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Fiction is an incredibly beautiful collection of short stories with significant social messages. Fiction will take you through a world of adventure, drama, romance, emotion, suspense and full of excitement. The beauty of life is in the entire milieu of Fiction.

Femme Fiction
Mortice loves certain things, from zentai suits and all things Spandex through to chastity and bondage, he writes stories drawing on personal experiences that take the reader closer to their fantasies. Femme Fiction is a selection of stories featuring the female perspective and includes: Kat, Caged, Gag Gift, Scenes from a Mall, Metal Mia, Securing Sarah, Second Time Lucky, On Any Given Sunday, Testing Her Secret, The Virgin Sadist

Julianne just wants that old spark back in her marriage. Her husband Logan is too preoccupied with making their business bloom. When she's rebuffed one too many times she does some soul searching. Her search leads her accidentally to a very handsome man with a dominant streak a mile wide. Who wants her. Really wants her in a way that excites her to no end. Julianne is shocked to see how far she will go for Max and how readily she falls under his spell. Even from the first moment where she admits that she's looking for something and she thinks it's him, she acts with a pure lusty reckless streak she's never experienced. Max pushes her to a place, both emotionally and sexually she's never imagined. Julianne would do just about anything to please him. Even after her husband finds out. The ultimate question becomes will her affair with Max bring Julianne and Logan closer together or be the final straw in their struggling marriage? Warnings: This book contains instances of m/m sex, menage, bondage, anal sex, corporal punishment and infidelity.

Fiction érotique
Histoires Érotiques

Frenzied Fiction
Frenzied Fiction

Fiction ou réalité
Histoires Érotiques

Coffee Break Fiction
A collection of short fiction. Fourteen stories, each the perfect length to complement your coffee break!

Frenzied Fiction,
Frenzied Fiction, by Stephen Leacock.

Commercial Fiction
Commercial Fiction

This book deals about blindly following the Western way of life since according to ancient texts of Hinduism, the four races which existed in Jam-bu Dweeb in which one of the continent Bharath. In that four pure races, white, red, yellow, and black, which mixed to form Asians, Chinese, European, and African races, which respectively are thinkers (white), red (administrators and executors), yellow (wealth creators), black (good and excellent working people). Therefore, after the mix, everybody slowly follows Western civilization without knowing the repercussion of terrorists, financial crisis, breaking of family, and easy way of making money by fraudulent means. All the five fiction stories revolve around these problems.

Selected Fiction
In this collection of twenty-seven short stories, a novelette and a novel, there are many delightful tales, characters and situations to encounter and relish. The stories range from the light-hearted to the sombre. Many are laced with Manoj Das' characteristic irony. Told with humour and compassion, wit and sensitivity, this collection brings together the best of the works of one of India's most mature and rewarding writers.

Flash Fiction Menagerie
From Randolph J. Giles, author of the action packed suspense thriller NEX FORMA "DEATH FORMULA", this Flash Fiction Menagerie contains 23 original flash fiction stories. From the world of science fiction to comedy, all the way into the lands of fantasy and high tech thrillers, the Menagerie has everything you could need in a flash fiction showcase. Flash Fiction Menagerie also includes a story that actually came from a night terror and gives homage to the great Rod Serling with a special intro written by Greg Jackson the author of Fractured: Athena Rising. Also I am including a story introducing my first Comic Book Super Hero Character entitled: The Origin of Hard Target. So you can't afford to not get this book, but then again you can, but I hopefully you decide to get it. So take the blue pill and come into the Flash Fiction Menagerie. Advisory: Although there is nothing in this collection that can be considered "For Adults Only", some of the thematic elements and language may be unsuitable for younger readers. Parental discretion is advised.

Science Fiction
Dr. Evelyn Grossherin has discovered how to cheat death, but death is trying to cheat back. Will her lifetime of work be destroyed by her unwitting participation in a grisly crime? Will she find the truth before she becomes the next victim of a homicidal maniac? Or is her only enemy her own paranoia? And what about Spencer Knoll, the slacker who has fashioned his repulsiveness into an oddly seductive charm? Is he an innocent dupe or a Machiavellian charlatan? The answers lie in the increasingly disturbed thoughts of a brain floating in a vat of amniotic fluid-thoughts only Evelyn and her bank of supercomputers can read. The brain, however, has its own agenda, one that involves melding science and fiction until the two are almost, but not quite, indistinguishable. All Evelyn can be sure of is that the truth isn't what it used to be. Astonishing scientific breakthroughs, an off-beat love story peppered with hilarious one-liners from a character you hate to love and an ending that will knock your socks off, then wash and fold them, combine to make Science Fiction a must-read, instant classic.

Frenzied Fiction
Frenzied Fiction

Poetic Fiction
It's a love story between two love lost birds, it's prose told through poetry. It's the story of Philomena and Paul

Better than Fiction
When Jay Saunders is invited to address a class at his alma mater regarding his success a a writer, everything seems to be falling into place. When he bumps into Lana, an undergrad at his former school, the rest of his return to college may end up inspiring more than just his literary imagination.

Fictions & Confidences
Des histoires courtes, variées, construites, qui puisent dans le vécu mais pas seulement, qui se suffisent par elles-mêmes et qui peuvent être appréciées indépendamment les unes des autres. Des évocations, d'abord. Au bout de mes lignes, accrocher l'émotion. Fictions & Confidences regroupe une partie des textes que j'ai proposés, via internet, sous différents pseudonymes; entre janvier 2005 et janvier 2010. Je n'avais rien écrit auparavant. Ou si peu. L'envie d'exprimer était là, pourtant, qui sourdait depuis des années et qu'une occasion aura libérée, soudain. Car écrire, c'est voyager. Je n'écris jamais bien loin. Des souvenirs d'enfance, les mêmes peines, quelques amusements. La musique est cet embarcadère où marche, lente, mon inspiration. J'ai, parfois, la tentation de plaire, souvent le besoin de dire beau. Les soirs de clavier, moments heureux, rares heures, je suis, à l'extrémité du ponton, ce rêveur sous le vent, assis, au bord du sensible. Passer du blog au livre, c'est, pour moi, transformer le plaisir d'écrire par l'ambition d'être lu. Vouloir séduire au-delà des amis, du cercle trop réduit des fidèles, des autres blogueurs liés et liant à leur tour. C'est, aussi, un long travail de réécriture. Concevoir un ensemble qui se tient, à partir des pièces originelles. En faire un chemin agréable, différent, renouvelé. Peut-être le moyen d'échanger avec ceux qui auront la curiosité de l'emprunter, pour la première fois. Nicolas Bleusher

Best European Fiction 2014
From Belarus to Wales! Translated from more than 25 languages and highlighting the future luminaries and revolutionaries of international literature. Fans of the series will find everything they've grown to love, while new readers will discover what they've been missing!

Characters in Literary Fictions
The book focuses on the category of character in fiction. It provides a general outline of different approaches to literary character followed by nineteen essays on individual authors from Conrad to Coetzee, on various genres from utopia, fantasy and gothic fiction to academic novel, and on characters' extra-textual contexts from intertextuality to history and autobiography.

Frenzied Fiction
Frenzied Fiction is another winner from humorist and political scientist Stephen Leacock. Brief and brimful with laugh after laugh, these short stories and vignettes are the perfect antidote to a foul mood, a nasty day at the office, or just a basic case of the blahs.
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