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Fiction is an incredibly beautiful collection of short stories with significant social messages. Fiction will take you through a world of adventure, drama, romance, emotion, suspense and full of excitement. The beauty of life is in the entire milieu of Fiction.

Femme Fiction
Mortice loves certain things, from zentai suits and all things Spandex through to chastity and bondage, he writes stories drawing on personal experiences that take the reader closer to their fantasies. Femme Fiction is a selection of stories featuring the female perspective and includes: Kat, Caged, Gag Gift, Scenes from a Mall, Metal Mia, Securing Sarah, Second Time Lucky, On Any Given Sunday, Testing Her Secret, The Virgin Sadist

Julianne just wants that old spark back in her marriage. Her husband Logan is too preoccupied with making their business bloom. When she's rebuffed one too many times she does some soul searching. Her search leads her accidentally to a very handsome man with a dominant streak a mile wide. Who wants her. Really wants her in a way that excites her to no end. Julianne is shocked to see how far she will go for Max and how readily she falls under his spell. Even from the first moment where she admits that she's looking for something and she thinks it's him, she acts with a pure lusty reckless streak she's never experienced. Max pushes her to a place, both emotionally and sexually she's never imagined. Julianne would do just about anything to please him. Even after her husband finds out. The ultimate question becomes will her affair with Max bring Julianne and Logan closer together or be the final straw in their struggling marriage? Warnings: This book contains instances of m/m sex, menage, bondage, anal sex, corporal punishment and infidelity.

Fiction érotique
Histoires Érotiques

Frenzied Fiction
Frenzied Fiction

Coffee Break Fiction
A collection of short fiction. Fourteen stories, each the perfect length to complement your coffee break!

Frenzied Fiction,
Frenzied Fiction, by Stephen Leacock.

Poetic Fiction
It's a love story between two love lost birds, it's prose told through poetry. It's the story of Philomena and Paul

Mary A Fiction
Mary: A Fiction (1788) is an autobiographical novel by Mary Wollstonecraft. It presents the tale of a woman who is dissatisfied with traditional marriage which she compares to slavery and wants to live life her own way.

Fiction ou réalité
Histoires Érotiques

Understanding Pornographic Fiction
This work defends two main theses. First, modern Western pornographic fiction functions as a self-deceptive vehicle for sexual or blood-lustful arousal; and second, that its emergence owes as much to Puritan Protestantism and its inner- or this-worldly asceticism as does the emergence of modern rationalized capitalism.

Characters in Literary Fictions
The book focuses on the category of character in fiction. It provides a general outline of different approaches to literary character followed by nineteen essays on individual authors from Conrad to Coetzee, on various genres from utopia, fantasy and gothic fiction to academic novel, and on characters' extra-textual contexts from intertextuality to history and autobiography.

Frenzied Fiction
Frenzied Fiction

Commercial Fiction
Commercial Fiction

This book deals about blindly following the Western way of life since according to ancient texts of Hinduism, the four races which existed in Jam-bu Dweeb in which one of the continent Bharath. In that four pure races, white, red, yellow, and black, which mixed to form Asians, Chinese, European, and African races, which respectively are thinkers (white), red (administrators and executors), yellow (wealth creators), black (good and excellent working people). Therefore, after the mix, everybody slowly follows Western civilization without knowing the repercussion of terrorists, financial crisis, breaking of family, and easy way of making money by fraudulent means. All the five fiction stories revolve around these problems.

Punk Fiction
Punk Fiction" Mariusa Melanza to zbiór osiemnastu niezwiazanych ze soba opowiadan. Teksty zawieraja spora note sarkazmu oraz specyficznego poczucia humoru autora. Bywaja dosadne i niekiedy wyjatkowo naturalistyczne. Pojawiaja sie w nich watki kryminalne, obyczajowe, milosne, spoleczne, fizjologiczne. W zwiazku z tym, ze w publikacji wystepuja opisy scen erotycznych oraz jezyk autora bywa od czasu do czasu nieco wulgarny, Wydawnictwo Niekonwencjonalne Ale Jaja zacheca do lektury wylacznie Czytelników pelnoletnich. Zgadzajac sie ze szczera rada wydawcy, Czytelnicy beda definitywnie usatysfakcjonowani z zakupu lektury, kiedy beda ja czytali w wychodku badz w podrózy. Do zakupu zacheca równiez stosunkowo niska cena zarówno wydania papierowego, jak i e-booka. Styl autora sprawia, ze ksiazke czyta sie lekko, latwo i przyjemnie.

Cynosure Collected Fiction
Available for the first time in a single volume: Cynosure Collected Fiction, issues 1 - 5. Covering a wide range of transgendered themes, the Cynosure Omnibus features fourteen complete stories, along with previews of the forthcoming novellas "Season of Darkness", "Winds of the Fall" and "The Playhouse". Written in the racy, fast-paced style of the classic pulp era, Cynosure Collected Fiction is a must read for devotees of forced feminization, pinafore discipline, caught-with-consequences and magical transformations. Contributing authors: Kristy Leigh, Tracy Lane, Erica Lakehurst, and Mara Kirsht. Cover designed by Transfemme. 84,000 + words.

Best European Fiction 2014
From Belarus to Wales! Translated from more than 25 languages and highlighting the future luminaries and revolutionaries of international literature. Fans of the series will find everything they've grown to love, while new readers will discover what they've been missing!

Writing Fiction
If you wish to find out how to write fiction rapidly and simply, then read this "Writing Fiction" guide. Within this step-by-step guide, discover the necessities on paper fiction books. - Learn the important tips on planning to write fiction. - Determine the writing tools or medium to use. - Learn how to intensify your ideas. - Learn how to set objectives for the target audience and readership. - Learn how to develop a plot line. - Learn how to conduct research. - Learn how to organize your topic - Learn how to publish your fiction novel - Learn how to market your hard copies and e-book. - And much more.

Stranger than Fiction
James writes erotic fiction. His latest story describes the adventures of Ruby, a happily-married woman in an open relationship. When James writes a sex-scene which leaves Ruby unsatisfied, she turns up in his real life to demand more from her encounters. Ruby's presence starts to impact on James's relationship with his wife, with embarrassing consequences.
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