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Sensory Marketing
Sensory Marketing offers a global view of the use of senses in marketing strategy based on consumers' perception and behaviour. Integrating the company constraints and classical approaches of branding and communication, the author presents sensory marketing as an emergent marketing paradigm in theory and practice. This book will be an important contribution that will provide useful reading for marketing scholars and consumer psychologists across the world.

Marketing Management
Marketing management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. Rapidly emerging forces of globalization have led firms to market beyond the borders of their home countries, making international marketing highly significant and an integral part of a firm's marketing strategy. Marketing managers are often responsible for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand accepted definition of the term. In part, this is because the role of a marketing manager can vary significantly based on a business's size, corporate culture, and industry context.

Brilliant Marketing
Marketing has never been so important because business has never been so competitive. Brilliant Marketing shows anyone how they can devise and execute winning marketing strategies. With practical advice from start to finish, this updated new edition gives you the lowdown on what works and how you can succeed with your campaigns. Brilliant outcomes: Understand the ideas, actions, campaigns that make a real difference. Get a complete marketing skill-set to seduce and inspire. Be a master of strategy - from thinking to planning to execution.

M- marketing
Con la aparición de la telefonía móvil, la comunicación, tanto personal como profesional, ha dado un gran salto porque ha hecho posible que las personas puedan estar conectadas en cualquier parte y en cualquier momento. La posibilidad de una comunicación interpersonal ininterrumpida ha variado la forma de actuación y comportamiento del usuario. Gracias a los terminales de tipo smartphone, y mediante la conexión a Internet, que nos ofrece acceso continuo a cualquier tipo de información en cualquier momento o lugar, podemos comercializar, comprar, gestionar o comentar en tiempo real nuestra aplicación web, plataforma, blog o red social. En este curso analizaremos todos aquellos aspectos que necesitas saber sobre el marketing móvil (mobile marketing).

Energy Markets
Price Risk Management and Trading. Energy risk management expert, Tom James, does it again. His latest book is a timely addition to the rapidly developing energy trading markets. This book should be on every energy trader, risk manager and corporate planer's desk. it is an easy read as Tom goes into great detail to explain the intricacies of this market and its various unique elements. - Peter C. Fusaro, Chairman, Global Change Associates Inc, Best-selling Author and Energy Expert This sensible and practical guide is essential for those seeking an understanding of commerce in energy derivatives. beyond merely informative, this hand book for the practitioner details the finer points of the use of derivatives as tools for price-risk management. No energy trading desk should be without it. - Ethan L. Cohen, Senior Director, Utility and Energy Technology, UtiliPoint International Inc. Energy markets are much more volatile than other commodity markets, so risk mitigation is more of a concern. Energy prices, for example, can be affected by weather, geopo9litical turmoil, changes in tax and legal systems, OPEC decisions, analysis' reports, transportation issues, and supply and demand - to name just a few factors. Tom James's book is a practical guide to assessing and managing these risks. It is a must-read for senior management as well as risk and financial professionals- Don Stowers, Editor, Oil & Gas Financial Journal This book is the most comprehensive on price risk management-centric efforts. It provides the reader with a tangible experience of derivatives in today's capital and energy markets. The breadth and scope of the passages are immense, in that both developed and developing countries' energy markets are considered and examples applied. Terrific read! - Rashpal Bhatti, Marketing Manager, Energy Trading Asia, Enron/BHP Billiton Tom James has simplified the intricacies of a very complex market. In this new market of "hot" commodities, he has been able to gi

Marketing With No Money
Marketing With No Money

Internet Marketing Mechanics
Internet Marketing Mechanics

Internet Marketing Pitfalls
Internet Marketing Pitfalls

Eine moderne Version von Rabattmarken, die sich in der Vergangenheit in Deutschland noch nie so richtig durchsetzen konnten, ist hierzulande nun groB in Mode. Moderne Couponing-Kampagnen begeistern die deutschen Verbraucher.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate-Marketing boomt - auch und gerade in Krisenzeiten. Ein Wunder ist das nicht. SchlieBlich sind Partnerprogramme effizient und risikoarm. Am wichtigsten aber ist: Sie erhöhen die Absatzchancen und schmieden Allianzen.

Market Mediations
Market Mediations offers a fresh way to look at consumption practices, design and branding issues through analysis based on the French and European intellectual tradition. To account for this vast system of objects and brands, the book draws on the generative trajectory of meaning stemming from the structural semiotics of Greimas obedience.

Marketing viral
Gracias a las tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación, la publicidad boca a oreja pasa a ser publicidad viral porque, de clic en clic, se difunden los mensajes comerciales como virus por las redes sociales con un alcance y velocidad extraordinarias. Y tú, crees que estás vacunado contra el marketing viral?

Market Day Delight
Toby takes Allie shopping, and is stunned (and aroused!) when she buys a phallic-looking squash. After he takes her home, he wonders if she plans to use it sexually. Finally he can't stand it anymore, and sneaks into her bedroom to find out.

Werbung für in Deutschland lebende Migranten sagen Experten hervorragende Zukunftschancen voraus. Mit 170 Milliarden Euro ist die Kaufkraft der ethnischen Gruppen, vor allem die der Türken und Russen, beachtlich. Problematisch: Viele Werbungtreibende haben Berührungsängste mit den ausländischen Zielgruppen, oftmals fehlt ihnen das Wissen.

Market Day Surprise
Kate's day out with her best friend Nikki at the travelling markets, reveals a secret that will change her world forever.

Marketing Basics
A quick introduction to the basics of marketing, aimed at people starting a business for the first time.

Offensives Marketing
Offensives Marketing kann in wirtschaftlichen Krisensituationen, in denen Optimismus und Visionen mehr als nötig sind, einen wirklich positiven Beitrag liefern. (1) Offensives Marketing bedeutet Aktion statt Reaktion. Kundenbedürfnisse müssen verstärkt geweckt, Trends neu gesetzt und bestehende Strukturen verändert werden. (2) Voraussetzung für den offensiven Weg sind vor allem Mut, Ausdauer und der Einsatz aller Mitarbeiter und des gesamten Marketingspektrums. (2) , (3)

Multisensuales Marketing
Studien haben gezeigt: Die Markenbindung der Verbraucher ist um so stärker, je mehr Sinne die Werbung anspricht. Häufig unterschätzt wird das Duftmarketing - dabei bleiben Düfte nach Untersuchungen von Hirnforschern viel stärker in Erinnerung als ein Slogan. Kritiker werfen Werbungtreibenden jedoch Manipulation vor und warnen vor den gesundheitlichen Gefahren des Duftmarketing.

Law and Markets
Law and Markets examines the interaction between legal rules, market forces and prices. It emphasises the economic effects of legal rules on individual incentives in both market and non-market settings, and draws on cases and materials from a wide variety of legal jurisdictions to illustrate economic principles.

Antiques Flee Market
As the Christmas season gets into full swing in the Mississippi River town of Serenity, Brandy Borne finds herself in the midst of holiday mayhem when Walter Yeager, an old flame of her mother's, becomes a victim of Yuletide homicide.
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