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An everyday Whodunnit? Did he do it reader?Flash fiction.

What if the things aren't what we think? Why is red called red, and blue called blue? A child's book of why's and wonderment as told in pictures and rhymes.

Unanswered Questions
Unanswered Questions is a romantic fiction that depicts the modern-day scenario of love stories. The present generation just rush into relationships with a motto to get committed. After a certain time, they regret being into the wrong relationship. Relationships have become the trial rooms. We tend to fall in and out of love too fast that we just dont feel love anymore. Unanswered Questions highlights one such story. Swastik, Karuna and Saanjh are the main characters of the story. Friends, best friends, and lovers were three different terms earlier. Today there is very thin line among these three. People hop according to their choices and needs. Well, this is a matter of choice but today we are missing out on experiencing the purest feeling. Love is much more than just I love you. Moving on is okay but when you really fall for the one you would not be able to move on, no matter how hard you try. Love needs to be felt but the people are trying to impose and cage love. Find the answers within yourself. With Unanswered Questions, you will know that true love never fades away and the forced relationship can never stay the same.

La Question brûlante
La Question brûlante

Unanswered Questions
An empire demolished, a family destroyed. From the memories of one of fi ve siblings.

A Question
A Question

Disputed Questions
Thomas Merton (1915-68) is the most admired of all American Catholic writers. His journals have recently been published to wide acclaim.

The China Questions
Many books offer information about the world's most populous country, but few make sense of what is truly at stake. Thirty of the world's leading China experts-affiliates of Harvard's renowned Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies-answer key questions about where this new superpower is headed and what makes its people and their leaders tick.

The Infinite Question
The Infinite Question

Fred's Question
Dragons, a window awning and a virgin. What would they have to do with an unrequited high school love? How would asking Fred's question help James Armstrong overcome his shyness and actually ask his old high school crush, Julie Ann Wagoner, out? A short story showing love can sometimes conquer all.

Questions of Life
What is the point of life? Is forgiveness possible? More than 15 million people around the world have now attended Alpha, the Christian introductory course pioneered by Nicky Gumbel. In this international bestseller based on the Alpha course, Nicky Gumbel addresses some of the big issues which challenge us all. Packed with humour, anecdote, wisdom and profound teaching from the Bible, Gumbel introduces the person of Jesus Christ and invites the reader into a world of discovery that has fascinated human beings for two thousand years.

Funny Questions
Funny Questions. What has 4 legs but cannot walk? A Chair! Have you ever seen an elephant hiding behind a sofa? English books for kids, children's books in English.

The Hard Questions
From Time magazine and USA Today to O, The Oprah Magazine, the media has raved about this life-changing New York Times bestseller. Now, just in time for Valentine's Day, comes this beautiful hardcover edition. Complete with new material, The Hard Questions is now being published in the same keepsake format as The Hard Questions for an Authentic Life.

Ten Questions With
This eBook is a collection of candid and insightful interviews with over 40 Christian Independent Authors.

Questions of Ultimus
This work of fiction is created in the composition of outlines and fragments of interviews, which are necessary for the delivery of relevant information. It is composed, tentatively, according to Occam's Razor (law of parsimony) and, aiming at all-dimensionally interacting with its readers, is open to and welcomes all kinds of rewriting, recreation, and of course, criticisms.

Observations Perceptions & Questions
Human individuals having keen observation of events, and possessing intense perception of the reasons behind these events have pondered for solutions to better human life. These pages are written to entreat thecreative minds to produce simpler solutions or answers for the masses for their everyday living.

A Life's Question
Bob's life is in turmoil, so he does some soul searching for the answers. Family, friends, and his relationships bring vivid flashbacks of past lives. They set him on a path of more questions as he tries to find love.

The Anderson Question
Eleanor Anderson's comfortable and well-ordered life is completely shattered when her husband Davis, the dependable and much respected village doctor, disappears. A few days later he is found dead, apparently the victim of a heart attack, and speculation is stilled as family, friends and patients akin feel a kind of relief at knowing the worst. But genuine grief at their bereavement gives way to angry bewilderment when a post-mortem reveals that the man they thought they knew so well, the man they all depended on, had taken his own life, for no obvious reason. And Eleanor discovers, in the uneasy company of her ungracious son, that all she had assumed and lived by has been false.

Question Marks
? I like many of you out there am not fearful of the answers that I am seeking. I like many of you out there will not just accept how things are. We need to question. We need to reason. Like many of you out there I need to explore I need to feel I need to sense I need to know I need to seek I seek a riveting yet rational reason. I seek a profound yet purified truth. I seek a luring yet logical answer. I seek a boisterous yet believing reality. Even the Almighty God encourages one to seek. He encourages us to question and reason.

Question of Comfort
Strange, startling tale about a man who wants to make a realistic addition to an amusement park. A very memorable novella by Les Collins.
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