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Sports Journalism
Sports Journalism

Sports Scorecards
Sports Scorecards

Sport is something rather taken for granted and little studied as part of man's and society's behaviour. This collection of essays, many of which appear in print for the first time, provides an international comparative and developmental orientation to the sociology of sport, thereby clarifying the nature of modern sports and their central structural and functional characteristics. The sports treated include football, soccer, rugby, wrestling, baseball, and bull-fighting, and some historical background is given on the development of sport. In the introduction to each section, the editor explains the questions that the selections are intended to illustrate, and treats briefly such matters as theories of sport and play, the social factors in their development, sport and socialization, class and race in sport, sport as an occupation and an industry, and conflict and social control in sport. This reader will be of interest to those professionally concerned, either as teacher or student, with sociology and physical education, but it should also appeal to athletes, sports-lovers, and sports commentators who like to keep their thinking in good shape too.

Sport: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know tells the history of sport. All sport. Ever. From ancient times to the 21st century. In eight themed parts, Tim Harris describes the triumphs and breakthroughs - as well as the cheating and skulduggery - that have created the modern world of sport. Dip into it, or read it cover to cover - there's a 'Oh - now I get it' moment on every page. Sport: it's unique, funny, amazingly comprehensive and packed with extraordinary anecdotes to turn any reader into a sporting expert.

Dog Sports
Art Newman, an army brat born in British Army barracks in India. A wild childhood in 1941 to 1945, blitz etc. Growing up in Britain, as a young teenager he was sent to a farm where he met Border Collies. After the war he spent 25 wild years in Airborne Forces all over the world. On retirement he joined the Police as a dog handler but too much of a "rebel" and quit after two years of petty "BS". He then did the best thing in his life, immigrated to Canada and has been involved 100% with working dogs ever since. Obedience, tracking, agility, schutzund, plus lure coursing, terrier den trials, any working dog sport any where at any time, even sledge dogs and carting dogs. He cannot imagine a world without dogs. PS. He really does like the CKC!

Sport Stars
Sport Stars

Sports Geography
Sports Geography


Sport and Society
First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Libertinage et sport
Histoires Érotiques

Sport against violence
Humanrights Fighter " The Lion of Finland " made physical education project Sport against violence in Afghanistan. Project started 2005 United Nations physical education year.

Sports Management
Sport management is a field of education and vocation concerning the business aspect of sport.

Deze poëzie heeft linken naar verschillende werelden, waaruit blijkt dat uiteindelijk in elke leefwereld het voortbestaan een vorm van sport aanneemt.

Sports Mad
Join in the games with 4 noisy sound pages! Watch all of the exciting events and then celebrate with a noisy fireworks display!

Sports Medicine
Amy meets a hot surfer at her Surf City hospital. She devises a plan to seduce him. She risks her reputation and career to have some sexy fun with the young hardbody and he returns the favor after hours.

Sport Histories
This edited collection of sports histories examines the development of different sports from the perspective a figurational, or process, sociology.

Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition: From Lab to Kitchen is written by leaders in the field who discuss the latest science and translate the scientific findings into a practical message. This book bridges the gap between science and practice.

Managing Sport Events
Managing Sport Events presents the principles and practices of effective event management, taking readers through the entire process from event conception through postevent evaluation.

Sharp Sports Betting
Sharp Sports Betting explains the logic and math of sports bets, including such exotic bets as parlays, teasers, and props. Lots of NFL data.

Sport Verse
From working in the summer on sports fields to watching games at the stadium or court, these poems deal with the gift and frustration of sport. From baseball, football, basketball, golf, and other life sports comes a perspective of a novice trying to play games where only few excel. Frustrations, talent, hope, despair shines through and maybe some humor as well.
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