmounted by a cross, stood here and there amongst the huts, and the monks flocked to them at each festival to celebrate the services or to partake of the Communion. There were also, here and there on the banks of the river, monasteries, where the cenobites lived in separate cells, and only met together that they might the better enjoy their solitude. Both hermits and cenobites led abstemious lives, taking no food till after sunset, and eating nothing but bread with a little salt and hyssop. Some retired into the desert, and led a still more strange life in some cave or tomb. All lived in temperance and chastity; they wore a hair shirt and a hood, slept on the bare ground after long watching, prayed, sang psalms, and, in short, spent their days in works of penitence. As an atonement for original sin, they refused their body not only all pleasures and satisfactions, but even that care and attention which in this age are deemed indispensable. They believed that the diseases of our members purify our souls, and the flesh could put on no adornment more glorious than wounds and ulcers. Thus, they thought they fulfilled the words of the prophet, "The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose." Amongst the inhabitants of the holy Thebaid, there were some who passed their days in asceticism and contemplation; others gained their livelihood by plaiting palm fibre, or by working at harvest-time for the neighbouring farmers. The Gentiles wrongly suspected some of them of living by brigandage, and allying themselves to the nomadic Arabs who robbed the caravans. But, as a matter of fact, the monks despised riches, and the odour of their sanctity rose to heave

Thai Revenue Code


Thai Died
This second title in a new gay mystery series is a fast-paced tale that melds mystery and erotica. When a lingerie manufacturer goes to Thailand on business he gets far more than he bargained for. While innocently shopping for silk and taking in the sights of Bangkok Stud Draqual finds himself being stalked by a mercenary - one who's been implicated in the murder of a male prostitute.

ベトナムのセクシーな女の子 THAI THAO NGUYEN

Anatole France's searing tale of a monk and the beautiful courtesan who tempts him from the path of righteousness.

Thai Meditations
A collection of seventy-seven (one for each province) Buddhist stories, quotes, meditations, contemplations and reflections on living in Thailand. This joy of a read unravels the mysteries behind Buddhist mindfulness in a easy straight forward, yet poetic fashion. An essential introduction to Thai Buddhism, Dharma, and the wonderful truth behind the dazzling Thai smiles.

Muay Thai
Muay Thai ( ) 3 7

Thai Cruz
Simon arrives early in Manila to surprise Cruz and his friends, to find they have surprises of their own. But the reason for the visit is to get them away, get them to Thailand for a break and let them compare cultures. Simon hopes for culture shock, and succeeds with what he shows them. It helps them put Luke into perspective. In Nut they find a soul mate as they find the similarities between their lives. Thai Bars aren't what the guys were expecting, and in many they aren't comfortable as Simon starts at the rough end. Of course, Nut doesn't have a 'Luke' to deal with. As the holiday passes, Simon realizes that something has to be done about Luke. He devises a permanent solution if everyone agreesThe story concludes in Cruz Control when Simon and Nut arrive in Manila, and Luke is dealt with before the weddings. Or so they think. What happened in Filipino Cruz -Simon wants to put things right with Ace. Except Ace is really Cruz. Simon travels to Manila in the hope that he can meet Ace, and Leonardo. And Leonardo is really Matt. Welcome to the world of stage names. Simon wants to talk, and put aside the ill feelings; part as friends, or learn he had been right a year earlier and leave for ever. He wasn't sure why, but it seemed the right thing to do. It was Ace who had kept him coming back to Manila. He had met him in a macho dancer bar. He was new, young, naive. Fresh from the provinces. Shy, always kept his underwear on. Maybe that's what intrigued Simon. And with very little English. That's where Rey had come in. The staff had brought Rey over to help translate. Simon had tried to ignore Rey, but he kept butting in, and asking for a drink. He was about to tell the staff to remove Rey when this other guy walked over. Tall, handsome. He introduced himself. He was Leonardo, Rey's cousin. If he hadn't found Ace, Simon would have gone for Leonardo. There had been something about Ace. Simon couldn't place it. He tried a few times in the early days to get Ace alone, but he

Hot Thai Kitchen
The definitive Thai cookbook from a YouTube star* *Growing up in Thailand, Pailin Chongchitnant spent her childhood with the kitchen as her playground. From a young age, she would linger by the stove, taking in the sight of snowy white coconut being shredded, the smell of lemongrass-infused soups, and the sound of the pestle pounding against the granite mortar. Years later, as a Cordon Bleu-educated chef in San Francisco, Pailin vividly remembered the culinary experiences of her youth. And so, on YouTube, Hot Thai Kitchen was born. Combining her love of teaching with her devotion to Thai food, Pailin immediately connected with thousands of fans who wanted a friend and educator. In this much-anticipated cookbook, Pailin brings her signature warmth and impressive technique to Thai food lovers everywhere. She begins by taking readers on a beautifully photographed trip to Thailand to explore the culinary culture and building blocks central to Thai food. With foolproof and easy-to-follow instructions, Pailin breaks down the key ingredients, flavours, equipment, and techniques necessary to master authentic Thai cooking. Then, she shares her must-make recipes for curries, soups, salads, and stir-fries, including entire chapters on vegetarian and vegan dishes, dips and dipping sauces, and sumptuous Thai desserts. With QR codes to video tutorials placed throughout the book, you'll be able to connect with Pailin online, too. Both a definitive resource and an extraordinary exploration of Thai cuisine, Hot Thai Kitchen will delight and inspire you in your Thai cooking journey. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Thai Phrasebook
An easy-to-use phrasebook, vocabulary and dictionary reference for anyone interested in learning Thai or just getting down the basics in a wide array of situations: Problems, Numbers, Emergencies, Time, Days, Months, Color, Getting Around, Eating, Drinking, Shopping, Accommodation, and even more. Perfect for beginners. Ideal for travelers.

Thai Cuisine
New Edition. The Thai cuisine is characterized by its flavors and its extraordinary variety of ingredients, which make it look like one of the most interesting and fascinating of Asian culture. It is a cuisine that in some ways is closer to Western culture, is presented as a cuisine that deeply loves mixing different flavors, to give rise to dishes absolutely wonderful and unforgettable; as Thai cuisine is elegant and refined, the presentation of the dishes on the tables, not done precisely, following a predetermined order, but all dishes are served at the same time and diners have a choice of what food to use first. We list below some of the recipes given in this volume: Curry pumpkin and carrot Thai green curry Sweet rice with pineapple Fish fillets lime and ginger prawn Satay Papaya salad Rolls with Thai noodle Salted pork with mushrooms and ginger Mango syrup grass lemon verbena Beef Chiang Mai Noodles pesto shrimps with peanuts Noodle with Curry Noodles with swordfish and almonds pad Thai Chicken with Cashews Tamarind chicken with mushrooms glazed chicken Salmon patties Pineapple rice and shrimps Satay beef in peanut sauce Galangal Soup

Thai Adventures
Lilly and her boyfriend go on a much needed vacation in Thailand. After meeting the sexy Emily, and being informed about the sexier side of Thailand, Lilly finds herself dipping her toe into new experiences.

Thai Jinks
Legendary expat writer and beer connoisseur James Eckardt proves that just because you're middle-aged doesn't mean you can't be immature. Here, among other high jinks, he mounts elephants with polo mallet in hand, skitters about slippery yacht decks, presides over songfests at the Peachy Flophouse School of Journalism, stars in a Thai movie and soap opera, and is adopted as a guitar-playing mascot by a tribe of masseuses in Phuket. Covering nearly thirty years of calamitous carousals in Thailand, Thai Jinks is a fun-packed lesson in what you shouldn't do if you want to be a responsible adult. Through the eighties and nineties and into the new century we followed the humorous adventures of Jim Eckardt in both of Bangkok's daily English language newspapers, the Bangkok Post and the Nation. You see, things happened to Jim. It often involved beer. Some of these things weren't so good, but they were always funny and never dull. - Danny Speight, DCO Books

Thai Kiss
Paul Murphy desperately wants to be a big shot but the pursuit of fortune often comes with a heavy price. For Paul, it was the life of his best friend and partner, Tommy, apparently murdered for encroaching on a local drug gang's turf. Paul, a lowly hospital porter, fearful that he'll be next, flees to Thailand to lay low while reconnecting with Tommy's supplier in Pattaya. He meets the enchanting Yim and, veering from his intended plan, starts to rebuild his life running a chain of bars. Sonthi, a local heavy, offers protection for a price and the corrupt Mongkut ensures that the police will always turn a blind eye. So many want a share of Paul's success, but when greed prevails and they get tired of sharing, it's Paul's liberty and life itself that are on the line.
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