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PHP and SQL Server Programming By Example

This book provides alternative approach to build PHP application with Windows platform and database SQL Server. It describes how to work with PHP and SQL Server and illustrates their use with code examples. The last chapter author explains how PHP to access Windows Azure SQL Database. *TOC* 1. Setup Development Environment 1.1 System Environment 1.2 Deploying PHP on IIS 1.3 SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.4 Database SQL Server 1.5 Development Tools 2. Hello World - PHP and SQL Server 2.1 Connecting to SQL Server 2.2 Creating PHP 2.3 Running 2.4 Windows Authentication 3. CRUD Operations 3.1 CRUD Operations 3.2 Creating Data 3.3 Reading Data 3.4 Update Data 3.5 Deleting Data 4. Working with Image and Blob Data 4.1 Image and Blob Data 4.2 Uploading Image 4.3 Listing Image Data 5. Transaction 5.1 PHP and SQL Server Transaction 5.2 Demo 6. Stored Procedures 6.1 Stored Procedures 6.2 Calling Stored Procedure 6.3 Calling Stored Procedure with Parameter 6.4 Calling Stored Procedure with Input and Output Parameters 7. Windows Azure SQL Database 7.1 Windows Azure SQL Database 7.2 Creating Windows Azure SQL Database 7.3 Connecting to Windows Azure SQL Database 7.4 Inserting Data 7.5 Retrieving Data