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Marketing Hacks 2017
Starting and growing a business is hard work, time consuming and can be expensive. This handbook helps you to master your marketing strategies and improve your marketing success with spending no or little money. Discover how to automate every step of the marketing process from lead capture to retention. This even works if you are a small business that is just getting started! Find out how why native advertising is the perfect evergreen traffic source. Analyze successful campaigns to get laser-targeted traffic quickly and easily. Read why push notifications can massively increase your income and create the most effective push notifications in just minutes. Discover out how to tell which keywords will be the most profitable ones and use the best free and paid tools to help you find exactly the keywords you need. Uncover the secrets to potentially doubling your conversions with split testing to increase email opt-ins, sales, leads, and much more practically overnight. Learn how to get more traffic from Google and social media by creating the right types of content. Discover the secrets to finding great images for free at little-known locations. Uncover the secrets to getting thousands of followers quickly, without paying a dime with Snapchat and Pinterest. You learn how to automate everything from landing page creation to prioritizing customers based on how likely they are to buy, to measuring metrics based on performance of campaigns. Find out how to create content without having to write all day every day. You'll learn about different types of post that lessen the need to write, and different types of media that Google and your visitors will enjoy. Split testing, in case you haven't heard of it, is the process of testing multiple versions of a particular piece of copy in order to find out which one converts best. For example, you could test multiple versions of a page's headline, or multiple color variations of a sales page. Learn why split testing is so essential, and how

Growth Hacking
Growth hacking led off as a trend but was rapidly getting essential. With the ever-expanding increase of the Internet, growth hacking is now absolutely essential when bringing products and services to clients. For years, marketers were in charge of pushing products while coders were fully responsible for entering and building code, or a platform. Now, however, these words have merged to create a single system of true growth, known as growth hacking. Marketing will always be an essential element, but it's important to have a single individual or handful of employees who focus solely on the narrow growth of the company. The Internet has truly created a new way for businesses to grow, seemingly overnight in some scenarios. Consumers no longer have to feel tricked in terms of product, because product features can be directly involved in growth. In addition to these elements, growth hackers also understand that channels of distribution are no longer A to B, and any sale is a positive note. Instead, channels are now moved or even created due to the channels created by social media. This could include new websites or even popular blogs from trending individuals outside of the entertainment arena. While growth hacking is currently implied to resolve around startups, it will soon be implemented into even the largest organizations.

Video Marketing Mastery
Video has quickly become the preferred content viewing method for a majority of the internet. Sites like YouTube receive the lion's share of internet traffic, and as bandwidth continues to increase, video's popularity will continue to swell. Most people seem to think you need some sort of special technical skills to create videos, or that you need a great speaking voice or you need to look great on camera. None of those is necessarily true. You can make videos that don't have voiceovers, or you can hire someone to do it for you. You can create videos that don't show anyone's face. And best of all, anyone can create a video without any special skills whatsoever using the widely available video tools that have come to market in the last few years. In this book, you're going to learn about some of the different ways you can use video to increase your traffic, your income, increase brand awareness and more. You're also going to learn about some of the easiest to use video tools and how you can make great videos with them even if you have no experience making videos! We will talk about how to tap into the massive marketing potential of YouTube to drive traffic, leads & sales to your website. I'm also going to show you how to get your videos to rank in Google in 72 hours or less Creating a sales letter that will convert is tricky. There are so many things that can go wrong, from your headline to your graphics to your bullet points and so much more. It's no wonder a lot of products seem to convert so terribly! This is especially true when people who have no experience with writing sales copy try to write their own. Most people look at their dismal sales and shrug and say, "I guess people don't like my product." Video sales letters often convert several times better than standard sales letters, even if you use the same basic sales copy and techniques! Why? Because it's a lot more personal when people can hear your voice and maybe even see your face. And there are

Beginners Guide Digital Marketing Part 1
This first issue of the Marketing Guide Series will introduce you to the different types of content and show how to use it to get leads and sales. The great thing with content marketing is that anyone can do it. Once you decided on the type of content you feel most comfortable creating you can do it. To help you with the first steps this guide will provide you with valuable information to have an easy and affordable start. - Find out what content marketing really is and why it is used by so many big businesses and why even small businesses and individuals can profit. - What sort of content should you create and how do you get it out there? - How to use content to generate leads for your business. - How to use content marketing on sites like Facebook and Twitter and much more. Using content marketing tools means to focus on providing value. The purpose is to educate, inform or engage people with the goal to make them customers in the end. It's not about direct sales. It's about using information to show clients and potential clients that your company will provide valuable products or services they need to enhance their lives. It's an indirect sales formula to turn clients into consistent clients. By sharing content, you are encouraging a kind of two way communication. Not alone do you want people to become clients, you want them to become an active community of clients that use your company consistently. Communicating with clients is much more beneficial than communicating at customers. You arrange contents and images you believe people will like and you send them their way. People don't tune out information. In fact, in this age of information, people are consuming it in large amounts. The 24 hour news cycle is a prime example of that. You have news networks that are on the air 24 hours a day sharing information. These networks wouldn't be thriving if people didn't want to know information at any given moment of the day. This is why content marketing should

Beginners Guide Digital Marketing Part 2
The second issue of the Marketing Guide Series will introduce you to the great possibility of Mobile Marketing to reach more customers on a budget. Find out how to target clients and drive them to your homepage, your App, your event, or even your local shop using only a standard mobile device. If you are a beginner this guide will help you with your first steps. You will learn about: - The market potential that you have when beginning and how to master it - How to begin marketing yourself - Finding your perfect mobile marketing niche - How to create the perfect mobile related product that everyone wants - Things you should do and never do - Learning how mobile marketing isn't just about texting and how to develop it - Building a list - How to maintain a full and on-going presence The fact that about 6 billion people around the globe have access to a mobile phone and 97% of them are reading the texts right away makes mobile marketing so interesting. Imagine at how many people you can target and this on a very small budget. Some strategies are even free of charge!

The Ultimate Link Building & SEO
Learn how to build links. If you're just starting out or want to further your Internet marketing skills, this is the guide you need to have. How do I get people to your site? Find out about the importance of links and how this has a big impact in your page rank. In this book you will also find the bare essentials you need to know about search engine optimization. Read about proven and effective ways to build backlinks, the difference between black, grey and white hat link building techniques. Find out how to avoid being slapped by Google updates such as the Panda and Penguin updates. For a long time now search engines have been using links as votes, which represent the web's opinion on what pages users find relevant and useful based on popularity. After years of programming development, the search engines have mastered and refined the use of link data, where complex algorithms are put in place to create nuance evaluation of websites based on this information. Links are not the entirety of SEO, but most search experts agree that huge portions of search engine algorithms are designed around link-based factors. By using links, the engines can determine a site's popularity in a specific niche based on the number of pages linked to it and when this information is combined with other metrics like trust and authority, the search engines assign a rank for the website. Trustworthy sites usually link to other trusted sites while spammy sites get the fewest links from trusted sites and links are a great way to establish the validity of documents on any given subject. Link building refers to the process of getting external pages on the internet to link to your own website. The more important and popular a website is, the more the links from that website matter. A popular site such as Wikipedia has thousands of different websites linking to it which means it's probably an important and popular site. In order for you to earn popularity and trust with the search engines, you need a

The Definitive Guide To Social Media Marketing
Social media is incredibly powerful and nowadays it is one if not the biggest element that a business owner can use to build a digital business. A website on its own can make money and it can promote a business - however, it takes more than that to build up a brand and to have that huge presence that can help to drive the maximum amount of visitors to your monetization systems. Social media enables you to connect to your audience, to get feedback, to hear suggestions and to communicate in a number of ways. It helps you to build brand visibility and it lets you drive visitors straight to your site. This is why social media is so significant and it's why so businesses are jumping on board. The truth is, 66% of entrepreneurs believe that social media is a key part of their business (Salesforce), with 92% describing it as 'important' (Social Media Examiner). 38% of companies are trying to increase their social media presence. 66% of businesses employ a dedicated social media team as outlined by Salesforce. But how can you jump on board and get the very most out of your marketing efforts? How to choose the right social media platform to increase profits and brand awareness?Without planning and no understanding you will not be able to take full advantage of the social media platforms. What's worse, is that many businesses use social media sites simply as a location to promote. All they're doing is posting and all they're posting is things like 'Our service is the greatest in the business! Think honestly, is this a profile you would follow yourself? Would this be of any interest? Are any of these posts things you would possibly share with other users? If not, then you can't really count on your channel to grow. Create a steady and engaging brand across social media platforms. In this book you will read about how to: - Use social media for much a lot more than just brand awareness - Set up accounts with all the major social media platforms - Build a relationship with your audienc