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Business Finance
Published by Rex Bookstore, Inc. on 01/18/1988
Book details: 318 pages.

Business Finance
BUSINESS FINANCE presents finance from a business point of view. This text, written specifically for high school students, covers finance fundamentals, long-term and short-term funding sources, business risk management, use of technology, and international finance. Business Finance combines fundamental concepts with a strong lesson-based instructional design, weaving in interesting real-world features, creative methods of assessment, research opportunities, financial calculations, case studies, and academic connections. Whether your course is offered at an Academy of Finance, within a Finance Career Cluster Concentration, or as part of a business curriculum, Business Finance provides you with complete coverage. The comprehensive package of print and technology resources reaches students with a variety of learning styles, skills, and educational backgrounds. Students examine the financial side of running a business, keeping records, protecting against loss, offering credit, and making strategic decisions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Published by Cengage Learning on 03/27/2007
Book details: 448 pages.

Naked Finance
For most managers, the normal round of hectic schedules, tricky staff issues and impending deadlines are well within their management capabilities. It is the financial issues that give them headaches. Nobody has ever explained how to balance sales against costs, how to interpret financial reports, how to prepare a budget or even how to argue the case for the new equipment their department needs so badly. They have no idea why the company's share price keeps falling and certainly don't understand why this should result in layoffs. In fact, the whole issue of finance is a mystery. Successful management of the finances of a business requires an understanding of some key principles - and that is what NAKED FINANCE is all about. It strips away all the technical issues surrounding financial management and lays bare the principles needed to make sound financial decisions. Firstly, Meckin shows how to identify financial objectives so you know where you are going - explaining the importance of profit and cashflow, how to measure financial performance and which are the key figures to watch. He then outlines how to use financial information to understand what's going on around you, covering the format and content of financial statements and how they can be used to assess past trading performance. Finally he describes how to ensure financial control and create a financial plan so you can take control of where you are going, managing costs, sales, profit and cash flow and long-term projects. Purely and simply, NAKED FINANCE provides the skills necessary to manage a profitable business.
Author: David Meckin
Published by Nicholas Brealey on 05/12/2011
Book details: 228 pages.

Business Finance
Published by Rex Bookstore, Inc.
Book details: 228 pages.

Accounting, Business, and Finance
Aimed at readers looking to take their career in a new direction, Accounting, Business, and Finance provides insightful advice and essential tips for career changers. This new, all-in-one guide explores jobs in accounting, business, and finance, with self-assessment questions, further resources, and advice on ways to reach career goals. Careers profiled include: Accountant Auditor Bookkeeper Brand manager Claims adjuster Financial analyst Insurance underwriter Loan officer Personal financial advisor Stockbroker.
Published by Infobase Publishing on 01/18/2018
Book details: 130 pages.

Dictionary for Business & Finance
... recommended as a worthwhile, inexpensive addition to any business reference collection. -- Choice
Published by University of Arkansas Press on 01/01/1995
Book details: 405 pages.

Applications of Data Mining in E-business and Finance
The application of Data Mining (DM) technologies has shown an explosive growth in an increasing number of different areas of business, government and science. Two of the most important business areas are finance, in particular in banks and insurance companies, and e-business, such as web portals, e-commerce and ad management services.In spite of the close relationship between research and practice in Data Mining, it is not easy to find information on some of the most important issues involved in real world application of DM technology, from business and data understanding to evaluation and deployment. Papers often describe research that was developed without taking into account constraints imposed by the motivating application. When these issues are taken into account, they are frequently not discussed in detail because the paper must focus on the method. Therefore knowledge that could be useful for those who would like to apply the same approach on a related problem is not shared. The papers in this book address some of these issues. This book is of interest not only to Data Mining researchers and practitioners, but also to students who wish to have an idea of the practical issues involved in Data Mining.
Published by IOS Press on 01/01/2008
Book details: 143 pages.

Rapid Application Generation of Business and Finance Software
Rapid Application Generation of Business and Finance Software describes a method for developing wide ranging computing applications with emerging software technologies. The pressure of the market place calls for reducing the time to market of new software applications. This book shows how to build such software faster and more reliably. Using an elegant concept of extended tools, the book presents a method for the constructive building of `hybrid' applications. The book includes such application areas as direct marketing, banking insurance and executive information systems. The methods used adopt the latest object-oriented and client-server techniques. Rapid Application Generation of Business and Finance Software is an important book for computer scientists working on rapid application development. It is also of interest to information systems specialists.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 12/06/2012
Book details: 212 pages.

Other People's Money
The finance sector of Western economies is too large and attracts too many of the smartest college graduates. Financialization over the past three decades has created a structure that lacks resilience and supports absurd volumes of trading. The finance sector devotes too little attention to the search for new investment opportunities and the stewardship of existing ones, and far too much to secondary-market dealing in existing assets. Regulation has contributed more to the problems than the solutions. Why? What is finance for? John Kay, with wide practical and academic experience in the world of finance, understands the operation of the financial sector better than most. He believes in good banks and effective asset managers, but good banks and effective asset managers are not what he sees. In a dazzling and revelatory tour of the financial world as it has emerged from the wreckage of the 2008 crisis, Kay does not flinch in his criticism: we do need some of the things that Citigroup and Goldman Sachs do, but we do not need Citigroup and Goldman to do them. And many of the things done by Citigroup and Goldman do not need to be done at all. The finance sector needs to be reminded of its primary purpose: to manage other people’s money for the benefit of businesses and households. It is an aberration when the some of the finest mathematical and scientific minds are tasked with devising algorithms for the sole purpose of exploiting the weakness of other algorithms for computerized trading in securities. To travel further down that road leads to ruin.
Author: John Kay
Published by PublicAffairs on 09/22/2015
Book details: 352 pages.

A Textbook of Business Finance
Published by East African Publishers on 01/18/1989
Book details: 275 pages.
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