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Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne, Being an Account of the Settlement written by John Burnell
In addition to the main text, with introduction and notes, there is 'added Burnell's narrative of his adventures in Bengal, With an Introduction by Sir William Foster, and Notes by Sir Evan Cotton, C.I.E, and L.M. Anstey'. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1933.

Kia the Queen
The purpose of this book is to help young readers realize they have value, they are important, and it is okay to believe in themselves. This book will give all young readers the hope they need to be great despite the adversity or obstacles they will face in life.

Kia the Queen
The purpose of this book is to help young readers realize they have value, they are important, and it is okay to believe in themselves. This book will give all young readers the hope they need to be great despite the adversity or obstacles they will face in life.

Eleanor the Secret Queen
When Edward IV died in 1483, the Yorkist succession was called into question by doubts about the legitimacy of his son, Edward (one of the 'Princes in the Tower'). The crown therefore passed to Edward's undoubtedly legitimate younger brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. But Richard, too, found himself entangled in the web of uncertainly, since those who believed in the legitimacy of Edward IV's children viewed Richard III's own accession as a usurpation. From the day when Edward IV married Eleanor, or pretended to do so, or allowed it to be whispered that he might have done so, the House of York, previously so secure in its bloodline, confronted a contentious and uncertain future. John Ashdown-Hill argues that Eleanor Talbot was married to Edward IV, and that therefore Edward's subsequent marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was bigamous, making her children illegitimate. He thereby offers a solution to one of history's great mysteries.

The Galaxy Queen
Ruben Hall never planned to be a star-spanning hero! He was an ordinary teenager - until he was abducted by aliens and given a battery of strange tests. Then he was given the opportunity to join the elite Space Rangers corps! Accompanied by his girlfriend and plucky uncle, Ruben Hall graduates Space Ranger Academy and quickly becomes an interstellar hero! So, why isn't the Space Ranger Council pleased? Before he can say "Warp Speed," Ruben becomes an outlaw with a price on his head! Excitment follows the trio until the nail-biting conclusion! Author John R. Rose grew up reading comic strips and comic books like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Tom Corbett, Tarzan, and John Carter. His love of the heroic fantasy genre is evident in Ruben Hall's adventure, which begins in a mundane earth field and culminates in a pitched battle beyond the stars!

Ricky Shaw and The Insect Queen
This is the story of a young boy chosen for the task of saving humanity from destruction by a formidable opponent and her army. Will he succeed?

The Baby Boomers and the Queen
The Baby Boomers and the Queen is a short, easy-to-understand story in a fairy-talelike setting that provides clarity on how the United States became what it is today. A lot of history is missing in common history books on the different trade policies and financial shenanigans that left what was once the worlds greatest republic as a very difficult place to grow up and live. Before 1971, the average cost of a car was $2,500 dollars and a house was $10,000. The cost of education and living was much lower, along with stress levels. Life generally was much easier; people could work and have a twenty-year retirement. Today, about 60 percent of Americans are not going to retire but will work until their last day. The baby boomers are really the last generation of easy living in the United States. They sold out their children and their grandchildren for monetary profits earned on Wall Street. They shipped 80 percent of all the living-wage jobs overseas to profit from the same people that they sold out, raised the price of education to profit from usury, and legalized pornography and drugs in order to maintain their sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll lifestyle. The narcissism of the baby boomers is unparalleled throughout history; there has never been another generation in the history of the world that has taken the most prosperous, easy-living country that has ever been created and destroyed it for self-indulgences in the name of satisfying their need for instant gratification.

The Queen's Mare
All bets are off when it comes to kidnap, mayhem, and murder …When the "Grand Dame of Kentucky Racing" enlists private eye Michael Rhineheart to deliver the ransom for a kidnapped broodmare and her foal, Rhineheart thinks it will be a speedy transaction. But what should have been a simple mission turns into a deadly double-cross, and soon Rhineheart is on the hunt for the horses … and a ruthless killer. Fans of Dick Francis will love Birkett's hardboiled gumshoe and his Kentucky bluegrass flavor.

Queen of Thrift
When 21-year old military wife, Betty Whalen and her five-month-old daughter, Kim, embark on the 13,000 mile trip from New Jersey to Taiwan to join her husband, Betty never dreamed the trip, undertaken in the days before jet travel and disposable diapers, would take nine days, during which Kim would be hit with colic and diarrhea. Adding to the challenges the young mother would face was an unnecessary two-hour round trip by bus to San Francisco because of misinformation about her visa given to her by a flight operations specialist at Travis Air Force Base, California, her first stop. The error resulted in a tedious three-hour delay which caused Betty to miss a flight to Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. Two days later upon arrival at Hickam, she faced another three-day wait. Then another exasperating four days in the Philippine Islands. On Taiwan, Betty was the youngest American Round-eye to meet the legendary Taiwanese President, Chiang Kai Shek. While there she gives birth to her second daughter in a missionary hospital only to lose this child suddenly three years later. Upon her familys return by ship, with two babies under two, from Taiwan, the angry Pacific Ocean brings their ship breathtakingly close to capsizing. During the voyage, 20-month old Kim faces emergency surgery on a ship that was bucking so badly, the surgeon was unable to stand upright without assistance. Back in the states with a family of four, Betty hones the shopping practices that enabled her to multiply her dollars and earn her the designation: Queen of Thrift. Her four basic principles: never pay the retail price, know the brands, shop the discount stores, and be patient, have paid off big for her. They can for anyone willing to try them.

The Queen of the Air
The Queen of the Air

Queen of Jersia
The kingdom of Jersia is crumbling under its own weight due to over expansion, oppression, and greed brought on by a ruthless king, Rupert Hastings. The true heir and ruler of Jersia, Alicia Hastings, is a queen without authority and a woman who has always obeyed her abusive husbands desires. She longs to chart her own course and re-establish her late fathers legacy of a thriving inspired kingdom. When Sir Garrett Covington, Jersias most decorated knight, brings news of another gallant victory that obtains new mysterious land and fortress castle, Alicia sees it as a way to put her visions into action. Negotiating with Rupert, she gets him to agree to let her rule this new province. Almost immediately, those aspirations are dashed when she realizes the safety of her six year old daughter, Devon, would be at risk on such a long a treacherous journey. Unable to leave her daughter and not willing to expose Devon to the dangers that exist outside the castle walls, the queen relinquishes her dream. However, when Devon secretly stows away on Garretts caravan back to the newly conquered region, Alicia confronts those dangers when she sets out with her chambermaid, Gwen, to bring her daughter back. The journey to the new castle, will bring each of them face-to-face with Jersias treacherous terrain, the kings henchmen, and menacing bridge trolls. Even greater challenges lie ahead for her, when she realizes they will have to encounter a place known as Dragon Peaks, a haven for the kingdoms most ruthless beasts. Plunging headlong into turmoil, she risk her life to save Devon from the clutches of dragons. Alicia will also be forced to confront her past and the secrets she holds from both Rupert and Garrett, the only man she has ever truly loved. Jersias future lies in her ability to navigate all the external dangers, as well as deal with internal strife as she discovers new horizon within herself at Dragon Peaks.

The Queen Must Die:
Its the year 1587 and dangers menace England from all directions. Not only does a Spanish invasion threaten the kingdom, but discontented Catholics are also fomenting revolt. One such group devises a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth during a theatrical performance, hoping to place the Catholic Mary Stewart on the throne instead. But during a back street brawl, one of these conspirators is killed, and so the would-be assassins need a replacementa player who might be secretly Catholic, and harbor a grudge against Elizabeth. These conspirators discover a new player from Stratford-upon-Avon, Will Shakespeare, who has left his wife, Anne, and their three children to pursue his love of the theater. He has all of the qualifications for the mission, but can he be convinced to take part in this dangerous undertaking? The task seems impossible until an unexpected turn of events gives the young Will Shakespeare a reason to join the conspiracy.

Voodoo Queen (John Blu Book 2)
After being knocked out by a client, John is convinced by his daughter Selena to go and apologize to her. When he arrives at the home of Hatti, an old voodoo practitioner, both he and his daughter find themselves involved in the theft of a priceless artifact, a sacred voodoo bible and the kidnapping of their owner. The action is non-stop as John races to save Hatti from a gang of merciless thugs and stop a criminal mastermind from becoming all powerful. Not for those who are easily offended.

The Queen of the Air
The English social thinker John Ruskin's famous trilogy of lectures on the subject of Greek myths of 'Cloud and Storm': Athena Chalinitis (Athena in the Heavens), Athena Keramitis (Athena in the Earth) and Athena Ergane (Athena in the Heart).

Sarchedon: A Legend of the Great Queen
Sarchedon: A Legend of the Great Queen

The Shadow Queen
The national bestselling Black Jewels saga continues Theran Grayhaven is the last of his line, desperate to restore the land of Dena Nehele. But first he needs to find a Queen who remembers the Blood's code of honor and lives by the Old Ways. Languishing in the Shadow Realm, Lady Cassidy is a Queen without a court. But when she is chosen to rule Dena Nehele, she must convince bitter men to serve once again.

Queen of the Sun
Queen of The Sun, What Are the Bees Telling Us? is a companion book to the critically-acclaimed film of the same name. Compiled by the film's director Taggart Siegel, it makes a profound examination of the global bee crisis through the eyes of biodynamic and organic beekeepers, scientists, farmers, philosophers and poets

Queen of the Sun
In Autumn 2006 an unnerving phenomenon hit the United States: honeybees were mysteriously disappearing from hives across the nation, with beekeepers reporting losses of between 30 and 90 per cent of their entire colonies. The problem soon spread to parts of Europe and even Asia, earning the name Colony Collapse Disorder. To this day nobody is absolutely sure why it is happening and what the exact causes are. However, in 1923 Rudolf Steiner, a scientist, philosopher and social innovator, predicted that bees would die out within 100 years if they were to be reproduced using only artificial methods. Startlingly, and worryingly, his prediction appears to be coming true. Queen of The Sun, What Are the Bees Telling Us? is a companion book to the critically-acclaimed film of the same name. Compiled by the film's director Taggart Siegel, it makes a profound examination of the global bee crisis through the eyes of biodynamic and organic beekeepers, scientists, farmers, philosophers and poets. Revealing the mysterious world of the beehive and the complex social community of bees, the book unveils millennia of beekeeping, highlighting our historic and sacred relationship with bees, and how this is being compromised by highly-mechanized and intensive agro-industrial practices. The bees are messengers and their disappearance is a resounding wake-up call for humanity! With full colour, stunning photography throughout, this engaging, alarming but ultimately uplifting anthology begins with an account of how Siegel's film came to be made. It continues with a wealth of articles, interviews and poems that offer unique philosophical and spiritual insights. Besides investigating many contributory causes of Colony Collapse Disorder, the book offers remedies as well as hope for the future. Queen of the Sun features contributions from Taggart Siegel, Jon Betz, David Heath, Gunther Hauk, Horst Kornberger, Jennifer Kornberger, Jacqueline Freeman, Johannas Wirz, Kerry Grefig, Michael Thiel

The Queen of Death: Intermediate ELT/ESL Graded Reader
Written specially for students of English, this English Language Teaching (ELT/ESL) eBook is an intermediate-level Macmillan Reader. In another thoroughly entertaining detective story, a sequel to The Black Cat, Salahadin El Nur searches for the answer to the riddle of an ancient curse.

The May Queen
"The spirit of the age" is filling the English-speaking world and Londoner Amelia Holton wants nothing more than to fill her little red notebook with her poems and musings on the exciting world around her. Modern poets like John Keats, William Wordsworth and the notorious Lord Byron have already led the way to a new form of literary expression, and she longs to follow them. But young ladies in 1831 must marry, and so she follows another man from busy London to the remote Kent countryside where she will find herself crowned by ancient tradition the May Queen.
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