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Business Millionaire
Business Millionaire

Taboo Jones & The Strong Woman
In TABOO JONES & The Strong Woman, Taboo answers the carnal call from Fiona O'Shea; the 49 year old, rich and famous author of a dozen books meant to empower women and blast men. Fiona preaches that men are evil oppressors and encourages women to rise up and fight for their independence. Her books have reportedly caused more divorces than the Ashley Madison hack…When a masked gunman attempts to assassinate Fiona in front of four hundred adoring fans, Taboo not only becomes her lover, but her protector as well, bound to keep her safe and satisfied no matter the cost. The one thing he doesn't realize is that Fiona may be more of a threat to herself than any assassin could ever be. Can Taboo keep this strong woman safe while struggling to set her soul and inhibitions free?

Intercultural Communicative Competence for Global Citizenship
This work builds on the assumption that language learning and teaching needs to be made more relevant to the 'glocalised' digital world we live in. Its authors argue that staff in Higher Education (HE) must prepare students for effective online interaction and explores the digital, linguistic and critical intercultural components of 'global citizenship'. The book pivots around an innovative research study; linguistic politeness frameworks are revisited to analyse the written online exchanges on an Online International Learning (OIL) - or intercultural telecollaborative - project between the UK and France. Through the use of cyberpragmatics, and inspired by Meyer and Land's 'threshold concept pedagogy', the authors examine the challenges and solutions identified by an 'expert student' in managing rules of engagement and intercultural awareness when interacting online. This book will appeal to students and scholars of applied linguistics, education, sociolinguistics and intercultural communication, and provide a valuable resource for teacher trainers, language teachers and educators across the world.

Property Millionaire
IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL DISCOVERHow to get started in property now to make millionsThe secrets of the big property developersHow to achieve financial freedom through propertyHow to buy property with no money downHow to renovate and make 6 figure profitsHow to find the deal of the century- every single weekHow to turn your passion for real estate to profitFEATURING INSPIRING SUCCESS STORIES FROMSTEVE MCKNIGHT ( Mr Positive Cashflow)NHAN NGUYEN ( The no money down man)CARLY CRUTCHFIELD (Developing millions)LIBBY LOMBARDO (Leverage Property)MARTIENNE FREETH ( Accounting Millions)PHIL ANDERSON ( The Lunch money millionaire)PETER SPENCER (Pay it Forward)JENNIE BROWN ( Patty Cash Millionaire)JASON MARIANOFF (Infinite Returns)PAUL DERRY (The Real Estate Alchemist)FIONA HERBERT ( Rock Solid Millionaire)JO CHIVERS (Property is Blooming)CHERIE BARBER ( Queen of Renovations)BOB TRASK (Building Communities)JASON WHITTON ( Positive Real Estate)SASHA deBretton (Million Dollar Makeovers)DEB LINDNER (Home Staging Expert)Buy This book in printwww.

Mr Millionaire
In this book you will discover:*How to use what you already know to make millions of dollars*How to attract wealth and success into your life and business*How to make money in any market*Why you don't need a degree to be a millionaire*How to live the life of your dreams*The Secret strategies of self made millionaires*The essential qualities of millionairesFeaturing Inspiring Success stories from;PAUL BLACKBURN ( Beyond Success)JAMIE MCINTYRE (21st Century Education)JOHN GEARON (Outcome Strategist)STEVE MCKNIGHT ( KERTCHER (Platinum Pursuits)STEPHEN TOLLE (Renovating for Profit)JUSTIN BEETON (JB Global Investment Services)DARREN STEPHENS (Darren Stephens International)ANDREW GRANT (Our Internet Secrets)TONY SMITH (Cash Back Factory)STEPHEN RAFF (ACE Body Corp Management)PHIL CONNOLLY (Newhaven Funerals)PETER SPENCER (QLD Property Advice)MICHAEL R. DEAN (Global Franchise Systems)WARREN HENNINGSEN (My absolute Success)

Ms Millionaire
In this book you will discover:.How to achieve financial freedom fast. How to turn your passion to profit. How to create the ultimate lifestyle business and have it all. How to live the life of your dreams. How a millionaire mindset is everything and how to achieve it. How to use what you already have to make millions. How to attract abundance in your lifeFeaturing Inspiring Success Stories from: Cherie BarberJane MeredithRhondalynn KorolakFiona JonesCarly CrutchfieldSandy ForsterJennifer WainwrightMelissa SeymourSharon PearsonTrish DaviesHeidi Alexandra PollardAnnie StokerKylie BartlettSusan DeanJustine PollardPam Brossman

Millionaire Motivators
In this book you will discover;.How to get what YOU want. How to find your passion and purpose. How to create your life and live by design. How to break through the blocks that are holding you back from success. How to manifest wealth by changing your thoughts. How to know your values in order to acheive your goals. How to keep on track once the motivation is lostFeaturing Inspiring Success stories from;Ron Lee-The corporate NinjaPatrick Hollingworth-Adventurer Mt EverestSteven Bradbury-WInter Olympic Gold MedalistJet Xavier-Peak performance coachLuanne Simmons-Goddess on PurposeRowdy McLean-Play a Bigger GamePip McKay-Evolve now! Mind InstituteTodd Hutchison-People RichDavid Allsemma-Paramount training and developmentToby Travenner-The learning companySharon Pearson-The coaching instituteTravis Bell-The bucket List GuyAndrew Morello-Yellow Brick RoadShelley Taylor-Smith-Champion MindsetBenjamin J Harvey-Authentic EducationHelen Rosing-emPOWER magazineIf any area of your life needs a major overhaul or you simply want to live a better life and be the best you can be this book is a must read.

Millionaire Mentors
IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL DISCOVERFEATURING INSPIRING SUCCESS STORIES FROMROY McDONALD ( Mentor of the Mentors)RALPH ANANIA (Producing Millions)TABITHA BRIGHT (Positive Real Estate)MICHAEL R. DEAN (Global Mentor)SIIMON REYNOLDS(Marketing Millions)TODD HUTCHISON (The corporate Mechanic)NAOMI BEAUMONT ( Money Mentor)GEOFF KIRKWOOD ( The Referral Master)SCOTT HARRIS ( Millionaire Mentor)KATRINA McGILCHRIST (Living in the Moment)LACHLAN ELSWORTH (Trading Coach)MICHAEL SHERLOCK (Millionaire Breadwinner)YVONNE ALLEN(Relationship Mentor)AARON PARSONS (Millionaire Commando)DUNCAN YELDS (Holistic Mindset Millionaire)LINDSAY TIGHE (Ask better Questions)Buy This book in printwww.

The Good Life in Galicia 2017
Galicia is a fascinating part of Green Spain, the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, and sits in the north western most part, surrounded on two sides by the sea, and on a third by Portugal. This short anthology contains writings about Galicia, including several pieces about the coastal parts of Galicia, unlike last years anthology which had writings about the Ribeira Sacra - the sacred riverbank. Included are stories and articles about its people and its landscape, its myths and legends, its history and the mystery of the huerta, or vegetable garden. This year we introduced a Poetry section in the competition this book is based on, and poetry features strongly in this years anthology. Galicia is one of the Celtic lands and poetry occupies a significant place in its culture. We hope you enjoy this brief look at an ancient land, one full of generous people and natural splendours, and agree that there is indeed a lot of good in a life in Galicia. Available in paperback and e-book.

Millionaire Coach
In this book you will discover;-How to create wealth in all areas of your life-How to design the lifestyle you have always wanted-How to be. do, or have anything you want-How to enrich your world and enrich your life-How to reach your potential faster-How to achieve everything you have ever wanted-How to identify the blocks that are holding you back from an extraordinary life. Featuring Inspiring Success Stories from;Heidi Alexandra PollardKylie HammondFederico ReGillian SkeerMichael R.DeanSamantha McDonaldGeorge MihosHeather YellandAngelins Cirelli-SalomoneCLare CopeRichard DayRobert BorgKate OsborneReeny Carvotta BarronJennie BrownWhether you are wanting to simply take yourself to the next level or completely transform your life, you need to read this book.

Real Estate Millionaire
In this book you will discover;. The secrets to buying and seeling real estate from the countr'y most succesful agents. The best time to seel or buy a property or business. How to sell your property or business for top dollar in any market. How to position your property to stand out from the crowd. The qualities of top real estate agents. How to have a successful career in real estate. Negotiation techniques only the experts know that could save you thousandsFeaturing Inspiring Success stories from;STEPHEN TOLLE- Real Estate Investing AustraliaWAYNE ELLY- Greg Hocking Elly PartnersANTHONY TOOP- Toop & Toop Real EstateKARL SECONDIS-One Real EstateANDREW MORELLO-Yelow Brick RoadMICHELL RODGERS-RemaxMAT STEINWEDE-McGrath Central CoastGLEN COUTINHO-RT EdgarADAM JOSKE- Gary Peer and AssociatesGARRY GREEN-GG GroupLISA TREMOLADA- Dominate the InternetMICHAEL KELLY-The Real Estate DoctorsJOHN MORELLO- Thomson Real EstateJAYDEN RONCON- ROncon Real EstateKARLI DUNHAM-Just Business BrokersMICHAEL SHEARGOLD-Real Estate Results- Performance ExpertWhether you are looking to buy or sell your first home or you are a seasoned property investor you need to read this book

Health and Wellbeing Millionaire
In this book you will discover: How to have unlimited health, happiness and wellnessHow to achieve and maintain work life balanceNew discoveries that will motivate you for lifeHow a healthy body and a healthy mind will allow you to achieve your life's goals and dreamsThe secrets to experiencing real happinessWhy our physica, emotional and spiritual health are the real keys to successHow to create health and wealth in your life and businessFeaturing inspiring stories from;PAUL BROWN (Face 2 Face)DONNA RUSCHEN (Transform Coaching)MARK BUNN(Ancient Wisdom Modern Health)DR JOANNA MCMILLAN (Dr Joanna)DR JOHN TICKELL (Dr John GANIS (Enosis International)JOHN GEARON (It's All About you)NATALIE COOK (Olympic Gold Medallist)MEGAN WOLFENDEN (www. HANDRECK (BPH Fitness)LEISA WHEELER (Embracing Health)DR KRISTIAN RONACHER ( ATKINS (Jenesis Mind and Body)JUSTIN TAMSETT( DEAN ( Plan Coaching)DR MICHAEL ELSTEIN (Eternal Health)

How can you stand out in a crowded marketplace? To become more visible and be known as the go-to person in your industry you need to become a published author. After all, everyone wants to do business with 'the person that wrote the book.' A published book earns you instant trust and credibility with potential clients. It puts you on a pedestal, immediately differentiating you as a leader in your industry, an Author-ity. In Author-ity you will discover: Why your book is the new 'business card' and a leveraged asset Why you don't need to be a writer to be an author The F.A.S.T system to publishing your book How to supersize your success with a skinny book How to monetise your message How to create a business and a brand you love with a book Why growing your business has nothing to do with how many books you sell. Fiona Jones is the creator and nine times best-selling author of the Millionaire book series. She is a speaker, educator and authorpreneur, who turns aspiring authors into published authors through her Author Express publishing programs.

What Would Kate Do? The Diary of a Walking Disaster
What Would Kate Do? follows Cathy Dover who idolizes The Duchess of Cambridge and tries to follow her footsteps in life but fails miserably. Instead of 'What Would Jesus Do?' her motto in life is 'What Would Kate Do?' It's a romantic comedy with an emphasis on comedy. If you enjoyed Bridget Jones and The Devil Wears Prada you will love this!

Health Psychology
The new edition of Health Psychology is the perfect introduction to this rapidly developing field. Throughout the book, the psychological processes that shape health-related behaviours, and affect core functions such as the immune and cardiovascular systems, are clearly explained. These relationships provide the foundation for psychological interventions which can change cognition, perception and behaviour, thereby improving health. The book is split into five sections, and builds to provide a comprehensive overview of the field: the biological basis of health and illnessstress and healthcoping resources: social support and individual differencesmotivation and behaviourrelating to patientsExtensively revised to include new material on behavioural change, the role of stress, resilience and social support, recovery from work, and the care of people with chronic disease, the book also includes a range of features which highlight key issues, and engage readers in applying what we have learned from research. This is essential reading for any undergraduates studying this exciting field for the first time, and the perfect primer for those embarking on postgraduate study.

Work-Life Balance
What are the effects of conflict between home and work?Does work stress affect those who live with you?In the rapidly changing modern work environment, time pressures seem ever increasing and new technology allows work to be conducted any time and anywhere. These are just two of the factors that make it more and more difficult for working men and women to integrate work and home life. Consequently, there is a need for flexible and innovative solutions to manage the work-home interface. Work-Life Balance: A Psychological Perspective presents up-to-date information on work-home issues, including the latest research findings. The book's emphasis is strongly psychological, with a focus on practical solutions, and includes chapters which deal with psychological issues such as the conflict between work and family, how work stresses may affect partners, and recovery from work. It also includes sections on legal issues, as well as examples of initiatives being implemented by leading employers. Contributors are drawn from the leading researchers in their fields and reflect the international character of the current challenges facing employers and employees. Its practical focus and innovative approach make this an essential book for managers, HR professionals and organizational psychologists, as well as students in these disciplines. The theoretical basis and research focus mean the book will also be invaluable for researchers investigating workplace issues.

Really Easy Piano: 50 Great Songs
Easy Piano arrangements of fifty great songs. Complete with song background notes, and playing hints and tips. The songs range from Pop to Classical, featuring everything from Vivaldi's 'Autumn' to Westlife's version of 'You Raise Me Up'.Full list:(They Long To Be) Close To You [Carpenters, The] All The Way [Sinatra, Frank] American Pie [Madonna] Autumn (The Four Seasons) [Vivaldi, Antonio] Baby Elephant Walk (Hatari!) [Mancini, Henry] Blue Monk [Monk, Thelonious] Cabaret (Cabaret) [Kander, John] [Ebb, Fred] Cagney And Lacey [Conti, Bill] Can't Get You Out Of My Head [Minogue, Kylie] Casualty (Theme) [Freeman, Ken] Common People [Pulp] Don't Stop Movin' [S Club 7] Downtown [Clark, Petula] Ebony And Ivory [Mccartney, Paul] [Wonder, Stevie] Good Vibrations [Beach Boys, The] Hallelujah (Shrek) [Cohen, Leonard] Hometown Glory [Adele] I Don't Want To Wait (Dawson's Creek) [Cole, Paula] I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues [John, Elton] I Think We're Alone Now [Tiffany] If I Were A Rich Man (Fiddler On The Roof) [Bock, Jerry] I'm Beginning To See The Light [Ellington, Duke] [George, Don] [Hodges, Johnny] [James, Harry] It Must Be Love [Madness] La Valse D'Amelie (Amelie) [Tierson, Yann] Luck Be A Lady (Guys And Dolls) [Loesser, Frank] One Day I'll Fly Away (Moulin Rouge!) [Kidman, Nicole] Rockin' All Over The World [Status Quo] Rule The World [Take That] She's The One [Williams, Robbie] So What [Davis, Miles] Songbird [Cassidy, Eva] Symphony No.40 (Theme) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] The Blue Danube [Strauss II, Johann] The Can Can (Orpheus In The Underworld) [Offenbach, Jacques] The Lady In Red [De Burgh, Chris] The Most Beautiful Girl In The World [Prince] The Music Of The Night (The Phantom Of The Opera) [Lloyd Webber, Andrew] The Nearness Of You [Jones, Norah] Theme (Schindler's List) [Williams, John] Theme (Swan Lake) [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich] Thriller [Jackson, Michael] Trouble [Coldplay] Wannabe [Spice Girls, The] Waterloo [Abba] Waterloo Sunset [Kinks, The] Whe

Reflection on the nature of hallucination has relevance for many traditional philosophical debates concerning the nature of the mind, perception, and our knowledge of the world. In recent years, neuroimaging techniques and scientific findings on the nature of hallucination, combined with interest in new philosophical theories of perception such as disjunctivism, have brought the topic of hallucination once more to the forefront of philosophical thinking. Scientific evidence from psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry sheds light on the functional role and physiology of actual hallucinations; some disjunctivist theories offer a radically new and different philosophical conception of hallucination. This volume offers interdisciplinary perspectives on the nature of hallucination, offering essays by both scientists and philosophers. Contributors first consider topics from psychology and neuroscience, including neurobiological mechanisms of hallucination and the nature and phenomenology of auditory-verbal hallucinations. Philosophical discussions follow, with contributors first considering disjunctivism and then, more generally, the relation between hallucination and the nature of experience. ContributorsIstván Aranyosi, Richard P. Bentall, Paul Coates, Fabian Dorsch, Katalin Farkas, Charles Fernyhough, Dominic H. ffytche, Benj Hellie, Matthew Kennedy, Fiona Macpherson, Ksenija Maravic da Silva, Peter Naish, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Matthew Nudds, Costas Pagondiotis, Ian Phillips, Dimitris Platchias, Howard Robinson, Susanna Schellenberg, Filippo Varese

The Tailor's Girl
From the bustling streets of 1920s London to the idyllic English countryside, this is a breathtaking story of passion and determination from a phenomenal Australian storyteller. When a humble soldier, known only as Jones, wakes in a military hospital he has no recollection of his past. Jones's few fleeting memories are horrifying moments from the battlefield of Ypres. His identity becomes a puzzle he must solve. The Eden Valentine arrives in his world, a stunning seamstress who dreams of her own high-fashion salon in London. Mourning the loss of her brother in the war, Eden cannot turn away the soldier in desperate need of her help. The key to Jones's past - and Eden's future - may lie with the mysterious Alex Wynter, aristocratic heir to the country manor Larksfell Hall. But the news that Alex bears will bring shattering consequences that threaten to tear their lives apart. The Tailor's Girl is a heart-stopping story of true love and courage in the most extraordinary circumstances from the rising star of Australian fiction. Praise for Fiona McIntosh's bestsellers: 'Fiona McIntosh is an extraordinary storyteller and this historical fiction is a stunning example of her talent.' Book'd Out 'Action, heartbreak and romance aplenty. a great read. This is a romantic page-turner.' Australian Bookseller + Publisher

Un reto irresistible
Por fin habían cazado al soltero más codiciado. Quién podía olvidar al imponente aventurero Daniel Bradford? Su imagen se había hecho famosa en la prensa después de que hubiera rechazado en un programa de radio en directo la proposición de matrimonio de su novia. Al quedarse de nuevo sin pareja, todas las solteras de Londres querían conquistarlo. Pero él no parecía dispuesto a dejarse capturar por nadie… hasta que conoció a Chloe Michaels. Qué tenía ella de especial? Según nuestras fuentes, esa guapa y decidida rubia, especialista en orquídeas, iba a suponerle al Indiana Jones londinense… !la aventura de su vida!
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