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Computer Hardware: The Ultimate Guide to Computer Hardware Parts, Computer Hardware Kits and More
In this ebook, you'll find helpful tips on cheap computer parts, computer hardware, computer hardware parts, computer hardware kit, computer hardware for dummies, choosing the right motherboard, what you need to know about data protection and much more. GRAB A COPY TODAY

Computer hardware, Ubuntu Linux, Windows 10, Internet Introductions
This book will help its readers to know more about the basics of computer hardware and its peripheral devices, number system, operating system. This book also contains information about Windows 10 operating system and its interface, Linux introduction, installing linux, Ubuntu linux interface root/console & command line control and its structure, understating internet & its concept as well as tips about Microsoft office 2016, detail explanation about Microsoft office application menu & tab complete description.

Computer Networking for LANs to WANs, Hardware, Software and Security
Facts101 is your complete guide to Computer Networking for LANs to WANs, Hardware, Software and Security. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Understanding Computers: Hardware & Peripherals
Understanding Computers: Hardware & Peripherals, is the essential guide to getting around and understanding the computer world, providing a complete resource for both the beginner and the enthusiast. Using computers can be baffling at times, even for the moderately experienced user. This book explores setting up your Internet and your WiFi, desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets and imacs keeping safe from viruses and online fraud, understanding computer and printer specifications when shopping for a new machine. inkjets, laser printers and other peripherals a look at desktops, laptops, netbooks and macs and which one might be best for you. getting to grips with hardware and software, what they do and why we need them. some hints on basic cleaning, maintenance basic troubleshooting to keep your machine running smoothly. common computer problems and error messages and more.

Hot Computers
With this eye-opening guide on hot computers discover everything about how hacking the web raises security issues, computer security, computer viruses, finding affordable hard drives and much more.

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
Bitcoin ist in aller Munde und wird als Wertanlage immer spannender. Bewahren sie Ihre Bitcoin sicher auf, am besten mit einem Hardware Wallet. Der Marktführer ist hier der Ledger Nano S. Wie man dieses Hardware Wallet einrichtet, zeigt diese ausführliche Anleitung. Sichern Sie noch heute Ihre Bitcoin!

Simple Computer Storage
Simple Computer Storage introduces the main computer storage devices with clear graphics. Describes primary and secondary storage. Introduction. Introduces the main types of computer data storage. Hard Disk. Shows how the hard disk drive works with clear graphics. Memory. Introduces the system memory found on a computers motherboard. RAID drives. Describes the purpose of RAID drives. CD/DVD Drive. Shows how CD/DVD drives works with clear graphics. USB Memory Sticks. Introduces the external USB type memory sticks. Memory Cards. Introduces the external Memory Cards.

Easy Mac Computer Basics
Easy Mac® Computer Basics See it done. Do it yourself. It's that Easy! Easy Mac Computer Basics teaches you the fundamentals of working with your Mac and how to work with other Apple hardware such as iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, and so on. Fully illustrated steps with simple instructions guide you through each task, building the skills you need to download and manage your music and videos with ease. No need to feel intimidated-we'll hold your hand every step of the way. Learn how to… Set up and customize your Mac or MacBook Connect and synchronize a Mac with an iPod or iPhone Install Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp Synchronize Address Book and iCal data with your Mac, iPod, and iPhone Set up Time Capsule on a wireless network Create albums and edit photos with iPhoto Play music and movies in iTunes Connect to the Internet, surf with Safari, chat with your buddies, and send and receive email in Mail Access your iDisk, chat, and publish a website with MobileMe, iChat, and iWeb Easy steps guide you through each task. Items you select or click are shown in bold. Each step is fully illustrated.

Hardware-Peripherie - Und Mehr
Computertechnik leicht und Verständlich erklärt. Von Hardware bis Peripherie und Mehr!

PC Hardware: A Beginner's Guide
Ideal for PC owners looking for an accessible, easy-to-follow reference, this beginner's guide to PC hardware offers expert advice on every component-processors, motherboards, memory, BIOS, CD-ROM and DVD drives, video cards, and much more. You'll also get details on external devices, including monitors, printers, keyboards, and modems. The book covers both Intel and non-Intel CPUs and USB and AGP ports.

Reparación y ampliación de equipos y componentes hardware microinformáticos
Utilizar las aplicaciones que proporcionan los sistemas operativos, para la explotación del mismo de acuerdo a unas especificaciones técnicas. Ebook ajustado al Certificado de Profesionalidad de Montaje y reparación de sistemas microinformáticos.

What Are Hardware and Software?
Curriculum standards intersect with STEM education to create an informative book that introduces the concepts of hardware and software to a young audience. This book will then explain to young readers how hardware and software work together, and it will describe how writing code creates software and programs. These are concepts that every young reader will need to know in order to understand the basics of how computer technology works. Throughout this book, color-coded call-outs and vivid imagery will offer a visual treat to readers who understand with their eyes as well as with their hands.

PowerPC Microprocessor Common Hardware Reference Platform: A System Architecture
This book defines the architecture requirements and minimum system requirementsfor a computer system that is designed to become an open industry standard. These requirements provide a description of the devices, interfaces, and dataformats required to design and build a PowerPC-based computer. This standard isdesigned to provide software compatibility for several operating environments. Systems built to these requirements can use industry-standard componentscurrently found in IBM-compatible and Apple® Macintosh® personal computers. Thesesystems are expected to run various future versions of operating systemsincluding Apple Mac OS™, IBM AIX™ and PowerPC™ Editions of IBM OS/2 Warp Connect™,Microsoft Windows NT™ Workstation, Novell Netware™, and SunSoft Solaris™. This book is the primary source of information for anyone developing a hardwareplatform, an operating system, or hardware component to be part of thesestandard systems. It describes the hardware-to-operating-system interface thatis essential to anyone building hardware platforms and provides the minimumsystem configurations that platform designers must meet when building a standardplatform. Component manufacturers require this information to producecompatible chips and adapters to use on these platforms, and software developersrequire the information on mandatory functions and documented interfaces. The architecture is intended to support a range of PowerPC microprocessor-based system implementations including portable, desktop, and server classsystems, and allows multiple operating-system implementations across a widerange of environments and functions. This enables new hardware and softwareenhancements that are necessary for the development of improved userinterfaces, higher performance, and broader operating environments.

Hardware Hacking: Have Fun while Voiding your Warranty
If I had this book 10 years ago, the FBI would never have found me!" - Kevin Mitnick This book has something for everyone-from the beginner hobbyist with no electronics or coding experience to the self-proclaimed "gadget geek." Take an ordinary piece of equipment and turn it into a personal work of art. Build upon an existing idea to create something better. Have fun while voiding your warranty! Some of the hardware hacks in this book include: * Don't toss your iPod away when the battery dies! Don't pay Apple the $99 to replace it! Install a new iPod battery yourself without Apple's "help"* An Apple a day! Modify a standard Apple USB Mouse into a glowing UFO Mouse or build a FireWire terabyte hard drive and custom case* Have you played Atari today? Create an arcade-style Atari 5200 paddle controller for your favorite retro videogames or transform the Atari 2600 joystick into one that can be used by left-handed players* Modern game systems, too! Hack your PlayStation 2 to boot code from the memory card or modify your PlayStation 2 for homebrew game development* Videophiles unite! Design, build, and configure your own Windows- or Linux-based Home Theater PC* Ride the airwaves! Modify a wireless PCMCIA NIC to include an external antenna connector or load Linux onto your Access Point* Stick it to The Man! Remove the proprietary barcode encoding from your CueCat and turn it into a regular barcode reader* Hack your Palm! Upgrade the available RAM on your Palm m505 from 8MB to 16MB Includes hacks of today's most popular gaming systems like Xbox and PS/2. Teaches readers to unlock the full entertainment potential of their desktop PC. Frees iMac owners to enhance the features they love and get rid of the ones they hate.

Computer Science - CACIC 2017
This book constitutes revised selected papers from the 23rd Argentina Congress on Computer Science, CACIC 2017, held in La Plata, Argentina, in October 2017.The 28 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 132 submissions. They were organized in topical sections named: intelligent agents and systems; distributed and parallel processing; computer technology applied education; graphic computation, images and visualization; software engineering; databases and data mining; hardware architectures, networks and operating systems; innovation in software systems; signal processing and real-time systems; computer security; and innovation in computer science education.

Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies
Learn to diagnose and fix simple PC problems with this easy-to-follow guide When something goes wrong with your computer, it's frustrating and potentially expensive. With Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies, you can find out what's wrong, how to fix it, whether you need to call in professional help, and how to practice preventive maintenance. This friendly guide avoids techie jargon and shows you how to diagnose the problem, find out whether the software or hardware is at fault, make simple repairs, and add external devices such as scanners, printers, and hard drives. It also helps you maintain your computer through basic steps like defragmenting the hard drive and cleaning out files - techniques that can prevent a lot of problems from occurring in the first place. Written specifically for first-time computer users, this book explains how to diagnose basic PC problems, understand error messages, and fix common issues Specific step-by-step procedures guide you through basic repairs such as replacing the hard drive Explains common mistakes and how to avoid them Outlines the steps for preventive maintenance, such as how to defragment the hard drive, clean files, delete old files, and organize files Explores ways to expand and enhance a computer with external devices including hard drives, Web cameras, Web phones, scanners, printers, flash drives and other hardware Shows what you can fix yourself and when to seek help from a repair service or the manufacturer Easy to read and follow, Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies will boost your confidence when dealing with your computer and with professional technicians, too.

Joe Grand's Best of Hardware, Wireless, and Game Console Hacking
The book introduces the principles of hardware design and describes the tools and techniques required to begin hacking. The DVD contains hack instructions for over 20 game consoles and hardware devices from Nintendo, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Palm and more. The presentation of these 20 projects on DVD media provides users with benefits and options not available on the printed page. All images are hi-res color that can be enlarged or printed, the text is easily searched, and the user can copy the contents to their hard disk and add comments directly into the PDF files. The DVD media also lends itself well to group projects (it includes a 10 user license).The 160-page book includes chapters on hacking tools and electrical engineering basics, along with chapters on the background, design and functionality of each hardware device* Packed full of high resolution colour images that reveal the smallest details of each step in a hack* Includes in depth coverage of the tools of the hacking trade and the basics of electrical engineering* DVD includes a "Using the Tools" video starring Joe "kingpin" Grand

A History of the Personal Computer: The People and the Technology
This book is an exciting history of the personal computer revolution. Early personal computing, the "first" personal computer, invention of the microprocessor at Intel and the first microcomputer are detailed. It also traces the evolution of the personal computer from the hardware and software hacker, to its use as a consumer appliance on the Internet. This is the only book that provides such comprehensive coverage. It not only describes the hardware and software, but also the companies and people who made it happen.

Computer Comprehensive Companion
"This book almost saved my last couple of marriages" - Andrew McBain, Computer Hacker IntlWritten by an idiot savant who became acquainted with these secrets during a pseudo-religious experience!"HOLY MACKERAL! MY DESKTOP COMPUTER PC JUST CRASHED. WHAT THE $@)*%# SHOULD I DO?"An Apple a day may keep the doctor away, but what happens if you have a Windows PC and no computer science degree? The Computer Comprehensive Companion contains over 100 powerful tricks to broaden your computer knowledge, any single one when applied which will save you countless heartaches, money, and time, possibly a marriage. You've seen the encyclopedia-like Windows reference guides for dummies. Who the f-k reads those? You're no geek! What you need is a concise, entertaining, life-changing book to learn about computers that will finally put you in charge of your PC. Your Computer PC is the most important tool on your desktop. Should you remain completely ignorant about something that important?According to PC Magazine, 65% of Americans spend more time with their computer than they do with their spouse. In another magazine article, over 7 in 10 Americans claim they're more dependent on their PC than they were three years ago. For a machine you're so dependent on, don't you think it'd be prudent to better learn how computers work? Ignore another snoozefest book on software or hardware you'll quickly forget. The Computer Comprehensive Companion is packed with just the sort of computer knowledge, well beyond stuff only for dummies, that every Windows PC user needs. BE ABLE TO: Salvage your system or at least minimize damage. By following the computer knowledge in this book before this painful day arrives, you should be reaching for a gin & tonic and not a shotgun. Select the right warranty. Recover accidentally deleted or corrupted files. Keep your PC protected with optimal computer security science. Speed up your Windows PC. Perform backups. Convert your files into universal file formats for shar

An Informative Guide About PC Hardware For Beginners
An Informative Guide About PC Hardware For Beginners This book covers several topics including: - How To Choose A Monitor For Your PC - Why LCD Monitors Are Better Than CRT - How to Select A Hard Drive For Your PC - Hard Drive Size - Why It's Important - Hard Drives - External versus Internal - Choosing A DVD-ROM Drive and so much more! Scroll up. and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your Kobo or other reading device.
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