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Military Romance
There's that guy again, Regan. Look." I looked up to see the guy Shaquanna was referring to. He was the same guy who'd been coming into the coffee shop where I worked as a waitress every day. I didn't think anything of it. He was probably new in town or just passing through. He shuffled in and sat down in a booth near the window. He carried a green duffel bag that he dropped on the booth seat next to him. I figured he must be military because his green looked Army issue. I took a moment to study him. His medium brown hair was thick and in need of a haircut. Dark stubble marred his jaw and from this far away, I couldn't tell what color his eyes were. "He's sitting in your section, Regan. As usual." Shaquanna grinned suddenly. "Why, I think you got yourself a secret admirer," she said in a fake southern drawl. She gave the man a closer look. "Your mystery man could seriously use a shower, shave, and a haircut.

Military love
Before going to the airport, the mobile phone in the pocket of his jacket thighs vibrate continuously. Probably Hung was angry about being angry. Think so, take the phone out, wait for it no longer vibrate, quickly press the shortcut thrown into the bag. Dozens of unread messages in the mailbox are completely ignored. More than four o'clock in the afternoon, fly to Beijing. Sleeping for almost ten hours, I reckons spinning. From T1 station to T2 station, half an hour later, the plane flew to city C. Not long ago, the crew announced technical problems, the aircraft had to return to the airport to test. Simplicity Ask the next person to know what happened. Slowly rolling back and forth for two hours, the flight was canceled, the shuttle was scheduled to fly 8:30. At the Van Lin Airport of City C, it was eleven o'clock at night. Outside the rain, the wind is bigger. In the memory of Yim Gian, the weather in the south may have been warm, but now she was shivering because of the cold. She pulled up her buttonhole, pulled a small suitcase with one hand, held a white bag, and ran slowly down the bridge. A moment later, on the surface filled with rain water, wet jacket in half, only the bag hugged in the lap was lucky escape. Simplify the small bag on the shoulder to find the phone. Find the number not seen, she carefully flip the second look, detecting the phone is not really here. She remembered, at first, that she was still on the phone at Seattle airport, and then she did not touch her bag. No, after transferring the plane she pulled a book from her pocket. Coughing stopped for a few seconds, spreading his arms and stroking the rain on his face, began to look for the car. At this time, with such weather, do not say hard to find a taxi, to the car even if not enough supply. Cousin relentlessly focused on two cabs, the car has not arrived, someone has to crawl. She turned her attention to some parachutes. That way, not far from the car parked in a row, driving outside the

Military Career
Military Career

Military Actions
Short Stories about the Armed Forces. Erotic. Gay. Adults only.

Military Actions
Short Stories about the Armed Forces. Erotic. Gay. Adults only.

Military Migrants
This is the first book to examine "migrant-soldiers' in the British army and places the phenomenon of Britain's multicultural army in relation to British culture, history and nationalism. It also explores the impact of war on UK society during the 21st Century

Multinational Military Forces
First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Military Badge Collecting
This book is a comprehensive guide, which will appeal to anyone with an interest in medal collecting. The book contains British Army badges from the earliest days to the present, with photographs of 800 examples.

Military Power
The contributors here consider the multifarious aspects of the Anglo-American approach to war. All the contributors are concerned to base their work on the overall historical context. They explore the relationship between theory and practice in military operations.

Military Romance
This collection presents seven must-listen military romance stories! "Her Soldier Boy"The Lieutenants Musician'saving Sarah"Into the Crossfire"In the Place We Both Love"Uniformed Love Triangle"The Colonel's Baby" Happy ever after ending in every story. No cliffhangers!

Military Men
My family is a military one. We take care of our own and we are a very tight unit. These are some of our stories.

Military Men
My family is a military one. We take care of our own and we are a very tight unit. These are some of our stories.

Military Gangbang
Harry is deployed to the gulf on a mission, and he is not very pleased about it. There are no women there and he ponders what he will do for sex. While there he meets up with Steve, who introduces him to a whole new gay experience.

Military Geography
This book covers many topics that are crucial to military planning but often receive only passing mention in histories or briefings. Collins, a former Army officer, stresses land geography, but he does not stint oceans, the atmosphere, or interplanetary space. His discussions of urban areas are too brief, given the increasing amount of large-scale violence in cities since the end of World War II.

Under the Arms Export Control Act and its implementing regulations, DOD is required to recover nonrecurring costs-unique one-time program-wide expenditures-for certain major defense equipment sold under the FMS program. These costs include research, development, and one-time production costs, such as expenses for testing equipment. The Act also permits those costs to be waived under certain circumstances, such as to standardize equipment with select allies or to avoid a loss of sale.

Military Romance
William took my other hand in his and pulled me closer to him. I looked up at him, wondering what it would be like to kiss him. It was very quiet in the room, the only sound being our own breathing and the occasional shout from someone in the hangars down the hall. The fabric of our green jump suits rustled as he slid his hands down my waist and pulled me against his body. I rested my hands against his shoulders.

The Military Ball
The Military Ball, is an erotic fantasy that fuses Greek mythology with the story of a professional couple attending a black tux Military event. P, a modern day Goddess, leads her subservient husband towards an electrified evening of sensual teasing, domination, fetish and role playing. Tonight she is the one in charge and the husband must get very naughty in order to fulfill his raw desires. Private Secrets is erotic fiction for modern women and open minded men. It is strictly for Adults 18+.

Military Man
This is a novella. It's not intended for young audiences. Have fun! Every girl likes a man in uniform, even the ones who don't know that they do. What's not to like? Muscles, check. Brains, thank God, yes, check. A little old fashion chivalry, check. So when modern woman, Lycée, happens upon tall dark and perfect, she kind of can't help herself, and it doesn't take long for her to realizes she shouldn't help herself. Or she should, she should definitely help herself to him. Because he looks delicious. And fun. Ad everybody likes to have fun. Girl meets boy. Yada, Yada, Yada. Love.

Great Military Disasters
Great Military Disasters tells the dramatic stories behind the world's most calamitous conflicts. From the French army's failure to understand the impact of new technology at Crécy to Hitler's blatant overconfidence at Stalingrad, military historian Julian Spilsbury provides thrilling accounts of each disaster, covering exactly what went wrong, how and why. Of course, a disastrous outcome for one side meant victory for another, so as well as exploring the reasons the conflict ended in disaster, Great Military Disasters also reveals the key to victory. Eyewitness quotations add another dimension to this intriguing study of human incompetence of the gravest kind.

Military Machines
Military machines play a huge part in battles and wars and their involvement has often lead to triumph or defeat. Step inside and discover more about MILITARY MACHINES. Zoom in on tanks, submarines and planes that travel faster than sound! Focus on the First and Second World Wars. The Snapshots series of colourful and visually appealing titles is designed to engage 9 to 14 year old reluctant readers. With their bold design and familiar subject matter from battles to Batman these books are perfect for guided reading and for encouraging less able readers to enjoy reading alone.
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