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Alan Mullery Autobiography
Fearless. Competitive. Controversial. Three words that sum up the football career of Alan Mullery. His passion for football is matched by a stream of anecdotes about the players that have filled his professional life, including Bobby Moore, Pele, Johnny Haynes, Jimmy Greaves and George Best. Here, for the first time, Mullery lets the reader into the secrets he has previously kept hidden: the shame of being sent off for England; the true story behind England's 1970 World Cup quarter-final defeat; how he sold one thousand Cup final tickets on the black market; the bitterness behind the cheers of Spurs' 1972 UEFA Cup victory and the naked blonde in the hotel. In addition, he relates from the heart his darkest moments, brought on by stiffling financial pressure, and how he had to look deep within himself to come through the other end.

Alan Moore
British comics writer Alan Moore (b. 1953) has a reputation for equal parts brilliance and eccentricity. Living hermit-like in the same Midlands town for his entire life, he supposedly refuses contact with the outside world while creating his strange, dense comics, fiction, and performance art. While Moore did declare himself a wizard on his fortieth birthday and claims to have communed with extradimensional beings, reticence and seclusion have never been among his eccentricities. On the contrary, for long stretches of his career Moore seemed to be willing to chat with all comers: fanzines, industry magazines, other artists, newspapers, magazines, and personal websites. Well over one hundred interviews in the past thirty years serve as testimony to Moore's willingness to be engaged in productive conversation. Alan Moore: Conversations includes ten substantial interviews, beginning with Moore's first published conversation, conducted by V for Vendetta cocreator David Lloyd in 1981. The remainder cover nearly all of his major works, including Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing, Marvelman, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Promethea, From Hell, Lost Girls, and the unfinished Big Numbers. While Moore's personal life and fraught business relations are discussed occasionally, the interviews chosen are principally devoted to Moore's creative practices and techniques, along with his shifting social, political, and philosophical beliefs. As such, Alan Moore: Conversations should add to any reader's enjoyment and understanding of Moore's work.

Python GUI programming with Tkinter
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Providence 1 (Collection)
I critici l'hanno definito "Il Watchmen dell'horror". Con Providence, Alan Moore e Jacen Burrows tornano a esplorare il mondo di H.P. Lovecraft! L'autore britannico si cimenta con il prequel-sequel del Neonomicon, Providence, ambientato nel 1919 e presentato come l'opera definitiva sul grande scrittore horror americano. Un capolavoro di decostruzionismo, un viaggio nell'America dell'orrore che ridefinisce il genere come mai nessuna opera prima di oggi.

Providence T02
Le voyage de Robert Blake dans l'Amérique profonde du début du XXe siècle se poursuit. Arrivé à Salem, les pièces du puzzle prennent leur place. Arrivera-t-il à garder toute sa tête?

25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom
With each new technological advance, pornography has proliferated and degraded in quality. Today, porn is everywhere, but where is it art? 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom surveys the history of pornography and argues that the success and vibrancy of a society relates to its permissiveness in sexual matters. This history of erotic art showcases the evolution of pornography over diverse cultures from prehistoric to modern times. Beginning with the Venus of Willendorf, created between 24,000-22,000 bce, it also contains a timeline covering major erotic works in several cultures. 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom ably captures the ancient and insuppressible creative drive of the sexual spirit, making this book a treatise on erotic art.

La Ligue des Gentlemen extraordinaires
Découvrez un nouveau récit inédit créé par le légendaire Alan Moore, une auvre dont la publication a longtemps été repoussée. Vous aurez le plaisir de vous replonger dans les années 50 en lisant la suite des aventures de Mina Harker et Allan Quatermain. Ce duo d'immortels a pour mission de retrouver le mystérieux Dossier Noir, un ouvrage contenant tous les secrets de la Ligue des Gentlemen Extraordinaires, un groupe aujourd'hui dissous.

La Ligue des Gentlemen extraordinaires Century T01
Le retour de la ligue! Alan Moore imagine la suite de cette fiction fantastico-littéraire de haute volée, mise en images par Kevin O'Neill. Un classique! Dans les souterrains du British Museum, le chasseur de fantômes Carnacki est assailli par les visions d'une secte invoquant la fin du monde. L'aventurier Allan Quartermain, le voleur repenti Anthony Raffles et la mystérieuse Miss Murray, membres de la Ligue des Gentlemen Extraordinaires, mènent l'enquête…

Fashion Beast 1
Il 1985 è stato un anno cruciale per Alan Moore: era al lavoro su Swamp Thing e V for Vendetta quando su proposta di Malcolm McLaren, il manager dei Sex Pistols, accettò di scrivere una sceneggiatura per un film ispirato a La Bella e la Bestia. Fashion Beast non venne mai girato e, a quasi trent'anni di distanza, Anthony Johnston e Facundo Percio ne realizzano una versione a fumetti sotto la supervisione dello stesso Moore. La storia del gender bender Doll, proiettato ll'improvviso nel crudele mondo della moda, è un nuovo piccolo capolavoro a fumetti.

La Ligue des Gentlemen extraordinaires Century T02
Le retour de la ligue! Alan Moore imagine la suite de cette fiction fantastico-littéraire de haute volée, mise en images par Kevin O'Neill. Un classique! 1969, Londres, dans les brumes psychédéliques du Swinging London. Inquiétées par une magie similaire à celle rencontrée en 1910, Mina et sa ligue de gentilshommes naviguent dans les flots tumultueux d'un Londres débridé, esquivent la pègre et tentent de garder l'équilibre dans le mysticisme des sectes occultistes. 1969, Londres, dans les brumes psychédéliques du Swinging London. Inquiétées par la manifestation d'une magie similaire à celle rencontrée en 1910, Mina et sa ligue de gentilshommes immortels naviguent à vue dans les flots tumultueux d'un Londres fleuri et débridé, esquivent les lames de fond de la pègre et tentent de garder l'équilibre dans les tourbillons mystiques des sectes occultistes.

La voz del fuego
En esta historia llena de lujuria, locura y éxtasis, habitan doce personajes distintivos que vivieron en la misma región del centro de Inglaterra durante un período de seis mil años. Sus narraciones se entrelazan a través de acontecimientos recurrentes, extrañas tradiciones y visiones misteriosas. El primero es un niño en una cueva, quien ha perdido a su madre y que se enamorará y aprenderá una lección mortal. Le sigue un extraordinario elenco de personajes: una asesina que personifica a su víctima, un pescador que cree haberse convertido en una especie diferente, un emisario romano que se da cuenta de la amarga verdad sobre el Imperio, una monja discapacitada que es curada milagrosamente por una perturbadora aparición, un viejo cruzado cuya fe es destruida por el testimonio de la reliquia final, dos brujas, amantes, que queman en la hoguera… Cada cuento interconectado traza un camino en un viaje de descubrimiento de los secretos de la tierra. Siguiendo la tradición de la obra de Kipling, Puck de la colina de Pook, las Vidas imaginarias de Schwob o Historia Universal de la infamia, de Borges, Alan Moore viaja a través de la historia mezclando verdad y conjetura en una novela deslumbrante, a veces trágica, pero siempre fascinante.

Voice of the Fire
A brand-new paperback edition of the one and only prose novel by Alan Moore! (with an Introduction by Neil Gaiman, a signature of full-color plates by José Villarrubia, and a cover design by Chip Kidd).In a story full of lust, madness and ecstasy, we meet twelve distinctive characters that lived in the same region of central England over the span of six thousand years. Their narratives are woven together in patterns of recurring events, strange traditions and uncanny visions. First, a cave-boy loses his mother, falls in love and learns a deadly lesson. He is followed by an extraordinary cast of characters: a murderess who impersonates her victim, a Roman emissary who realizes the bitter truth about the Empire, a crippled nun who is healed miraculously by a disturbing apparition, two witches, lovers, who burn at the stake, and many more. Through each tale, Moore travels through history blending truth and conjecture, in a novel that is dazzling, moving, sometimes tragic, but always mesmerizing.

Danger, Kids! 1
Two years before the Berlin Wall crashed down the greatest event in attempts to unify Europe was led by a little known school football team from Dublin. Unrecorded in accepted history, the boys of St. Matthews plundered their way from Ireland to Poland, and back, leaving no doubts in the minds of their hosts that the only way to defeat the Irish was through a strong, non-political union. Team manager, History teacher and hopeless romantic Paul McQuillan, or Supermac, has failed to fulfill his footballing ambitions and is freshly dumped by his glamorous girlfriend. Aided by his assistant and Geography teacher Denis O'Halloran, he is tasked with controlling 13 hormonally charged teens who give new meaning to the term young offenders. Stepping bravely into the Irish malestorm is the attractive and mysterious Clara Witter, their translator and tour guide, and all round good East German Communist. While all in the group fall to her feet, only Paul tries to remain detached. Clara finds it even easier to stand apart. But with 2 weeks to travel and constant contact to come, will the Iron Curtain fall before they return to the West. Based on a combination of real events from the period and after, Danger, Kids 1 proves why Ireland has become central to all European and World policy, Ireland and the Irish have to be contained! The battle to confine them starts here!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1910 (nueva edición)
Siguen las aventuras en cómicde los héroes decimonónicos bajo el especial prisma del bardo de Northampton, Alan Moore (Watchmen, V de Vendetta).

La historia del año (Supreme 1)
La visión más personal de Alan Moore sobre el mito de Superman. Una serie de superhéroes genial, divertida, premiada y deseada por todos los lectores de cómic. Premio Eisner 1997 al mejor guión A mediados de los noventa, Alan Moore tomó las riendas de Supreme y convirtió lo que era una serie de superhéroes hipermusculados y violentos en todo un homenaje a los cómics clásicos. Al resucitar el espíritu de la Edad de Oro y la Edad de Plata, Moore logró en primer lugar que los lectores disfrutaran con las aventuras de un superhéroe como si Frank Miller, o él mismo (y sus imitadores) jamás hubiesen existido. En segundo lugar, cambió el rumbo del género y desarrolló conceptos que siguen vigentes quince años después. Reseña: El Orson Welles del cómic. The Guardian

The Statement
The hunt is on for an elusive Nazi war criminal in this "absorbing intellectual thriller that keeps you guessing. until the final page" (The New York Times). For four decades Pierre Brossard has eluded capture as one of the most vicious SS officers in history. Condemned to death in absentia he's tenuously protected by an intricate web of Nazi collaborators and an extreme right-wing faction of the Catholic Church. With nothing more than a suitcase and a prayer, Brossard seeks refuge in a monastery outside Salon-de-Provence. He knows the Committee for Justice is closing in. With every reason to fear his days are numbered, he realizes only one man can help him get away with murder: Commissaire Vionnet, a retired police chief who, forty years earlier, allowed Brossard to escape. But two other men are collaborating as well: a hired assassin known only as T, and Cardinal Primate Delavigne, reformist of the postwar church. He's as unstoppable as T, as ruthless as Brossard, and he can't wait to play this game to its unpredictable end. "An exciting, classic novel of hunter and hunted" inspired by a true story, The Statement was made into an award-winning film starring Michael Caine, Tilda Swinton, and Alan Bates (The Washington Post).

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1969 (nueva edición)
La exitosa serie de la Liga de Los Hombres Extraordinarios viaja hasta 1969, época del amor libre, las drogas y el rock and roll. Todo bajo el prisma de una de las plumas más prestigiosas del momento: Alan Moore.Título original:* The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1969*

The Last Patrol
From Bermondsey and Brighton, From Auckland and the Forth, From all the seas are gathered in The wardens of the North; Whose empty spaces bind them That the return no more, To all they left behind them And all they lived before. And some would fain remember, And some would fain forget, That down the hollow Kentish lanes The wild rose lingers yet; That 'cross the moor and through the glen The infant rivers run;- The days were long in Scotland then, But here - the midnight sun; And here the great auroras swing Like curtains in the sky, The wild swan lifts his trumpeting, The grey goose hurtles by; For half the year the naked land It sheathed in rigid mail; brothers! God wot, ye understand Who tramp the Dawson trail. FITZGERALD'S patrol was due in Dawson on February the 1st. After three weeks of storm and cold, the Indian Esau arrived, saying that he had left Fitzgerald on January the 1st, at Mountain Creek, twenty days' easy travelling from Dawson. Thereupon Synder, commanding B division on the Yukon, thought hard, and telegraphed to Perry, Commissioner at Regina, via Eagle, Valdez, and wireless. Perry's answer halted, for the wires went down under the weight of winter winds. But, when it did arrive, Dempster's patrol pulled out for Fort McPherson on the very same day. With him were Constable Fyfe, ex-Constable Turner, Indian Charles Stewart, and three teams of five dogs each

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Nemo Rosas de Berlín
Diecisiete años antes, la bandolera-científica Janni Nemo viajó a través de los hielos para alcanzar la Antártida y resolver el gravoso legado de su padre en una tempestad de locura y pérdida, de la que tanto ella como el Nautilus escaparon por los pelos. Ahora, en 1941, con su hija estratégicamente casada con un miembro de la familia del influyente militar Jean Robur, los exploradores de Janni solo tienen contacto superficial con el necio dictador germano Adenoid Hynkel. Pero cuando la reina pirata se entera de que sus seres queridos permanecen secuestrados en la inquietante Berlín, no tiene otra opción que intervenir directamente, viajando con su envejecido amante Broad Arrow Jack hasta las entrañas de la bestial metrópolis. En esta ciudad alienada, les esperan monstruos, criminales y leyendas, incluyendo un oscuro colega de Mina Murray. Pero más allá de todos estos inquietantes adversarios, habrá algo mucho, mucho peor.Título original: Nemo Roses of Berlin

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2009 (nueva edición)
La mítica serie La Liga de los Hombres Extraordinarios viaja en el tiempo. Así, si ya hemos disfrutado de un relato ambientado en 1969, ahora le toca al turno al siglo XXI. Asi, *Moore *presenta esta nueva edición de la exitosa saga en la que sus superhérores nos cuentan sus aventuras, situadas en nuestro presente. Y todo ello con su maestral toque genial, con el objetivo de hacer las delicias de los fans incondicionales*Alan Moore *es uno de los motores creativos más importantes de la historia de los cómics. Sus innovadores trabajos, V de Vendetta, Watchmen o From Hell, se han convertido en piezas imperecederas del paisaje cultural contemporáneo. El autor es ganador de más premios y reconocimientos de los que pueden contarse.Título original: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 3
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