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On Film
On Film

Film Worlds

Film Worlds

Film Studies
A startling story about the powerful impact of parents' behavior on teens.

der film
fortsetzungsroman: der herr plant einen film, eine art remake der "o". er fragt seine assistentin, ob sie mitmachen will. sie will - und ihre wg-kolleginnen und der wg-kollege auch. 3. kapitel - der test

Valuing Films
This volume gets to the heart of what films mean to people on personal, political and commercial levels. Exploring value judgements that underpin social, academic and institutional practices, it examines the diverse forms of worth attributed to a range of international films in relation to taste, passion, morality and aesthetics.

Food in Film
First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Ted Bernal Guevara is the author of novels, A Circle with Two Corners and Days of Slint. FILMS is his first anthology of poems.

Sex and Film
Sex and Film is a frank, comprehensive analysis of the cinema's love affair with the erotic. Forshaw's lively study moves from the sexual abandon of the 1930s to filmmakers' circumvention of censorship, the demolition of taboos by arthouse directors and pornographic films, and an examination of how explicit imagery invaded modern mainstream cinema.

Film Crazy
In Film Crazy, McGilligan shares some of his fascinating interviews with screen luminaries from his salad days as a young journalist working the Hollywood beat. He rides the presidential campaign bus with Ronald Reagan, visits Alfred Hitchcock on the set of the Master of Suspense's last film, "Family Plot," meets George Stevens at the Brown Derby and conducts the last interview with the director of "Shane" and "Giant." Other interview subjects captured for posterity include rough-and-ready pioneer directors William Wellman and Raoul Walsh; likeable actor Joel McCrea; actress - and the only female director of her era - Ida Lupino; French legend Rene Clair; and lowly-contract-writer-turned-studio-mogul Dore Schary. Film Crazy is a must for film students, scholars and professionals.

Cohesion in Film
This book presents a new approach to film analysis. It provides methods for analysing meaning making in film through tracking concrete details of film images such as characters, objects, settings and character action. It also represents new ground for investigating empirical issues in film.

Film Restoration
This is the first monograph-length work intended to enable readers with a humanities background and the general public to understand what the processes and techniques of film restoration do and do not involve, attempting to integrate systematically a discussion about related technological and cultural issues.

Gaming Film
Gaming Film explores the growing influence of computer games on contemporary cinema. From the type of stories told to their complex structural patterns, from the changing modes of reception to innovative visual aesthetics, computer games are re-shaping the cinematic landscape in exciting directions.

Film Stories
This volume contains three new screenplays (Bedrock, Old World and New, and Falling Angels) by the writer-director of the prize-winning films Nothing But a Man, The Plot against Harry, Vengeance Is Mine, and Pilgrim, Farewell.

Film Making
Want to become a film maker? This book allows you to understand and learn the basics in this complex niche. Technical specs made easy for you so you can start your own film! Easy to read and apply so you can be successful.

der film
fortsetzungsroman: der herr plant einen film, eine art remake von "o". er fragt seine assistentin, ob sie mitmachen will. sie will - und ihre wg-kolleginnen und der wg-kollege auch. 2. kapitel das casting

Im falschen Film 3
Es ist ein Jahr vergangen, seit Trixi bei einem Unfall ihre Erinnerungen verloren hat. Sie hat ihren Frieden mit der Amnesie gemacht und schaut nach vorne. Nur noch die Liebe ihres Lebens und ihr Baby zählen. Doch als sich ihr verschollen geglaubter Vater meldet, stolpert sie sofort wieder ins nächste Chaos voller Intrigen und ungelöster Rätsel. Dabei stöBt sie auf dunkle Familiengeheimnisse, die niemand je erfahren sollte.

Film of Dream
An analog photography book, showing exmples spanning over 28 years of professional experience. Exhibiting differnt styles, techniques and cameras, ranging from large format, medium format, 35mm, pinhole cameras and polaroid. This is an inspiring journey through a photographers career, portrayed with stunning photos of an artist whom continues to photograph with analog in a digital age.

Feeling Film
This book questions the de facto dominance of narrative when watching films. Using the film musical as a case study, this book explores whether an alternative spatial understanding of film can offer alternative readings to narrative. For instance, how do film aesthetics influence our interaction with the film? Can camera movement and music make us 'feel' cinema? Can the film world bleed into our own? Utilising film musicals ranging from those by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to von Trier's Dancer in the Dark (2000), Feeling Film: A Spatial Approach investigates how we might go about understanding the audience's spatial relationship with film aesthetics, what it might look like, and the tools needed to conduct analysis.
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