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An everyday Whodunnit? Did he do it reader?Flash fiction.

Lee Hoyle - philosopher, man on the street or genius? Perhaps after reading this book you will make your own mind up. Unedited from his original manuscripts, this eBook contains a large number of 'mini articles' with Lee's thoughts on everything from films to planets, cranes to drugs and almost everything inbetween. This book will almost certainly reduce you to tears - some of sadness, and some of laughter. Not always factually correct, but certainly entertaining, this book is not one for the faint-hearted. Lee's writing style has been described as a cross between that of Jeremy Clarkson and Hunter S Thompson.

What if the things aren't what we think? Why is red called red, and blue called blue? A child's book of why's and wonderment as told in pictures and rhymes.

Unanswered Questions
Unanswered Questions is a romantic fiction that depicts the modern-day scenario of love stories. The present generation just rush into relationships with a motto to get committed. After a certain time, they regret being into the wrong relationship. Relationships have become the trial rooms. We tend to fall in and out of love too fast that we just don't feel love anymore. Unanswered Questions highlights one such story. Swastik, Karuna and Saanjh are the main characters of the story. Friends, best friends, and lovers were three different terms earlier. Today there is very thin line among these three. People hop according to their choices and needs. Well, this is a matter of choice but today we are missing out on experiencing the purest feeling. Love is much more than just "I love you." Moving on is okay but when you really fall for the one you would not be able to move on, no matter how hard you try. Love needs to be felt but the people are trying to impose and cage love. Find the answers within yourself. With Unanswered Questions, you will know that true love never fades away and the forced relationship can never stay the same.

I ask too many questions.I've heard this all my life. So many questions, such peculiar ones, and where on earth do you get them from? Too many questions and too often. So often, in fact, that eventually they no longer heard them. In the end, they grew so tired of them, so deaf to them that I no longer bothered to ask them aloud. But I still ask them. Silently. Can't help but. They still bubble up from I don't know where, thirsty for answers, yanking my skirts and looking up at me with saucer-sized eyes, wondering why? why? why?Yes, still as many as ever. But I keep them to myself these days. If only the world made sense, then, I'm sure, I would not be so short of answers. Here's one that I got answered the other day: Was I an accident? (Mom is only seventeen years older than I, which made me wonder).Dad said (surprised I'd have to ask), "What do you think? Of course you were."Well, thanks a lot Dad. The world makes sense to them. Or so they say. It especially makes sense to Grandma who prays every night in her little cupboard of a room so loudly that she keeps them up, tossing and turning and swearing, Mom and Dad, two doors away. I sleep through it, though, because for a year or so when I was little and Grandma had her own place I lived with her and got acclimated to her screaming in the same room while I was sleeping on her Victorian chaise longue-just a few feet away from her, on her knees, eyes on that Jesus portrait above her bed with the straw-filled mattress-the little chaise longue which was just the right size for me: I could stretch and still not stick my feet out over the edge, and I slept quite well, thank you, while my mom and my dad were away in the big city (where the Devil made his headquarters according to Grandma) taking care of a little mishap mom had had with some man other than Dad, a little mishap that I didn't find out about until much, much later in the form of a suddenly surfacing half-brother. Full-brother, as it turned out once some blood test

Disputed Questions
Thomas Merton (1915-68) is the most admired of all American Catholic writers. His journals have recently been published to wide acclaim.

La Question brûlante
La Question brûlante

Romantic Questions
Ask the outrageous, the sweet and the profound! From future dreams and past loves to sex, work and family life, this book of questions will reveal the innermost secrets, thoughts and desires of you and your love.

The Infinite Question
The Infinite Question

The Christmas Question
I wanted to put God back into children's lives through story books. Children are our future. Without God there is no future.

Question Of Comfort
Question Of Comfort by Les Collins.

Unanswered Questions
An empire demolished, a family destroyed. From the memories of one of fi ve siblings.

Lightweight 6: "Questions"
Lightweight is back and this time he has questions he wants answered! Alongside Howl, the city of Federation's top hero sets out to find out what Noctus and his Morlocks want with the hero. But his answers may come at the cost of his own life as he walks into a trap unlike anything he's faced in the past!

The Haiku Questions
Twenty-four themes and one-hundred and twenty questions in Haiku and Haiku like poems pondering. A meditative must-read! -Cupideros

Questions of Life
What is the point of life? Is forgiveness possible? More than 15 million people around the world have now attended Alpha, the Christian introductory course pioneered by Nicky Gumbel. In this international bestseller based on the Alpha course, Nicky Gumbel addresses some of the big issues which challenge us all. Packed with humour, anecdote, wisdom and profound teaching from the Bible, Gumbel introduces the person of Jesus Christ and invites the reader into a world of discovery that has fascinated human beings for two thousand years.

The Fateful Question
Tasked with going around campus and propositioning strangers for extra credit in her psychology class, Amanda is more surprised by her own reaction than a girl actually agreeing to the question when she takes the shy, dark-haired beauty, Leah, to an empty classroom to carry out her promise of a quickie. Contains explicit lesbian content.

Funny Questions
Funny Questions. What has 4 legs but cannot walk? A Chair! Have you ever seen an elephant hiding behind a sofa? English books for kids, children's books in English.

Question of Scotland
In September 2014, with the Scottish independence referendum, the United Kingdom came close to being broken apart after threecenturies as one of the most successful political unions in history. Yet despite a conclusive No vote, the SNP took almost every seat inScotland at the 2015 general election. In this book Tam Dalyell offers a personal reflection on why the UK is on the brink of the mostserious constitutional crisis in its history. But this is not just a history of why we have ended up where we are. Dalyell also offers sageadvice and suggests ways forward which will inform debate as the UK moves into a new political era.

Ten Questions With
This eBook is a collection of candid and insightful interviews with over 40 Christian Independent Authors.

Fred's Question
Dragons, a window awning and a virgin. What would they have to do with an unrequited high school love? How would asking Fred's question help James Armstrong overcome his shyness and actually ask his old high school crush, Julie Ann Wagoner, out? A short story showing love can sometimes conquer all.
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