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This book introduces you to Justice. It clearly explains justice. It highlights the sources of justice. It identifies the various types of justice. It evaluates legal justice. It analyzes political justice. It discusses economic justice. And it explores social justice in modern States.

This book introduces you to Equality. It clearly explains equality. It highlights the various types of equality. It appraises legal equality. It analyzes political equality. It discusses economic equality. It explores social equality. And it shows how to obtain equality in modern States.

This book clearly explains liberty. It highlights the differences between liberty and licence. It identifies the types of liberty. It thus explains the fundamental human rights and their application in modern States. It appraises the limitations to the fundamental human rights in modern States. And it shows how to protect and safeguard the fundamental human rights in modern States.

International Relations
This book introduces you to International Relations. It clearly explains international relations from two major views. It explains the reasons for inter-State relations. It discusses globalization in a lucid manner. And it gives good reasons why some States accept or reject globalization.

An adjective modifies a noun and a pronoun and gives more details about them. This book goes ahead to discuss the types of adjective such as variable, invariable and irregular adjectives. It also identifies the order that adjectives are expected to follow in order to give a clear qualification of a noun or pronoun. And above all, it instructs on how to use the adjectives correctly.

This book introduces you to Propaganda. It clearly explains propaganda. It analyzes the techniques of propaganda. It shows you how to make propaganda statements. It appraises the principles of propaganda. It teaches you how to apply propaganda to politics. And it explores how to identify propaganda in every statement.

This book introduces you to Insurance. It clearly explains insurance. It analyzes the principles of insurance such as pooling of risks, insurable interest, utmost good faith, indemnity, contribution and proximate cause. And it appraises the types of insurance such as life assurance, accident assurance, motor vehicle insurance, fire insurance, fidelity guarantee insurance, and marine insurance.

Prepositions are words or a group of words that show the relationship of a noun or a pronoun to another part of speech. This book attempts to throw some light on prepositions. It also looks at the types of preposition such as simple and complex prepositions. And it identifies prepositions used after certain words and states the ways of misusing prepositions.

Stress is the greater force that makes a syllable or word to sound louder and distinct. This book thus helps you to learn how to put stresses on words and sentences. It can help you to improve on the placement of stress only if you can strictly adhere to the several rules of stress placement it has enunciated. With good exercises, it also instructs you on emphatic stress and sentence stress.

Home Trade
This book clearly explains home trade. It analyzes retail trade. It appraises the functions of the retailer to the wholesaler and to the consumer. It identifies the factors that influence one to start a retail business. And it discusses types of retail trade such as hawking, mobile shop, roadside trade, market trade, departmental store, multiple/chain store, supermarket, and mail order business.

African Union
This book introduces you to African Union. It clearly traces the origin of African Union (AU). It analyzes the AU Assembly and AU Commission. It appraises the AU Executive Council and AU Permanent Representatives Committee. It evaluates the AU Court of Justice and Economic, Social and Cultural Council. It discusses the achievements of African Union. And it explores the problems of African Union.

This book introduces you to Profit. It clearly explains profit. It analyzes the types of profit made by business units. It shows how to calculate the profit of business units. It evaluates turnover and shows how to calculate the rate of turnover. And it discusses, in a lucid manner, the factors that influence the rate of turnover of business units.

Social Contract
Social contract is a pact specifying the terms of agreement upon which the people are prepared to leave the state of nature and enter civil society. It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you social contract. It analyzes the differences in the terms of agreement among the people. More importantly, it explores the limits, gains and losses of every political obligation.

This book explains the types of noun such as proper, common, abstract, collective, countable and uncountable nouns. It discusses the singular and plural nouns. And it analyzes gerund, and points out the common errors in the usage of nouns.

International Trade
This book introduces you to International Trade. It clearly explains international trade. It highlights the reasons for engaging in international trade. It analyzes the problems of international trade. It appraises comparative advantage in international trade. It identifies the tools used for controlling international trade. And it explores the methods of correcting a balance of payments deficit.

Economic Groupings
This book clearly explains economic groupings. It discusses the objectives, functions and problems of economic groupings such as the International Monetary Fund, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Economic Community of West African States, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, and European Union.

Political Ideology
This book introduces you to Political Ideology. It clearly explains political ideology. It discusses the features of political ideology. It highlights the functions of political ideology. It appraises communalism and feudalism. It evaluates capitalism and socialism. It identifies communism and anarchism. And it explores totalitarianism, Fascism and Nazism.

It is often said that a verb is a doing word. But a verb is more than a doing word. This being so, verbs can change form to show time, person, number, voice and mood. This book also classifies verbs into lexical and auxiliary verbs, regular and irregular verbs, finite and non-finite verbs, and transitive and intransitive verbs. And it clearly discusses the forms of verb and the tenses.

This is an introductory book. It clearly explains constitution. It highlights the functions of constitution. It describes the types of constitution. It analyzes the written constitution and unwritten constitution. It appraises the flexible constitution and rigid constitution. It evaluates the unitary constitution and federal constitution. And it discusses the confederal constitution.

Market Structure
This book introduces you to Market Structure. It clearly explains market structure. It analyzes the types of market. It appraises the perfect market. It evaluates the imperfect market. It discusses the price and output determination in perfect market. It highlights the price and output determination in imperfect market. It identifies the monopoly. And it explores the monopolistic competition.
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