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Marketing Basics
A quick introduction to the basics of marketing, aimed at people starting a business for the first time.

Starting Your Business
Based on 20+ years' practical experience, this ebook takes you through the key start-up stages: deciding whether you have what it takes; researching your idea; writing a business plan; raising money; sourcing the assistance you need; and getting started.

Finding Business Ideas
Finding an idea often is the hardest thing about starting a business. This guide shows you how to do so, how to decide what kind of business it will be and how to choose between starting, buying and franchising a business.

Researching Business Ideas
Once you have a business idea, you must ask yourself, "Will anyone want to buy my product / service?". Market research tells you about your customers, competition and pricing, as well as your likely sales volume, costs, investment and profitability.

Wise Owl Says.: Business Quotations that Challenge, Motivate and Provoke
500 quotations on business from a wide range of sources, including from Pope John XXIII, Fidel Castro, Mark Twain, JK Galbraith, Michael O'Leary, Tom Peters, Howard Schultz, John D Rockefeller and William Butler Yeats.

Wise Owl Says.: Business Quotations that Challenge, Motivate and Provoke
500 quotations on business from a wide range of sources, including from Pope John XXIII, Fidel Castro, Mark Twain, JK Galbraith, Michael O'Leary, Tom Peters, Howard Schultz, John D Rockefeller and William Butler Yeats.

Are You an Entrepreneur?
Before starting a business, it's important to check you understand what's involved. Based on 20+ years of running and advising small businesses, this guide looks at key aspects you must consider: skills and experience, finance, family and determination.

Starting A Business In Britain
Thousands of new businesses are set up each year in Britain, it is a breeding ground for new companies and entrepreneurs - consider the drinks company Innocent, Yo! Sushi or The Iron Bed Company. This guide will help readers increase their chances of emulating these companies' success. Deciding if you have what it takes Researching an idea Writing a business plan Raising finance Getting your business up and runningThis revised and updated edition, including a comprehensive directory of organisations and sources to help you on your way, is indispensable for anyone wishing to branch out on their own

Seanfhocail: Irish Proverbs & Sayings: More than 250 with translations to ponder and enjoy!
Ireland, the land of saints and scholars, has always been prized for its folk wisdom. Here are over 250 "seanfhocail" (literally, old words) - proverbs and sayings - with their translations, that still resonate today. They remind us that "Ní féidir an sheanfhocail a shárú" (You can't beat an old saying); "An té a bhíonn siúlach, bíonn sé scéalach (He who has travelled has knowledge); and "Fuighilleach síl, fuighilleach cíosa, agus fuighilleach carad, trí rud chomh maith agus bí ag aon duine riamh. (A surplus of seed, a surplus of rent (money), and a surplus of friends, three things as good as anyone ever had). Good advice in everyone! A perfect travel companion.

A Life At High Altitude
Set against the backdrop of Colorado's recent historic legalization of marijuana, "A Life At High Altitude" is a departure from the typical stoner/dealer/smuggler fiction so commonly found in marijuana literature. "A Life At High Altitude" is an endearing, mature, philosophical story of one woman's life journey. Rosalie Sullivan grew up in a mountain ski town in the Colorado Rockies during the 1960's. Her brother is killed in the Vietnam War the very same year that Rosalie graduates from high school. Not long after receiving the news about her brother, her parents die in a car crash while returning from a ski outing. Devastated by the loss of both her brother and parents Rosalie is left facing life on her own. While working at the same ski resort that her parents had, she meets Preston Kane. Preston is on a corporate retreat with a group of chemical engineers working for the Ronsonto Chemical Corporation out of Saint Louis, Missouri. A brief fling with Preston leaves Rosalie pregnant, resulting in a marriage that takes her out of Colorado landing her in Saint Louis. However, the marriage ends quickly in divorce and a bitter child custody battle ensues, stripping her of all maternal rights and preventing her from ever contacting her three year old son again. A defeated, broken twenty-three year old Rosalie, not much more than a child herself, returns to Colorado alone. The year is 1969. Fast forward to the year 2014. The story opens with Rosalie's son, Jason, now a forty-seven year old man along with his wife Deborah on their way to Colorado to meet his estranged, biological mother for the first time in over forty years. He finds her in Apex, a small isolated town high in the Rocky Mountains. Rosalie, a respected artist, is now in her late sixties and is battling cancer for which she takes medical marijuana, much to Jason's disapproval and initial disappointment. For her entire adult life Rosalie had hoped, beyond hope, that she would one day see her long lost son ag

Príncipe Valente
Por três décadas e meia, Harold Foster escreveu e desenhou a página semanal em cores de Príncipe Valente - unanimemente, a maior aventura em quadrinhos da história. A obra ganhou várias edições em forma de livro, porém, agora, pela primeira vez, foram usadas as provas originais das gravuras coloridas do autor, com recursos de digitalização do século 21. Com correção tecnológica de cores, este é o primeiro livro a fazer justiça à suntuosidade gráfica de Foster. Além de reimprimir a totalidade dos dois anos iniciais da tira de Príncipe Valente, cobrindo as primeiras aventuras emocionantes de Val, este volume também inclui uma entrevista pouco conhecida com seu criador, fotos raras e ilustrações, bem como um ensaio biográfico escrito por um especialista em Foster, Brian M. Kane.

The Civil War's Valiant Irish
This story opens in Ireland with two sets of twins setting out for America. The females, Nellie and Molly McCarthy, from County Cork become nurses, where they meet and charm Abraham Lincoln. The males, cousins of Phillip Sheridan, immigrate from County Cavan-Matt Smith to the Confederacy, Brian Smith to Philadelphia. Matt serves as a scout for JEB Stuart, while Brian joins the Irish Brigade. Cleburne (The Stonewall of the West),in advocating that Blacks join the Confederate Army, plays a role the reader will not likely forget. Dennis O'Kane and Patrick O'Rorke excel at Gettysburg. Sheridan shows why Grant considers him the equal of the greatest generals in history. Matt Smith rescues Jerry McCarthy, brother of the twins, from Andersonville Prison and as the reader. If you're Irish-American or a Civil War buff, this is the novel for you. might expect, the two sets of twins marry. A great read and fantastic reference book.

Haunted Nights
Sixteen never-before-published chilling tales that explore every aspect of our darkest holiday, Halloween, co-edited by Ellen Datlow, one of the most successful and respected genre editors, and Lisa Morton, a leading authority on Halloween. In addition to stories about scheming jack-o'-lanterns, vengeful ghosts, otherworldly changelings, disturbingly realistic haunted attractions, masks that cover terrifying faces, murderous urban legends, parties gone bad, cult Halloween movies, and trick or treating in the future, Haunted Nights also offers terrifying and mind-bending explorations of related holidays like All Souls' Day, Dia de los Muertos, and Devil's Night."With Graveyard Weeds and Wolfbane Seeds" by Seanan McGuire "Dirtmouth" by Stephen Graham Jones"A Small Taste of the Old Countr" by Jonathan Maberry"Wick's End" by Joanna Parypinski "The Seventeen Year Itch" by Garth Nix"A Flicker of Light on Devil's Night" by Kate Jonez"Witch-Hazel" by Jeffrey Ford"Nos Galen Gaeaf" by Kelley Armstrong "We're Never Inviting Amber Again" by S.P. Miskowski'sisters" by Brian Evenson"All Through the Night" by Elise Forier Edie "A Kingdom of Sugar Skulls and Marigolds" by Eric J. Guignard"The Turn" by Paul Kane"Jack" by Pat Cadigan'lost in the Dark" by John Langan"The First Lunar Halloween" by John R. Little

Ted Turner 157 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about Ted Turner
An Essential For Ted Turner lovers. This book is your ultimate resource for Ted Turner. Here you will find the most up-to-date 157 Success Facts, Information, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Ted Turner's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Citizen Kane - Colorization controversy, Goodwill Games - Overview, Warner Bros. - Film library, Leave It to Beaver - Broadcast history, Jan Hooks - Life and career, Dark energy - History of discovery and previous speculation, Carter Pewterschmidt - Relatives of the Griffin family, WSOC-TV - History, Peter Buffett - Author, List of people with bipolar disorder - T, Warner Brothers Pictures - Film library, Warner Bros. - After World War II: changing hands, Turner Broadcasting - 2000s,, MGM Home Entertainment - History, United Nations Foundation - Turner's choice of the UN for his donation, Deerfield, Massachusetts - History, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Overview, Turner Classic Movies - Launch and contributions, Looney Tunes - Licensing and ownership, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Vogel-Siegel, Ted Turner - Views on the shifting media landscape, Film preservation - Studio efforts, CNN International - The early years, Lorimar - Early years, Private island - List of high profile island owners, Andy Messersmith - Career, Turner Broadcasting System - 2000s, CNNfn - Network history, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation - The Albert Schweitzer Leadership Award, Golden Boot Awards - 1993, The 11th Annual Golden Boot Awards, Producers Guild of America - History, Headline News - Launch, - Early history, and much more.
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