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Oracle Essentials
Written by Oracle insiders, this indispensable guide distills an enormous amount of information about the Oracle Database into one compact volume. Ideal for novice and experienced DBAs, developers, managers, and users, Oracle Essentials walks you through technologies and features in Oracle’s product line, including its architecture, data structures, networking, concurrency, and tuning. Complete with illustrations and helpful hints, this fifth edition provides a valuable one-stop overview of Oracle Database 12c, including an introduction to Oracle and cloud computing. Oracle Essentials provides the conceptual background you need to understand how Oracle truly works. Topics include: A complete overview of Oracle databases and data stores, and Fusion Middleware products and features Core concepts and structures in Oracle’s architecture, including pluggable databases Oracle objects and the various datatypes Oracle supports System and database management, including Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Security options, basic auditing capabilities, and options for meeting compliance needs Performance characteristics of disk, memory, and CPU tuning Basic principles of multiuser concurrency Oracle’s online transaction processing (OLTP) Data warehouses, Big Data, and Oracle’s business intelligence tools Backup and recovery, and high availability and failover solutions
Published by "O'Reilly Media, Inc." on 09/06/2013
Book details: 432 pages.

The Future of Russian Gas and Gazprom
The Russian gas industry provides 50% of Russian domestic energy supplies, a substantial proportion of CIS gas supplies, and around 20% of European gas demand. Declines in production at existing fields mean that Gazprom will face increasingly difficult decisions about moving to higher cost fields on the Yamal Peninsula. The alternative will be increasing imports from Central Asian countries and allowing other Russian gas producers to increase their role in the industry. Russian exports toEurope will gradually increase and deliveries of Russian LNG will commence to Asia and the both coasts of North America. Pipeline gas deliveries to East Asian countries may have a longer time horizon. Export projects aimed at new markets will depend crucially on the maintenance of (oil and) gas prices at the levels of 2003-05. European exports will also depend on the pace of EU market liberalisation and Gazprom's ability to agree mutually acceptable terms for transit, principally with Ukraineand Belarus. Reform, liberalisation and restructuring of the Russian gas industry have been more substantial than has generally been recognised. Most important has been price reform which, in 2005, allowed Russian industrial customers to become profitable to serve at regulated prices. Price increases may significantly reduce future increases in domestic gas demand. The increasing need for production from companies other than Gazprom will ensure that liberalised access to networks expands considerably over the next decade. In the 2000s, Gazprom reclaimed its CIS gas business from intermediaries, while maintaining its de facto monopoly of exports to Europe and establishing a similar degree of authority over future exports to Asia. The merger of Gazprom and Rosneft will provide the potential to become a force in the domestic and international oil markets, particularly given the authority that the president has conferred on the company in terms of Russian energy policy.
Published by Oxford University Press, USA on 06/19/2018
Book details: 270 pages.

Succeeding with Difficult Clients
"I know that I am doing therapy correctly and well, so why aren't some of my clients changing?" "Why do I feel anxious when I think about my next session with that difficult client?" When psychotherapy stalls, it's time to try new ideas. The authors' experience with difficult clients -- uncooperative, hostile, uncommitted to change -- gave them a new perspective on working with therapeutic impasses. Papers describing Cognitive Appraisal Therapy have appeared in many books and journals, and now for the first time these ideas are compiled into a single volume. Heavily influenced by the psychotherapy integration movement and in a radical departure from conventional cognitive-behavior therapy, they see motivation in terms of affect and attachment rather than cognitive schemas, and resistance and setbacks as the result of emotional setpoints. Practitioners from all corners of the psychotherapy landscape will be able to integrate Cognitive Appraisal Therapy into their therapeutic approaches to help them work successfully and confidently with difficult clients as individuals, as couples and in groups. Novel therapeutic strategies and formulations to use when all else is failing Provocative conceptualizations of self, personality and psychopathology A fresh approach to treating personality-related disorders Numerous case illustrations, and excerpts from actual psychotherapy sessions and supervision sessions Straightforward, common sense writing free of jargon and psychobabble
Published by Elsevier on 08/10/2001
Book details: 340 pages.

Howard Stern A To Z
A compendium of trivia about the radio "shock jock" and his syndicated program offers tasty tidbits of information about the celebrity's life and career, his radio companions, his nemeses, and his signature routines. Original.
Published by Macmillan on 01/15/1997
Book details: 249 pages.

2014 Crisis in Ukraine. Perspectives, Reflections, International Reverberations
This book is a collective attempt to present a wide-ranging picture of international attitudes towards the events currently ongoing in Ukraine. As some experts have already tended to claim, in 2014 this post-Soviet state lying in the Eastern part of the European continent has become a scene of the most serious geopolitical standoff since the end of the Cold war. It would be in place here to remind a well-known clear-cut maxim, formulated by Zbigniew Brzeziński in late 1990s and concerning Ukraine’s key role in shaping the Russian imperial self-identity: “Without Ukraine Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire”. So what may readers expect to find in this book? It has been divided into two parts, reflecting the perspectives on Ukrainian crisis: first, the perspective of Ukraine’s close neighbours from Central Eastern Europe and Turkey; second, the perspectives of the global players like the EU, the US or China. We hope that such a publication focused on the above-mentioned problems and embedded in the actual reality will be useful both for professionals in the field of political science, as well as for those who have an influence on the shape of the foreign policy.
Book details: 249 pages.

The Righteous Mind
Presents a groundbreaking investigation into the origins of morality at the core of religion and politics, offering scholarly insight into the motivations behind cultural clashes that are polarizing America.
Published by Vintage on 06/19/2018
Book details: 500 pages.

European Energy Security
Nataliya Esakova performs an analysis of the interdependencies and the nature of cooperation between energy producing, consuming and transit countries focusing on the gas sector. For the analysis the theoretical framework of the interdependence theory by Robert O. Keohane and Joseph S. Nye and the international regime theory are applied to the recent developments within the gas relationship between the European Union and Russia in the last decade. The objective of the analysis is to determine, whether a fundamental regime change in terms of international regime theory is taking place, and, if so, which regime change explanation model in terms of interdependence theory is likely to apply.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 01/24/2013
Book details: 280 pages.

Memoirs of a Bipolar Ex-Podiatrist
Published by Dorrance Publishing on 09/01/2012
Book details: 182 pages.

Oil Indexation: The Best Remedy for Market Failure in the Natural Gas Industry
Published by Demian LA on 11/01/2016
Book details: 98 pages.

The New Economy of Oil
'The global oil industry is an exceptionally complex one, and its importance to governments, business and society as a whole is immense...The New Economy of Oil aims to set out the challenges and choices ahead, and it makes a fascinating read.' Business News 'John Mitchell, in this excellent book, is looking at the new elements which may influence, or indeed determine, the shape of the oil industry, the behaviour of the main actors, the forces of supply and demand, and the price path.' From the Foreword by Robert Mabro, Director, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies 'The New Economy of Oil is a superior, state-of-the-art tour of a conventional scenario about the near future of the world's oil and oil economy and polity.' Society and Natural Resources In a world where international accountability is increasingly important, the oil industry faces an unprecedented series of challenges. Mitchell's main theme is that the acceptability of oil is becoming more important than its availability. The implications are enormous, given the huge current dependence on oil of so much industry and government revenue. This book is of importance to all those involved with oil - from industry professionals to competitors, commentators, investors, managers, politicians and regulators.
Published by Routledge on 11/05/2013
Book details: 304 pages.
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